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The Waterhouse Oracle Download The Waterhouse Oracle Author John William Waterhouse Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The Waterhouse Oracle Featuring The Art Of J.W Waterhouse Is A Thirty Card System Of Divination Based On The Classic Archetypes Of Tarot All Twenty Two Of The Major Arcana Cards Are Represented Five Elemental Cards Embody The Energies Of The Four Traditional Suits Earth, Air, Fire, And Water These Four Are Joined By A Fifth, Symbolizing A New Suit Spirit Three Wild Cards Round Out The Deck Choice, Mystery, And Passion Perfect For Both Small And Detailed Readings, The Included Polarity Coin And Fourteen Sided Die Allow For Refinement Of Readings, And Deeper Interpretation Of The Cards Each Deck Includes 30 Card Oracle Deck Decorative Cotton Pouch Instruction Booklet Small Black Velveteen Bag 14 Sided Die Dual Sided Polarity Coin.

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