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Emile and the Dutchman (Metsada Mercenary Corps, #2) Reading Emile And The Dutchman Metsada Mercenary Corps, 2 Author Joel Rosenberg Bystricepodhostynem.eu The Crudest, Most Ruthless Officer In The Thousand World Contact Service, Major Alonzo Norfeldt Alias The Dutchman Finds Himself Pitted Against The Most Cunning And Deadly Of Intergalactic Alienswhile Partnered With An Idiotic Greenhorn.

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    One of Joel Rosenberg s best book and I really like his style This book is a collection of stories featuring Emile, a rich kid looking for a cause and something to do, and the Dutchman, a foul mouthed foul smelling and generally all around foul representative of everything that is uncouth about the human rac...

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    I enjoyed this book immensely, not just for the first contacts , but for The Dutchman himself He reminded me of one of my superiors while I was in the Army, to the point I could almost hear The Dutchman speaking in his voice Seeing Emile change over the course of the book was interesting, too.

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    A fun book of short stories, set in the same sci fi setting as Rosenberg s Ties of Blood and Silver, but focused on amilitary exploration side of things A very gritty way to look at humanity s exploration of the galaxy, far different from the pristine idealism of say, Star Trek Very fun read.

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    It s a fun classic science fiction story about first contacts.

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    The way Emile grew and changed over the course of the book was immensely satisfying, and the very very end was somehow inevitable.

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