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  1. XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy says:

    Slow burns only work for me if the author can keep me engaged and boy did she I loved the build up of this story Calvin is a really sexy grump with some issues that have stemmed from his life experiences Cam has had some pretty shitty things happen as a result of believing in the wrong person Yet these two are perfectly matched I love Cam so much Despite her circumstances she doesn't take crap from anyone She's a strong lead with a very distinct voice great characterization and a big heart Calvin is hella surly sometimes mean but there's just enough there to keep you on the hook He turns out to be pretty darn awesome once you peel back the layers There's this vulnerability in him that shines through every once in a while that humanizes him The pacing and their progression felt organic Their love scenes were very sexy and worth the wait The plot was interesting and allowed for development to occur between the characters I would've like to know about what happened to Amanda and Sam though The side characters and their setup uite intriguing Cam's bestie is hilarious The writing was on point I can wait to dig into the next one Safety No others for either of them No rape or abuse ARC received in exchange for an honest review

  2. Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog says:

    Unpopular opinion alert 2 starsReview at Of Pens and PagesHmm This is a hard one I love fake relationship tropes I live for it Same goes for the brooding hero and sassy heroine combination Add in slow burn and a little sports element and it's pretty much a perfect book for meHere we have Camilla Cam DeSantis a recently widowed woman who's trying to restart her life after her husband leaves her with his mess Apparently the love of her life was involved in a million dollar Ponzi scheme The scandal leaves her image in tatters and their possessions repossessed leaving her desperate for a job After searching long and far her job agency finds an opening for her–– a stay in homeschool teacher for someone's nephew When she goes to the mysterious employer's house and is interviewed by the man's manager she then finds out the employer is none other than Calvin Cal Shaw the starting uarterback of the NY TitansShe is introduced to Sam the nephew she'll teach if she gets accepted for the position and just as she thought things are going well she overhears her potential employer say something demeaning about her The past three years have left her with almost nothing but her pride––even that's been almost taken from her––and she's done letting people stomp all over her So she looks them in the eye and walks outA few days later the same man who called her a cow visits her part time stint at One Maple Street the bar where Amber also works He apologizes for what he said and tells her to work for him; she says no This goes on for a few days where Cal continues to go to the bar to convince her In the end Cam finally agrees Somewhere along the way a fake relationship scheme is proposed to keep the women away from CalHaving read The Wall of Winnipeg and Me times than I'm proud to admit I basically know the story and its nuances by heart So when I read Wrecking Ball I was a little disconcerted with how similar these two books were And before you say it's not unusual for sports romances and contemporary romance novels in general to have similar storylines it felt like even the little details were similar I'll give you a few examplesThe biggest similarity aside from the storyline and pacing are the MCs Cal is the brooding star football player with a troubled past who was rude and dismissive to Cam in the beginning Like Aiden before Cam lived with him and his nephew Cal has a plant based diet and gets his meals prepared and delivered to his house He's hard to work with prefers to keep to his own and values his privacy And he has a past that affected his lifestyle in the present He doesn't sleep around tooCam is independent and doesn't stand for Cal's sht She cooks runs and knows a lot about sports; football especially She also has Amber her best friend who's a lot like Diana Van's best friend They have a fierce friendship dating back to when they were kids and Amber is very protective of herTheir first meeting was similar to when Vanessa uit her job as Aiden's assistant In this case it wasn't the manager who talks sht about her; it's Cal himself While Vanessa calls Aiden Big Guy as an endearmenttease Cam calls Cal Champ When Cal apologized to Cam for how he treated her the first time they met he excuses it with the fact that he's stressed about his contract expiring soon If you've read Winnie you know it's the main reason Aiden asked Vanessa to marry him; and that's because he's Canadian and he might lose his visaThere was also a scene close to my heart that had a very similar one in this book view spoilerThey watch a sports game that's not football someone heckles either the MCs and their kiss gets caught on cam And another scene where the MCs are in bed and they open open up about their past hide spoiler

  3. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    5 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Stars Spoiler Free ARE YOU KIDDING ME It's FREEOkay I know this is my 3rd review of the year and again I am all excited about a book I am just as shocked as you P Dangelico was a new to me author so I only had the blurb to give me an idea of what the book would be likeWell people as you can tell from my title and rating I loved itNow there are a lot of reasons to like this book; the writing the slow burn between the characters and the way the story revealed itself What I especially appreciated was how we got to know each character and saw all of it happening before our eyesCam DeSantis' life is a messShe has experienced things she never ever thought she would She thought she was living the dream married to a man who loved her enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle brought about from her husband's company and drive and doing what she loved teaching third graders She lived in Connecticut because he wanted them to had their circle of friends and life happened without anything out of the ordinary or so she thoughtIn retrospect we all see things we should have noticedBut for CamEvery missed opportunity to uestion and receive answers has been taken away by a freak car crash Her husband was driving on a slick wet road and swerved so as not to hit an animalThis caused him to lose control and slam into the Hudson RiverNow losing your husband in a terrible accident is devastatingbut unfortunatelythere was heartache in store for Cam You see her husband was an achieverand when his company was not doing so well and things took a turn for the worsehe just couldn't accept it Instead he thought he would save itby using other people's moneyIn plain English he ran a Ponzi scheme using new money from investors to pay of old investorsWhat does that have to do with a well loved third grade teacherEverything because she had no idea and had to fight the Government the Tabloids and School District to prove it Cam's parents gave up their retirement funds to assist her and the ordeal was a huge learning experience she would have liked to have done withoutHoweverThese last three years wrestling with FBI IRS and Social Media have taught Cam a thing or twoFuck themYes she is done with people accusing her of being in on her husband's businessShe is done with men in their suits thinking they can push her aroundShe is done with all the looks people calling her out and ugly wordsShe is just done What she isn't done with is the need for a job It seems from all of the publicity she is having an extremely difficult time finding a position as a teacheror anything else She is lucky though her best friend and the one who has always understood her hooked her up with a part time position at the restaurant where she is the bartender So while she works at the bar she also has applied at different employment agencies Cam finally gets a call to interview for a teaching positionwith some unusual conditions She is to go to the housemeet with the client sign a non disclosure agreement and then interview She asks the agency if they know who she really is because it all will come out via the background check when they run oneShe hears silence and then the comment of better sell yourself so that they will want to keep youWith not much choice Cam goes to the house which turns out to be a huge mansion meets with a very attractive attorney signs the NDA and then is taken to meet with the young 8 years old who will be her responsibility for the next 3 months She is to live on the premises and be responsible for his schooling and activities while his mom is in rehab Before Cam goes to up the stairs and sees the boy she happens to see a huge man standing in a hallway they both are looking directly at each other and she feels the power of his gazeHe is built like a mountain; so solid and largea man who turns headsand turns out to be the starting uarterback for NY Titans It is his nephew who she would be teaching Cam continues on her way to the boy shaking off that first glance from the uncleCalvin Shaw is closed offHe wasn't always that wayHe had his career was married to a woman he thought loved him as much as he loved herHe learned his life lessons the hard way tooWifey wasn't that in love Cheated with another got pregnant with the partner and now the two cheaters are happily ever aftersAll of this made Calvin pull deep inside to get through he does his training eats his clean diet stays home mostly and does not deal with womenDoesn't play the football groupie gameHis focus right now is to get into shape for the upcoming season and having his nephew here is an added pressure He has been sent too many applicants liked none of them and this latest oneHe doesn't want her there at allCam had a very careful meeting with the boy Sam He was building with Legos and mostly all Cam did was sit on the floor with him and helpedBoth worked together and a couple of words were saidCam understood the trauma Sam must have been dealing with and felt she would be able to help him work through them while she was there With a positive outlook Cam is on her way to the kitchen when she overhears Calvin and his way of telling the attorney he didn't want her there That was all they wrote In Cam's mindshe was out of there Remember she was done with anyone treating her badlyShe goes into the kitchen informing them she thought Sam was a lovely boy but she would not be taking the position and left That is the start of a very strong and engaging story We have a woman holding on by the skin of her teeth where she is trying to start afresh She has the burden of knowing the sacrifice her parents made for her in order to clear her name Her only means of employment is at the bar with her friendand she has her inner strength of holding on to who she wants to beCalvin Shaw now has another problemSam has taken to this woman who doesn't want the job He knows he is the reasonHe has to figure out a way to make it happen Whenever he has put his mind to something it has happened and this will be no differentThese two will grow on you fast the interactions the slow build up is well done Sam will capture your heart one little smile at a time and Abby Cam's friend is a hootBut the chemistry of Cam and Calvin is so right you can taste itHe is this fortress of emotions all locked downCam is front and center with hers and when they become a sort of friends this book goes into overdrivesparks start to leap off the page and you cannot wait for what you hope will happen and when things move towards loveMajor Swoon P Dangelico created a man who had a hard existence made it out and became a huge sports star He thought he had love and lifeWasn't so and had to deal with it She also created a woman who thought she had her life and it was all a liePutting these two damaged people together was geniusand made this read than snappy fun timesmade it a truly romantic read Thank you for starting my year out on such a wonderful high Before Reading Well this is a predicamentIt is not every day a Loyal Trusting Wife and Beloved TeacherHas Her World Ripped ApartNope having to deal with the ramifications of your deceased husband's Ponzi Scheme can totally cause one to pauseIt also makes one brokeThe challenge is how to handle the offer to help a deserving 8 year old boy who just happens to be staying with the most insufferable manForget he is the uarterback of the NY Titans built like a human wall of muscles and has the most piercing gray eyesYeah You work on thatand let's see how it ends up Wrecking Ball January 19th 2017 A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher via NetGalley for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  4. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    4 Stars ”best laid plans are begging to be wrecked” image error

  5. Alex ♈ Alex ♈ says:

    Reread 29082017 till 1 am 30082017They would think I read it for the 1st time le giggleLoved it Despite me being not a big fan of the hero except last chapter epilogue I floved this bookAlready fangirling MEGA MUCH in eager anticipation of the next book in this series31 January 2017 the day I lost my P Dangelico virginity5 I laughed myself silly starsBrilliant Funny Outstanding As many of you I had a kind of déjà vu cough coughbut whatever because it was awesome written and there was than 1 sex scene tongue rolling out break out in a sweat annoy myself because I’m naughty love is important who needs sex when there is netflix kindl slap myselfI absolutely loved it my kind of humor my kind of heroine and even my kind of heroSarcasm is the lowest highest form of witOverall

  6. EmBibliophile EmBibliophile says:

    35 starsI was warned that this book is so similar to ‘The wall of Winnipeg and me’ and I thought I wouldn’t mind but they were SO similar and because I loved TWOPAM so much I couldn’t help but compare them to each other It was still enjoyable tho What I struggled with; is that this book has too many tropes Every few chapters you find another new trope being thrown at you I wasn’t completely satisfied by the ending too I wanted groveling Also I had a hard time believing “the sudden change of heart” that happened in the end I mean for someone to go to extreme measures to prevent “something” because he just doesn’t want it it felt a little bit unrealistic and convenient to see him want it towards the end It was so sudden I felt like that’s a whole new plot that could be done in a different book not to get it over with in a few pages Still the majority of the book was fun and entertaining It’s a slow burn romance but not as slow as TWOWAM So if you didn’t like TWOWAM there’s a high possibility that you’d like this one And if you like me really loved TWOWAM you might struggle a little with this one specially at the beginningThis book was recommended to me twice by two awesome goodread friends Lien and AntonellaThank you so much it was such an enjoyable read

  7. Dilek VT Dilek VT says:

    Believe me it's me not you I am the odd one out It is so hard to rate this book for me and please do not count on my judgement because while it was a 5 star read for me up until 80% suddenly it hit my “biggest trigger” and I hated the rest of the bookSo 5 stars for the majority of it and 1 star for the final part which makes me end up with 3 pointsI believe that it could be a 4 or 5 star read for most of you because very few people are like me on this issue very few people hate the “pregnancy baby issues” in the middle of a romance book I do Fiercely When the pregnancybaby issues are determining the direction of the romance then the book loses me there Some people may prefer not to have children for valid reasons of their own including myself and thank God I fell in love with a guy who thinks like me and doesn't want to be a father and I do not believe in forcing them otherwise In this case there are two options either you accept the person as they are or you leave them However when a hero or heroine leaves the love of their life for this reason it annoys me it is my personal tendency that I cannot help hence my disappointment in this love story This is the reason why I am angry with the heroine in this book I loved her so much until view spoilershe left him because he didn't want to have children for valid reasons of his own hide spoiler

  8. Alp Alp says:

    455 “I thought I was an adult I thought taking care of shit being responsible made me a man—but I was wrong You didloving you made a man out of me” I was speechless Wow This bookIt was such a pleasant surprise I enjoyed it immensely This one had so many things I love in my romance read brooding hero strong heroine interesting supporting characters nice storyline heart wrenching drama steamy passionate romance no cheating wonderful epilogueI loved how the author created the characters whom I wanted to know about straight away But I have to admit that I wasn’t much impressed with Calvin and Camilla’s first time meeting Cal was rude and Cam was too hot headed for my liking But the I read the they grew on me I found that there was to their characters than meets the eye Cam was kind strong and reasonable and she could be very sweet at times And for Cal I liked his persistence which really did work for me in this case and how he cared about her And oh don’t forget about his protectiveness and possessiveness Those are my kryptonite swoonI adored these two despite their flaws Of course they weren’t perfect They made mistakes bad decisions and wrong choices But they learned from them And all of those were exactly what made their characters very true to life in my opinionWell I will not go into details about the plot I think this is the book that you need to read it for yourself Anyway I would be less than honest if I said that I enjoyed every aspect of this one There were parts where I felt meh about and I think the story dragged a bit in some parts too But aside from those I can wholeheartedly say that it was a wonderful read for meAll in all I loved this book despite the minor problems I had with it If you are a fan of slow burn romance then you shouldn’t miss out on this one It’s definitely worth reading

  9. Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ says:

    SOMEONE SAVES ME Someone saves me from grumpy jerks heroes whose ex cheated and who now hate the whole world We get it Life sucks Move the fuck on You're so moody that you're scaring your 8 YEARS OLD NEPHEW for crying out loud Ugh Crafting a loveable grumpy hero is possible although it reuires talent to walk on that very thin line and it wasn't done well in Wrecking Ball It just wasn't Also why do we still have to say that rape jokes aren't funny? RAPE JOKES ARE NEVER FUNNY Not to mention the absolute horror of a surprise baby I've hated this trope with passion since my very first romance read and YET this book somehow managed to make me hate it even and to add insult to injury Camilla suffered from a severe I CAN'T STOP BABBLING ABOUT HIS BODY'S PERFECTION syndrome which is generally my cue to leave Nope nope nope nope nope I'm out For of my reviews please visit

  10. Rachel Reads Ravenously Rachel Reads Ravenously says:

    4 stars I have to admit I put off reading this book forever because every single time I read the title I saw this But after some urging from a friend of mine I decided to give it a chance and found I couldn't put it downWrecking Ball is the story of Cam a widow with a mountain of problems left to her from her husband who passed and who is desperate for a job Here comes in a temporary solution teach and care for uarterback Calvin's nephew for the next three months and A LOT of money Problem? Said uarterback is a jerkI enjoyed this book a lot than I thought I would so I'm glad I gave it a chance Don't be fooled by the title this is a book with a lot of heart and great character development I enjoyed the banter between Calvin and Cam and I loved Cam's relationship with her student Sam I would very much like to see him again and see how he growsThere are some flaws issues that from the beginning of the novel seemed to just disappear and changes in personal views that didn't feel hashed out But overall I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading from this author in the futureFollow me on ♥ Facebook ♥ Blog ♥ Instagram ♥ Twitter ♥

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Wrecking Ball Hard to Love #1 [Ebook] ➭ Wrecking Ball Hard to Love #1 ➬ P. Dangelico – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk An older version of this ASIN can be found hereCam DeSantis’ life is a mess How else would you describe losing your husband your job and your money all at once Desperate times call for desperate mea Hard to eBook ✓ An older version of this ASIN can be found hereCam DeSantis’ life is a mess How else would you describe losing your husband your job and your money all at once Desperate times call for desperate measures So when salvation comes Wrecking Ball PDF/EPUB or in the form of one intolerable jerk she has no choice but to accept his offer as a nanny for his eight year old nephew Now all she has to do is find a way to ignore him for the next three Ball Hard to Epub Ý months Which is easier said than doneNFL uarterback Calvin Shaw has zero interest in women It’s not that he doesn’t like women In fact he loves women He just doesn’t want anything to do with them What he needs to do is focus on winning another Super Bowl before he retires Problem is the woman living in his house is a major distraction And he doesn’t know what’s worse that he promised to be civil or that he’s attracted to herBest laid plans are going to get wrecked when a reclusive football star is forced to live with a reluctant nanny.