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The Radical Element In An Anthology Of Revolution And Resistance, A Sisterhood Of YA Writers Shines A Light On A Century And A Half Of Heroines On The Margins And In The Intersections To Respect Yourself, To Love Yourself, Should Not Have To Be A Radical Decision And Yet It Remains As Challenging For An American Girl To Make Today As It Was In 1927 On The Steps Of The Supreme Court It S A Decision That Must Be Faced When You Re Balancing On The Tightrope Of Neurodivergence, Finding Your Way As A Second Generation Immigrant, Or Facing Down American Racism Even While Loving America And It S The Only Decision When You Ve Weighed Society S Expectations And Found Them Wanting In The Radical Element, Twelve Of The Most Talented Writers Working In Young Adult Literature Today Tell The Stories Of Girls Of All Colors And Creeds Standing Up For Themselves And Their Beliefs Whether That Means Secretly Learning Hebrew In Early Savannah, Using The Family Magic To Pass As White In 1920s Hollywood, Or Singing In A Feminist Punk Band In 1980s Boston And They Re Asking You To Join Them. Original Stories ByDahlia Adler Erin Bowman Dhonielle Clayton Sara Farizan Mackenzi Lee Stacey Lee Anna Marie McLe Meg Medina Marieke Nijkamp Megan Shepherd Jessica Spotswood Sarvenaz Tash

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    After a fairly shaky first half, I adored the second half of this All the characters are the best, basically 0 1 2 5 4My average rating for this anthology was a surprisingly high 4.0 Did you expect that Because I totally did not Halfway through this anthology, I was prepared to give it a big old three, and then I hit three five stars in a row and this happens Okay, so here s my really big gripe with this anthology It is marketed as being about radical girls, which at least some of the anthology editors have implied means marginalized girls, and that is really untrue There has still been no Native American MC in twenty five stories that are about American history, which is honestly pretty disappointing It also feels at times a little lacking in intersectionality a bunch of the stories have MCs of Exactly One Marginalization and it feels vaguely weird And in this whole book, none of the stories are sapphic only four even have queer characters, two of whom are side characters and two of whom have it mentioned once Not to be this person, but I m gonna say it this could have been gayer But I also love the focus on girl power, the diverse characters there s a lot of diversity in representation for girls of color , and a bunch of these stories were just really good Let s get started Daughter of the Book by Dahlia Adler 1838 Savannah, GA Jewish MCCan t decide on a three or a four, but I think this one was overall quite solid It s a story of being a Jewish woman in an era where society rejects both, and wanting to fit into your strongest faith I guess I just felt it was a bit tell not show and didn t do much until the ending You re a Stranger Here by Mackenzi Lee 1844 Nouvoo, Illinois Mormon MCTaking place just after Mormon prophet Joseph Smith is killed, this one focuses on the idea of persecution of faith and the different outlets we find, be they positive or negative I just really liked how faith was talked about in this story A very strong four The Magician by Erin Bowman 1858 Colorado River, NM nonbinary MCA story of a trip up the river into Utah and Mormon territory the placement directly after Mackenzi s story fits perfectly Dressed as a boy, Ray is on a mission I thought the ending of this one was lovely, going in a direction I did not expect and also making it pretty clear that Ray actually would ID as nonbinary today Lady Firebrand by Megan Shepherd 1863 Charleston, SC disabled MC and black girl sideA solid story about a pro union spy team of girls, one in a wheelchair and one her black maid I support them and would die for them Step Right Up by Jessica Spotswood 1905 Tulsa, Indian Territory sapphic abuse survivor MCThis one was a lot of fun, but again, not amazing It s a very self contained character piece without really having anything special, and I admit I didn t really love the main character I don t tend to be attracted to wild child leads, I guess But certainly not bad Glamour by Anna Marie McLe 1923 Central Valley, CA brown Mexican MC, disabled trans boy LII think McLe just has very consistent quality writing and characters and very consistently plays with themes I LOVE Here, it s about the masks we put on to hide things we may not be ashamed of, but others will be, and how that affects us The best one in the first half of the collection, honestly Better For All The World by Marieke Nijkamp 1927 Washington, DC autistic MCTHERE WAS A STORY THAT WAS EXPLICITLY ANTI EUGENICS Okay, so I got really passionate about this historical era this year because I did a paper on post World War II eugenics So this story and its discussion of the way society treated different people was so amazing The main character, Carrie, is very clearly autistic and written so well and I basically adore her an icon I hope she gets the lawyer job she deserves Spoilery note I kind of wished in the first half that the love interest had figured out that he was wrong, if only so the lead could get a happy relationship But the way the story actually went was better on another level by validating the lead s need for someone who actually treated her well, so I guess that wish was pretty irrational When the Moonlight Isn t Enough by Dhonielle Clayton 1943 Oak Bluffs, MA black MCUh, wow, three fives in a row just as I was readying to write this collection off as good but not standout Lead character Emma has been alive for 200 years and is just now deciding whether to break free This story is primarily focused on the continuity between earlier black history and later black history The other main concept explored here is the question of how black people can be patriotic in a culture that has offered them so little, and how they can find their own communities It s just an excellent story with very sound writing The Belle of the Ball by Sarvenaz Tash 1952 Brooklyn, NY Latino LIRosemary wants to write comedy, her friend Sandra wants to be the next Lucille Ball, and there s a cute boy, Tom s, on her street This was really sweet and felt very 50s love the side friendship and the ending is perfect Land of the Sweet, Home of the Brave by Stacey Lee 1955 Oakland, CA multiracial Chinese, Japanese, and Hawaiian MCA story about Lana Lau dragging everyone to hell and back Every line of this was the most savage thing I d ever read and I love it Also love the mentions of American imperialism in Hawaii and the taking back of that narrative And I know I ve said it, but I truly love the lead The Birth of Susi Go Go by Meg Medina 1972 Queens, NY Cuban MCThis was really disappointing I don t know It s really long and doesn t really have an ending I liked the bits about being an immigrant from Cuba, but they felt crammed into something quite long and rambly for a short story And the lead had a very lacking voice Take Me with U by Sara Farizan 1984 Boston, MA Iranian MC, sapphic Japanese side charOoooh, this was amazing A story of an Iranian immigrant in a girl band, and a story deeply entrenched in 80s vibes As Sara Farizan says in her final note, the 80s was the decade that began to give us today the cell phone, the computer, many of today s global conflicts, the end of the Cold War, and above all, a feeling of change The perfect ending for this collection and very very close to a five all in all despite an underwhelming first half, this got really excellent and was a worthwhile read I would definitely recommend Land of the Sweet, Home of the Brave by Stacey Lee, When the Moonlight Isn t Enough by Dhonielle Clayton, Glamour by Anna Marie McLe, and my absolute favorite, Better For All The World by Marieke Nijkamp This was a great anthology and I m happy to have read it Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube

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    I recently answered the PARKS AND REC book tag and had THE MOST FUN doing so , wherein I featured this collection for Tom Haverford s A character who likes to dream big.Here is what I wrote taken directly from the tag January was also the month where I received the opportunity to read an incredible short story written by Dahlia Adler in The Radical Element anthology Daughter of the Book was the introducing story to the collection, and my immediate first thought upon completing it went, I don t know how any following tale will top that one And as you can tell, since I m not writing a full review for the anthology, I had to put the book down because I couldn t continue reading without comparing each following tale to the phenomenal opening one Set in 1838, Savannah, Georgia, Daughter of the Book follows Rebekah s fight and journey to receive a fulfilling Jewish education Tell them I m Jewish first Dahlia Adler created one of the most memorable protagonists I ve encountered in my reading with Rebekah Wolf And it is the first time that I m actually aching for a short story to be expanded into a full novel.I ve read a whole lot of short stories in anthologies these past few years, but I ve truly never felt so seen before There are talks of Hebrew, Torah, the Prophets, our history, language, and people To paraphrase this article, it was how I talked, how my mom talked, how my sister talked This was the writer of our experience And as someone who does listen avidly to Torah lessons, I couldn t have asked for a better story to capture the essence of my appreciation.Also, having watched the Israeli show Shababnikim, which is about four young Orthodox yeshiva students, made the characters in this short story stand out that Speaking of which, I would highly recommend giving the show a try if you enjoyed Dahlia Adler s story because it showcases formidable female characters challenging the norm, as well as featuring situations with outstanding humor and precise commentary that makes everything shift in your point of view.If you re interested, the first episode is available to check out with English subtitles on the official Youtube page here Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Rookie on Love, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils

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    I m so excited and honored to be contributing to this anthology, and yes, you can expect me to write something set in the Wild West Yeehaw Teaser here Update 5 22, after having read all contributors stories Much like with A Tyranny of Petticoats, I loved this anthology and the wonderful mix of stories it provides The girls featured in this book are radical, indeed, and I can t wait for you to read about them

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    1 A Tyranny of Petticoats .52 The Radical Element .5 Definitely the weakest of the two anthologies in this series My favourite was definitely Sara Farizan s Take Me With U Daughter of the Book by Dahlier Adler 3.5 5 starsYou re A Stranger Here by Mackenzi Lee 2.5 5 starsThe Magician by Erin Bowman 3 5 starsLady Firebrand by Megan Shepherd 4 5 starsStep Right Up by Jessica Spotswood 2.5 5 starsGlamour by Anna Marie McLe 4 5 starsBetter For All the World by Marieke Nijkamp 3 5 starsWhen The Moon Isn t Enough by Dhonielle Clayton 3.5 5 starsThe Belle of the Ball by Sarvenaz Tash 3.5 5 starsLand of the Sweet, Home of the Brave by Stacey Lee 4 5 starsThe Birth of Susi Go Go by Meg Medina 3.5 5 starsTake Me With U by Sara Farizan 4.5 5 starsAverage Rating 3.46

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    So, so excited and honored to be contributing to this anthology, and cannot wait to read everyone else s stories

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    You can find this review and others at arctic books2.5 5 starsI m starting to think that anthologies are just Not For Me The past few anthologies that I ve read had good content, but I just haven t been into them as much as I wish I had That being said, THE RADICAL ELEMENT contains amazing short stories from stellar YA authors.These twelve short stories are diverse in so many ways there s queer people, people of color, people with disabilities I found myself in a few characters, especially in Stacey Lee s short story A lot of short stories in this are set in a historical time period, most of which are in the twentieth century, such as the Roaring 20s, World War II, and others If you enjoy historical fiction, you are bound to love this collection of stories.Overall, I do think that I m starting to lose interest in short stories in general and perhaps historical fiction isn t for me However, I m an intersectional feminist, and I related with many of these stories I appreciate the wonderful diversity by ownvoices authors that were featured in this short story collection If you want to read diversely from some amazing authors in this historical fiction anthology, be sure to pick this one up Thank you to Candlewick for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    The Radical Element is a historical fiction anthology about radical and dauntless young women throughout American history It follows girls ahead of their times, marginalized girls, girls who were in some way unconventional.It s the second book in a series The first, A Tyranny of Petticoats, followed brave and badass girls I read it than a year ago, and I remember having mixed feelings on it I liked this one a bit , though it had its low points too.Overall, this didn t disappoint The Radical Element shines a spotlight on people who are often forgotten, erased in historical records, and who were considered outcasts because they didn t fit the norms.One thing didn t convince me these two anthologies about the history of the USA didn t include, as far as I know, any Native American authors There were barely any native characters Yakone in the first book, and one of the characters from this one vaguely mentions she has indian blood and lives in a half Creek and half Cherokee territory since this is a otherwise fairly diverse anthology, this absence stood out to me.Also unlike A Tyranny of Petticoats, this didn t have any f f stories Daughter of the Book by Dahlia Adler 1838 Savannah, Georgia 3.5 stars.I had already read a book by this author it was Under the Lights, a f f contemporary novel I recommend so I knew I really liked her writing style.This is the story of a Jewish girl who wants to receive a full education and maybe become a teacher, which was something radical for her time period I loved the many not only historical details You re a Stranger Here by Mackenzi Lee 1844 Nauvoo, Illinois 3 stars.I knew nothing about Mormon history, so this was interesting I loved the setting and what the Eliza says to Vilatte about faith near the end of the story I like Mackenzi Lee s writing style this story didn t have the humor or tone of The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue, but it worked just as well The Magician by Erin Bowman 1858 Colorado River, New Mexico 3 starsThis was really interesting for a crossdressing story at the end of it it s hinted that Ray may be a person who would today identify as genderfluid non binary That s uncommon in historical books, but people like Ray have always existed, so I liked this However, the actual plot was kind of boring at times Lady Firebrand by Megan Shepherd 1863 Charleston, South Carolina 3.5 stars.This was interesting than I expected A free black girl and a disabled white girl are union spies Chemistry Explosions Of course, TW racism Step Right Up by Jessica Spotswood 4 starsThis was fun A girl wants to run away from her abusive uncle with the circus I really liked the main characters and the writing The first scene drew me in immediately, and the descriptions of the circus were my favorite part Glamour by Anna Marie McLe 1923 Los Angeles and the Central Valley, California 5 starsI will read everything Anna Marie McLe writes This was just so much better than all the other stories in the book It s a magical realism story about the racism, queerphobia and ableism in Hollywood, and it follows a Mexican girl who is able to whitewash herself to fit in and a disabled trans boy Both of them live afraid of being found out, but find each other instead I loved how this story approached a scene which could have been harmful Graciela sees Sawyer half naked in a really sensitive way Graciela never questions Sawyer s identity Glamour reminded me of When the Moon Was Ours because of its symbolism, and in a good way now I have a lot of feelings Better for all the World by Marieke Nijkamp 1927 Washington, DC 4.5 stars.TW eugenicsI had never read an ownvoices story about an autistic girl before it s difficult to find them, especially in historical fiction or SFF.Better for all the World follows an autistic girl who wants to become a lawyer She is following the Carrie Buck case who was sterilized because she was feeble minded that s how they called people who had mental illnesses developmental disabilities The worst part is that some people argue that this should happen today too It was infuriating to read, painful, but great At the end of the story, the main character finds out that some friendships just aren t worth it, especially when the other person doesn t value you as you really are, or claims to like you while advocating for the oppression of other people like you When the Moonlight isn t Enough by Dhonielle Clayton 1943 Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts 3.5 starsA magical black family drinks moonlight to be immortal, but their daughter wants to grow up and help her country win the war a country that doesn t value her at all A really interesting concept, and the writing was lovely, but overall the story felt disjointed The Belle of the Ball by Sarvenaz Tash 1952 Brooklyn, New York 3 stars.I had never read anything by this author before While the writing didn t impress me, I can say I loved the main character s voice Rosemary is a girl who is struggling because her mother s expectations do not include becoming a comedy writer Land of the Sweet, Home of the Brave by Stacey Lee 1955 Oakland, California 4.75 starsAn Asian American girl Chinese father, biracial Japanese mother who was born in Hawaii decides to participate in a contest to be the new Sugar Maiden the girl whose face will be on the sugar boxes I have loved everything I ve read by Stacey Lee, and this was no exception.Lanakila Lau was one of my favorite main characters, and reading about the aftermath of Japanese internment and the history of Asian Americans in Hawaii was really interesting The Birth of Susi Go Go by Meg Medina 1972 Queens, New York 2 starsA Cuban American girl is coming to terms with her past her and her parents were exiled from Cuba , family expectations and who she wants to be in the future The grandparents she hasn t seen in 12 years are coming to visit her, and she isn t sure how she feels about that I didn t love this one it meandered and it was far too long Take Me With U by Sara Farizan 1984 Boston, Massachusetts 2.5 starsI had never read anything by Sara Farizan before Take Me With U is about an Iranian girl, her immigrant family in the 80s, and her love for music It was short and I don t have any thoughts about it it was just ok.My average rating was 3.52 I received an ARC advanced reader copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.A friend of mine recommended me the first anthology, so when this one has been added to Netgalley I knew I had to ask for it If you don t know what it s about, The Radical Element is basically an anthology about all those women who didn t fit in the society they were born in and who had to fight to get a chance to be heard.It s always so hard to review anthologies, and it s still the case here, but the subject is so important that I can t think of another rating than 4 stars This book is beautiful and delivers such a strong message everyone should read it It really empowered me and made me believe that you should be proud of who you are and fight for your right to be free to be whoever you want to be and already are.I believe that the representation was good, but you should all look to ownvoices reviews to be sure of it It felt so good to read something so diverse because the world is and everyone should be represented in literature.In the end, I really enjoyed the whole book I loved some short stories than others but overall the whole anthology was really good and well edited I m really glad that I read it

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    I m excited for this collection of important stories from little heard voices, and hope you are, too I just finished this book, and here are my thoughts on each story, for those wondering what s inside Daughter of the Book, by Dahlia Adler Rebekah wants to learn the Torah, Hebrew, and about the prophets, subjects off limits to girls in Savannah 1838 Dahlia writes with such command and understanding that suddenly Rebekah s struggles become the reader s.You re a Stranger Here, Mackenzi Lee provides a glimpse through the eyes of a young woman Eliza into the lives of the early Mormons as they were violently driven west from Nauvoo, Illinois in 1844 MacKenzi slips so effortlessly into her character s voices this was a fascinating look into a bit of history I d not known much about.The Magician, by Erin Bowman Ray, a girl masquerading as a boy in 1858 New Mexico Territory, gets by as a stevedore on the Colorado River, making extra change through her uncanny ability to remember cards, but faces an uncertain future when a fellow worker discovers her secrets I am such a sucker for the western, and I love that Erin is, too It shows in her stories and the grittiness of her heroines.Lady Firebrand, by Megan Shepherd Lord Firebrand is a northern vigilante, blowing up cotton shipments intended to pay for supplies to the South Only Lord Firebrand is actually a Lady actually two ladies, a Southerner and her black maid I love that Megan takes on this little known bit of history the contributions women made in the Civil War with an eye to a better future.Step Right Up, by Jessica Spotswood Plucky Ruby, abused by her stepfather and a compliant mother, longs to join the circus Jessica is so good at transporting her readers to wherever her time machine points this time, turn of the 20th century Tulsa, Oklahoma You might even lulled to join the circus, too, a place which welcomes all kinds Glamour, by Anna Marie McLe The cost of maintaining her illusion of whiteness in order to pursue her Hollywood dream may be too high for Mexican American Graciela, living in the Golden Age of Hollywood Anna Marie s writing is exquisite and so dense with meaning and here is another example.Better for All the World, by Marieke Nijkamp takes on the issue of forced sterilization in the name of eugenics, which disproportionately affected women of color It s heartbreaking and empowering at the same time If you want to understand the historical treatment of the disabled, start here.When the Moonlight Isn t Enough by Dhonielle Clayton An immortal African American girl in 1943 Massachusetts wants to help out in the war effort, even if it means going against her family I loved this unique premise and Dhonielle has such a command of her craft.The Belle of the Ball, by Sarvenaz Tash A girl in 1950 s Brooklyn wishes to write comedy at a time when the idea of a female comedy writer was itself laughable This one delighted me I hadn t read Sarvenaz s work yet but now she is on my list Also, I loved the I Love Lucy references Land of the Sweet, Home of the Brave, by yours truly A biracial Japanese girl competes to be the face of Sugar Maiden sugar in post World War II Oakland, CA This is where I get awkward, uh, I hope you like it.The Birth of Susi Go Go, by Meg Medina A young Cuban American girl balances life in America with the arrival of her grandparents from Cuba I love how Meg finds unexplored places of American history and shows us all the gray areas Take Me With U by Sara Farizan An Iranian girl in the eighties, my favorite decade, dreams of being a rock star I loved how this story explored not just the complicated feelings of being an Iranian immigrant in the eighties, but also the power of music to shape our identities.

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    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.As an American girl in the past and the present the decision to respect yourself can sometimes be challenging and radical You have to face it whether you re neurodivergent, a second generation immigrant, or facing racism Self respect is the only decision when you ve weighed societal expectations and found them wanting In this anthology, twelve talented YA authors present stories of all sorts of girls from all colors and creeds standing up for themselves and their beliefs from the 1830s to the 1980s Are you ready to join them The Radical Element is a compelling collection of twelve short stories taking place between 1838 1984 My favorites include The Magician by Erin Bowman 1858, Colorado River, New Mexico Territory , Lady Firebrand by Megan Shepherd 1863, Charleston, South Carolina , When the Moonlight Isn t Enough by Dhonielle Clayton 1943, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts , The Bell of the Ball by Sarvenaz Tash 1952, Brooklyn, New York , and Land of the Sweet, Home of the Brave by Stacey Lee 1955, Oakland, California All of the stories in this collection give the reader a good taste of the characters, the setting, and their lives Of those stories that I mentioned by name, I would absolutely love to see a full length novel about Lady Firebrand s daring adventures and I m dying for from the world of When the Moonlight Isn t Enough Clayton s story is the only one that features a dash of fantasy and I couldn t get enough There s so much that could be explored whether we follow the main character, her parents, or what happens just after the short story in this collection ends.Overall, The Radical Element edited by Jessica Spotswood is a perfect read for Women s History Month I love how the authors of the short stories so expertly blend historical fact with fiction and in one case a dash of fantasy This anthology is incredibly inspirational and is put together by some of the best names in the business I absolutely need to pick up a copy of the companion collection called A Tyranny of Petticoats in the future.

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