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    I wanted to like this book because I so concur with its sentiments however, I did not really learn anything new I know that the US is built upon white supremacy and it will never end until people take responsibility for the privileges it accords white people I also know that...

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    Not gonna lie This was than a little disappointing Saw it in my favorite radical bookstore Loved the title Loved the topic And I love PM Press So I hoped it would be terrific Or mostly good But it wasn t.Can t say much overly critical of it I mean, there were places where Meyer came across as self righteous than is helpful But for the most part there wasn t so much anything wrong with this as just not a lot right Nothing that pulled me in Some terrific topics...

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    I wanted to love this book, but the out of context essays and assumption of both historical and present activism and social justice knowledge makes this book difficult to recommend This would likely be a great book for coursework, that way there is room for expansion and discussion on the topics and issues covered If the goal of this book is to convince others of the imp...

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    I really wanted to like this book I ran across it at the library and immediately knew I had to take it home with me The title is provocative and inviting Unfortunately, the book was just a disappointment to me I forced myself to finish it in hopes of an improvement and the second half seemed maybe a little easier to read than the first but it lacked a cohesive feel It felt confusing and at times contradictory The authors m...

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    Wanted to like this but it s just a series of manifestos speeches containing the usual tired bromides of the left.

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White Lives Matter Most Epub White Lives Matter Most Matt Meyer Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Modern Day Movements To End Racism In The U.S Seem Sadly Doomed To Fail If A Sober Analysis Of U.S History Is Not Considered, Our Efforts Will Lead To Continued Fragmentation Or Worse The Essays In This Book Reveal The Successful Strategies And Methods Of Multigenerational Coalitions Used In Recent Campaigns To Free Puerto Rican And Black Panther Political Prisoners, Confront Neo Nazis In Charlottesville, And Many Meyer S Reflections On The Need For Intensified Solidarity, Consciousness, And Accountability Among White Folks Provide A Provocative And Urgent Challenge These Essays Some Coauthored By Black Lives Matter And Ferguson Truth Telling Leaders Natalie Jeffers And David Ragland, Puerto Rican Professor Ana L Pez, Muslim Interfaith Activist Sahar Alsahlani, And Afro Asian Cultural Icon Fred Ho Offer Up To The Minute Insights.