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    My problem with the story wasn t so much that James Patterson used it as a soapbox for global warming after all, it s his book, and he can do what he wants The problem, as I see it, is there was NO WAY he started writing this series with a plan to make Max s saving the world mission one that had anything to do with this topic If you go back and read the series from the beginning, starting with THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT, we all knew that Max and the gang had a special mission, a mission that would save the world We knew it would be big, and no doubt unbelievable, as most of Mr Patterson s plot lines are But if this had been his plan all along, you have to think that there would have been SOME advance warning No, what really ticks me off is that it seems as if he decided, with the current state of affairs, to chang...

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    Eew This book sucked SOOO BAD James Patterson seems to have a talent for making every next book in this series worse than the one before I declare the Maximum Ride series as now officially RUINED This book was boring, full of lecturing global warming yapper all of which I already KNOW and lacking any adventure There were no action packed chase scenes, no thrilling fights that Maximum Ride used to always be full of Instead, the MCs are stuck in Antarctica of all places trying to help stop the climate change Wow How exciting NOT As for the conflicts of the story there are basically none left There are no true, great villains any Now that Ari is dead, the bad guys are ceasing to be complex Now, what Max and the flock are fighting against are lacking depth, two dimensional, robotic, evil freaks who go Mwa ha ha I m going to kill you and take over the world GRR Ugh It s not only the plot that has totally flumped in this book The characters, I deeply regret to say, are dying The flock used to be the reason I loved the M.R series their personalities were so complex and awesome, and they were so fun to watch Especially Max She used to be such a great narrator her voice had been great and strong, and she used to be tough, fun...

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    What the hell was that I ve been enjoying the humor and action and adventure of this series even though they are young adult and I m anything but but this OK, yeah, it had the humor And about two chapters of action and adventure The rest was penguins and Antarctica and snow and OHNOESGLOBALWARMINGISTEHBAAA...

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    The release of a sequel is an anticipated event, especially if the sequel is written by a wildly popular, best selling author like James Patterson Approximately 4.8 million copies have been sold of the previous three books in the Maximum Ride series, so hopes were high that Final Warning, the new installment, would be just as entertaining When a sequel fails to live up to the standards of the previous books in the series, readers feel let down There are three issues that affect the quality of Final Warning First, there is a lack of adventure in this installment of the action packed Maximum Ride adventure series It seemed to be of an extended brainstorming session instead of actual problem solving Second, the length of this book is an issue For a novel that has a retail price of 20, 272 pages is pretty skimpy especially when you consider that The Angel Experiment, the first book in the series, had 432 pages Finally, and most importantly, is the story itself If the story had been interesting and new, the reader would be able to overlook the page length Instead of adding anythin...

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    Quite a disapointment, compared to the other three books It s about a third of the size, and is not nearly as good as the others Where is the HEART POUNDING ACTION The WITTY SARCASTIC HUMOR The SUSPENSE that makes you wanna CRY everytime you are forced to put the book down....

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    I dropped this series after this book I found it too childish and cliche It s a great premise and I had positive expectations but it ended up falling short for me It s a shame, I had hoped to enjoy this series as so many others had.

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    AAAAAAAhhhhhh This series is fun The first three books are an action packed fun adventure with decent characters There are plot holes, but the point is believable teenage angst in the midst of constant danger This 4th book has some good parts involving the characters dealing with adults expectations of them But it is also a full on, boring, crappy, global warming propaganda pamphlet with some random bad guy thrown in out of nowhere and an extra bad hurricane due to global warming of course that fortuitously saves them They ve been fighting killer, flying, mutant wolves, robots, and clones, and now they suddenly see that GLOBAL WARMING is the true threat STUPID It is utterly inconsistent with the plot and theme of the series to jump from shadow government organizations and amoral corporations bent on enslaving and killing the mutant bird kids in order to take over the world to playing with penguins and ratifying the Kyoto Treaty yes this 14 yr old heroine got that specific The bad guys are global warming extremists and apparently unrelated to the overall bad guys from the other books The next book is set up at the end as they fly off to meet at some distant coordinates and get back to fighting robots this whole book appears to be a lame tangent you could skip compl...

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    Maximum Ride was created to save the world Now she just needs to figure out how the voice in her head thinks she s going to do this.With the rest of her flock of Avian Human hybrids, Max moves from taking down evil corporations to stopping global warming cause penguins are cute and hurricanes are bad.Now, if only Patterson could be bothered to finish one plot thread before moving on to six .If this hadn t been a Maximum Ride book, I would have never finished it, and most likely never even bought it My general love for Max and the flock is the only thing that got me through all the pages of propaganda about global warming There were lectures Multiple page long lectures about global warming Now, there has always been a definite undertone of eco warrior, clean up pollution, corporations are bad, etc in the books But that took a sideline to the action and characters In this book, I really felt that Patterson just wanted to talk about global warming and decided to use Max to get his point across Supposedly, this is the last book, but if it isn t, I will be hard pressed to pick up a new title Whatever your feelings on global warming are, I hate being lectured to in fiction and feeling like someone is dumping their propaganda down my throat Barely anything even happened in the book, they were too busy talking about global warming I m all for empowering k...

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    What the hell That was my general reaction to this book Also, Why A dog who already TALKS growing WINGS What the hell Why This development is completely irrelevant to the plot, other then being cool , and annoyingly convenient Same with Angel the 6 year old flying who can read and control minds, to refresh your memory suddenly being able to change her appearance at will When inexplicable things like this happened in the other books, I played along, because the books are fun to read and I thought they would probably serve some purpose in the next book No such luck the plot of Maximum Ride is increasingly inconsistant and frankly, slap dash The Final Warning is the worst yet What s , I am doubting the ability of the author to kill off his main characters or anyone who s not a bad guy, for that matter It s a miracle that Angel, Total and Akila survived being trapped in an ice crevice in Antartica I thought Akila at least, a non sentient dog we had just met, would be killed off But not only is she back to normal shortly, the flock adopts her even though it s incredibly inconvenient for them Another addition to their happy little invincible flock The flock also survives flying, unprotected, in a category 5 hurricance For an enviornmentalist book, it s alarming unappreciative of the sheer power of nature They should have been ripped apart.Consolidate all this with a global warming theme tha...

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    Ok, the humor was still there The book was funny Thin But funny SPOILERS BEGIN I completely felt the ending was horrible It was a disappointment It was like Patterson was attempting to write the book, but wasn t done yet, and had forgotten to put in most of the excitement I was also angry at the sorely lacking Max Fang scenes Sure we had a kiss and a mention every other chapter, but there was nothing sturdy Even the ending, it ends with them going off on another mission No closure Mr James Patterson, if this really is the ending of the series, I m disappointed If there s well, I m still disappointed, but a lot less Sure I laughed, but there wasn t really any action or adventure I was hoping for It seemed like a cry to save the earth, which the other books had some undertones of, but none of which were so strong as in here I justdidn t like i...

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The Final WarningDownload The Final Warning Author James Patterson From 1 Bestselling Author James Patterson Comes His Greatest Maximum Ride Thriller EverMax Ride Is A Perfectly Normal Teenager Who Just Happens To Be Able To Fly She And The Other Members Of The Flock Five Kids Who Share Her Remarkable Ability Are Asked To Help Environmental Scientists Study Global Warming This Seems Like A Great Way To Have Daring Fun And Escape Government Forces Who Are Hunting Them But Even In Harsh, Remote Antarctica, Maximum Ride Is An Irresistible Target In Constant Danger For Whoever Controls Her Powers Could Also Control The World And Any Final Warning She Gets May Come Too Late