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Christmas Camp ➽ Christmas Camp Free ➳ Author Karen Schaler – From the screenwriter of the Netflix Original viral hit A Christmas Prince comes another heartwarming holiday story about a beautiful Grinch who’s determined to get her dream job even if it means sp From the screenwriter of the Netflix original viral hit A Christmas Prince comes another heartwarming holiday story about a beautiful Grinch who’s determined to get her dream job even if it means spending a week at a Christmas Camp where she discovers an unexpected loveHaley Hanson’s idea of the perfect Christmas is escaping to the Caribbean to work so she can avoid all the traditional Christmas distractions Over the years she’s sacrificed her personal life to climb the corporate ladder at a prestigious Boston advertising agency Now she just needs to land a coveted Christmas toy company account to make partner But first her boss Larry thinks she needs a holiday attitude adjustment so he ships her off to a Christmas Camp at Holly Peak Inn to help her find her Christmas spiritArriving at the charming mountainside inn Haley meets the owner’s handsome son Jeff and feels an instant spark but resists the attraction refusing to be distracted from her goal of doing all the reuired Christmas tasks as fast as possible so she can get back to workAt first Haley struggles with all the traditional Christmas Camp activities It’s not until she finally allows herself to slow down live in the moment and let Christmas back into her heart that she begins to grow closer to Jeff But when he finds out Haley’s come up with a plan to help his dad save the struggling inn while he’s been trying to convince his dad to sell it their relationship takes a serious holiday hit  Now it will take the magic of the season to bring these two hearts together.

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  1. DJ Sakata DJ Sakata says:

    Favorite uote Since she traveled a lot to visit her clients she took pride in the fact that she never checked any bags going with the philosophy that there were two kinds of luggage carry on and lostMy Review I enjoyed this mild and sweet holiday storyline of a female workaholic named Haley The writing was insightful and finely tweaked with those humorous and thoughtful touches that kicked the narrative up from good to cleverly exceptional The main character of Haley wasn’t exactly a grinch but a mild female version of Scrooge She was exceptionally driven and prone to be selfish and thoughtless in what she said and did in her eagerness to get accounts and make partner She worked all the time and didn’t make time to relax date or socialize outside of work She wasn’t vile just obnoxiously ambitious and work obsessed Her boss staged a covet intervention as “a holiday attitude adjustment” by sending her to “Christmas Camp” an inn with traditional activities geared to bring families together during the holidays This is one of those rare books that is chaste enough for my elderly mother’s Sunday School book club and Hallmark Channel wholesome yet still entertaining to me My favorite character in the story was the exceptionally clever Max the Wonder Dog whom I believe was largely responsible for Haley’s transformation

  2. ☯~☽~•Patricia Mainard•~☾~☯ ☯~☽~•Patricia Mainard•~☾~☯ says:

    I really enjoyed this book a lot Everything about this book was completely amazing I love the charactersthe storyline and the magical time of Christmas The characters were well formed and excellently developedI loved how they interacted with each other The writing was great and held my attention I definitely recommend

  3. Kat Kat says:

    Haley gets passed over for a promotion and a big project at work because she doesn’t get the Christmas spirit which the project reuires When she begs for another chance her boss sends her to “Christmas Camp” at Holly Peak Inn to get her in the right mode Jeff is the owner’s son and trying to save the inn during hard financial times This was a Christmas explosion of Christmas tropes Hot cocoa with whipped cream and candy cane stir sticks Ugly Christmas sweater competitions Reindeer on the lawn Christmas decorated rooms Cookies and wishes in stockings Lots of cheery activities with new friends and a sweet romance developing as the resident grinch finds her ho ho ho This was super cute and had some wonderful warm Christmas messages Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

  4. Carlene Inspired Carlene Inspired says:

    Find this review and others at Carlene InspiredWhere does one start with Christmas Camp? Do I start by telling you it's the perfect Hallmark movie in book form? Do I tell you the girl is relatable and Christmas really does bring magic and love into her overworked life? Or do I tell you it's all thanks to the smart dog? Oh I tell you all of that? Okay it's all true Christmas Camp is the story of Haley Hanson and her desire to make partner at her advertising and marketing firm Only the challenge has to do with Christmas and Haley's idea of Christmas is being poolside with her familywhile still working Meanwhile Jeff is all about the season even if he wants his dad to give up the camp and move a little closer He still believes and he's out to prove to Haley she knows nothing about the true spirit of Christmas She struggles with the activities referring to it all as boot camp but as she learns to slow down she also learns how to open up allowing the unexpected to happen But is Christmas just for a season or is it a forever feeling?Christmas Camp by Karen Schaler arrived right on time for me I love the holidays nothing is better than brisk air peppermint flavored coffee and decorations everywhere but work's had me exhausted lately and my spirit was Scrooge than even Haley's This book has everything you could possibly like about Christmas in it From the decorations to the activities to the sweet personal moments it's exactly like that first untouched sparkly snowfall I really connected with Haley's goal to reach the top and her desperate desire to give her parents everything after they had given so much to her She's lost sight for sure but she's got the spirit in her Jeff is a bit of a tough guy all handsome and closed off They bump heads the entire way but it makes for a funny and cute story that was easy to follow and even easier to fall in love with Christmas Camp is a feel good story the kind you'll want to read again and again It's than a romance though and I think readers will fall in love with the secondary characters we get to know during Haley's time at camp It's the perfect book for the season and while I'm excited to see the movie I'm excited to read this year after year as the holiday season draws nearARC provided

  5. Chris Chris says:

    35 holiday stars A Christmas Camp? What is that? It’s for those who have lost their Christmas spirit those who want to learn how to make their own Christmas traditions and for those lonely souls to continue to hold on to the love and memories of family And for those who just absolutely love Christmas It’s for some who get preoccupied with life work etc and just want to get through Christmas; not feel or “be” Christmas What was lost or never had is now to be found at Christmas Camp The concept of a Christmas Camp is uniue It’s run by Ben Jeff’s widowed dad Jeff helps but his work and business is making time spent with his Dad less and less Ben continues to constantly add to the decorations lighting and experience But money is not coming in and Jeff would like his dad to sell the camp and move near him Yet this property is beautiful and magical and it reminds Ben of his deceased wife and family times especially at Christmas which was hertheir favorite time of year If Ben sells the Christmas camp concept will cease to be New and former guests will not have anything like this to go to because it’s one of a kind Enter young Haley who is a fast tracker in brand marketing She’s bucking for a promotion however her Christmas spirit is not only lacking it’s at zero Haley’s boss notices her lack of Christmas spirit and signs her up for this camp with the agreement he will listen to her pitch as well as her colleague’s pitch and may the best person win this new toy account Haley is highly competitive and while this has served her well in life before it’s going to be a deterrent in achieving her Christmas camp certification of completion She was called the Grinch at the office; she can’t part with her phone or computer and it’s embarrassing how she acts and lies about keeping connected or using these devices for work She is supposed to disconnect from work and immerse herself in the camp experience but wow it’s like her uitting cold turkey Haley has several setbacks and gets in trouble and caught with her phone and is always thinking about or making some comment about work It was getting to be annoying to everyone how she just could not detach herself There’s a connection when Haley and Jeff meet of course And it’s a cute story of their back and forth in establishing a relationship with the magic of Christmas helping to bond them together The festive environment the daily holiday activities group and individual the cookies omg the cookies figure prominently in this book food cocoa and the falling snow all add to the Christmas spirit and before you know it everyone is experiencing the joy the wonder the sharing the peace and love The traditions of the camp are uite heartwarming; it binds those that are present now with former guests who visited in the past Ben coordinates and runs his camp expertly But Ben also has a warm heart and kind soul and is able to see deeper beyond the physical person and helps them kind of figure things out and gives a little push or nudge along the way to get them there I think Jeff carries a little bit of this magic himself; he is very tolerant of Haley but at times gets frustrated and disappointed with her As do the others ButHaley starts bonding with some of the other guests; immersing herself in group cooking singing shopping taking Max the friendly dog for walks baking cookies decorating her tree and the group tree In time she is starting to come around to the feeling in her heart of Christmas She is starting to remember some of her earlier Christmases and traditions as well For someone who gave gift cards to familyfriends Haley is now is capable to select a personal and Christmas appropriate gift that has true meaning It’s a complete turnaround and she finally earns her camp completion certificate But that’s not all there are a few other things that fall into place and it’s a sweet happy ending This book was made into a TV movie and released I believe in December 2018 I laughed out loud when Haley was checked into her room at camp and it was the angel themed room Angels were everywhere and being surrounded by an excess of angel dolls angel embroidered pillows other angel related paraphernalia started making her very anxious She started talking to them and stuffing them into dresser drawers under the bed and into the closet so she would not have to look at them Other guest themed rooms were stars snowmen Santas etc but it appeared that the decor in each room was overly excessive 🤭

  6. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    What a delightful fresh original Christmas season story I wanted to resist it at first but bit by bit it hooked my in and kept me reading on I loved the characters and their stories I loved the persistence of Max a dog and his insight into the human heart  I found myself wishing I was their at the Christmas Camp along with all the participants I might be a little bit easily led I know but I just couldn't resist the feel good message in this storyHaley is a sort of Grinch But she doesn't really have all that much in common with that character when you examine her life and her heart Really that is in the right place She has just become obsessed  with work and her eye is forever on that goal But thanks to her boss she gets a call to step outside her life and experience something different I found myself on her side wanting her to love her respite in this wonder filled place but also to be successful in her ultimate goalI loved the activities the friendships and relationships that were begun or strengthened Mmmm all the feels of the Christmas season plus I believe this just may have a follow up I'm all for it

  7. mindful.librarian ☀️ mindful.librarian ☀️ says:

    free review copy This is perfect for fans of Hallmark Christmas movies and sweet simple holiday stories It actually was a screenplay FIRST and then adapted to a book and that worked well No major complexities just happy Christmas feels

  8. Asheley Asheley says:

    This is the perfect grab some hot chocolate snuggle with a blanket feel good holiday story It is positively dripping with Christmas and I love everything about itHaley works in advertising in Boston and dreams of becoming partner She needs to land a huge campaign to clench the partnership but that campaign centers around a Christmas theme The problem is that Haley doesn’t celebrate the holidays at all and wouldn’t know about creating a Christmas themed campaign if her life depended on it Her boss decides to send her to Christmas Camp before he’ll even entertain her marketing pitch Haley will be “enjoying” a week long all inclusive Christmas intensive with a few other guests hosted by Ben and Jeff an aging inn owner and his son Ben absolutely loves Christmas and has been hosting these camps for years to share the joy of the holidays with people of all types He used to host along with his wife but sadly she is no longer alive to host with him so his son has stepped in to help him carry on the Christmas Camp traditionAt Christmas Camp Haley meets couples that are looking to reconnect over the holiday those that are alone for the first time over the holiday and holiday enthusiasts just wanting to be around Christmas But she’s really the only one there without any desire for Christmas She sneaks her laptop and phone so she can work whenever she can even though it is against the rules This is a little frustrating for the hosts and the other participants but over the course of the week Haley’s begins to enjoy the holidays festivities little by little Making snow angels enjoying Christmas cookies and other treats cutting down her own tree and decorating it with her own theme – these things become something that she enjoys rather than a burden and she is able to relax rather than stress over the work she is missingThis is a fairly straightforward story of person who hates Christmas learning to confront why they dislike Christmas then learning to have some holiday spirit I love stories like this with main characters that almost seem Scrooge like or Grinch like that end up eventually softening their hearts This one reminds me of Sarah Morgan's Sleigh Bells in the Snow although it is much less romance y than Ms Morgan’s story Christmas Camp is overall a feel good story that I love because of all of the characters in it and because of everything that they do and it just happens to have a very slow burn romance with a little bit of promise at the end Hint If you’re looking for a holiday romance y romance you are not going to find that hereI already added it to my yearly holiday reads rotation because it was super fun and I’d love to read it again The setting is good although I can’t remember which state the inn is set I’m pretty sure it is definitely in the northeastern US somewhere not too far off from Boston which is where the characters live when they’re not at the inn Perhaps the inn location is mentioned in the story but I don’t remember At any rate I love the inn with the snow and hills and forests and the feeling of community and family between the hosts and guests The Christmas vibe is also very present with the trees and decorations and hot chocolate and foods and activities I think these may be the things I love most about the book after the characterization which is fantasticIt was a great idea for the author to place so many different types of characters in the camp together because I cared so deeply for all of them and felt curious about their lives beyond just how Haley saw them Like Gail for example who is alone for Christmas because her son in the military is serving time overseas And John who is a divorced physician who works long hours but is at camp with his two teenage children so he can spend uality time making memories with them over the holidays because they are growing up and will soon be moving out as adults Great characterization made this story full and rich and robustThe front of the book mentioned in all caps across the top that this will soon be a “major TV movie” and that is exciting But I honestly cannot imagine the movie being any better than this book This is exactly the type of Christmas story most of us are looking for when we are making our holiday reading lists A follow up isn’t necessary at all but I would definitely read it because I’m curious about what is next for the Christmas Camp itself and for Amelia and Jeff and the rest of the guests from the camp I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Thank you William Morrow BooksFind this review and like it on my blog Into the Hall of Books

  9. Mayda Mayda says:

    It isn’t that Haley has lost her Christmas spirit she never really had any Growing up poor there wasn’t much money to indulge in a lot of holiday decorations or gifts so Christmas wasn’t much different from the other days of the year Now that she had a career and some money to spend she treated her parents and herself to a Caribbean vacation each year at Christmastime instead of celebrating the way most people did But now wanting a promotion at work and to be put in charge of a toy company’s account her boss gives her an ultimatum She must spend a week at a resort’s Christmas Camp to awaken her nonexistent Christmas spirit or the plum account would go to her rival So off Haley goes determined to uickly ace the assignments at the camp and return to work But things don’t uite go the way she expected Author Karen Schaler has penned a delightful light romance that is filled with the Christmas spirit At the core of the novel is the fresh idea of a Christmas camp where guests come to interact with fun activities and outings You might be able to guess how it ends but likely the journey there will be filled surprising twists This tale might even inspire its readers to hold their own mini camp if just for an evening’s fun In fact a couple of recipes and a game of Christmas charades is included in the book for just that purpose This is a fun and entertaining romance a perfect holiday read

  10. Myrna Myrna says:

    Good read for the Christmas Season Christmas Camp had all the elements of Hallmark Christmas movie

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