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HP Lovecraft A Life ➷ [Reading] ➹ HP Lovecraft A Life By S.T. Joshi ➬ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The basic facts of HP Lovecraft's life have long been known but before this book the only account of his life worth having was L Sprague de Camp's 1975 biography which was lively but sketchy giving a The basic facts of HP Lovecraft's life have long been known but before this book the only account of his life worth having was L Sprague de Camp's biography which was lively but sketchy giving a fragmented HP Lovecraft PDF/EPUB or view of Lovecraft's life and work ST Joshi has delivered the goods This is not only the finest and most definitive biography of Lovecraft it is likely to remain so for many decades into the future While at nearly pages it's not necessarily a book every Lovecraft fan will sit down and read cover to cover it's almost as compulsively readable as it is compulsively detailed Joshi is sympathetic toward his subject but doesn't pull any punches he includes Lovecraft's less flattering ualities such as his contemptible racism and his shabby treatment of his wife Best of all perhaps for fans of Lovecraft's fiction are the accounts of how the stories came to be written concise plot summaries and well chosen historical critical remarks.

  • Paperback
  • 708 pages
  • HP Lovecraft A Life
  • S.T. Joshi
  • English
  • 07 May 2016
  • 9780940884885

About the Author: S.T. Joshi

Sunand Tryambak Joshi b June in Pune India is an Indian American literary scholar and a leading figure in the study of Howard Phillips Lovecraft and other authors Besides what some critics consider to be the HP Lovecraft PDF/EPUB or definitive biography of Lovecraft H P Lovecraft A Life Joshi has written about Ambrose Bierce H L Mencken Lord Dunsany and MR James and has edited collections.

10 thoughts on “HP Lovecraft A Life

  1. Wilum Pugmire Wilum Pugmire says:

    I was lucky enough to have a kind friend who sold me his signed hardcover copy of this book I have read my original softcover edition three or four times and then when the book was re issued I read it another two times I am constantly returning to it as I study Lovecraft's Life and Fiction in an effort to write weird fiction that is authentically Lovecraftian and for me that authenticity comes when a story is rooted in Lovecraft's works rather than merely being inspired by one particular facet of Lovecraft's tales; it is still a uestion not clearly answer'd in my wither'd brain what is it that makes a story Lovecraftian Happily I was able to be in Providence at the same time that S T Joshi was there doing work on Clark Ashton Smith papers at the John Hay Library and he took me on a walking tour of Lovecraftian sites It was wonderful for many reasons but especially because I was able to see in the flesh S T's continuing love and excitement for Lovecraft He became extremely animated and JOYFUL as he led our tiny group around ye Ancient Hill This book is a fulfillment of that love that joy and that tireless work that S T Joshi has given to this great writer of weird fiction

  2. Eddie Watkins Eddie Watkins says:

    I can't imagine any bio of Lovecraft ever superceding this hefty tome Exhaustive doesn't even begin to describe the details included but as old H P was such a strange and fascinating creature no detail is too much The book even comes with an appropriately tacky portrait of the man on the cover Just take a look at it it's such a bad painting but it does take one back to the gauche old covers of Weird Tales magazineOne thing I found particularly interesting in this book was the coverage of Lovecraft's involvement in the amateur publishing of his day early 20th century I had no idea there was such an organized actually beaurocratic and lively alternative to mainstream publishing

  3. Lynda Rucker Lynda Rucker says:

    An exhaustive yet somehow not at all exhausting I would say instead exhilarating account of the life fiction and philosophy of the gentleman from Providence Now I'm really looking forward to going back and rereading some of his stories with new insight I always find ST Joshi an entertaining critic to read even when I wholly disagree with him There are lots of surprises in this book one for me was the discovery of how far and how often Lovecraft traveled to visit his huge circle of friends I knew that he was known as a prodigious correspondent but always imagined him as far reclusive; I couldn't have been wrong

  4. Adam Baker Adam Baker says:

    Pretty much one of the best literary biographies ever written A wonderfully warm and sympathetic portrait of a fascinating man Easily one of my favourite books I've read it three times so far and no doubt I will read it again

  5. Nick Nick says:

    The biography of Lovecraft by ST Joshi is not a book for the meek or semi committed It is a hefty tome whose density of text is truly astounding; don't be fooled by it's length of 700 pages it feels much much longer It is not often that I find a book that is both incredibly interesting and a challenge to work through There is just so much information compiled by Joshi on Lovecraft's life combined with astute analysis of his works philosophy and even a brief examination of the field of analysis of his work and events in publication following his death; evens that led to his being misrepresented and misunderstood for than thirty yearsIt is not a happy read Lovecraft's philosophy is sobering and his lifestyle is uite frankly heart breaking From his disastrous marriage and residence in New York to his impoverished last years in Providence where he subsisted on 30c for food a day worrying even during the great depressionJoshi provides a sympathetic view of this complex and misunderstood giant of 20th century literature whilst pulling no punches whatsoever In particular his racism which has been well documented in the past is examined many times throughout the biography without apology but also without the overblown hysteria common to much of the earlier commentaryThis biography supersedes and perhaps makes irrelevant the earlier work by L Sprague de Camp but it is difficult to conceive of any biography replacing this one at least without some major new evidence being unearthed Any fan of Lovecraft who wishes to understand the work and life of the man can do no better; the analysis of his work alone with change the way you forever read the stories of Lovecraft

  6. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Exhaustive but exhausting On the plus side it does contain everything you could ever want to know about Lovecraft On the other hand I don't need to know what Lovecraft had for lunch Does include insightful analysis of the influence of HPL's life on his work but Joshi is a bit too much of an apologist for HPL's unsavory ualities

  7. Charles Charles says:

    A heavily detailed depiction of the creator of the cosmic horror tale

  8. Δημήτρης Δελαρούδης Δημήτρης Δελαρούδης says:

    The bible for HPL's life

  9. Steve McCullough Steve McCullough says:

    This was a frustrating book in many respects It's a must read for Lovecraft fans or anyone who wants to know about Lovecraft the person It's exhaustive and authoritative It presents Lovecraft's many flaws forthrightly and yet successfully portrays him as not only an important cultural figure but an interesting thinker and complex human being But it's at times awkwardly over written and Joshi inserts his opinions freely and intrusively in both cases channeling Lovecraft perhaps than is wise Oddly many of these distracting asides are effectively collected and repeated in the final chapter I'm glad I read it would think twice about recommending it and look forward to not seeing the word piuant in print again for a long long time

  10. Lise Lise says:

    I’m sorry I just can’t any with this This is not my first Lovecraft rodeo either; I’ve read all of his prose and uite a bit of analysis about it I’m a fan of much of his Dream Cycle and have favorite uotes from much of his workBut unfiltered HPL is honestly he’s just an insufferable twat even discounting the virulent racism How he treated his peers in the amateur press is a good example of his “generally an asshole ASIDE from race too”It doesn’t help that Joshi is the Very Opinionated Biographer who has clearly staked his entire career on being HPL’s apologistSo I apologize but I just can’t spend of my life reading this miserable book

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