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Having Nothing, Possessing Everything Reading Having Nothing, Possessing Everything Michael Mather Ls17.eu Pastor Mike Mather Arrived In Indianapolis Thinking That He Was Going To Serve The Poor But After His Church S Community Lost Nine Young Men To Violence In A Few Short Months, Mather Came To See That The Poor Didn T Need His Help He Needed Theirs.This Is The Story Of How One Church Found Abundance In A Com Munity Of Material Poverty Viewing People Not Programs, Finances, Or Service Models As Their Most Valuable Resource Moved Church Members Beyond Their Own Walls And Out Into The Streets, Where They Discovered Folks Rich In Strength, Talents, Determination, And Love.Mather S Having Nothing, Possessing Everything Will Inspire Readers To Seek Justice In Their Own Local Communities And To Find Abundance And Hope All Around Them.

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    I received a free e book copy of this title from NetGalley, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own I knew I wanted to read Having Nothing, Possessing Everything when I realized the author has spent his many years of ministry in my home state of Indiana, very near my hometown I expected another Christian ministry how to manual, but what I got was a refreshing book that in my opinion should be mandatory reading for any church leader, whether in the inner city or elsewhere.Who better to listen to than a pastor who has spent decades of his life ministering in low income, inner city areas Rather than providing answers, checklists or programs, Mather simply wants us to open our eyes and pay attention to the abundant gifts of our neighbors It is an approach as ancient as the Bible itself, yet forgotten or ignored by the majority of Christian leaders today He tells story after story of his own experiences in Indianapolis and South Bend, Indiana He shines light on the innate dignity, power and gifts of those living in low income neighborhoods, rather than focusing on what they lack and encourages his readers to do the same If we begin looking for people s gifts rather than people s needs, then even better things than we thought possible might materia...

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    Not being a writer, I don t know how to express how important this book is I have been living the practice of ABCD for a few years now, until I read this, I couldn t really explain what it is to outsiders This book shows exactly why

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    I began my ministry seeing scarcity, seeing only the things that seemed to be missing in the neighborhoods in which I pastored, Rev Mike Mather writes here What I learned from those with whom I worked in South Bend and Indianapolis was how to see the abundance I learned to see the love and power that was overflowing in even the most economically challenged neighborhoods That overflowing love lifted up onetime food pantry patron Adele s cooking talents, financially and emotionally supporting her gifts that led to the launch of her own fajita restaurant That overflowing power was finally released from failing high school student Adrian and his friends, who leveraged their mechanical skills into a thriving bicycle repair center Once unknown to outsiders, the at home tutoring wonders performed by Maya found the spotlight in Mather s church community Other neighbors became respected teachers of gardening, art, and music, their talents allowed to flourish and nourish others after Mather and his fellow church folk focused on their gifts, not their needs.Mather is not the only anti poverty prophet calling us to divert our gaze from the deficiencies of our financially poor neighbors and instead look at their often remarkable strengths In addition to being the longtime pastor at Broadway United Methodist Church in an...

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    There are gifts in overlooked placesMichael Mather is the pastor of Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis This is an inner city church in a low income area He has also served at the Broadway Church in South Bend Further, he is on the faculty of the Asset Based Community Development Institute at DePaul University His responsibility for outreach in the streets started in 1986 He speaks all over the country about engaging in community development and urban ministry.Mather writes his book Having Nothing, Possessing Everything in the first person and narrative style He talks about the poverty and violence that can be found in intercity neighborhoods, but also about the community, talents, love, and justice that can be found there Mather shows how Broadway United Methodist Church moved into the area where it is located in the 1920 when this area was the suburbs of Indianapolis and how that area has changed from a suburban white neighborhood into a black inner city one in the late 1950 s and 1960 Church members abandoned the church for churches closer to their new homes Mather is also re...

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    The title harkens to the apostle s errand in 2 Corinthians 6 1 10 and it follows with open wide your hearts also Seeing the world as if the Gospels were true isn t easy when the world trains us to see the opposite, even when we want to see it this book helps us open our hearts wider With humility and compassion for the reader, Rev Mather walks us through layers of revelation that take place at two urban churches over three decades These stories make us understand the immense gifts of the children of God in places where only needs are measured You come to understand along with him what we all miss out if we do not share in the gifts of those overlooked The tyranny of worldly metrics enforces the value of monetary wealth and popularity but how do you measure the gifts of the spirit Rev Mather goes beyond his own experience to come up with innovative answers by consulting with experts across a breathtaking array of disciplines like those turning social service upside down in Oak...

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    I found Michael Mather s book to be both inspirational and challenging He inspires by telling about the movement of God s Spirit in two congregations he has served in South Bend and Indianapolis, Indiana He challenges by attempting to help the reader reframe what it means to be in ministry with all of the people in our neighborhood and circle of influence I have known Mike for over thirty years and have watched his approach to ministry evolve and develop He demonstrates the principle of lifelong learning as he continues to be guided by the Spirit and to be taught by those around him We can benefit from this commitment to learning as we overhear him tell stories of abundance that he has witnessed among the folks surrounding his churches Here is a sampling of what Mike has to share with the thoughtful reader Indeed, at almost every meeting of the congregation in the 1980s and again in the mid 2000s, the topic How can we grow took up all the energy in the room And the question In what way are we as a congregation alive didn t occur to us We spent so much time talking about what we weren t doing and what magic formula could turn things around that we weren t noticing what an exciting, vibrant parish we already were.I began to notice the subtle and n...

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    An absolute delight full of inspiration, practical ideas, and sophisticated theory told through accessible language and story telling A must read for anyone doing community development, ministry, or work with people experiencing poverty.

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    I cannot recommend this book vigorously It will change the way you think about service in the church or any organization.

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    This book forces rethinking in how we care for those in need Conversation is important within the marginal society it is a part of giving Connections and keeping the funds in the critical area is addressed in this book These are ideas outside the box ideas that need brainstorming for us all.

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    This book is phenomenal Completely life changing, and a paradigm shifting catalyst Thank you so much Rev Mahter

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