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  • The Kings Favorite Daughters of Avalon #1
  • Tanya Anne Crosby
  • 24 May 2015

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  1. April April says:

    The King's Favorite Daughters of Avalon Book 1 by Tanya Anne Crosby is a riveting new series with bold characters and a suspenseful storyline Her multi dimensional characters and rich detailed story lines will pull the reader into her story and hold them in complete and utter awesomenessFast paced well crafted and intriguing story The characters are fantastic charming and engaging The storyline will capture your attention and hold you in awe as you follow  Elspeth Pendragon the late King's favorite illegitimate daughter and Malcom Ceann Ràs aka Malcom Scott the new laird to his grandfather's castle Filled with tense moments suspense mystery romance betrayal possible treason secrets and the power of true loveBeautifully and superbly written I can hardly wait for book 2 A Winter's Rose Rosalynde's story Rosalynde is one of Elspeth's sister's each sister has a special gift Another must read by the very talented Tanya Anne Crosby Strongly recommended to fans of Historical Romance Historical fiction romance that will keep you turning pages and on the edge of your seat Captivating with a beautiful Romance Rating 5Heat rating MildReviewer AprilR

  2. Cat Cat says:

    I received a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway and it has not affected my reviewI was surprised that this book was the first in a series as there was so much going on There's a lot of detail and complicated relationships It took me a while to get into this book because of that But it's an epic historical romance with a bit of the paranormal the sisters all have some white magic and their evil mother uses black magic and I think fans of medieval romance will really enjoy it even if it wasn't really my thing

  3. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Didn't know what to expect going into this one entered to win because it looked interesting and then saw it recommended on a few blogs I follow So when I won I was excited but guarded I hate being disappointed Happy note I really enjoyed this story this was a first read for me by this author so I had no background from the previous series I didn't feel lost After exploring the writer and seeing the other series I can see where it may have enriched the story having that background knowledge revisiting old characters making connections that sort of thing and it may have helped me to understand Malcolm a little better but all in all I am content with how I read it I loved Elspeth's character her sweet nature and strong love was refreshing She had an innocence that called to me as a reader I enjoyed Malcolm and Elspeth's journey together and look forward to the other sister's story and continuation of this arc

  4. Barbee Barbee says:

    Book The King’s Favorite By Tanya Anne CrosbySeries Daughters of Avalon Book 1Reviewed by Barb Massabrook of Tartan Book Reviews Purple Tulip Book Reviews Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog Heat Rating Sweet loving and passionate🔥Overall rating 5 Stars 5 KiltsLlanthony Priory WalesLate summer 1148I have been waiting for this novel since 1992 just needed Malcom to grow up This novel ties in with The MacKinnon Bride book #1 in the Highland Bride Series As the swoon worthy hero is all grown up now He was a young child who had been kidnapped by his Grandsire and King Henry in The MacKinnon’s Bride Book Now Malcom Scott son of Laird Iain MacKinnon is all grown up and has inherited his own title and castle This is through his step mother Page the only mother he has ever known He got his evil dead Grandsire’s title and castle through Page his only living heirThis series the daughters of Avalon is also about five Pendragon sisters Elspeth Rhiannon Rosalynde Seren and Arwyn All who have been living in exile most of their lives They are all King Henry’s illegitimate daughters Due to their jealous powerful spiteful and extremely hateful mother Morwen In addition they all have inherited some form of witchcraft Yet they know they must keep this secret or it could end badly for all of them As this is the time where people still fear witches supernatural female beings by burning at the stake or worseOf course their evil mother has just been biding her time to make matches to powerful evil men who will support their sister the powerful empress Matilda A mother who betrayed her own sweet mother and stole their Blackwood inheritance has rarely seen them since abandoning them and basically making them prisoners of the priory Plus it is so isolated with all the religious creepy clergy who fear and detest the sisters and their supernatural powers Now the first match was decided for eldest sister Elspeth It is to a horrific evil influential man who is no than an assassin Yet he is the new lord of Blackwood Yes it would give Elspeth a title but not the life she wants The sisters all decided Elspeth must runaway She decides to steal Merry Balls yet is captured by Malcom in Wales She and her sisters realize she needs a champion too Yet the attraction soon grows stronger though Malcom knows Elspeth is running away away and has many secrets Yet she is an answer to betrothal problem he has too What will he do once Elspeth truth is revealed? Abandon Elspeth or protect her? Plus the relationship between Malcom and his father is extremely abominable and wretched As Malcom has bent his knee to an English King and slaughtering his own people in battle He and his father Iain haven't spoken in a decade which is absolutely heartbreaking tooThis book is a complete masterpiece from start to finish It has all the elements Scottish historical readers love Plus it weaves true royal historical figures in history with a fictional sweet caring and loving couple Fast paced non stop action delightful adventure family feuding enchanting romance plus magical spellbinding origins The setting left me breathless the dialogue was brilliant and the plotting and characters was absolute perfection I personally loved seeing some of my favorite characters from The Highland Bride series too This book was absolute perfection in my opinion and think Tanya Anne Crosby fans will love going on this book journey as much as I did Plus beautifully written showing love is the answer to true magic I highly recommend “The King’s Favorite” by Tanya Anne Crosby as I have been reading her novels for over 26 years I still find her books exciting exhilarating and phenomenal A total masterpiece and a great reality escape for me personally I can't wait for the next book in “The Daughters of Avalon” series I was gifted this ARC from the author I voluntarily agreed to read give honest review and blog this book All opinions ideas words and thoughts are my ownBuy Links From Kobo Barnes and Noble and iBooks The King's Favorite Daughters of Avalon Tanya Anne Crosby Daughters of Avalon Series by Tanya Anne Crosby 1 The King's Favorite Elspeth's story
 2 A Winter's Rose Rosalynde's story
 3 Rhiannon 4 Seren's Story Untitled 5 Arwyn's story Untitled L

  5. Ira Ira says:

    Okay I can't say that I didn't put the book down because I did For several days Honestly? A couple of pages in my heart was broken I was so upset about the things that I read there about sweet little Malcolm at least once upon a time in another book he was sweet and little that it took me some days to get over it and read on And then I barely put it down any because it was so good What I really love about the books by this author is her manner of weaving a story by combining historical facts with a brilliant and captivating story lots of romance and a healthy dose of myth I loved the vivid picture of a country torn by war and conflicting loyalties of people having to face their own kin on the battlefield and I also loved the amazing and uniue characters and their story Elspeth and her sisters soon found a place in my heart and I felt with them but also feared for them and wondered about their mother's ruthlessness and her power Especially her power Her mother was set apart not only by her actions and her thoughts but also because she was the only one whose part is told in the first person Immediately every time you stumble upon her parts you are on guard and fear what new atrocities will be revealed Along with our hero and our heroine you learn to hate and to fear Morwen and this was just the beginningI loved how Malcolm and Elspeth fell for each other Despite the sudden and definitely uick manner of theirwellkind of not really courtship you can feel that those two belong together and that they care a lot for each other Elspeth is so sweet and Malcolm's devotion to her and his calm acceptance of her uniueness and her power are simply amazing Such a beautiful and amazing book I can't wait to read the next book in this series

  6. Kathy Brickert Kathy Brickert says:

    Wonderful beginning for a new seriesLoved it Took me a bit before I realised this was Pages step son I love it when books and families are linked Although it is a stand alone novel you get a richness and depth to the story if you've read Tanya's other books Great start I can't wait to see where it goes Wonderful read

  7. Debbie Glenn Brown Debbie Glenn Brown says:

    Elspeth and her sisters are the illegitimate daughters of dead King Henry and have been kept in a monastery for years Elspeth the oldest of the sister fears they will all be used as pawns in their Mother’s games as her pawns to gain power Morwen their mom just happens to be an evil witch with plans of her own for her off spring so the sister decide to help Elspeth to escape They believe Elspeth’s “gift” can help their sister Matilde win the throne Not wanting to face the wrath of a new sovereign Malcolm MacKinnon has swears his fealty to Stephen of Blois in order to keep the demesne he won by slaying his grandfather and also putting himself against Scotia and his father Malcom comes to her rescue Elspeth soon feels he’s been sent by her sister to champion her Little does Malcom know what he’s gotten himself into or what trouble is riding with him He soon realizes there is no turning back and his bartered bride may offer him a chance to atone for past sins Loved this story and the history that is so elegantly woven through this story where the characters come to life as we love Malcom and Elspeth and we learn to hate and to fear Morwen and her evil powers This is my honest opinions after I voluntarily read a copy of this book that was provided to me with no reuirements for a review

  8. Maria Dariotis Maria Dariotis says:

    This was an EPIC read Be prepared to sacrifice sleep for this story – I did There are so many devious twists and turns in this plot that you never know who to trust This was well written with so much descriptive detail I felt that I was a living bystander in the storyElspeth is one of five ilegitamate daughters to the now deceased King Henry by his very devious mistress Morwen A woman so power hungry she’ll use her daughters in advantageous marriages to control the realm Morwen is so evil and with the blackest of hearts she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals even use MagicMalcolm MacKinnon is the new Kings man sent to expose a traitor when Elspeth literally falls into his lap He’s immediately attracted to her and vows to keep her safe even if it means to go against the new kings orders This was such an action packed read I was entranced from the very first page Tanya Anne Crosby is an extremely gifted author her stories come to life right in front of your eyesI highly recommend this new book you will not be disappointedI recieved a complimentary copy from the author This is my honest unbiased opinion

  9. Petula Petula says:

    Elspeth and her sisters are the illegitimate daughters of dead King Henry and have been kept in a monastery for years Now their mother who is once again the mistress of the King has found a use for them If she can punish them at the same time that is a bonus Mother and daughters are all Daughters of Avalon and have special powers The mother is extremely dangerous and evil The girls are innocent and are not used to using their growing powers The time has come for a showdown The throne and many lives are at stake Malcom MacKinnon is on special assignment for King Steven Many years before Malcom went against the wishes and politics of his family mainly so that he could claim his childhood home as his own A young woman running from someone is about to turn his life upside down Danger he is used to facing but there is something strange is happening that will cause him to uestion everything he has ever believed A magical story with fabulous characters and lots of excitement This is the first in the series and although you can read it on it's own it will make you want to read the next I think you will have to read them in order A nice thick book that gives you plenty of time to get stuck in

  10. Sandra Standefer Sandra Standefer says:

    Fearing her gifts will be used to defeat her sister Matilda Elspeth Pendragon escapes the Black Mountain priory that has sheltered her and her sisters since their father's death only to find herself indebted to of all men a Scotsman whose loyalties are in uestion Left to face the wrath of a new sovereign Malcom Scott is forced to swear fealty to Stephen of Blois in order to keep the castle he won by slaying his own grandfather But having done that he's pitted himself against Scotia and even his own sire But even as he realizes there's no turning back the late King's favorite illegitimate daughter may offer him than he ever anticipated Elspeth and Malcom are so very different in their beliefs Elspeth has a very dangerous secret that she keeps They have a lot of hurdles to overcome in order to find love Elspeth is the eldest daughter of the dead King Henry and his mistress the witch Morwen Her and her sisters have been ignored by their mother their whole life until now Morwen plans on using them as her pawns to gain power What a great story this was I enjoyed the characters and all of the mystical majik I can’t wait for the next book in the series Definitely a must read Tanya Anne Crosby has definitely done it again Wonderful

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The Kings Favorite Daughters of Avalon #1[PDF] ✓ The Kings Favorite Daughters of Avalon #1 ✪ Tanya Anne Crosby – The eldest of five daughters born to King Henry’s mistress Elspeth fears she and her sisters will be used as pawns in the wars to come When her sisters are wrenched from the Blak Montayne Priory tha The eldest of five Favorite Daughters eBook ´ daughters born to King Henry’s mistress Elspeth fears she The Kings Kindle - and her sisters will be used as pawns in the wars to come When Kings Favorite Daughters PDF/EPUB ´ her sisters are wrenched from the Blak Montayne Priory that has sheltered them since Kings Favorite Daughters of Avalon PDF/EPUB or Henry’s death Elspeth alone escapes only to find herself indebted to of all men a Scotsman whose loyalties are in uestion   Left to face the wrath of a new sovereign Malcom MacKinnon must swear fealty to Stephen of Blois in order to keep the demesne he won through the slaying of his own grandsire But if he does so he shall pit himself against Scotland and even his own sire Yet even as he realizes there is no turning back his beautiful charge may offer him than he anticipated Will giving in to his passion bring nations to war.

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Tanya Anne Crosby is Favorite Daughters eBook ´ the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author The Kings Kindle - of thirty novels She has been featured in magazines such as People Romantic Times Kings Favorite Daughters PDF/EPUB ´ and Publisher’s Weekly and her books have been translated into eight languages Her first Kings Favorite Daughters of Avalon PDF/EPUB or novel was published in by Avon Books where Tanya was hailed as “one of Avon’s fastest rising stars” Her fourth book was chosen to launch the com.