[Reading] ➷ Starches for Food Application Author Maria Teresa Pedrosa Silva Clerici – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk

Starches for Food Application Starches For Food Application Chemical, Technological And Health Properties Examines The Scientific, Technological And Nutritional Knowledge Of Different Types Of Starches, Including Their Production And Application In Food, Health And The Environment The Book Covers The Links Between Biosynthesis, Structure And The Environmental Impact On Processing And Nutrition In Addition, It Covers Starch Identification And Evaluation Methods, Along With Production Methodologies For Food Application, New Sources Of Starch, Modified Starches For Food Application, And The Relationship Between Starch, Nutrition And Health.Covers All Aspects Of Starch In Relation To Foods, I.e., From The Production And Modification Of Starch, To The Function And Application Of Starch In FoodOffers A Practical Reference Guide That Compiles Information On New Sources Of Starch In Food, Starch Application, Modification And New Starches For Health BenefitsBrings Scientific, Technological And Nutritional Knowledge Of Starch For Food Applications To Bridge The Gap Between Health And Environment

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