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  1. Dana Dana says:

    I gave Dog Handling by Clare Naylor three stars One because it was written with proper grammar and punctuation two because it served to take me away from all the negative news in our country right now and three because I did stay with it to the end Half way through I was finally sucked into the plot despite the novel being as shallow as its characters Liv goes through a break up with her fiancé Tim and leaves England for Australia to heal her wounds What ensues is fun but silly with no depth at all She befriends James and Dave a couple who sell corsets and other lingerie at a flee market on the weekends and who dress in drag at night They tell Liv she must treat potential boyfriends as dogs training them as you would a puppy not letting a man have the stick right away or he will lose interest and chew on a different stick or bone somewhere else I felt as if Naylor were trying to channel Sophie Kinsella in style and plot but even Kinsella's fluff novels have depth than this one Still I just had to know how it would all end and whether Liv would end up with Ben a dashing fellow she met when she was 18 while on vacation in Australia whom she sees again during this sojourn or with Will the chubby pug like fellow she meets in a bar one night who surprisingly excites her or whether she reconciles with Tim at some point I needed to know if Liv would get her happy ending and whether her best friend and business partner Alex would leave the unsuitable wealthy older man with whom she was having an affair if she fell in love with someone suitable I actually felt myself smile to the point of my eyes scrunching up when I finished the last page so I can't say the book was a waste of time though I would not put it on my list of books to recommend

  2. Megha Megha says:

    how many times have you ever said 'men are dogs' after a particularly bad break up?well liv puts it to the testwhat if men really are dogsand what if you treat them like they're dogs? after her fiancee breaks of their marrige and she looses her job liv's best friend decides that some australian sun is exactly what she needs and who does she meet there? the man she lost her virginity to the most handsome man she's ever met and the man of her dreams literally Ben Parker liv's got nothing to loose so she tries dog handling benbut can she handle the rewards?i really liked this book and the authorit had a little bit of profanity but just enough to make you laugh love it

  3. Ashley Wesel Ashley Wesel says:

    35 stars I'd classify as an easy beach read rom com style book but I've read many that are better than this one The story line is fun enough that I think it could be enjoyable as a rom com movie that only takes 15 hours of your time instead of taking the time to read the story The main character is relatable enough reminded me of college age antics though Was off to a fairly slow start but kept me interested enough that I wanted to see where the characters ended up My overall feeling was that I liked the book enough to want to finish it but was anxious to finish out of a desire to move on to the next book on my list rather than finishing because I was so caught up in the story if that makes sense

  4. Erica Erica says:

    One of my favorite books of all time

  5. T Jeaux T Jeaux says:

    This was the first book I ever purchased on my own for a trip to the beach I cracked up the whole time Brit chik lit is the best Every book she writes is a riot

  6. Nivan Nivan says:

    I've never wanted to slap a protagonist so hard in my life

  7. Marguerite Marguerite says:

    This was the first novel I read by this author and it certainly wasn't the last I purchased the novel at a bookstore back in 2002 and after just reading a few chapters I went back and got every title she had available at the time Over the years I've watched for her waiting for another novel Fourteen years later and I've read this one several times The novel is well written and has an amazing cast of characters that along with the humor come alive on every page

  8. Aelita Hopper Aelita Hopper says:

    Not really sure about the ending of the book I expected it would be interesting but the fact it’s so confused after all Everyone has mistakes and I don’t know why Liv chose Ben instead of Tim Sure both of them hurt her but she only thinks and falls for Ben

  9. Robyn A.-C. Robyn A.-C. says:

    if I could give half stars i'd say 25

  10. Trish Trish says:

    Don’t waste your time First there are no dogs Second if you have to treat a man like a dog to get his attention then just get a dog Finally beyond stupid story

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Dog Handling ❮Download❯ ➾ Dog Handling ➹ Author Clare Naylor – Yesterday Liv Elliot had it all a great flat in London’s Notting Hill an actual career okay as an accountant and a coveted fiancé Every girl’s dream right But then Tim declared that the wedding w Yesterday Liv Elliot had it all a great flat in London’s Notting Hill an actual career okay as an accountant and a coveted fiancé Every girl’s dream right But then Tim declared that the wedding was off—leaving Liv shell shocked Luckily she’s got her best friend’s fab Australian beach house in which to recuperate The restorative powers of the Sydney sun sand and sea soon have Liv feeling wonderfully anti accountant Then she runs into old flame Ben Parker It’s been years since they fooled around during a summer fling but Liv never forgot that genetically blessed face Raring to help her land beautiful Ben Liv’s friends teach her the Rules of Dog Handling Treat a man like a dog and he’ll be eating out of your hand But surely this can’t actually work Liv is about to find out that it can—but she’s hardly prepared for the results.

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Dog Handling
  • Clare Naylor
  • English
  • 18 December 2016
  • 9780345465399