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  1. Melindam Melindam says:

    Originally published as Pride Prejudice and Jasmin Field this was the very first modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice I read I rather liked the book at the time and gave it 4 stars but on re reading it for the 2nd time I had to downgrade The story is still entertaining and uite well adapted but a bit too obvious We do not only have the modern counterparts of all major PP characters but they are also chosen to play in a theatre adaptation of the very novel for charity cast into their respective roles Double recycling or what? It would have been interesting had Harry Noble aka mordern Darcy been cast into the role of let's say Wickham or Mr Collins on stageBut mostly I had some serious issues with the protagonist Jasmin Field In Jane Austen's novel Elizabeth though cheeky and a bit uick to criticise other people is a delightful character sassy spirited witty and lively Jasmin on the other hand is smug patronising overbearingly judgmental rude and sometimes downright vulgar and not only to Harry Noble aka Darcy but to everyone around her including her sisters and friends Maybe this suits the personality of a journalist but needless to say I found this mix rather repulsive and did not really understand why anyone would find this attractive I admit that the character change brought on by her confrontation with Harry and his revelation letter afterwards seemed spectacular this way and the lessons Jasmin got taught in humility are uite forcible She acts a much nicer person in the 2nd half of the novel altogether but it won't make you forget how unlikeable she was beforeStill all in all it is a pleasant nicely converted consistent story with actual characterisation and plot Believe me I came across much much worse attempts at modern adaptations

  2. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    Snark and DramaJasmin Field knows she is no actor; she is a journalist for a woman’s magazine But on a lark she decides to tag along with her sister who is an actress to an audition for a fundraising adaptation of Pride and Prejudice But just before her audition she overhears the play’s director – the great and famous actor Harry Noble – refer to her as an “Ugly Sister” In response Jazz as she is known to her friends gives him a rendition of Elizabeth Bennet refusing Mr Darcy’s first proposal that perfectly embodies her very real emotions of disbelief contempt and abject furyAs you might guess Jazz even with her nonexistent acting experience lands the role of Lizzy Bennet in the play And during her rehearsals and encounters with Harry Noble her opinion of the arrogant and exacting director sink further and further Especially when she learns that he prevented fellow actor William Whitby from making it big in Hollywood and discovers that he convinced another actor to focus on his career and not his relationship with her sister Could she despise this loathsome man any ?? Just when she thinks the answer is no Harry tells Jazz what he really thinks of herI am so glad I finally read this creative and clever modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice It is always fun to see characters work on putting a theatrical together 😉 And while it was perhaps a little cliché to have each character of Ms Nathan’s story play the corresponding character in the PP play I greatly enjoyed being in the theatre atmosphere One of the elements I enjoyed most about this modern update was that it didn’t completely follow a Pride and Prejudice formula and a lot of the events or situations were smartly updated To me the alterations and twists produced a sense of unexpectedness Without giving too much away I will say I thought the WickhamGeorgiana history update uniue and accessible albeit a bit darker and the WickhamLydia scandal stimulating because of everything else it brought aboutAnother element I enjoyed about this story was that it was British And filled with British slang British expressionsand British profanity With its “Rightie ho” “buggery bollocks” and talk of shagging and snogging it kind of reminded me of Bridget Jones a little 😉 And Harry – with his shy reserve awkward attempts at friendship and tender concern is definitely close to Mark Darcy material 😉The main reason this book didn’t earn five stars with me is its heroine Jasmin While I always love encountering Elizabeth Bennet reincarnations I’m afraid this one was just a little too prickly to earn my love and admiration Jazz is very uick and sharp with her wit which is very like Elizabeth Bennet But instead of it being charmingly impertinent Jazz sometimes came across very hard and cynical for my taste Perhaps if we saw of her softer and kind hearted side her snarky side would have felt better balanced However I truly did enjoy witnessing the impact of her learning the trutherror of her ways and her period of self evaluation and realization That was well portrayedDiverting and clever – Pride Prejudice and Jasmin Field is a wonderful choice for readers who can’t get enough of Mr Darcy modern Pride and Prejudice tales and British romantic comedies While it won’t make my list of top favorite modern Pride and Prejudice adaptations I found much to appreciate and enjoy in the experience of reading this drama filled renditionDue to the use of profanity I’d recommend this story for readers over the age of 14A note to potential buyers this book is also published under the title of Acting UpAustenesue Reviews

  3. Sophia Sophia says:

    I have been meaning to try this author for so long but just needed the right push to get on with it #Romance opoly challenge and Austenesue Lovers TBR challenge continue to inspire me this year to read books languishing on my shelvesSo Pride Prejudice and Jasmin Field a classic retelling within a modern retelling Yes We have a play adaption of Jane Austen's PP acted for a charity event with the players' lives mimicking art in this one It is set in London and follows the life of women's column journalist Jasmin Field as she plays the part of impertinent Elizabeth Bennet across from top rated actor in the country Harry Noble who set up Jazz's back long before their first bad meetingThings progress in a marvelous comedy of errors type story as Jasmin is set in hate mode toward Harry and it doesn't help that she lets herself believe a charmer with lies on his lips Harry got on her bad side so she has no trouble believing the worst It is the shy friendly side that startles her and throws her for a loop Meanwhile her sister falls for the cutie nice guy actor and her flat mate plays the role of the pragmatic friend who settles for what she can getBut it wasn't just comedy There were some deeper elements that came out abuse gaslighting integrity in journalism feminism in these fields of industry and the downside of the entertainment world beside all the glitter and glamIt was fun ciphering out which Austen character each modern character represented and then seeing how it all played out with this story set in the London theater world Austen's PP storyline was closely followed plot wise I had a good time with this one particularly since I'm an American enjoying the completely British flavor of this one even down to the slang There was some sparks flying and some memorable funny moments along with some good character growth and decisive momentsI will say that while I had fun with Jasmin as the main character I found her character crossed the line for a while from snarky into angry bitter which wasn't attractive It did make her big 'aha' moment bigger and it was great watching her work through her thoughts and choices after that I didn't have much respect for her and Harry at times until later then I was rooting them onAll in all it was a fast and engaging retelling with some sparkle and shine to it

  4. Kelly Kelly says:

    Boring boring boring She didn't even try to have any innovations on the plotline or the characters I think she even stole some of the lines from the original book Those she didn't she still attempted to sort of paraphrase in modern speak very very awkwardly There was no independence of spirit here Just a slavish and very bad and insulting attempt at imitating Jane's plot And boiling it down to its simplest and most brainless parts ie the two romances with none of the interesting character ideas or wit or the side characters that Jane created Dude they even have them be in a play of Pride and Prejudice cast as their respective roles Just in case you didn't get by the title what this was all aboutFriends Stop giving this to me for my birthday I must've been given four copies of this by now Even Goodwill is going to start rejecting them when I hand them over

  5. Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer says:

    This tale of jaded journalist meets hunky star is really a lot of fun Jasmin Field finds herself roped in to audition for a charity production of Pride and Prejudice Unexpectedly she is cast as Elizabeth Bennett She is somewhat in shock about this since she pretty much let the director know she was not terribly impressed with him And who is that director? None other than gorgeous sought after film star Harry NobleThis tale of a production coming together amidst Jasmin's career angst and tons of backstage drama really is a lot of fun The book is packed with uirky and likeable secondary characters and I loved sinking into the characters' world ie Bridget Jones era London A couple threads of plot got a heavy handed resolution and I didn't care for how Jasmin treated her lifelong best friend but otherwise this is an entertaining readIf you liked the books that came out heyday of chicken lit you won't want to miss this one

  6. Nadja Nadja says:

    uick enjoyable read but I can only give two stars becauseJazzJasmin is so damn unpleasant even after realising her prejudiced mistakes she's still judgy and know it allher failed friendship with Mo is simply sad and not okaytasty is NOT a word to describe a sexy humanno big creativy here PP recycling all the wayin the end everyone is partnered up and happyyyyy not one single lady oh my

  7. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    It is a truth universally acknowledged at least by this particular reader that Jane Austen adaptions set against an English setting are infinitely enjoyable than their Americanized counterparts Although the setting of this particularly stunning modernization is not wholly the reason for my exuberant ardor of Pride Prejudice and Jasmin Field it certainly did not diminish my fondness I can say without fear of exaggeration that this novel is one of my most favourite Austen inspired turn outs to date I can literally think of nothing negative to say about it; which in itself it a staggering commendation indeed The story is centered on the title character of Jasmin Field a journalist for a popular British women's magazine who has been invited to audition for an adapted stage production of Jane Austen's classic Pride Prejudice Although Jazz is certainly not the only known person to be invited to audition she is certainly the only person not wholly motivated to snatch up a part simply because England's golden boy the beautiful and popular Harry Noble is directing the production Having by way of her work found the majority of the acting community to be nothing stellar behind the groomed and affected faces they present on screen Jazz is prepared to find Harry Noble nothing but a spoiled pompous twat whom expects nothing from the lower classes other than stupefied reactions to his presense and awe stricken groveling at his feet To her utter delight Jazz is hardly disappointed at first Considering that this is in fact a modernization of Pride and Prejudice the plot schematic is hardly difficult to anticipate Jazz being the doppleganger of Lizzy Bennet metaphorically as well as literally on stage will find a perfect match in Harry Noble the personification of Mr Darcy himself again both figmitively and eventually literally The usual story plays out with a particularly horrid characterization of Wickham to come between them and two characters meant to be Jane and Bingley falling in love while waiting in the wings By the end of the tale Lizzy will discover she's been all wrong about Darcy from the start and somehow someway Darcy will become a better person Indeed the story is expectedly predictable but then again isn't that why we love Austen modernizations in the first place? Pride Prejudice and Jasmin Field is an especially staggering deviation of the classic love story we have all come to adore Although the language is cruder the details relatable to the age and the ending suggestively sexual eyebrow eyebrow wink wink the heart of the tale is perfectly preserved by Ms Nathan's capable hand Prepare to fall in love all over again

  8. Marie Marie says:

    This started off and it was a very luke warm read At one point I just thought that I wasn't even going to bother finishing itMy initial problems with the book were a slow start and wooden characters in a storyline which was very predictable well it is if you're at all familiar with Pride and Predjudice by Jane Austen The writing wasn't the best The author would switch the point of view very randomly so you'd be in the main characters head thinking what they are and then all of a sudden you'd be inside another character's head and then suddenly switch back again The usual way to switch to a different character is to start a new chapter or a new section so it becomes obvious that this is intendedAll these faults aside the book suddenly perked up about half way through The characters became alive and the storyline improved immensely so I started to enjoy reading it If this book had been polished off properly it would have been an excellent read It felt like it was a little rushed and had a lack of attention to detail But I'd still say it's worth a look

  9. Anne Anne says:

    If you're a fan of PP I think you'll probably like this It's not intense reading by any means but it is funny and lighthearted It's also very short so this would make the perfect beach readThe only thing I didn't care for was that Mr Darcy Harry Noble was an actor I think it's just a personal preference on my part but I don't find acting to be a very sexy profession I get crushes on the characters actors play but the idea of that actor himself? Not so much I had a hard time relating to Jazz getting all choked up because Harry made himself weep during his performance But that's just me

  10. Mitali Mitali says:

    The blurb doesn't even begin to sum up this book It's a lot deeper and tangled than it sounds up there All for betterThe modern story retelling of Jane Austen’s classic ends in the same fashion Lizzy and Darcy of this book who are highly opinionated about each other clear their differences and fall in love Like Darcy Harry Noble seems like a man who thinks too highly of himself And like Lizzy Bennet Jasmin Field is prejudiced and hates him the minute she sets eyes on him Their initial encounter isn’t too pretty There is also a snotty sister like Ms Bingley trying to court our Darcy slash Harry But what distinguishes this book from the classic is its use of language the sarcasm modern comic tone the supplementary characters their voices their pasts and their stories as they unfoldActing up showed a lot of different point of views but did not mix them up The strongest and probably the most sarcastic voice was of Jasmin Field There are tons of sub plots wired into one another At the beginning it gets a little confusing and overwhelming with all those names that are thrown at us when we’re introduced to the huge cast of the play But the writers eases our way into each one of their heads and by the end of it they all become as real as fictional characters go I like the fact that apparently the most handsome director alive on planet is not without flaws When we finally learn about his fears shortcomings like poor driving and conversation skills he feels real making the story believable and much agreeable Random thoughts It’s by far one of my favorite chic lit I have read in a long time It held my attention throughout I tend to wander off after about 50 pages if the book fails to grip me I can’t finish a book if it doesn’t piue my interest And I read this one in single sitting Overall Predictable at times it’s still unputdownable for its amazing writing style hilarious scenes and super fast pace I love the fact that we get to see the doom of every single character Yes Every Single The book gave me joy and laughter than my money’s worth Stars 55 Highly highly recommended

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Pride Prejudice and Jasmin Field [Download] ➶ Pride Prejudice and Jasmin Field Author Melissa Nathan – It starts as a lark for Jasmin Field the charming acerbically witty columnist for a national women's magazine  She joins a host of celebraties gathering in London to audition for the season's most da It starts as a and Jasmin Epub Ý lark for Jasmin Field the charming acerbically witty columnist for a national women's magazine  She joins a host of celebraties gathering in London to audition for the season's most dazzling charity event  a Pride Prejudice PDF or one night only stage production of Jane Austen's immortal Pride and Prejudice directed by and starring the Academy Award winning Hollywood heartthrob Harry Noble  And nobody is surprised than Jasmin herself when she lands the lead of handsome Prejudice and Jasmin PDF Å Harry's love interest Elizabeth Bennet  But things start to go very wrong very uickly  Ms Field's delicious contempt for the arrogant overbearing Harry Noble goes from being wicked fun to infuriating  Her brief moment of theatrical glory looks as if it's going to be overshadowed by the betrayal of her best friend the disintegration of her family and the implosion of her career And suddenly she can't remember a single one of her lines  But worst of all Harry Noble who incidentally looks amazing in tight breeches has started to stare hard at Jazz with that sort of a glimmer in his eyesFresh wild wonderfully romantic and absolutely hilarious Pride Prejudice and Jasmin Field is Jane Austen as the great lady herself never imagined it.

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  • Pride Prejudice and Jasmin Field
  • Melissa Nathan
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  • 21 April 2016
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About the Author: Melissa Nathan

Melissa Jane Nathan and Jasmin Epub Ý June – April was a journalist and UK author of popular chick lit novels in the early sWhen working on Persuading Annie Nathan was diagnosed with breast cancer She Pride Prejudice PDF or refused to let the illness dominate her life and in public anyway was unfailingly positive She had no time for most journalism written by cancer sufferers self indulgent dirges.