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    Note This review is of the original Sanskrit text, and not this translation Why I Read the ManusmritiA few months back, there was a debate on Facebook regarding the Manusmriti, the ancient Indian law book which was the basis of Hindu law during the British era, and which substantially influences Hindu attitudes today Having read parts of it in translation, I minced no words in denouncing it as a toxic document whereupon a Hindu apologist took it upon himself to denigrate my views, saying that since I had not read the book in the original Sanskrit, I had no business trashing it He himself claimed to have read it in the original and claimed that it had been misrepresented Of course he was gaslighting, but I was in no position to call his bluff So I decided that the only thing would be to read it in the original.Armed with my high school Sanskrit and a Sanskrit Malayalam dictionary, I set out to search for an edition of the book with a translation side by side I chanced upon one immediately on the Internet Archive Further research shows that it is essentially the same as the George Buhler translation sans commentary of the so call...

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    Lousy morality book This book is symbol of 90 percent what is wrong in Hinduism treating women as property, lower castes as born to slaves and worse, and Brahmins as god s.

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    Like Kamasutra, Manu Smriti is probably the most misunderstood and misinterpreted book Kamasutra is not a sex manual on sexual positions and Manu Smriti or the Manava Dharmashastra is not a caste enchiridion But unlike Kamasutra, it is the most hated and vilified book in ancient Indian literature Kamasutra is a study of the art of living with love and desire kama It writes about the 4 main human pursuits, methods of courtship, training in the arts, how to approach and find a partner, nature of love, marriage, widowhood All in all, a manual of human life.Manu Smriti is similar A manual of social life A societal codified study of the time it was written in But unfortunately, it has become the mouthpiece of political ideologues for their own motives Now, why is it hated so much And how is this particular translation by Wendy Doniger I, for one, would never gloss over the substandard portions of the book and try to portray it as some form of a revealed book that has to be worshipped and venerated for eternity Does this book contain portions not acceptable to the modern soci...

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    How does one review this Core text of the reactionary canon, if such a canon were to exist The reasons why people despise it are all in here Its mysogonistic, casteist, classist, and other epithets Or if you were sympathetic you might say it is realistic, hierarchical, promotes tradition and order Value judgements aside, it is a great look into the perspective of a premodern type of Man unsullied by modern notions of egalitarianism, materialism, economic reductionism, and other european enlightenment gems This is in line with the Illiad or the Old Tesetament, or the Quran or or the bulk of the Mahabharata than it is with the poems of Basavana, the Tamil Bhakts, the words of Rumi, or even the Gita or the words of Buddha It is a text supporting the warrior morality and the supremacy of the pure, not a text of devotion Similarly, it is not a text in which a God of abstract rationalized justice plays any role It is a text promoting harmony with the natural order and in this sense it is also closer to Tao Te Ching, or the Rig Veda than it is to the Puranas or the New Testament It is also a very plain, straightforward legal text, not a work of obscure philosophy, and is therefore similar to the Sharia expounding Hadiths, than it is to the Upanishads That should be enough controversial comparisons for the moment As despicable as the strict caste order might seem to the modern and modern minded in...

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    I approached Manu s Dharmashastra with historical curiosity, braced for a tough read, but I was delightfully surprised to learn what an engaging, beautiful, and fascinating text this is In twelve chapters the mythical author Manu describes the nature of the well ordered society and focuses on the role of the Brahmin within it The Indologist Richard Gombrich describes Dharma , awkwardly rendered by Olivelle as Law , as corresponding to the medieval European concept of Nature Both terms undermine the normative descriptive distinction in this text s primary usage Dharma refers both to the essential nature of things and the way things ought to be Manu is an archetypal figure in Indian religious thought going back to the Rig Veda His function is the founder of the civilization and bestower of its organizing patterns of behavior In this work he describes prototypical forms of life that the Brahmim should follow, nominally based on the Vedas, which are themselves considered to be architectonic of the coherent structure of the cosmos The male Brahmin s life is presented in four life stages, each with its atten...

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    Ancient Vedic law code outlining punishments, the caste system, social conventions, rules for kings and the various castes, etc for all members of society.It is interesting, and somewhat resembles a society run by Nietzsche s aristocratic morality in the Genealogy of Morals however, it is important to realize that he had in mind Homeric times, so things are a bit different in that respect Julius Evola a modern very right wing thinker al...

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    Good translation but some of the laws would boil your blood.

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    A Hindu Leviticus, the translation very unmanageable for the lay reader read as part of the LOST book club.

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    I gave the 5 star for the translation and for the historical importance someone shouldn t read the book because of the star rating manusmriti is the set of laws to be followed by the ancient Hindus It portrays the early indian life Our ancestors have followed different lifestyles those are known to us and unknown to us If their lifestyle doesn t affect us on what we are now, i would take it as just a historical text book But clearly it is not.Even now the modified version of these laws are practiced so we cant deny the influence of it in current society This laws might have pulled the growth of India at least 1000 years But what else you expect other than highly misogynistic, cast ridden statements from a religious text book I was wondered the way they treat shudras from the other casts by claiming upper 3 classes are twice born and shudras don t deserve to be treated that way...

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    Absolutely fascinating Obviously my rating is not because I necessarily like the content, but the translation, introduction and notes were really great, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with an important part of the Hindu canon It was interesting seeing all the rules and ideas around karma, caste, sacrifice, gender and justice, roles of kings and priests, the killing and eating of animals Also interesting to explore the internal tensions, conflicting points of view, ancient big...

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मनुस्मृति (Manusmṛti) BOOKS Manusm Ti Author Manu Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Manusm Ti Written Also As Manusmriti Or Manusmruti Is The Most Important And Earliest Metrical Work Of The Dharma Stra Textual Tradition Of Hinduism Generally Known In English As The Laws Of Manu, It Was First Translated Into English In 1794 By Sir William Jones, An English Orientalist And Judge Of The British Supreme Court Of Judicature In Calcutta The Text Presents Itself As A Discourse Given By Manu, The Progenitor Of Mankind To A Group Of Seers, Or Rishis, Who Beseech Him To Tell Them The Law Of All The Social Classes 1.2 Manu Became The Standard Point Of Reference For All Future Dharma Stras That Followed It.According To Hindu Tradition, The Manusmriti Records The Words Of Brahma By Attributing The Words To Supernatural Forces, The Text Takes On An Authoritative Tone As A Statement On Dharma, In Opposition To Previous Texts In The Field, Which Were Scholarly.This Edition Is Specially Formatted With A Table Of Contents.

  • Hardcover
  • 620 pages
  • मनुस्मृति (Manusmṛti)
  • Manu
  • English
  • 17 October 2019
  • 9780404011482

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