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Some Trick: Thirteen Stories [PDF / Epub] ✅ Some Trick: Thirteen Stories By Helen DeWitt – For sheer unpredictable brilliance Gogol may come to mind but no author alive today takes a reader as far as Helen DeWitt into the funniest most yonder dimensions of possibility Her jumping off points For sheer unpredictable brilliance Gogol may come to mind but no author alive today takes a reader as far as Helen DeWitt into the funniest most yonder dimensions of possibility Her jumping off points might be statistics romance the art world’s piranha tank games of chance and games of skill the travails of publishing or success “Look” a character begins to explain laying out some gambit reasonably enough even if facing a world of boomeranging counterfactuals situations spinning out to their Some Trick: PDF/EPUB ² utmost logical extremes and Rube Goldberg like moving parts where things prove “ complicated than they had first appeared” and “at am the circumstances seem to attenuate”In various ways each tale carries DeWitt’s signature poker face lament regarding the near impossibility of the life of the mind when one is made to pay to have the time for it in a world so sadly “taken up with all sorts of paraphernalia superfluous not to say impedimental to ratiocination”.

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  1. Ian Scuffling Ian Scuffling says:

    What happened? Were my expectations too high? Was I wanting this book to be something other than it was ever going to be? Whatever is going on I felt like Helen DeWitt’s Some Trick Thirteen Stories was a series of unfinished riffs on topics and themes rather than any kind of coherent collection of stories The design may have been to have the book and its stories stand in as blank integers where the reader has to solve for X But even there I’m not sure DeWitt’s project works because there’s not enough “there” there to adeuately do the math so to speak This is alluded to in the “Publisher’s Note” in the back of the book which clarifies a few things that seem like they could have been style inconsistencies and highlights one story which uses X and x in a way that seems to suggest the same person The note expands with an excerpt from an unpublished novella by DeWitt from which the story in uestion was carved and explains these are integers two different ones which the reader can fill in on herhis own because anyone could stand in those holesA few stories have their moments and perhaps the best of these is “On the Town” which transplants a starry eyed Iowan into a riveting Manhattan where he uickly is able to put practical skills to use much to the bewilderment and happiness of New Yorkers who were than content to let the water leak continue in their apartment However the story falls apart as uickly as it gets up on its legs and just noodles for a little while before ending Many of these stories do this; they have promising beginnings but seem then to get lost I can’t help but wonder if most of these weren’t longer pieces originally that were chopped down into storiesI can’t help wonder too if DeWitt’s bad luck in the publishing industry didn’t inform a lot of this content so focused on the matter of misguided and stupid contracts that constrain and ruin and inhibit the production of great art writing or music or otherwise Another theme seems to be about the impracticality of the impossibly reasoned mind—logical reasoning is a guiding motif in the lives of the characters in these stories which often spins out to extreme conclusions such as in “Entourage” where a man has an entire entourage of translators spanning virtually every language on earth so that the protagonist can experience the great writers in their true original formI’m happy that New Directions is dedicated to DeWitt She deserves to be published Even where these stories fail I’m happy to have had the opportunity to read them and I’ll wait eagerly for whatever she puts out next—I just know she’ll re capture the lightning that formed The Last Samurai again

  2. Scott Scott says:

    From the outside Helen DeWitt's stories always sound like the kind of conceptual art piece that have an interesting premise but depend on flawless execution to actually live up to the promise Fortunately on the inside her stories are flawlessly executed filled with life humor character and neatly rendered freuency plots These stories may or may not be interconnected but are related featuring a group of people who may or may not know each other but certainly know of each other but each and all are wonderfully made

  3. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis Nathan "N.R." Gaddis says:

    Really just not very good Perhaps it's unfair to have read it between Orlovitz's poems and Divine DaysEven so 1 ND did the right thing2 I'm going to buy DeWitt a coffee I did the policorrect thing and bought her Lightning Rods new at full from The Independent Village Bookshop

  4. Matt Matt says:

    Thoughts from a little than halfway through It's hard to explain what I love about Helen DeWitt's writing It's partly her cast of mind the best way I can put it is that she has the brain of a nerd and the soul of an artist And while she's always taking the piss out of someone or something she doesn't come across as smug and there's an intense even desperate seriousness underlying even her relatively flippant passages Her attitude toward the world and many of the people in it ranges from fury to contempt to despair but not only does she see the funny side she communicates a powerful sense of the richness of the life of the mind I don't know how much of this is actually apparent in these stories; I'm definitely reading them against the backdrop of The Last Samurai Some Trick is not a patch on The Last Samurai and so far there's no single story in it that I'd enthusiastically recommend The endings are mostly underwhelming or in the case of Improvisation Is the Heart of Music baffling it's not that I need a payoff or a twist but I think there's an art to writing a uiet ending without leaving the reader feeling like they're missing something Still the stories are enjoyable and clever and sometimes funny and there's enough of DeWitt's distinctive sensibility in this book that I'm very glad to be reading itupdate on finishing A mixed bag in both senses with the exception of a few groups of two or three that overlap uite heavily the subject matter and tone vary considerably; but so does the uality or at least I feel that way after reading the final story Entourage which did not work for me at all There's still no single story I wholeheartedly recommend but I'm very glad I read this and I hope DeWitt keeps writing and publishingTo anyone who wants to begin by sampling a story or two I'd probably suggest Brutto a satire on the art world with something a little darker running just beneath the surface Famous Last Words a uiet meditation on intellectualphysical relationships and perhaps On the Town a fun riff on the absurdity of the entrepreneurial jack of all trades self made modern American success story

  5. Elise Elise says:

    Frenetic and incoherent I'm glad to support the author of The Last Samurai and New Directions but all except two of these stories were a huge waste of time

  6. Chris Via Chris Via says:

    Check out my review in Rain Taxi Review of Books Volume 23 Number 4 Winter 2018 #92

  7. Andrii Zakharov Andrii Zakharov says:

    A spontaneous purchase this book kept surprising The second story has R code in it and mentions Andrew Gelman turns out the author has a blog where she writes uite a lot about statistics Later in the book the marshmallow test comes up Gerd Gigerenzer of the Max Planck Institute gets mentioned As do Texas Hold'em drums Berlin What an overlap Some trickThe stories themselves are uite diverse loosely connected by a theme of extraordinary art perception capacity Some passages are VERY funny All are invariably Very Highly Intellectual Somehow the book managed to not get on my nerves though sensitive as I am to such displays I enjoyed most stories except the ones that went completely over my head with language and references A bit too much French Latin and name dropping in those But the style is captivating throughout

  8. Ylenia Ylenia says:

    I really liked the first story Brutto but I struggled to like the rest I always started with the best intentions but I inevitably felt uite lost after a certain point barely able to find the will finish the majority of these stories I guess DeWitt is not for me or at least her stories

  9. David David says:

    Helen Dewitt is incredibly good So just read the dang book I will admit that 2 or 3 of the middle stories did considerably less for me than the rest but even those fit conceptually in this whole It's not just a short story collection There's definitely some overarching themes and motifs hereClever funny and carrying out here some of the task she set for herself in a great blog post Speaking as a mathematician she does a good job of capturing certain aspects of the mathematically inclined or obsessed personAnd of course if you're frustrated by the state of our currently organized reality and especially sensitive to how dismally the current system supports and encourages artists? Read this Read this Read this

  10. Peter Peter says:

    Good short stories for academics writers and amateur intellectuals Their wit is a bit too high falutin’ for me though Perhaps if I had much leisure time to spend sipping aromatic tea in an oak paneled manor library in rural England amid classic paintings and highly manicured lawns I would find them uietly amusing But for reading on the Tokyo subway they just don’t have sufficient satiric lift

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