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MGTOW Why I Cheat Reading MGTOW Why I Cheat Author Tim Patten Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk This Book Aims To Empower Young Men Who Love Women By Helping Them Understand How Their Natural Passions Can Lead Them Into An Emotional And Financial Abyss The 11 Cautionary Tales In These Pages, Which Detail The Kinds Of Mind Games, Manipulation And Legal Dangers That Males Are Regularly Exposed To, Make It Clear Just How Lethal Romantic Relationships And Marriage Can Be However, For Those Who Work To Recognize Bad Choices And Focus On Making Good Decisions, The Upside Is Greater Freedom, Happiness, And Success Since The Modern Men S Liberation Movement First Became Noticeable In Japan In 2006, It Has Spread Rapidly, Evolving Into What Has Become MGTOW, Or Men Going Their Own Way Today The Movement Reaches Across The World S Nations No Longer Content To Be Punished And Unfairly Treated Simply Because Of Biology, Millions Of Men Worldwide Are Sharing And Learning New Ways Of Navigating Their Interactions With The Opposite Sex, Dodging The Murderous Bullets And Razor Wire Surrounding The Toxic, One Sided Relationships That Have Long Been The Norm Here S To Freedom

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    There are gaps in our educational and mental health systems.San Francisco author Tim Patten is a former professional roller derby athlete, software engineer and author of six books on male empowerment His latest book, Masculinity is our Future is a groundbreaking message, not one of superiority or authority, rather it is about responsibility, development, and respect for yourself and others It contains useful self help chapters His books in support of MGTOW, Building Wealth and Power and MGTOW Why I Cheat , have become a classic for bachelors, MGTOW, Herbivore men and other men who shun the patriarchal expectations of marriage, cohabitation with women and having children He is a believer in MGTOW Men Going Their Own Way and writes this interesting book in the format of eleven stories of how men who have unsatisfactory relationships with women can regain their inner structure and right to feelings and be able to find relationships or repair failing ones by communicating with themselves as well as with their female partners the justification of their needs and be released from the cage of obedience into which they have placed themselves As the description of the book s purpose states, This book aims to empower young men who love women by helping them understand how their natural passions can lead them into an emotional and financial ...

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    MGTOW WHY I CHEAT by Tim PattenThis book aims to empower young men who love women by helping them understand how their natural passions can lead them into an emotional and financial abyss.The 2006 mens liberation movement eventually evolved into MEN GO THEIR OWN WAY This book uses 11 true stories from various men to explain how men are learning new ways to interact with women and to choose the choices they want in their lives This movement seems to say that men enjoy sex and go to describe their sexual encounters That being with one person is not natural and should never happen That a man can love a woman and cheat on her at the same time That men regular cheat on their wives and admit to it That while women are meant to birth and nurture children, men are meant to spread their seed and to build their society I would guess that there are many books out there that are written from the womans perspective...

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    It s hard for me to put into words what I experienced while reading this book Don t get me wrong I think it is well written and I like the author s style here But, as a woman, some things are weird and don t resonate I don t think this is an anti feminist book nor a book who advocates cheating as a way of life, but I was expecting something a bit light hearted, maybe even satirical and, in fact, it s a bit dark, emotional Almost like a self help book directed to men who tend to fall in toxic relationships.In a way, altho...

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