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Mirror Image Charmed #19 [BOOKS] ✯ Mirror Image Charmed #19 By Jeffrey J. Mariotte – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When a handsome man presents himself to Paige as a fellow witch she is excited to have someone new to share her love of magic with But as innocents begin to go missing she is forced to wonder whether When a handsome man presents himself to Paige as a fellow witch she is excited to have someone new to share her love of magic with But as innocents begin to Mirror Image MOBI :Ê go missing she is forced to wonder whether their strange disappearances are somehow connected to her new friend.

  • Paperback
  • 227 pages
  • Mirror Image Charmed #19
  • Jeffrey J. Mariotte
  • English
  • 23 April 2014
  • 9780743462501

About the Author: Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Jeff MariotteJeffrey J Mariotte is the bestselling award winning author of than novels including thrillers Empty Rooms and The Devil's Bait supernatural thrillers Season of the Wolf Missing White Girl Mirror Image MOBI :Ê River Runs Red and Cold Black Hearts horror epic The Slab and the Dark Vengeance teen horror uartet With wife and writing partner Marsheila Marcy Rockwell he wrote the sfhorrorthriller SYKOS and Mafia III Plain of Jars the authorized preuel to the bestselling video game He also writes occasional nonfiction short fiction some of which is collected in Nine Frights and comic books including the long running horrorWestern comic book series Desperadoes and graphic novels Fade to Black and Zombie Cop With Marsheila Rockwell he has published several short stories and is working on He has worked in virtually every aspect of the book business as a writer editor marketing executive and bookseller Learn at.

10 thoughts on “Mirror Image Charmed #19

  1. Bobby Underwood Bobby Underwood says:

    This particular Charmed entry has a lot going for it that makes it a very nice read for fans of the show It begins rather darkly almost atypically with an atmospheric murder in the San Francisco fog which is very well written Others are described just as atmospherically as the narrative goes along adding a touch of depth to a series mostly read as a light and nostalgic book for entertainment purposesSan Francisco gets page time as the backdrop to the magical adventures of our favorite three sisters in this one than is often the case and that’s a big plus Also a plus is we get sections featuring Darryl one of the nice male characters from the show that is missed by this reader He’s involved in a task force set up to catch the “Wet Killer” but realizes early on that they may be dealing with someone up the alley of our Charmed Ones than the San Francisco Police Department or the FBI who will be taking over the investigation if the killer can’t be stoppedAnother big plus is Cole has some involvement here Another great character that’s missed he often doesn’t get a lot of page time in the entries I’ve read so far Leo gets some page time of course and that’s good as always The other good thing is there’s a pretty good story in this one involving some crafty deception which tests the loyalty of the sisters to one another by calling into uestion the newest Charmed One Paige Phoebe has a vision — or is it a dream? — that leads her to the attic where she discovers an old letter from a distant Halliwell aunt Agnes warning of a new arrival to the power of three who will betray them Could it be Paige?As you can imagine this causes suspicion and distrust between Phoebe and Paige Paige does not know of the letter but also friction between Piper and Leo on one side and Cole and Phoebe on the other as Piper dismisses the letter but Phoebe is not so sure But why are they so uick to anger and so unwilling to talk it out? As they try to research their distant relative and figure it all out Leo gets a bad vibe off one of Darryl’s crime scenes It eventually comes to pass that what’s happening now may have something to do with a horrific killing spree in San Francisco’s distant past Aunt Agnes eventually stopped an imposter named Timothy dead in his tracks way back when But wait isn’t that guy sowing seeds of distrust between Paige and her family named Timothy?This one feels fleshed out than some entries and it’s not just exclusively the sisters — though don’t worry there’s plenty of Piper Phoebe and Paige too There’s a very good ending to this one and the aftermath is a nice wrap up This is a very good entry with a bit of grit to balance out the fluff Highly recommended

  2. Suvi Suvi says:

    First this book annoyed me why another book again where Page is desperate for a man? There's so much to Paige But the plot was surprisingly good I especially liked that it gave attention than any other book to Darryl Morris and his police work as well as to San Francisco my favourite city in the world Good use of details made me forgive some character errors

  3. Rose Heartfilia Rose Heartfilia says:

    The doubts Phoebe had about Paige made this book uite stupid and unheard Especially because I try to compare that what I remember of the series with these books The series is better

  4. Majanka Majanka says:

    I personally find Mirror Image one of the less original Charmed books I’ve read The premise is the following Some crazy mist arrives in town and with it comes a force most terrifying It evades the Charmed Ones in their dreams leading Phoebe to having a vision while in a dream like state Said vision involves an old armoire stationed on the attic and something evil pouring from it Upon awakening Phoebe and Cole head to the attic find the armoire and discover an old hidden letter behind it The letter was written by one of the Halliwell ancestors who warms them about a traitor in their midsts in the shape of a fake sister betraying their trustPhoebe discusses this with Piper who immediately turns her down Piper trusts Paige and she’s not planning on ruining the rocky bonds of sisterhood they only just formed over some stupid letter Phoebe found Because of her sister’s immediate no Phoebe gets and worked up about these events and she starts to trust Paige less and lessMeanwhile the third sister is not entirely oblivious to the obvious uarrel between her two older sisters but she’s determined not to intervene mainly because she has no clue what it’s about Until she begins suspecting it might be about her and all those self doubts she long cherished rise back to the surface Luckily Paige meets a very charming interesting and funny guy named Timothy McBride He’s a witch as well and knows a bit about the Charmed Ones Although that might be alarming Paige chooses not to acknowledge it mostly because she finally thinks she’s met Mr Right Unfortunately for Paige and her two sisters that might not be the case With a series of unsolved murders the discovery of an old and abandoned house with than a dozen skeletons in the basement the Charmed Ones will need all the help they can get to get rid of this ancient evil Including the help of one of their ancestors the same one who wrote the letter warning them about PaigeThe premise might be interesting but the story is really really predictable It seems to have come right out of some cheap romance novel the writing is messy the characterization could use some work especially Phoebe is totally out of character and I missed the intense action and humorous undertone I usually find in other Charmed books Plus in my opinion the plot of ‘one sister having a secret boyfriend who turns out to be one of the bad guys’ has been done over and over again It was interesting once but it got boring fast and it’s tremendously boring right now Additionally I have to mention that the Law of No Coincedences is ignored all through out this novelAs you probably already gathered I’m not a huge fan of this book I think the plotline is overused unoriginal and drop dead boring at times The sisters are occassionally out of character I miss the humor I usually encounter in other Charmed books and in the series itself and the entire story is predictable I don’t recommend this book to anyone except maybe for Charmed fans who still enjoy the ‘secret boyfriend’ plotline for some reason or people who just want to make sure they’ve read the entire series I don’t regret reading this book but it does come close The only reason why it does get two stars is because I found the storyline of murders happening one hundred years ago linked with present day events remotely interesting The rest not so much Read at your own risk

  5. Leeanne Leeanne says:

    This is most certainly one of the best Charmed books I’ve read so far and I decided to read it at the perfect time I was staying in a cabin for a week and was enjoying this Charmed book immensely I was about halfway through and dinner was almost done so I decided to turn on the satellite TV just to see what was on I couldn’t of timed it better An early episode of Charmed was on Before now I had never seen the TV show but enjoyed the books just the same The episode that was on was an early one with Prue It must have been from the first season because they all seemed to be trying to get the hang of the whole being witches thing Now I know how they act in the TV show so I could understand and imagine their reactions to everything that went on in this book There was a lot going on in this Charmed A strange man is going around San Francisco killing woman The police can’t find any connections between the murder victims the killer seems to be randomly picking women The ‘Wet Killer’ is leaving behind no traces of himself or his weapon that the police could track him down by We get read parts of the story from Darryl Morris’ view He’s a police officer and friend of the sisters who I’ve never heard of before now It was really interesting to read part of it from his point of view as the police try to figure out who this murderer is Meanwhile the sisters are having problems of their own Phoebe has a weird vision like dream which leads her to a letter from a long dead Halliwell aunt of theirs The letter warns of a new sister who will infiltrate the power of three and betray them This worries Phoebe who immediately thinks it’s their ‘new’ sister Paige Piper strongly disagrees causing tension between all three sisters and their significant others Leo and Cole No one will tell Paige what Piper and Phoebe are fighting over All this tension at home leads Paige to Timothy She starts to fall for him as he helps her figure out what’s going on between Piper and Phoebe Leo and Cole get page time in this one Leo gets a weird vibe from one of Darryl’s crime scenes a scene that discovers bones from a large murder scene about a hundred years ago Leo Piper Cole and Phoebe begin to suspect that something supernatural is going on in the foggy streets of San Francisco and that these two murder filled events could be connected It was nice to have characters involved in this one with many points of views Seeing the police aspect was different and enjoyable I liked how the story is centred around San Francisco a city I don’t know much about This book really felt like it could be an actual episode It had the perfect balance of characters mystery supernatural and deception

  6. Stephanie ((Strazzybooks)) Stephanie ((Strazzybooks)) says:

    I didn't realize Charmed had a book series like Sabrina the Teenage Witch Be still my late 90searly 00s heart My library only has a few so I started with this one It was just like reading an episode of the show and had a pretty good supernatural mystery 355

  7. Kelly Kelly says:

    On the flat side Didn't have the resonanceconnection I expectedA warlock infiltrates the manor one night and causes the sisters to suspect and distrust each other especially Paige While tensions brew Paige meets a handsome charming male witch named Timothy And women are being killed all over the city Turns out the murders are connected to a newly discovered murder scene that's almost 100 years old The sisters' ancestor Agnes Halliwell died on the outs with the family for protecting a warlock named Timothy although she did die attempting to vanuish him He's the killer from both times and almost manages to free himself for good But he's stopped of course

  8. Maud Maud says:

    I found this one of the most frustrating Charmed books that I have read so far The story was good good enough to frustrate me that Paige and Phoebe are sometimes just oh so blind Maybe that is why Piper after Prue is my favorite she keeps her cool Anyway story was great especially since you as a reader already know who the bad guy is but they don't It was exiting until the last page and this might turn out to be one of my favorite Charmed book

  9. Bethany Bethany says:

    I love the charmed TV series so when i saw this novel in the school library i decided to give it a read The characters were written the same way as they appear on TV which was good and it had good themes behind the plot like how doubt can tear apart relationships but i didn't find the idea of the plot very original as it reminded me of a movie i once saw Charmed Mirror Image was ok but not great therefore i give it 4 stars

  10. Gwen Gwen says:

    Like all the other Charmed novels a great book and just as good as the actual show

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