Shards of a Shattered Mirror Book I Kindle Ø of a

  • Kindle Edition
  • 270 pages
  • Shards of a Shattered Mirror Book I
  • Darryl Anka
  • 23 August 2016

10 thoughts on “Shards of a Shattered Mirror Book I

  1. Erin Elliott Erin Elliott says:

    The spirit of nature and the spirit of space are beautifully woven through the lives and relationships of the characters in this book It allows us to peek into a world 700 years from now where the beings of earth along with otherworldly inhabitants evolved into magical uniue individuals The descriptions of each being from nature spirit entities to hybridized humans take the reader to an appreciation of the remarkable and distinctive essence of each soul The astounding abilities that have evolved not only through evolution but within the lifetimes of the central characters are given life themselves in a beautiful dance within each character’s psyche and between the characters to create a rich tapestry of a tale that I felt mysteriously at home in

  2. Biju Thomas Biju Thomas says:

    A fine book from Darryl Darryl is known for channelling insights from Bashar an entity from future The main character Willa had come across in some channelling sessions before She lives on Earth 700 years into the future How would this earth be after 700 years? This book is for those who are curious about earth's future Everything exists here and now Simultaneous parallel realities One of the possible dramas our consciousness could project This book is for those of who listen to Bashar's teachings This focuses on the infinite possibilities our Self could come up with An entertaining read We look forward to the next in the seuels

  3. Весна Весна says:

    In Serbian language Willa Вила Vila means a fairy or she elf

  4. Judith Leah Magill Judith Leah Magill says:

    Great scifi and fantasy writing I'm enjoying the story but given that you have the insight of Bashar I find it disturbing that there may be such violent and ignorant races in our Universe Knowing the truth of the uantum reality I can see that all of these ideas are probable in our future I'm glad that Sasuatch is in this story They are real people and sometimes visit me Good reading

  5. Nicci Carrera Nicci Carrera says:

    Great world building and I loved the main character's journey The author is building an epic so there are a lot of characters but there's a list at the end

  6. Nicole Litvak Nicole Litvak says:

    Exceptional book It is really helpful to expand your imagination of what is possible for our future I couldn’t put it down

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Shards of a Shattered Mirror Book I❮Download❯ ➻ Shards of a Shattered Mirror Book I ➿ Author Darryl Anka – Seven hundred years in the future the ice caps have melted sea levels have risen and several coastal cities have become seaports Humans aliens and Hybrids have formed an Interstellar Alliance that spa Seven hundred a Shattered eBook ✓ years in the future the ice caps have melted sea levels have risen and several coastal cities have become seaports Humans aliens and Hybrids have formed an Interstellar Alliance that spans Shards of Kindle - dozens of worlds Due to the spread of humanity outward to the stars and the reduction of Earth’s population the planet has been restored to a natural state Over time human alien Hybrids evolved of a Shattered PDF/EPUB Â and discovered that their telepathic senses could not only allow them to interact with nature spirits and other Elemental beings that were invisible to humans in the past but that their abilities could also of a Shattered Mirror Book PDF/EPUB or be expanded through the use of a powerful potion that opened their minds to parallel of a Shattered Mirror Book PDF/EPUB or realities and higher dimensions With this knowledge they developed the Five Levels of Mastery that gave their kind the ability to manipulate the very fabric of spacetime It is into this world that Willa Hillicrissing was born A thirteen year old human alien Hybrid with golden eyes and a wild mane of fox fur hair Willa was raised amid the green forests and peaceful seaside setting of Port Dublin in Ireland where as an apprentice to her Hybrid mentor Holly Cotton she takes her first steps on the path to becoming a Cryptic But when Holly discovers that Willa possesses an ancient gene capable of magnifying her powers far beyond the abilities of even the most experienced Sage she’s called upon to protect the Earth and the Alliance from a ruthless alien Empire bent on enslaving every world in its path.

About the Author: Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka a Shattered eBook ✓ is an internationally known channeller speaker and author with sales of over books in JapanAnka claims that he began to communicate through trance channeling with an extra terrestrial entity called Shards of Kindle - Bashar in He describes Bashar as existing in a parallel reality in a time frame that we perceive as the future The monologues and dialogues with Bashar cover a wide range.