The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything [KINDLE] ❅ The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything By Linda Williams – “A splendiferous Halloween story” — The Horn Book “A great purchase for Halloween or any time of year” — School Library Journal starred reviewOnce upon a time there was a little old lady w “A splendiferous Halloween story” — The Horn Book Old Lady PDF Å “A great purchase for Halloween or any time of year” — School Library Journal starred reviewOnce upon a time there was a little old lady who was not afraid of anything But one autumn night while walking in the woods the little old lady heardclomp clomp shake shake clap clapAnd The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything had the scare of her life With bouncy refrains and classic art this timeless Halloween story is perfect for reading aloud.

  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
  • Linda Williams
  • English
  • 10 February 2016
  • 9780064431835

About the Author: Linda Williams

Librarian noteThere is than one author in the Old Lady PDF Å GoodReads database with this nameAlso published as Linda D WilliamsLinda Williams is a writer in the fields of science and medicine She has worked as a technical writer and chief scientist at NASA and McDonnell Douglas and currently works at Rice University She has served as a science speaker for a number of years Ms Williams is the autho.

10 thoughts on “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

  1. Calista Calista says:

    This is a great scary story for young kids It’s about facing your fears and realizing it’s not as scary as you thought it was The little old lady keeps running into items of clothing Some gent is missing a lot of garments out there Shoes pants shirt and gloves all moving on their own A pumpkin head tries to scare her but she figures out what to do with them It’s a simple story that builds suspense for the younger ones I like how the little old lady says ‘I’m not afraid of you get out of my way’ to each thing that happens to her We know she is a little scared as she is walking faster but she keeps going The nephew said that he wasn’t scared at all It’s interesting how these simple suspenses work on the mind The nephew thought it was a fun story overall and he gave this 3 stars

  2. C. C. says:

    Impressive and enthralling at numerous levels Linda Williams Megan Lloyd created “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything” in 1986 I am elated to have discovered it It’s brevity does not diminish one iota of its layered tickling impact At first one is tempted to attest Megan’s tremendously attractive illustrations to this book’s spark but Linda’s storytelling thrills me just as muchA nature woman like me gathers herbs on foot at a distance from home She has a contented life but knows her woods can be spooky so she hastens to avoid traversing them by night This story is about a walk extending to nightfall It is inanimate characters as frightening in their aliveness as they are goofy in of themselves that pop out to scare her Boots a shirt pants and even a jack o lantern should not be floating after her The impossibility of these items giving chase to the woman has a built in terror but of course readers know their worst won’t become too scary These goofy items manage to be one hundred percent startling on a night walk that she has to finish but she is bravely determined to shoo them away I cannot adeuately express how hilariously her utterances struck me Likely Linda’s easy words are built to teach vocabulary simultaneously For adults their effect is the funniest most zany dialogue we have ever heard I laughed joyfully upon every page If there appeared two shoes she specified verbatim “Get out of my way you two shoes” Megan’s art is a marvel exuisitely detailed with hearthrugs clothes flapping on a line face expressions and vibrantly bright environs She also succeeds superbly and emotively at exuding soft rich spooky darkness in fulfillment of a majestic atmospheric ambiance I love and savour each lush page

  3. Hilary Hilary says:

    A not too scary Halloween tale A little old lady goes for a walk and meets several pieces of clothing floating along When the clothing joins forces with a carved pumpkin head she finds a novel use for them Although the illustrations aren't in a style I particularly love I can see this would be a very nice book to read with children I have a vague memory of a Halloween story with some clothes floating along so I think I might have read this as a child An enjoyable read for this time of yearRead on open library

  4. Mir Mir says:

    This is a slightly watered down version of a story which I've heard or read before an old woman is followed home by one animated garment after another In the tale I'm familiar with they gradually assemble into a full presumably ghostly figure; here they just sort of hang out together and wiggle In the illustrations they are clearly disparate Maybe this was intended to make the story less scary If so it was successful Possibly a nice Halloween read for less bold children who need a not too tense tale with an unfazed protagonist The illustrations are pleasant and colorful although not particularly memorable

  5. Christine Christine says:

    My two daughters LOVE this book There were plenty of places for me to make noises and voices which engage them and help them to interact with the story which is ideal for a 25 and 4 year old who is just starting to read herself We have read it several times each day and I am sure will continue through the fall My daughters will be anticipating taking it out again next year

  6. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    I reread this because I’d never written a review for it even though I used to read it freuently with and to kids because it’s one of 6 books for the October theme AutumnHalloween Picture Books Club at the Children's Books groupI was expecting that this would be a book I’d downgrade when reading it on my own without enthusiastic kids hanging on every word andor participatingBut it’s a delightful story I love its cumulative nature the sound effects and the clever conclusion It’s a perfect read aloud book but independent readers will enjoy it tooThe illustrations are terrific also There’s so much to look at and they reflect both the humorous and frightening aspects of the story

  7. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I would have LOVED this story when I was little All the sounds and the cumulative nature of the tale it'd make a great read aloud Plus my favorite story when I was little was Dr Seuss' tale of The Pale Green Pants With Nobody Inside Them and this features a pair of pants with nobody inside them I also like how the Little Old Lady solves her problem of the frightening things following her in a thoughtful kindhearted and proactive way A great Halloween read

  8. Ronyell Ronyell says:

    I have read this book for theChildren's Book Club and it was alright “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” is a Halloween children’s book by Linda Williams along with illustrations by Megan Lloyd and it is about how a brave old lady goes out of her cottage to get some herbs spices nuts and seeds when she started to walk home she meets a spooky set of clothes that follow her along the way “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” may have a brave protagonist and cute illustrations but the story might not be creative enough for some childrenEven though I gave this book a rating of three stars there were some elements that I liked about the book Linda Williams has done a great job at providing us a protagonist an old lady that does not fear anything no matter how scary the situation is and that was a trait that I really liked about the character since most children might actually learn how to be brave in scary situations from the old lady Another aspect that I loved about this book was Megan Lloyd’s cute illustrations especially of the image of the old lady herself I loved the way that Megan Lloyd illustrated the old lady wearing a red dress with a white apron and a straw hat and black stockings with black shoes I also loved the images of the clothes which include two brown shoes one pair of green pants one white shirt two white gloves one black hat and an orange pumpkin chasing the old lady through the spooky forest Another image that I really enjoyed was the way that the forest looked as it truly looks extremely spooky and the tree branches look like they are twisting themselves to grab the old ladyNow here is the reason why I gave this book a rating of three stars I thought that the concept of a pack of magical clothes following an old lady was cute and not too scary for smaller children however the idea of just ordinary magical clothes following a little old lady seems to be lacking creativity and not creepy enough but that’s just meAll in all “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” does have cute illustrations and a brave protagonist that everyone will adore a lot however they bland storyline might not be every child’s cup of tea to read

  9. Alfred Haplo Alfred Haplo says:

    There is something to be said about being in touch with our inner child We grow up we experience the world we toughen up we become adults Along the way we outgrow our fears or we suppress them but once in awhile that fear we think is gone rears it ugly head and manifests in ways that scare us still On those days wouldn’t it be fun if we dug out our copy of The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything and be reminded that Boo Goes both ways In this classic tale a little old lady resolved not to be afraid of anything As she walked deeper into the woods to collect herbs and whatnot that little old ladies collect while alone in a spooky forest full of shadowy apparitions that lurk at night of course she meets with stranger things I shan’t tell you what they are except to whisper that they are discombobulating spectral and you will most certainly uake in your boots At once brave and terror stricken but never afraid the little old lady confronted the moon lit visage and tell it to “F off” Well some polite form of that She faced her fear straight on and put it in its place uite literally where it is always within sight but never within reach For some of us that’s how it’ll always be Call this fear anything insecurity anxiety depression despondence anger inertia or debilitation by any name A fear we cannot vanuish entirely but with resolution can be kept at bay if we find within ourselves our own Little Old Lady Who Is Not Afraid Of Anything Ah yes and also very suitable for children 1 year and up Life’s lessons must be instilled from young A lesson story presented in decent illustrations with cutesy graphics and catchy words that one can sing and boogie to or less embarrassingly played with a youtube video as accompaniment A sure fire hit for the uncle or aunt relegated to entertaining young relatives during the family Halloween oh let’s call it Harvest festival for you non pagans shindig

  10. Emily Emily says:

    My favorite Halloween book not that it's about Halloween per se Genuinely creepy but won't freak out 3 year olds and a perfect ending Sadly this year T didn't want me to read it to him because I can read it to myself Still it will be a good place holder while we head to RI for the weekend for some suburban trick or treating

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