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Common Women: Prostitution and Sexuality in Medieval England (Studies in the History of Sexuality) EPUB Common Women Prostitution And Sexuality In Medieval England Studies In The History Of Sexuality By Ruth Mazo Karras Artimagazin.com Through A Sensitive Use Of A Wide Variety Of Imaginative And Didactic Texts, Ruth Karras Shows That While Prostitutes As Individuals Were Marginalized Within Medieval Culture, Prostitution As An Institution Was Central To The Medieval Understanding Of What It Meant To Be A Woman This Important Work Will Be Of Interest To Scholars And Students Of History, Women S Studies, And The History Of Sexuality.

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    A pretty definitive account of prostitution in medieval England, Karras does a good job of articulating the medieval concept of prostitution where what made you a whore was not so much that you took money in return for sex, but the very fact that you were seen as sexually available while treading a careful path between seeing these women as sol...

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    This was an intriguing and readable book I chose to read it for a graduate level Middle English class, and while I cant say that I couldn t put it down, I did enjoy reading it and found myself spouting random facts from it to anyone who would tolerate my trivia I ve read...

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    This book has gotten a bit old, I would recommend reading research made recently, especially if you are looking source material for your studies However this was not a bad book in it s own time frame Research seemed solid and facts were there, but writing could have been better and newer studies tend to be comprehensive.Also, this book had an incredible amount of repetition, which was very frustrating The same things were told over and over again and that drove me nuts As a research this was ok, even good if you consider it was written over 15 years ago As a book I didn t like it Not very well written and the constant repetition made me think whether the author had enough things to say...

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    An informative, brief account of sex work in medieval and early modern England, especially it s role in regulating women generally The control of sex workers was broad enough to label almost any woman a whore or the equivalent thereof, thus ensuring that women s independence was viewed with suspicion and highly regulated While the author does at times lapses into savior rhetoric ie that all sex workers were wholly forced into the work , she does for the most part maintain a focus on the constrained agency of sex workers, as well as how the criminalization, regulation, and condemnation of sex workers oppressed all women Can be a bit dry at times as the author does lay out evidence at length, but I...

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    A really good book on a difficult subject I have quibbles some of the evidence is self defining views of whores and prostitutes as seen by courts and the church are always going to be the most severe views but her survey of the evidence is excellent and her conclusions hard to resist I also f...

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    I had to read this book for my History of Prostitution class It was very engaging and looked at sex work from many different angles religious, economic, socio political, medical, etc.

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    LATE MEDIEVAL, but still interesting.

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    First finished March 15, 2006Second finished December 6, 2011

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