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  • Hardcover
  • 436 pages
  • Another Philosophy of History and Selected Political Writings
  • Johann Gottfried Herder
  • 20 January 2018
  • 9780226327440

10 thoughts on “Another Philosophy of History and Selected Political Writings

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    What the hell is wrong with these 18th century German philosophers This is actually worse then Kant s take on history Herder just loops around in circles of weak prose that seem like the marginalia of a would be teenage poet then like actual assertions or even ideas about history, philosophy, or anything else Thank providence is the most common sente...

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    The birth of historicism lies in this meandering wasteland of exuberant prose and muddy thought Emotion gives birth to each stage of history, and is, consequently, uncriticizable by reason or understanding History is, then, to be understood as the prejudicial basis from which our reasons flower, and those flowers as the silly superstructure of our irrational economic base Also, did you know that every stage of history is woven seamlessly together, but exists in time as if completely unconnected The history of the world is like one big hand holding dance, but each hand is so unique that it cannot be understood how it is holding the other hand It is very nice to have such a picture of humanity and history, where all stages and all people are the same but each unique, just like snowflakes On the other hand, Herder s is the vision of a poetically inspired irrationalist, who simply seems nostalgic for the chains of Medievalist monarchy, and wants not to defend the rights of cultures to self determination, but the rights of the Middle Ages against the critique of that era by the Enligh...

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    Herder tries to synthesize history into a linear thread, a spirit of history marching forward a universal history sound familiar Take this in When I read sections of this book, I thought Herder was being satirical, parodying historicism Nope He was the prototypical historicist He just associates and juxtaposes different historical periods and geographical regions The Orient as the father of Egypt Egypt as the boyhood of humanity The Roman Empire was of course taken as the supreme form of progres...

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    Book XV, while I don t agree with his characterization of mankind, felt like some hymn to humanity and it was conveyed with such beautiful language and such passion that it was a joy to revel in Even if I...

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    Herder offers a direct challenge to the prevalent Enlightenment view of history as a story of progress In so doing he also plants some of the first seeds of the great historicist revolution his German compatriots would harvest in the next century His emphasis on culture also makes him one of the most important early figures in romanticism, another movement to which he and his countrymen made indelible contributions The book is short and packs quite a punch Any...

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    this is a reply to voltaires philosophy of history and is very impressive herder s main point that he makes is the need to look at any historical contribution through the eyes of that epoch itself he attacks the hubris of philosophers who castigate teh philosophies of the past with the advantage of hindsight the book talks about language, history, science, philosophy, poetry and much much really enjoyed this and it offered a completely...

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Another Philosophy of History and Selected Political WritingsRead Another Philosophy Of History And Selected Political Writings Author Johann Gottfried Herder Rarefishingbooks.co.uk Historians Of Ideas, And Students Of Nationalism In Particular, Have Traced The Origins Of Much Of Our Current Vocabulary And Ways Of Thinking About The Nation Back To Johann Gottfried Herder This Volume Provides A Clear, Readable, And Reliable Translation Of Auch Eine Philosophie Der Geschichte Zur Bildung Der Menschheit, Supplemented By Some Of Herder S Other Important Writings On Politics And History The Editors Insightful Introduction Traces The Role Of Herder S Thought In The Evolution Of Nationalism And Highlights Its Influence On Fields Such As History, Anthropology, And Politics The Volume Is Designed To Give English Speaking Readers Ready Access To The Thinker Whom Isaiah Berlin Called The Father Of The Related Notions Of Nationalism, Historicism, And Volksgeist.

About the Author: Johann Gottfried Herder

Johann Gottfried von Herder was a German philosopher, theologian, poet, and literary critic He is associated with the periods of Enlightenment, Sturm und Drang, and Weimar Classicism.In 1772 Herder published Treatise on the Origin of Language and went further in this promotion of language than his earlier injunction to spew out the ugly slime of the Seine Speak German, O You German Herder now