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Coyote's Mate ❰PDF❯ ✍ Coyote's Mate Author Lora Leigh – New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh takes us into the dangerously sensual world of the genetically altered Breeds and the humans who fill them with insatiable desireHe always knew he would be New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh takes us into the dangerously sensual world of the genetically altered Breeds and the humans who fill them with insatiable desireHe always knew he would betray herAnya Kobrin was only sixteen when she first came to Del Rey Delgado the genetically altered rebel known as the Coyote Ghost For six years they plotted to free a group of Coyote women kept in Anya's father's lab As Anya matured into a woman she and Del Rey grew closebut on the day of the ambush he broke his promise and shot her fatherFilled with rage over the betrayal Anya discovers an even stronger emotion is consuming her mind and body the animalistic desire known as mating heat Though Del Rey feels it with the same intensity Anya uestions whether she can forgive him or trust him again As they stealthily maneuver to bring the freed Breeds to safety one uestion reigns supreme Can Anya and Del Rey survive their own heat.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 341 pages
  • Coyote's Mate
  • Lora Leigh
  • English
  • 25 November 2016
  • 9780425226339

About the Author: Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora’s family and her writing life co exist if not in harmony in.

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  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    51316 I have been in the WEIRDEST book mood the last week or soI blame escrow lol Need a re read favorite to jump start myself10915 When in a book funkre read a favoriteOne of my TOP READS OF ALL TIME I LOVE this thing Anya Del Rey MAGIC

  2. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Breeds 18Coyote Breeds 2Featured Couple Del Rey Coyote Anya Human Any badass and renegade man has a certain sex appeal in romance novels Imagine a guy like that who also has coyote DNA and an army of coyote Breeds soldiers to command Del Rey is the number one ultra cool military genius leaderNormally coyotes are considered cowardly and untrustworthy animals and the attitudes towards them are largely negative among Breeds They are the Council’s soldiers and have trained to torture and kill other Breeds They are the lowest of the low BreedsWell Del Rey is a rebel He gathers his most loyal men builds a base in the caves in the mountain above Wolves on the Haven territory and starts to help the other Breeds Basically they live above wolves watching their backsCoyotes do not associate with other breeds any than necessary and keep pretty much to themselves Their base is totally military orientated and their living arrangements are harshI guess that with this introduction you can understand why this book is one of the most popular ones among the Breeds’ booksSo Del Ray is some kind of tactical genius but when he meets Anya he is completely clueless about the Mating Heat What's that exactly? Why Anya is keeps throwing things at me? Why does she keep screaming ‘what have you done to me?’ Why I cannot stop wanted her? As a result he handles the situation with his mate completely wrongly Anya thought that Del Ray was just a friend for many years and he helped her when she needed his help But shortly after Anya is kidnapped and later when she cannot handle Del Ray any she escapes to the wolves for helpDel Ray screws up big time From big badass he transforms to big bad idiot We even have the first case of divorce between Breeds Del Ray and Anya cannot live together and they cannot live apartThe only excuse Del Ray has is that he and his men have been completely isolated and suspicious and they know as a result so little about the rest of the BreedsThe positive thing that comes from the whole situation between Del Ray and Anya is that coyotes are forced to truly start communicating with the wolves and get on better with the feline breedsWhat I did not like in the book Coyote Kiowa and his mate Amanda from Soul Deep are not mentioned here like no Coyote mating has been occurred before This will be solved in the following books that are featuring coyotes

  3. Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ❤️ Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ❤️ says:

    Kickass Coyote Alpha mates badass Russian girlThis book was awesome but I can’t say too much about it without giving away spoilers I can give away the first few pages though Del Ray Delgado aka Ghost is a Coyote Breed that works with his team to free other Coyote breeds from Labs around the world Anya Korbin is a human who basically grew up in a Lab in Russia Her Dad ran the Lab for the council and three of her cousins also worked at the lab Her best friends that she grew up with were female Coyote breeds in the Lab Anya contacted Del Ray at age 16 to get the breeds out of the Russian Lab which he did over a 6 year time period a few at a time He couldn’t do it all at once because he could’t trust everybody Even some of the breeds that Anya and her friends had been protecting in the lab ended up turning on them during escape and siding with the council During the final escape Del Ray had to betray Anya and shoot her family though he didn’t kill them Even though he knew she was his mate This created problems going forward it seems like there are always things coming between them though they do have a steamy relationship The book has a good storyline and a lot of twists and turns and unexpected sub plots Overall it was thoroughly enjoyableBlog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub

  4. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    Lora Leigh's latest Breed book will singe your fingers and leave you begging for the next story set in her world of hybrid human animals and the women and men they love Coyote's Mate gives readers their first deep look at the Coyote breeds and their similarities and differences from the other Breed groupsDel Ray is the Coyote Alpha who survived hell refused to bend to his human 'creators' and fought his way to freedom taking as many of his kind with him as he could manage When a young sixteen year old human approaches him with information on a Council coyote lab he's intrigued by her fire and lack of fear For six years he and the human work together to weed out traitors and plot a careful raid and Del Ray becomes enad and finally possessive of his human But when he injures her family in the raid and becomes lost to the mating heat she turns her back on everything he offersAnya is in love with Del Ray and has been for several years now But when she realizes he's been lying to her for six years she's beyond furiousand hurt Then the mating heat ambushes both of them and her virginity is lost in the fierce haze of mating lust and she panics Once her fears subside she uickly realizes there's nothing she won't do to keep her coyote safeeven if that means breaking his trust in herAnya intrigued and infuriated me a lot like she did Del Ray through most of this book But she does manage to 'put on her big girl panties' and begin acting like a woman and not a child a little less than halfway through the book Del Ray is typical of the Alpha breeds arrogant and clueless about humansespecially human women Which means that he manages to do just about everything wrong But it certainly makes for a smoking storySeriously hot Alpha coyote sex murder plots hilarious 'women things' discussions and a wonderful happily ever after If you like Lora Leigh don't miss this one If you haven't read her yetyou really don't know what you're missing

  5. Samantha Samantha says:

    Why do I keep picking up Lora Leigh books? I've never given one of her stories a rating over a 2 and yet at least once a year I'll breakdown and buy one of her novels This is mostly because her futuristic world featuring genetically altered humans aka Breeds is fascinating I always go into her books hoping that this will be the one that I absolutely love but that never happens Mostly because the relationships featured in the series are pretty disturbing I hate how little control the heroine has over her life and body the minute she comes into contact with the hero But my biggest problem is how the line between consensual and forced sex are extremely blurred due to the enzyme the Breeds release that sends both parties into a sexual frenzy Typically neither the heroine nor hero want to have sex but are compelled to due to the enzyme which leads to some pretty disturbing sex scenes My other problem is that every single one of these books that I've read relies on the captive heroine trope So the stories come off as extremely formulaicIn this one Anya has been working with Del Ray for years planning to bring down a company that's been experimenting on coyote breeds When Anya first approached Del Ray she only reuested one thing from him that her family who works at the lab not be harmed during the take down Del Ray not only breaks this promise to her but also kidnaps her and unintentionally claims her as his mate What proceeds is a really disturbing first sex scene followed by Del Ray being a rather spectacular ass for the rest of the story I have to give Anya credit for showing some backbone Once she's within the Breeds compound she takes Del Ray to court for his actions and verbally wipes the floor with him The court eventually rules in her favor which wins Anya a reprieve from Del Rey for half a year However the points Anya earned for that stunt uickly deteriorated once Del Ray reappears in the story after his half year missionexile Del Ray returns from his exile to find Anya has been running his compound extremely well and has gained the respect of almost everyone who works for her After seeing everything Anya's done Del Ray is committed to undermining all her work He demeans Anya keeps her in the dark and essentially just shits all over her But its supposed to be okay because he's doing it for her protection which was such a flimsy and ridiculous excuse for him being a bastard that I got tired of reading about their shenanigans pretty uick It didn't help that Anya constantly forgave Del Ray at the drop of a dime and turned into a big ole martyr half way through the story All this led to Del Ray never having to atone for his actions and my wishing that Anya would just take her friends' advice to hightail it on out of that toxic relationship Hopefully I will not find myself being lured into picking up another book in this series

  6. Megan Megan says:

    Even though I am a big fan of Lora Leigh's Breed series this particular novel was a disaster Or at least it was to me The reader is constantly told how strong Anya is and yet we never see any evidence of it Ever She completely let's Del Rey walk all over her and the mating heat is used as an excuse for this Instead of standing up for herself Anya is so overcome by her hormones she can't help but jump Del Rey as soon as he says or does something atrociously sexistIn short the characters exhibit a severe lack of depth making the reader uestion the emotion and plot of the entire story After reading Mercury's War I cannot put into words my disappointment I can only hope that Bengal's Heart does not continue down this same pathAnd yes I realize this is erotica a genre which is not known for it's riveting storyline Yet it's a slap in the face to be continuously told the character is this way or that way when they most obviously aren't To me it portrays an immature writing style

  7. Celeste Celeste says:

    Loved loved loved Lora Leigh's newest edition to her Breed series Smoking HOT It was an absolute roller coaster ride You go through an entire gamut of emotions with this one From anger to happiness to shock to frustration to relief to everything in between I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this book there wasn't one thing I would change except maybe make it longer If you're a Lora Leigh fan you won't be disappointed with this one

  8. willaful willaful says:

    3 12 stars I don't really think it's very good but I love the suffering

  9. Megan Fall Megan Fall says:

    Really enjoyed this book I love the breeds

  10. Zeek Zeek says:

    You know the kind of book that so good it wraps you in a thick blanket of warm fuzzies so that even when you put the book down your so consumed with the story it's difficult to focus? Coyote's Mate is one such bookIf you've read Leigh's Wolf Breed book Aiden's Charity you've already been introduced to the heroheroine in this bookAt that time Del Rey Alpha of the Coyotes needed the wolf breeds' Doctor to check on his woman exhibiting strange symptoms Since the coyotes have isolated themselves from the other breeds they have no idea that Del Rey's woman is in fact in heat until Aiden informs him of the phenomenon known only to a select few of the genetically enhanced creatures known as Breeds Once Del Rey realizes that Anya is his mate the one woman to complete him the pieces start coming together for the stubborn coyoteCoyote's Mate occurs before and a little after these events and continues Anya Del Rey's story following them through some intense personal strugglesAnya's been intrigued by the silent deadly coyote breed Del Rey nicknamed the Coyote Ghost since the age of sixteen when she approached him for help in rescuing the coyote breeds being held captive in a Russian compound Though Anya's the daughter of the scientists who work for the big bads who keep the breed imprisoned she knows what is happening to the coyote's is wrong and she means to do something about it with or without the enigmatic breed's helpWhen Anya makes contact with Del Rey in a seedy bar he thinks she's a fool and dismisses her immediately But something about her draws him and he eventually agrees to help her if her story doesn't prove falseYears later Anya is still waiting for their ultimate rescue Although the Coyote Ghost has pulled some of the breeds from the fire of captivity he hasn't finished the job When she uestions him for the final time little does she know that he's planning the mission for that very day and that he means to take her captive in the process Much loved by the people of the compound in Russia especially by those of her family Del Rey knows they will not fight if Anya is with himAfterward she of course cannot believe the man she trusted all those years betrayed her in such a way After all he promised to pull her family out too When he leaves them behind wounded but alive she vows in her heart to never forgive him even though some mighty strange things are happening in her body that she knows is somehow tied to the hard nosed breedWhen the Coyotes arrive in America and Haven the wolf breed compound discovers their existence Anya formerly reuests a separation from her mate A consul is convened to decide what to do and after some deliberation they agree to the separation even though it is unprecedented Del Rey upset and unsure what to do about his mate's reticence agrees to stay away for one year but he knows full well after that time he's coming for her reticence be damnedHe lasts eight months and in that time Anya has grown into the leader she's meant to become She has learned to administer the bunch of breeds who live at Base the coyote compound even though the lot of them tend toward laziness while in down timeWhen Del Rey arrives back at Base it doesn't take long for Anya's mating heat to make a reappearance despite the fact she's been on hormone supplements to keep a lid on the worst of the mating heat symptomsAnya loves Del Rey with all her heart and she's working to get over her mate's previous betrayals but when he the man who shares such intimacy and claims she is the soul of one who everyone thought had no soul refuses to give her the official ceremony that will make her his Coya the mated second of his pack Anya has had enoughOh she sticks around for much longer than she should have imo and even goes back to his bed because she cannot deny the other part of her heart But when the coyotes start dividing and a breed close to Del Rey makes it painfully evident they don't trust her she decides its time to leaveStill Anya has one last thing to take care of despite her mate's refusal to grant her demands for the breeds at Base She has to get to the people who know the coyote's best the scientists left behind in Russia because than anything the Coyote's need their own doctor those who knows their physiology which is so different from the other breeds and little does she know that she will need them most of allIn the meantime a group of men are doing their best to break the back of the Breed alliance the three groups of breeds are working toward Feline Wolf Coyote And they mean to do so by breaking the most vulnerable the Coyote AlphaWill her sacrifice make the difference or will Del Rey's stubbornness be the end of both of them as well as the breed alliance?I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this story Both characters are wonderfully defined and it's very easy to get a grasp on them At different times I wanted to wring Del Rey's neck even though he thought he was doing what was best for his mate and at other times he just melted my heart Long told that the coyote's had no soul it made for some uber romantic reading when he finally realized he did and it was Anya who held itHe does some stupid things under the guise of protecting her from his enemies and it made me cry and then rail at her as well for giving in to him so often But in the end she does make a stand Anya's growth throughout the story is seamless and a joy to watchHeart wrenching and sensual this book is a romance lovers dream 5 out of 5 from me If your following Leigh's Breeds you won't be disappointed with this one

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