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Living at the Edge of the World: A Teenager's Survival in the Tunnels of Grand Central Station Reading Living At The Edge Of The World A Teenager S Survival In The Tunnels Of Grand Central Station Author Jamie Pastor Bolnick Ivogue.co.uk A Searing, True Story Right Out Of 1980s New York City During The Height Of The Crack Cocaine Epidemic, With AIDS And Homelessness Raging Out Of Control, A Young Woman Survives Four Years Living In The Tunnels Of Grand Central Station Sixteen Year Old Tina S Leaves Behind Her Dysfunctional Family To Join Her New Friend, April, A Wild And Charismatic Teenage Runaway, Living In The Station S Deepest Tunnels Amidst The Homeless And Drug Addicted Soon She S Caught Up In In A Romantic Relationship With April And Finds Herself Following In Her Footsteps Bingeing On Crack Cocaine, Stealing, Rolling Drunks, And Panhandling To Support Their Habits And To Survive On The New York City Streets In Her Own Words Tina Describes Her Harrowing Descent Into Crack Addiction, Being Raped In The Tunnels, Several Arrests And Jail Terms Served With Hardened Criminals On Rikers Island, And Her Devastation Over April S Sudden, Brutal Death Finally Faced With The Reality That She Might Not Make It Through One Day, Tina Takes Her First Tentative Steps Towards A Normal Life.With The Help Of A Homeless Advocate And His Wife, A Gay Uncle Dying Of AIDS, And Jamie Pastor Bolnick, The Writer Who Was To Become Her Coauthor On This Book, Tina Turns Her Life Around And Begins The Long Struggle Back To The World Of The Living.

  • Paperback
  • 283 pages
  • Living at the Edge of the World: A Teenager's Survival in the Tunnels of Grand Central Station
  • Jamie Pastor Bolnick
  • English
  • 11 December 2019
  • 9780312284077

About the Author: Jamie Pastor Bolnick

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Living at the Edge of the World: A Teenager's Survival in the Tunnels of Grand Central Station book, this is one of the most wanted Jamie Pastor Bolnick author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Living at the Edge of the World: A Teenager's Survival in the Tunnels of Grand Central Station

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    What can I say about this book This was kind of a gem that I happened to run into Saying that I enjoyed this book would be a little cruel some stories are not made to be read with comfort.Living at the Edge of the World is a story about how life can turn your world upside down It s inevitable not to feel pain when every step you take allows for mistakes and lessons to be learned I myself have gone through a lot of hardship in my life, and I hope that I have learned from the adventures I have gone through.So, as I moved forward through the pages I realized that no matter what you go through, ...

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    Amazing book A must read

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    This book is incredible It is the story of one woman s journey down to the depths of drug addiction, homelessness and poverty, living as a teenager in the tunnels of Grand Central Station, through rehab and ultimately after a ten year struggle, to making a life for herself and a way in the world as a whole person As far as I can tell, Tina S is probably about my age 40 and we have led such radically different lives, largely because I had a supportive, stable homelife with two parents, and Tina did not While I was worrying about which shoes to wear to High School as a 17 year old, Tina S was...

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    I read this for school and really enjoyed it I loved reading about Tina s journey and her friendships with all of the people who helped her with her struggles of being homeless and being a drug addict I also really like how they show in this book how b...

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    Great book showing the many sides of homelessness from mental issues, sexual abuse and working their way out Such a crazy thought to think that there s a whole underground community of kids, women men Nocturnal

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    New York City is a melting pot for human race every creed, color, religion, societal status I often wonder how someone could end up homeless, living life on the edge of tomorrow, not knowing where their next meal will come from or how they will stay warm I ve seen adults lying on stoops, dragging bags behind them, dirty and withdrawn Not living in the city, but a frequent visitor, I understand that when someone panhandles they are most likely going to use the money for their next high and not on food Well this is what I thought After reading about Tina s life, I have a better understanding Although there were times in the book, I was so angry with Tina for giving up on herself, when others were there to help her But when you don t know any other way of life, she was a victim of the downward spiral that began with her mother, it must have been very difficult for Tina to move forward and get out of the lifestyle of the tunnels Tina s love for her family, mother and younger siblings was very strong But drugs, alcohol, her unwillingness to give in everything that made her who she was over ran her.Jamie Pastor Bolnick did a fantastic job with showing both sides of Tina The layout of the book, jumping back and forth to her life on the streets and her struggles to make a new life for herself was astonishing I pay k...

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    I received this book through Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.There are so many things I like about this book, I don t even know where to start.For starters, Tina S s story is one that is not only interesting, but eye opening as well The account is written with such brutal honesty about the ups and downs of her life She is easy to empathize with, even when she does things the reader may not agree with Overall, Tina S seems like a very likable and smart person, which really comes out in the writing Even when Tina S did something bad, you can t help but still like her.Tina S chronicles her life in Grand Central Station as well as the lives of those around her She recounts drugs, alcohol, rape, abortion, abuse, panhandling, theft, and crime as it happened to her and the people around her Her words help to bring awareness about homelessness and drug abuse, some of the issues the homeless population faces, and reasons for why many people stay homeless Secondly, this is a book of non fiction, but it reads like fiction It is so easy to get into the story It has a really important message and brings awareness to an important issues, but also is fascinating to read Tina S has a very unique story The timeline recounted jumps from chapter to chapter and even within chapters, but overall the story is relatively easy to follow And I feel that the time jumps add an interesting layer to Tina S s story An amazing book because of it s writing and the intriguing story it tells A ve...

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    I read this before and while I accompanied my youth group on an inner city mission trip So much of what Tina S related in this book was reinforced by the speaker from the Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless who came to our community house one evening Homeless people do not want to feel that they are invisible who does But most of us don t even notice them and just walk past, not really looking at them or speaking to them Even if we do give them some money or food, we do not address them as equals This book was raw, honest, engaging, and difficult for me to put down I marvel at the author s ability to pull her l...

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    Wow, what a life to lead Teenagers have it rough in general, but some are so confused if this is the kind of life they lead And to continue to lead it is sad The drugs, the violence, the hopelessness that they experience is unimaginable And some, if they aren t killed by it, go on to live this way for years I like that the book is written first person, yet almost seems clinical and cold I imagine that might be the only way to keep ones pers...

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    I didn t think I d like it when I first picked it up I probably wouldn t have picked it up on my own either But it was surprisingly good There were times that I had to stop and think, This is non fiction It s an amazing tale of how someone hit rock bottom and got back up fro...

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