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Run The Risk Read Run The Risk Author Scott Frost Liversite.co.uk Gel Hmt Vor Angst Sitzt Der Junge Mann Auf Einem Stuhl.In Schwei Gebadet, Die Augen Weit Aufgerissen, Aufseinem Scho Eine Bombe Mit Einem Bewegungsmelder.In Allerletzter Sekunde K Nnen Lieutenant Alex Delillo Undihr Partner Sein Leben Retten.Doch Der T Ter Ist Trotzdem Auf Seine Kosten Gekommen.Nicht Seine Opfer Zu T Ten, Verschafft Ihm Befriedigung,vielmehr Weidet Er Sich An Ihrer Verzweifl Ung Auch Alexsp Rt Bald Die Eisige Hand Der Angst Im Nacken Der Psychopath Entf Hrt Ihre Tochter Und Stellt DieMutter Vor Eine Grausame Entscheidung

  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • Run The Risk
  • Scott Frost
  • German
  • 14 February 2019
  • 9783426635483

About the Author: Scott Frost

Mark Frost and actress Lindsay Frost He worked with his brother and David Lynch on the Twin Peaks television series, writing two episodes Among others, he has also written episodes of Babylon 5 and Andromeda In the early 1990s, he wrote the script for the mystery thriller TV movie Past Tense with Miguel Tejada Flores He again worked with his brother on the 2001 series All Souls.Series

10 thoughts on “Run The Risk

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    What a ride.So let me get this straight I had never heard of this book until my friend lent it to me He said that it was really good and I wanted to give it a try I have never read crime cop murder mystery books before I watch cop TV shows, but I ve never read one And let me say one thing I really enjoyed this book The book starts of a little slow, giving background information and a sense of ambiguity that the characters feel As the story goes on, the characters unravel clues and different answersNow, what I really like about this book is the perspective it is written from The protagonist, Alex, is a cop and a single mother She speaks about her struggle balancing between her work and her relationship with her daughter This was really fascinating Her conflict was very realistic and she really wanted to change many things but couldn t Then her character grows WOW Her character growth was amazing The things she does for her daughter, wow.The other thing I really liked about the book is the villain Nothing is as it seems He s creepy, scary, and unpredicatable I really liked his mind game strategies a...

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    The author was also a screenwriter for Twin Peaks and a few other TV shows.I really enjoyed the mystery, and the reader of the Audio Book I would recommend this book and the author, he has become a new favorite

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    A new author for me I really enjoyed the audio book I enjoyed the story and was immediately drawn in from the first few pages I will definitely be reading the authors other books.

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    It was an engaging story I enjoyed it I d read another by him.

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    What an absolutely cracking read New author to me but I have at least one on my TBR and will be looking for others.

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    Lt Alex Delillo, of the L.A police dept is investigating the killing of a local florist When she and her partner go to the home of another employee at the florist, the door is rigged with explosives Alex s partner is hospitalized and is lucky to be alive.Prior to this, Alex had been at a beauty pagent that her daughter, Lacy, was competing in Lacy created a near riot when she removed two cyllinders from beneath her gown and told the audience that they were killing the environment, just for a parade The crowd panicked but Alex and other police calmed everyone down Alex is furious with her daughter and wonders what happened to the teenage daughter she had just six months ago, the girl who was most comfortable in jeans and T shirts.When Alex s partner was injured, she began working with Det Dylon Harrison, who was in the bomb squad Harrison has a calming effect on Alex and on the victims that he meets.Soon after, a body is found in a remote area Officials i.d the man as a soldier in the Mexican army and speculate that he may have brought explosive materials into the area.Lacy goes missing and Alex and Harrison go to another florist company employee s home Here they find a man strapped to a chair with bombs set to go off if he moves Harrison difuses the bomb and the man tells them that Lacy has been kidnapped.The novel is packed with action which is realistically done The author h...

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    An OK thriller, not terribly different than thousands of others out there though, admittedly, I wish I had the talent to put something like this together.Serial killer kidnaps girl, mother cop chases him down Add in the knowledge that he s an explosives expert, and you can pretty much outline the story.This may be the sexist in me, although I don t think so, but I find that books with a female protagonist are often heavy with discussions and descriptions of emotions and feelings and second guessing This suffers from that quibble a interesting one to me because the author is a man or, since I must admit I haven t looked it up, a woman named Scott This must be a terribly difficult line to walk How do you write a strong female character that doesn t come across as being manly How do you let the reader know she s a woman w...

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    I couldn t finish this one, and that is rare for me The storyline, about a terrorist bomber, is fine, but the protagonist, a single cop mom with a teenage daughter, was than I could take What a whiner She gets hit by a swinging door, and carries on like she s dying And she goes on and on about how hard it is being a cop and a single mom OK, I got that the first time She needs to talk to Lee Childs Reacher about getting some toughness And if that wasn t enough, I had problems with the writing too One example is having two lines of dialogue, followed by a paragraph of exposition, explaining why they said what they said Annoying But what finally broke the camel s back was the bombardment with similes For instance, within one 8 line paragraph, the house had a lifeless quality, like something abandoned during a plague, the blackn...

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    Run the Risk by Scott FrostGave this book 4.75 out of 5 really enjoyed the story and the writing, its fast paced.Lieutenant Alex Delillo is a single mother who fears her daughter Lucy is in the Rose Pageant She wonders why As the winners are to be announced Lucy shows her why she entered.Alex is the head of the homicide dept and she has a heavy work load, A shop keeper is shot and the footage from the shop shows it as an execution style shooting, as they are investigating the shooting Alex s partner is almost killed in an explosion She is shocked by the attack.On the way home she sees a car pulling out from her home but relaxes when the driver starts delivering papers.Whilst looking for the killer of the shop owner another bomb is found on the knee of a victim and her new partner Harrison defuses it with little effort.But whilst she is distracted by the killing and the bombs he daughter Lucy is kidnapped.What does the kidnapper want, money or what.The story moves forward very fast, it...

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    Rating 2 starsSynopsisLieutenant Alex Delillo, a cop mother, who also head of the Homicide Department, is in a nightmare of her own, when her only daughter is kidnapped by a psychopath And it becomes scarier that the psychopath loves bombs Alex must choose between saving her daughter s life or the lives of the public who will be attending the annual parade.Likes err nothing, I guess.Dislikes the storyline is too slow and boring for me T...

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