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Dominic The Family #2 [Reading] ➿ Dominic The Family #2 By Angelique Jones – Sometime blood cannot be trusted Sometimes family means nothingSometimes loyalty is tested Dominic thought that nothing could come between him and the family until one woman did As war looms near Domi Sometime blood cannot be trusted Sometimes family means nothingSometimes loyalty is tested Dominic thought that nothing could come between him and the family until one woman did As war looms near Dominic must make a choice protect the woman that he was supposed to kill or save the family that he swore to protect I didn’t think I knew what sorry was I wasn’t sorry when I said I killed Dominic The ePUB í my mother I wasn’t sorry when I said I killed my stepfather I wasn’t sorry when I said I killed the man that raped my baby sister I wasn’t sorry that I lit the match that burned their bodies I wasn’t sorry for the things that I did to make sure she survived I didn’t think anything could make me sorry but I was wrong One thing could make me sorry One person could make me sorry and she did My sister made me sorry that I protected her My sister made me sorry that I said I killed for her My sister made me sorry that she survived when my sister left me to die I was fourteen when I became a murderer I was fourteen when my sister turned me in I was eighteen when I was release Now I’m twenty one and I plan to do the one thing that will bring me peaceexcerptAs I walked into my father’s study I knew I wasn’t going to like what he said Life had been too good lately and I knew the bad had to be coming Stopping at the door I put my mask on and knocked At the sharp “Enter” I walked in taking in the room in a glance My father sat behind his desk Vincent his consigliere sat to his right and my older brother Lucca stood off to the left Moving to the chair in front of the desk I sat waiting to learn the reason for the summons My father stared at me for a long moment “I have a job for you Dominic” he began causing me to sit a little straighter Fk me; this was what I’d been waiting for a way to prove my worth to the family “Caterina Genovese the sister of Enzo Genovese will be attending college here and I want you to befriend her” he said causing me to blink I knew damn well who Enzo Genovese was If Lucca’s wife hadn’t killed him I would have ripped the fker to shreds Not only for what he had done to my sister Maria but for what he had done to Lucca’s wife Angie Why the fk would they want me to have anything to do with that family “Why” I asked needing to knowInstead of my father answering Lucca did “Some of our informants seem to believe that Enzo might have left her some tapes and damning information about Angie Things that if they are found out will have a lot of families coming after her for revenge” Looking at me hard his voice turned to frost “I won’t have my wife upset or worried about this I don’t give a fk what you have to do to the bitch or with her; find out what she knows and get the evidence”I nodded my head not at all put off by Lucca’s tone because I knew how protective he was of his wife Especially now that she was expecting their second child The truth was I was just as protective; she was another sister and mother to me wrapped up in one There was nothing I wouldn’t do for the woman of my family to make sure they were safe So if this girl thought she was going to hurt my family whatever happened to her she deservedBMSNJ.

About the Author: Angelique Jones

I can’t help but smile when I read that someone was inspired by the voices in their head and how they just had to let them out Yes I smile because once my husband read what the voices in my head were saying he started sleeping with one eye open and with one foot on the floor.

7 thoughts on “Dominic The Family #2

  1. Expresso Expresso says:

    Oh my goodness Oh my goodness What a fantabulous read Man I love a good Mafia storyBook two is Dom and Tori's story The two lovebirds we're doomed from the start Their families hate each other Members of Tori's family used abused and tortured men and women including Dom's sister So yeah the two did not meet in conventional way Where there's Mafia there's murder mystery intrigue betrayal you name it Add in a war between the two families a crazy as all get out evil twin sister moles within the families and brother against brother and father and you have a damn good bookThis book is not for the sensitive and may contain triggers This book is filled to the brim with action super erotic sex and super bossy women This is the second story in The Family series Book 1 Angelica Oh my gosh Totally awesome readBook 2 Dominic Super awesome seuel Flows very well from book 1Book 3 Nero 2016 release5 stars because this book has EVERYTHING

  2. Aqilah Aqilah says:

    OMG Caterina will be back in book 3 That bitch is crazy I hope Angelica is the one who kills her I love this series so far

  3. Jennifer Manley Jennifer Manley says:

    An Amazing Emotional ExperienceWow can I just say Wow This book was even than I expected and then some Not since The Letter has a book had me in tears the way this one did and very few can do that for me laugh yes but to cry that is a bit harder to bring out of me The twist about Caterina blew me away when I first found out about it The story of Maria especially at the end of chapter 17 tore my heart to shreds and had tears streaming down my face Jones really has written this beautifully The dynamics of Family are so strong you just feel it jumping off the pages But what I find the most compelling is the force of nature that are the women in these Families They are strong capableresourceful intelligent and love beyond measure I highly recommend this series you will love them Thanks Angeliue JonesYour Faithful Reader

  4. Diana Wilson Diana Wilson says:

    I waited for Dominic to be released I was not disappointed I love Angelica and Lucca Dominic is given an assignment that will turn his life upside down He won't disappoint hi older brother Lucca or hi father Tori is no what he expected She was everything he always wanted before he one he wanted it Her brother and grandma are very protective of her Dom I definitely no who her brother Nero wants her with but the heart wants what it wants Great book Can't wait to read Nero

  5. Linda Todd Linda Todd says:

    An amazing story with loyalty sex and viotence but wait there is a very excellent story with exceptional characters with its gripping you and having you turning pages to see what happened next had you gripped from start to finish This wonderful book I would be so delighted to recommend this book to my friends my thanks to this wonderful author Angeliue Jones for the privilege and pleasure of reading her wonderful book so to all happy reading from wee me xx♥☺

  6. Patricia Kearney Patricia Kearney says:

    Awesome Book 2 Does Not DisappointI did not Think that Dominic could be as good as book 1 It did not disappoint and leads the way for book 3 which I'm hoping will be Nero and Maria's story There are so many twists and turns and betrayals that you do not see coming Can't wait for book 3

  7. Victoria Victoria says:

    Love Angelica she is such a badass Love her

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