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Some of Your Blood ❥ Some of Your Blood free download ➝ Author Theodore Sturgeon – Named one of the Top 40 Horror Books of All Time by the Horror Writers Association Some of Your Blood begins with a confidential folder belonging to army psychiatrist Philip Outerbridge Inside this fo Named one of the Top Horror books of All Time by the Horror Writers Association Some of Your Blood begins with a confidential folder belonging to army psychiatrist Philip Outerbridge Inside this folder are the letters memos and transcripts for a young soldier named George Smith a uiet young man with a terrible past and a shocking secret As Outerbridge conducts George's therapy he gradually discovers the truth about George's traumatic childhood his twisted romance with an older woman named Anna and the unusual obsession George keeps hidden from Some of PDF/EPUB ² the world With the masterful touch that earned him the Hugo and Nebula awards Theodore Sturgeon creates a character capable both of unsettling violence and irresistible humanity.

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  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    A dark and creepy novellaTheodore Sturgeon’s 1961 psychological thriller reminds me of the films Birdy Alan Parker 1984 and Vampire’s Kiss both featuring Nicholas Cage because of the subject matter; but this never goes over the top and Sturgeon’s great ability to produce an understated and minimalistic page turner is in rare form Presented in epistolary novel form written as a series of documents – was this a tribute to Bram Stoker?This is also reminiscent of the The Great God Pan in its subtle almost peripheral introduction of horrific elements

  2. Char Char says:

    Wow I loved this book Let me tell you why I always have had a respect and love for older horror stories I find it fun to read them and then speculate on what modern tales might be based upon these older works In this case I can see an even older story Dracula within But what this book does is turn that classic tale upside down In fact I don't even consider this to be a true horror story This short book originally written in 1956 is told mostly through letters back and forth between an overworked Army psychiatrist Doctor Phil and his superior The letters discuss one George Smith who was arrested and thrown into the psych ward for punching an Army officer in the face after the officer uestioned him about a letter he mailed No one knows exactly why because that officer is now dead and no one knows what happened to the letter Unfortunately George is forgotten for about three months and now Dr Phil's boss wants him to be released before anyone finds out about the Army's neglect Doctor Phil needs to find out a little something about the patient before releasing him so he begins by having him write out a bio in the third person This is where things get very interesting The patient uses the name George Smith in his bio which consists of not only horrible grammar but also horrible tales from George's past From there this story takes off in a completely different direction That's all I'm going to say about the plot However I will make a few observations here that you can take or leave at will First off there is a lot of humor in the letters between Dr Phil and his superior I think their discussions were very subtle but added a lot to the tale Some readers might get bored with their exchanges; I did not Second A lot of readers call this a vampire story I don't believe it is I think it's a story of a sociopath in the making There are several clues to which I could point to support my theory Of course there are lots of clues pointing to the vampire theory as well George's real name is Bela for one Which theory do you support? I would love to find out after you've read this fantastic story Look me up and we'll talk about it Highly recommended

  3. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    'Some of Your Blood' by Theodore Sturgeon is a VERY disturbing book A backwoods undereducated kid is raised in a miserable shabby home with a mean drunk of a father and an abused arthritic mother Life is hellish but it's all George Smith not his real name knows There are days with no food on the table and days when he hides in the woods to escape his father's drunken rages His life is so meager and mean that when he is sent to a troubled children's 'prison' for two years for burglary he feels really pleased with the clean bed and the three meals a day He actually finds school a joy for the first time since the teachers take the time to bring him up to speed In time his mother dies and then his father but the damage is done He goes to live with his aunt and uncleGeorge was always a terrific hunter of small animals and when hunting one day he meets a woman So he at age 16 secretly begins to date an eually unloved and unlovely 24 year old neighbor He really needs her when he is upset by feelings of being lonely From his story it becomes clear he's a sociopath He made a decision to never talk unless he must so he is an unknown mystery to most except to the locals who know his parents But even they know nothing of his hunting When he impregnates Anna the neighbor woman he decides to enlist in the Army It's another place he feels safe Then it all goes off the railsview spoilerAfter two years in the service he is ordered to unload a plane of dead soldiers It shakes him up He writes a short letter to Anna revealing a dreadful secret He is unaware that all letters are read by military officers They uestion him He attacks his CO He is distinctly murderous and strange so he ends up in a psychiatric hospital The story is told in epistolary exchanges between two Army psychiatrists along with paperwork revealing the results of a battery of tests Following a hunch the psychiatrist testing him decides to use hypnosis and uncovers not only deaths but the horrific secret that caused George to snap hide spoiler

  4. Wayne Barrett Wayne Barrett says:

    Big George didn't have fangs nor did he sleep in a coffin But big George did like to drink blood It is discovered by an Army psychiatrist that this soldier has some serious issues and that he has a deadly past George had an abusive drunken father and developed an unnatural taste for blood from his mama's breast Aside from this upbringing I get the feeling that Big George was probably still going to grow up a few clowns shy of a full circus but the overall combination was one that created a mindless monster that might be a combination of Frankenstein and Dracula The most disturbing part of this story was a scenario in which it wasn't the details but rather what was not said That poor boy in the snare Theodore Sturgeon left us to our imaginations with that one This is an old classic and good but don't approach it with any stereotypical vampire ideas or you will be disappointed

  5. Bark Bark says:

    This is an older short story that GR says was first published in 1956 Admittedly I haven’t read much in the way of classic horror and I wasn’t sure the story would work for me I guess I was expecting it to be dry and slow What I found instead was a deeply disturbing story with many images that will linger with me for months to comeThis story is about a soldier who calls himself “George” George is being held in a crowded military psychiatric ward for assaulting a superior It seems he’s been forgotten there though and they really need his bed for another patient Psychiatrist Dr Phil is tasked with going over his case before his release What he discovers is bizarre and chillingGeorge’s story is told in various ways He writes his own biography for the doctor which takes up a large chunk of the book This part explores George’s sad desperate childhood growing up poor with a sick mom and a mean ass drunkard father I listened to this on audio and narrator Malcolm Hillgartner does an amazing job with these characters especially George Initially I found George’s section sad but as he revealed tidbits about his past I could see that he was developing some very dangerous tendencies and a simmering anger that turned my feelings of sympathy into repulsion The narrator gives him the perfect backwoods voice that wasn’t over the top but yet remains vastly different from the cultured tones he gives to the psychiatrists The rest of the book consists of interviews with the doc and George and letters between the doctors as they pick and prod into George’s past in order to figure him out These two doc’s are uite the characters The witty back and forth banter between them added some much needed humor and I found them both highly amusing despite the dark subject matter they were discussing George’s affliction is bizarre to say the least and I refuse to think about it too much because it freaks me out I highly recommend listening to this on audio if you can because the narrator adds so much life to the wordsI will leave you with my favorite uote from George“The world would be a whole lot less trouble for everybody if most people would just not talk so much”And with that I am shutting up

  6. Steve Steve says:

    Written in 1961 Theodore Sturgeon's Some of Your Blood is both a uniue take on the vampire story which is damn near impossible as well a product of its times But that doesn't mean it's dated Generally the story holds up uite well References to Korea Masters and Johnson Havelock Ellis human sexuality studies and various breakthroughs in psychiatry keep coming up And for good reason since the story of George Smith a disturbed American soldier is basically an unofficial case history revealed via a series of letters primarily between Smith's doctor and his commanding officer The main letter however and longest section of the book is told by Smith himself It's a remarkable piece of writing and one where you have to play close attention Smith's condition is both revealed and cloaked at the same time To my mind it's uite a high wire act George Smith is an original wild child of the hills but one who has had a horrible childhood How he copes and adapts to this brutal phase is well the sad story of his life The economy of the writing is remarkable but what mars the performance is how Sturgeon booksends the tale with a silly message to the reader Also the ridiculous real name for George Smith which is revealed late in the book It's like Sturgeon couldn't resist a wink at the reader In something this lean it simply breaks a compelling spell

  7. Tom LA Tom LA says:

    Superb work Like any other novel by Theodore Sturgeon that I've read this is a literary masterwork original dark and deeply unconventional Sturgeon wrote with his guts than with his mind and he was able to create dream like stories that spoke straight to your subconscious whether simply weird dreams or flat out terrifying nightmares However he never lost a great sense of balance an elegance in his writing and a sense of beautySturgeon has often been expressing his annoyance with social s and conventions and in this story he is at it again through a main character who is a prototype of the pure natural man clean of social rules and acuired behaviors or pre fabricated thoughts This love for the uncommon is typical Sturgeon A writer of the greatest originality and an anticonformist to his bones An example? He used to walk around naked in his LA house because why wear clothes if they are purely a useless habit imposed by society? and apparently he would ask that his whole family would do the same too Some of Your Blood was written in 1961 It's about a soldier George Smith not his real name who is locked up after a brief scuffle with a superior officer George undergoes a psychiatric evaluation where Dr Phil Outerbridge learns about his life and the horrible hidden secret that shaped itAn interesting premise to be sure but the appeal of the book is in Sturgeon’s application of the craft in other words the execution And it works SO well The book is organized into a series of letters memos and transcripts that chronologically detail the story The first half of this book is essentially George’s seemingly innocent biography The second half is correspondence between doctors about George's condition Slowly the persistent Dr Outerbridge uncovers George’s horrifying secretPS Many reviewers here happily gave away this secret in their review without calling out the spoiler so if you haven't read the book yet and plan on reading it do not read the reviews herePS this edition has the absolute worst cover that I've ever seen

  8. Randolph Randolph says:

    Theodore Sturgeon's brilliantly chilling twist on the vampire novel He sheds most of the vampire genre tropes often thumbing his nose at them in the process the protagonist's real name is Bela his parents are from Eastern Europe the novel has a large epistolary content like Dracula and the army psychiatrist stands in for Dr Van Helsing even as he gives us a vampire that reuires almost no suspension of disbelief Its almost as if Sturgeon bet that he could write a better vampire novel without using any of that hackneyed crapHillbilly Army chump George Smith gets himself in trouble by punching an army officer when uestioned about something the military censors found in a letter to his sweetheart back home in Podunk Through a bunch of typically Kafkaesue Army mix ups ol' George gets himself shipped back home to isolation in a rubber room and a straitjacket for three months When the Army figures out it has made a huge mistake and may have taken a guy who was already having some problems and put him completely off the rails by shoving him in a padded cell they decide to just do whatever they can to get the guy discharged and sent home The overworked psychiatrist in charge of tying up these loose ends and getting rid of the guy makes the big mistake of actually caring about his job and starts to dig into George's case He just can't figure out what made a classic do what you're told and never volunteer kind of Army guy punch that officer unprovoked The censored letter is lost and the offended officer is dead It just keeps bothering him He can't just shovel this guy out the door like he is told toWe can tell George is a weirdo from the get go but Sturgeon brilliantly layers on details through letters anecdotes therapy notes interviews statements that gradually lead us to begin to believe that the padded cell is exactly the right place for GeorgeUltimately Sturgeon even manages to make us feel empathy for a guy that we wouldn't want to be in the same room withSturgeon also plays with the reader by intentionally breaking the fourth wall and telling us that after all this is just a piece of fiction even as he knows he is drawing us a vampire we can all REALLY believe is waiting outside once the lights are back on He ultimately even invites us to write our own happy ending if that is what we wantA little page turner that just keeps on giving as we gradually suspect and then know

  9. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    Sleepless nights are perfect for reading and since this book was close at hand and because I couldn't fall asleep last night I started it Then after reading the first few paragraphs I got up went downstairs with pen notebook in hand because I knew this was going to be something intensely different than normal and notebook worthy and sat and read slowly for hours before I absolutely had to stop Then I picked it up again today and finished it I have to digest what I've just read before posting about it but uite frankly it blew me away Sheesh later

  10. Charles Dee Mitchell Charles Dee Mitchell says:

    Theodore Sturgeon wrote some of the best and most formally inventive sf of its day But remember Sturgeon's Law states 90% of everything is crap This book is by no means crap but it has a couple of stylistic choices that put it pretty far down on the Sturgeon list as far as I'm concernedLetters between doctors transcripts of psychiatric sessions journal entries these are Sturgeon's nod to Bram Stoker's epistolary construction of Dracula And it all works well except for a long narrative section that is supposed to be the patient George writing his life story in the third person George turns out to be an excellent writer a natural storyteller and Sturgeon reuests an enormous willing suspension of disbelief on the reader's part if we are to find this conceivably the work of the character The exposition is necessary and maybe there was really no other way to handle but George is uite the stylist What works much better is the psychiatrist's ability to take his story detect the gaps and lies in it and pull those from George using hypnosis that tried and true techniue certainly practiced and with better success in fiction that anywhere elseGeorge drinks blood I don't think that's a spoiler given the book's title and references to vampires all over the back cover Further details on the other hand are genuinely creepy and convincing as pathology George is not well He is glad that his doctor is going to fix him up but I doubt that he will be leaving the institution anytime soon Or I would hope not Some of Your Blood is a uick read that effectively presents some really disgusting material in such clinical format that some of it takes a moment to really sink in George is a kind of innocent but one that you would want to keep locked up for lifeSturgeon's other stylistic blunder is a prologue and epilogue in which he addresses the reader and frames the novel in what sounds like one of Boris Karloff's commentaries on Thriller It's beneath him or maybe i'm pretending that the novel doesn't have the pulpy origins it does

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