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As Shadows Fade [Ebook] ➥ As Shadows Fade By Colleen Gleason – Vampires have met their match with Victoria Gardella but now the huntress faces an even greater evil as London is besieged by malevolent entities no mortal was ever meant to encounter Directly descend Vampires have met their match with Victoria Gardella but now the huntress faces an even greater evil as London is besieged by malevolent entities no mortal was ever meant to encounter Directly descended from the very first vampire hunter in the Gardella family Victoria knows As Shadows PDF/EPUB or she must continue the lineage so humanity will have protectors against the undead While Sebastian Vioget appears to both the perfect warrior and lover to ensure the Gardella Legacy Victoria cannot forget Max Pesaro the former slayer still haunted by the vampire ueen Lilith's obsession with himBut it is Lilith's obsession that may save all of humanity Demons enemies of both mortals and the undead have found their way to earth To defeat them vampires and slayers must fight side by side But Lilith wants Max in return for her cooperation a small price for the world but too high a price for Victoria.

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  1. Carole (Carole& Carole (Carole& says:

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in BooksI ended up liking this book uite a lot I have really had a great time with this vampire hunter series set in the Regency period and I was eager to see how everything would wrap up in this final installment I had some ideas about where things might go in this book and I wasn't completely wrong but there were than a few surprises worked in along the way as well I am pretty satisfied with how everything came to an endDemons are making their way into the world Demons are a danger not only to humans but vampires also have a lot to lose with their increased presence Demons are hard to fight and even harder to overcome There are a few special items that could help in defeating this enemy but in order to use them Victoria and the other vampire hunters must enlist the help of one of their greatest enemies Lilith the vampire ueen I couldn't wait to see how things would finally wrap up with this master vampire and seeing the members of the group working with her was intense She has had such a uniue hold over Max throughout the series and I knew that things would get exciting when the vampire hunters were finally able to deal with herThe characters in this series are really well done The group of vampire hunters were on the road for much of this book so there were not uite so many characters throughout the book as some of the other books Victoria has become such a strong leader and is willing to sacrifice if that is what is reuired of her I do like the fact that she does still want things for herself and actively works to make those things happen Max has been through a lot over the course of the story and he takes on another huge obstacle in this installment He has proven that he will do whatever it takes to help make the world a safer place Sebastian has also changed throughout the series He isn't as afraid to show how much he cares and actively pursues what he wants in this installment He is also a very brave man that can be very honorable when given the opportunityMy one complaint about this book was the love triangle that took center stage at the start of the book I really wish that this element to the story would have just been left out One love interest was than enough in my opinion The love triangle was really set up in the previous installment in the series but this was where things were really dealt with Victoria knows what she wants and doesn't waver in that decision which I really appreciated I was pretty sure how the romantic element of the story would pan out before I ever started reading this book and I was right for the most part The way that story worked out in the end made the whole triangle make a lot sense to me and I was really satisfied with how everything turned outI would recommend this series to others This is the fifth and final installment in a series that really does have to be read in order since each book builds on the last I have had such a great time watching this group of characters change and learn to work as a team to make the world a safer place I definitely plan to read from Gleason very soonInitial ThoughtsI ended up liking this one At the start of the book I was a bit disappointed that the focus seemed to be almost entirely on Victoria's romantic life I would have been happy to just leave the whole love triangle thing out of this series The book did get back to the vampire hunting action I wanted to see and there were a few surprising revelations All in all this was an exiting story

  2. Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* says:

    I actually really like this series but things started to go downhill for me in book 4 and I didn't care for this volume much at all I almost don't even want to write anything about it but I'll try to explain the issues I hadWarning major rant about the romance in spoiler I didn't realize I had so many feelings about thisview spoilerI haven't shipped Max and Victoria since the first book I didn't know enough about him then to realize what an ass he was Back then he was just mysterious But in book 2 I went ahead and shipped Sebastian because he was just so charming and sexy and yet retained a dangerous edge Max was nothing Max was cold Infuriatingly cold He was the same in book 3 but that's the one where he and Victoria randomly kissed There had been nothing leading up to this No sexual tension All the sexual tension had been with SebastianThen in book 4 Max and Victoria have sex Again nothing leading up to this I'm just so annoyed I was fairly certain she was going to end up with him but I feel like their romance deserved a better build up I mean there was NO build up I felt so cheated with this pairing as if I were being pandered to Because almost unfailingly the heroine in romances ends up with the dark broody mysterious guy Never the blond charming smiling guy Which is fine but can I as the reader have some freaking build up instead of random lust from nowhere??? Max is just so damn unlikable and not in a fun way I feel like not enough was done to make me want him as a love interest I don't even care about the sacrifices he's made in his life Maybe they were noble but they weren't enough to make him deserving of this romanceAnyway in book 5 Max is still an ass but now both he and Victoria are angsting over each other at every opportunity and it's so annoying And I actually like a healthy dose of angst Sebastian falls victim to angst as well In every other book I couldn't get enough of the romance and of Sebastian but in this one I felt like the multiple perspectives were too muchAlso what's up with the sudden emphasis on Victoria's appearance? I noticed in book 4 how she would just be preciously but hastily described as beautiful and having long dark curls I get that she's pretty but suddenly it was like she became some sort of goddess So annoyingLast that ending I really hate Sebastian as a martyr He lost his edge I don't even care about reading the spinoff series now hide spoiler

  3. Kristen Burns Kristen Burns says:

    4 StarsReviewThis was the final book in Victoria’s story and it was a solid ending to a consistently great series Much like the others it kept me hooked and it had complex characters complicated relationships some emotion some hot yet not too graphic sex scenes great writing and lots of funny snark and sarcasm In fact I think this one may have even been funnier than the others since both Victoria kept cracking me up with her witty snark and Max with his exasperation at everythingSeriously I loved Victoria She has became one of my absolute favorite female characters and she’s one of those characters who knows what she wants and just makes it happen It also seemed like we got a little of Max’s and Sebastian’s POVs this time which I enjoyed It was great getting to see a whole different side to Sebastian in the fourth and fifth booksIt was also nice getting to see the Venators in general have a little bit of fun in this one when they went out drinking because the characters in these books seemed to have really serious and stressful livesThings did get a little predictable this time but then maybe I was just spoiled since all the other books were so unpredictable And there was still one surprise in store this timeThe ending was bittersweet and I felt terrible for one of the characters but I was still happy with it especially the sweet part And the bitter part is apparently going to be addressed in the spin off series and had a point to itOverall this was a consistently great series with complex characters and relationships that I was gladly sucked intoRecommended ForFans of Books 1 4 in Colleen Gleason's Gardella Vampire Hunters series Anyone who likes historical fantasy with complex characters complicated relationships lots of sexual tension and a kickass female protagonist Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight

  4. JAIME JAIME says:

    2 stars Because I fkn hate love triangles Especially where one party becomes so wronged that they are a shadow of their former selves How am I supposed to identify or root for a person who practically showed no remorse in destroying another?The story may have been uite okay otherwise

  5. Zeek Zeek says:

    The most romantic of Colleen Gleason's Gardella Chronicles As Shadows Fade is the 5th and last according to the authorThe book begins just weeks after the fourth novel in the series When Twilight Burns and ties the entire set of novels together with an ending that made me sigh in satisfactionVictoria Illa Gardella and Vampire Slayer extraordinaire has finally made her choice in the infamous MaxSebastianVictoria love triangle In addition the action remains on point as we finally get to the end of an arching thread that's run throughout the series that is the end of Lilith ueen of the VampsMuch of ASF is Victoria dealing with her choices and getting the men in her life to line up with them as well as dealing with the evil that has arisen around her Rather than just Lilith and her band of vamps there is a menacing force of demons popping up and it is Victoria's job to figure out why and how to deal with them once and for allWhich of course she does with the help of the venators demonvamp slayers to you and me and Wayren a wise source of knowledge who first appeared few books back And yes it is finally revealed exactly who or accurately what Wayren isDanger is all about them once again but its nothing they can't handle and though the plotting and action in ASF is as tight as always it's the romance that will grab youBy far my favorite of the series mostly because I couldn't be pleased with who Victoria chooses Really was there ever any other choice for her? ASF gets a 45 out of 5 from me

  6. Kailyn Trainer-Walters Kailyn Trainer-Walters says:

    My sweet cinnamon roll Sebastian 😭I loved this series and could not put any of the books down Even though my ship ended up sinking I can honestly say I haven’t been this invested in a book boyfriend in uite some timeThe historical era the writing the characters oh my stars the characters I think I loved Sebastian Vioget from the moment we met him in book one and his arc is so so good I didn’t really dislike Max until book 3 and then I just thought he was an uber douche I always suspected he loved Victoria I mean it’s a love triangle after all but I never understood in the later books why she kept going after him when he was a grade a jerk to her so much of the time There were times I said aloud “ can we just kill him already?” I can’t say I loved the ending again my ship was sunk but it felt fitting and knowing that Sebastian lives to see another book series set in the universe of Venators and vamps does intrigue me enough to want to readI read books 2 5 back to back within days They truly were like episodes in which each chapter I could not wait to see what was to transpire Loved the series

  7. Tammie King Tammie King says:

    Roxanne of Night Owl Romance45 5 Hearts Reviewer Top Pick© Night Owl Romance 2007 2009Online at final book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles As Shadows Fade opens with Victoria trying to figure out how to deal with her new “relationship” with Max At the end of When Twilight Burns Victoria and Max declared their feelings for each other in a passionate way Max admitted he loved Victoria but couldn’t be with her and left her therealonestricken and trying to decipher what the hell had just happenedNow Victoria is trying to coax Max back into her bed gently as she doesn’t want to spook him or he’ll run far far away as he tends to do She wants him to be with her and forget the troubles and everything that entails though how can anyone forget Victoria is Illa Gardella and Max is a Venator without his powers They each constantly have to worry about each other getting killedWhile Max and Victoria are dealing with their issues the threat of evil has them once again fighting for their lives and for mankind but this time not only do they have to fight vampires they have to fightdemons That’s bad And to make matters worse they have to team up with the ueen of the Vampires Lilith So not good since she has an unnatural obsession with Max Max chooses to go through the Trial to become a Venator again and Victoria is afraid he won’t survive or if he does that will only make him appealing to LilithEver present Sebastian is still pining away for Victoria not wanting to accept that she has made her choice with Max Poor Sebastian is also dreaming about his past that he can’t get away from Giulia Max’s sister turned vampire that he had to stakeThings are complicated and not looking good for any of the Venators It doesn’t look like Max will ever accept a relationship with Victoria if they even survive the ordeal at hand And Sebastian seems to be slipping away into a place that does not bode well for himI am sad to see the Gardella Chronicles end Even though I am a vampire fan it didn’t bother me that Gleason’s vampires are all bad guys no exceptions Gleason has always made a very clear distinction between good and bad right and wrong evil and not evil in this series Too bad life isn’t so clearly defined but it worked for Victoria and the Venatorsuntil this final book where Gleason seems to break her own rules and pushes the limits she set in her world of vampires and Venators An interesting way to go out with a bangThe main outcome of As Shadows Fade is what I expected though the twists and turns along the way had me wondering if it was actually going to happen there were some close calls and some oh no’s throughout the story that left me guessing and second guessing for awhile Some of the story twists left me saying “wow I didn’t see that coming” A few things happened that were not expected at all But there were also a few things left hanging the prism in the pool and GiuliaI might have to reread the end because I am unclear about her soul And I can’t believe how Sebastian finally manned up to his duties but what he didit really blurs the lines that Gleason had so finitely drawn between good and evilbut Sebastian always kinda did that didn’t he?Gleason penned an amazing tale that kept me turning the page wanting to know how it was going to end As Shadows fade was a fabulous book to finish off the series I just hate saying goodbye to Victoria she was a wonderful character

  8. The Flooze The Flooze says:

    A fitting end to an exciting series As Victoria Max and Sebastian engage in their final battles the tension is at an all time high Gleason's ability to switch between character perspectives with ease grants the reader an enlightening and thorough knowledge of everyone's emotions and motivations We feel their anguish and confusion their passion and panic as they deal with human demonic and vampiric temptationsThe end though bittersweet in some ways is also ultimately appropriate For those obsessed with HEAs you'll have some satisfaction For those who don't like things wrapped all too neatly you too will have your dash of trepidation to make things feel realisticStill despite feeling pleased with Gleason's wrap up I'm sad to have the series come to end It leaves off at a logical place in the characters' lives but I could easily see the potential for a spin off and I do hope Gleason plans one

  9. angela angela says:

    WonderfulThe excellence continues in this the 5 th installment of this series I am enjoying this series way to much I don't want to do anything else Now onto the next book

  10. Romance Novel TV Romance Novel TV says:

    Reviewed by Kati Dancy for Romance Novel TVPublisher Penguin5 stars out of 5Look I’m a fan of Colleen Gleason A big one — frankly with extremely good reason In the Gardella Vampire Chronicles she has created a singular heroine Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth who is both a lady of ton and importantly Illa Gardella the leader of the Venators — those who are chosen to battle the vampires who prey on humankind generally without anyone being the wiser for it In the past four books we’ve watched Victoria make her debut in society while ingeniously wearing stakes in her hair marry become a widow lose several people close to her kill vampires save the world a couple of times and most importantly find herself drawn to two intriguing dynamic men who are vastly different and yet each with their own appeal Sebastian Vioget is a Venator one who has had a very close relationship with Victoria even as his loyalties have been called into uestion in past books Maxamillion Pesaro was a Venator who had to give up his powers due to his complicated and frightening past with Lillith the Vampire ueen Max is a cranky headstrong dominating man who has clashed many many times with Victoria about almost any topic you can think of Victoria is drawn to both as are fans of the series There is a pronounced divide between the fans They tend to fall into one of two camps Team Sebastian or Team Max I’ll say nothing about the love triangle except that at the end of When Twilight Burns book 4 in the series Victoria made a choice between the two men The choice is far fleshed out in this bookThe events of As Shadows Fade precipitate several major revelations about the series First we finally learn about Wayren the seemingly all knowing advisor of the Venators We learn about her history and where she came from and about her calling to assist the Venators in their mission We also have an opportunity to witness the Trial which is the admission of a Venator into the ranks We revisit Max’s twisted relationship with Lilith and in fact have the opportunity to see her in her lair But most importantly we find that the world has a new menace demons The demons have been escaping Hell through a minute crack in the seal between the two worlds If you thought the vampires were bad they’ve got nothing on the demons One of the first things the demons do is kidnap Wayren As Victoria Max and Sebastian work together to rescue her they also learn that they must travel to Prague to find a magical orb that has the power to seal the crack They are told that they must collect five rings that allow the wearer to plunge their hands into an enchanted pool where the orb is located There’s one big problem Lilith is in possession of two of the rings meaning that Max must go back and face the Vampire ueen who has an inextricable tie to him Will Max be able to get the rings back so that the Venators may save the world? Was Victoria’s choice at the end of book 4 the one she sticks with? Will fans of the series be pleased with the series conclusion?As Shadows Fade ranks right up with The Rest Falls Away as my favorite of the entire series We’ve come to know these characters so well at this point and the tension between the love triangle is magnificently written Gleason manages to dole out information seamlessly so you can’t even really pause in shock over the bomb she’s just dropped because the action is barreling forward at such an exciting pace The final book enriches the ties between the characters and allows us to see deeply into the male protagonists’ minds which is a treat The book is perfectly paced with intimate moments and incredibly exciting action scenes which will have you turning pages as uickly as possibleAs a long time fan of the series I couldn’t have been satisfied with the ending as every uestion about I ever had and every wish I had for the characters was addressed If you are a fan of the series I can’t recommend As Shadows Fade enough If you’re new to the series you should absolutely start at the beginning The Rest Falls Away in order to truly appreciate the evolution of Victoria as a character As Shadows Fade is a perfectly written close to a series that I have loved and yes obsessed a bit over I will miss the Venators terribly and can only hope that one day we have an opportunity to visit their world again

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