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Chronicles of The Black Company [Download] ➵ Chronicles of The Black Company ➾ Glen Cook – Darkness wars with darkness as the hard bitten men of the Black Company take their pay and do what they must They bury their doubts with their deadThen comes the prophecy The White Rose has been rebor Darkness wars The Black PDF ✓ with darkness as the hard bitten men of the Black Company take their pay and do what they must They bury their doubts Chronicles of ePUB í with their deadThen comes the prophecy The White Rose has been reborn somewhere to embody good once This omnibus edition comprises The Black Company Shadows Linger of The Black eBook ↠ and The White Rose―the first three novels in Glen Cook's bestselling fantasy series.

About the Author: Glen Cook

Glen Cook The Black PDF ✓ was born in New York City lived in southern Indiana as a small child then grew up in Northern California After high school Chronicles of ePUB í he served in the US Navy and attended the University of Missouri He worked for General Motors for years retiring some years ago He started of The Black eBook ↠ writing short stories in th grade had several published in a high school literary magazine He began writing with m.

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  1. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Buddy Read With Fantasy Group 😊There are 3 books in this book collection The Black Company A dagger nicked Mercy He lost patience SilentSilent was on the job already but he was Silent That meant no sound and very little flash or fury Mole patrons began slapping their faces and pawing the air forsaking us They hopped and danced grabbed their backs and behinds suealed and howled piteously Several collapsed What the hell did you do? I asked Silent grinned exposing sharp teeth He passed a dusky paw across my eyes I saw Mole from a slightly altered perspective The bag he had lugged in from out of town proved to be one of those hornets’ nests you can if you’re unlucky run into in the woods south of Beryl It’s tenants were the bumblebee looking monsters peasants called bald faced hornets They have a foul temper unrivaled anywhere in Nature The cowed the Mole crowd fast without bothering our lads Fine work Silent Mercy said after having vented his own fury on several hapless patrons He herded the survivors into the street Shadows Linger Madle blanched stared at the coin It was a kiss of death His patrons would think he had helped set the ambush Gotcha I whispered Want to get out of this alive?He looked at me in fear and hatred Who the hell are you guys? he demanded in a harsh whisper The Black Company Madle The Black CompanyI don’t know how he managed but he went even whiter I really love Croaker One Eye Silent abd Goblin The White Rose So far this first book is fantastic If it changes I will take note I was not expecting this book The hilarity among grim dark and crazy characters was refreshing and fun I look forward to the rest of the books in this series Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  2. Petrik Petrik says:

    355 stars The Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook is a series that Steven Erikson has praised intensely for a long time now it’s even considered to be his inspiration for Malazan Book of the Fallen and after reading this omnibus I can certainly see whyThere were many aspects that displayed them; similarities between the Bridgeburners and the Black Company a storytelling style that drops readers into the midst of the plot without any clear explanation just to name a few without spoilers The differences between Erikson and Cook would be that Erikson’s series is gigantically massive in scope and difficulty Chronicles of the Black Company omnibus comprises of the first three books in the series The Black Company Shadows Linger and The White Rose These three made up for the first story arc in the series Books of the North story arc Same as my review for Riyria Revelations omnibuses I won’t be writing a full review for each book but I’ll write a mini review for each book in this volume instead The Black Company 35 starsThe first book in the omnibus and series The Black Company was a good start and introduction to the series but not an easy one to get into for me The immediate and noticeable element of my first entry into this series was Cook’s super minimalistic writing Important events happened in one sentence sometimes even only a few words In this book Cook didn’t paint any of his scenes vividly; actions world building pretty much everything were done in short sentences This style of prose combined with the fact the story in the first book was told exclusively from the annalist of the Black Company Croaker’s made the first half uite a struggle for me to read through It did get better in later installments but his first person perspective in this one really made the book felt almost devoid of emotion It took a long time for me to get used to the prose thankfully by the last uarter I’ve started to get used to the writing and felt attached to the characters “Evil is relativeYou can’t hang a sign on it You can’t touch it or taste it or cut it with a sword Evil depends on where you are standing pointing your indicting finger” Shadows Linger 45 stars Shadows Linger the second book in the series was a significant improvement over the first book Although it’s true that I’ve started to get used to Cook’s prose at this point it’s highly probable that Cook’s writing on its own has improved immensely in this installment Croaker’s narration has gotten better to read but importantly what made Shadows Linger so engrossing was the addition of a new character’s perspective Shed’s Shed’s perspective was gripping unputdownable and it adds varieties to the overall narrative In my opinion Shed’s storyline was even better than Croaker’s side I found Cook’s third person narration in Shed’s POV to excels over his first person narration Also Shed’s development was believable and realistic Cook truly brings out some of the worst parts of humanity within his story brilliantly; money greed lust blind love deceit and fatigue of war filled the plot of the second book The sections where the Black Company contemplated the purpose of their group and war helped a lot in showcasing the character’s emotion that felt largely missing in the first book “I believe in our side and theirs with the good and evil decided after the fact by those who survive Among men you seldom find the good with one standard and the shadow with another” The White Rose 355 starsThis is the third and the last book in this omnibus; it also closes the Book of the North story arc of the series I enjoyed this one than the first book but I personally think the second book was better The story was told in three perspectives of three—at first—different timelines that eventually converged Seeing that this is the third book already I feel like I’ve gotten to know the main characters even than before The personalities and banter between the characters were enjoyable to read; sometimes funny sometimes sad But I must say that although it has a strong and memorable closing section I feel like it took a bit too long to get there Overall though this was certainly a great conclusion to the first story arc “I do not want to die Croaker All that I am shrieks against the unrighteousness of death All that I am was and probably will be is shaped by my passion to evade the end of me” Chronicles of the Black Company was a great kick off to the series and reading these three gave me insight on why “the grandfather of grimdark” title was given to Glen Cook Darkness battles darkness morally grey characters good or evil are decided by which side they stand; despite a rough start I had a good time with the first story arc of the series and I will definitely continue “There are no self proclaimed villains only regiments of self proclaimed saints Victorious historians rule where good or evil lies We abjure labels We fight for money and an indefinable pride The politics the ethics the moralities are irrelevant” Chronicles of the Black Company 10515 stars You can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  3. Markus Markus says:

    “No one will sing songs in our memory We are the last of the Free Companies of Khatovar Our traditions and memories live only in these Annals We are our own mourners” The Chronicles of the Black Company tell the tales and legends of a renowned mercenary company with centuries of histories and tradition told through the lens of its own preserved annals Throughout this three book omnibus edition first of many the reader is brought along on a journey from the rich southern cities of the south to the dark feared catacombs of the Barrowland in the far north And some journey that isOur story begins in the city of Beryl on the southern shore of the Sea of Torments where the Black Company sits around and does nothing while it is hired to the service of the local ruler the Syndic But the war hardened mercenaries of the company are never able to rest easy for long While the city of Beryl is boiling with riots and public unrest a mysterious black ship carrying an eually enigmatic sorcerer sails into the harbourAfter terminating the agreement with Beryl by letting the Syndic die and slaughtering his Urban Cohorts the company escapes a city virtually in a state of war They are left with only one option to join up with the sorcerer and travel wherever he decides Their mysterious new employer soon reveals himself to be a representative of the Lady the dark ruler of a vast empire in the north who attempts to crush the last great rebellion against her absolute rule Thus begins the epic tale of the Black Company I believe in our side and theirs with the good and evil decided after the fact by those who survive Among men you seldom find the good with one standard and the shadow with anotherThe viewpoint of the Black Company is that of common soldiers fighting a war for an evil mistress whose desire is to rule everyone and everything They live in a world where darkness is fighting against darkness and they have adapted to reality instead of playing heroes They follow orders without uestioning and take their pay going wherever they have to and fighting whoever they mustThe narrator of the story is Croaker company physician and annalist This guy is or less a brilliant choice for the role as he sees all the action while also being indispensable enough to stay far enough behind the lines to survive and report everything that happens in his annals whose pages are filled with centuries of history The narrative of the trilogy is really well written and to me it did really feel like reading Croaker's writings most of the time as opposed to those of a present day writer In the last book the story actually takes place in three different periods of time with three different protagonists but even there the author easily weaves everything into Croaker's narrative by having the annalist receive letters containing the other parts of the storyThe many different supporting characters all add to the uality of the story in their way and Croaker's descriptions of them are usually both fascinating and beautiful Among the soldiers of the company there is the Captain calm and experienced; Goblin and One Eye the constantly uarreling wizards; the loyal and honourable Elmo and the Lieutenant; and the enigmatic Raven who is a mystery to his fellow mercenaries An old tired man That is what I am What became of the old fire drive ambition? There were dreams once upon a time dreams now all but forgotten On sad days I dust them off and fondle them nostalgically with a patronizing wonder at the naivete of the youth who dreamed themThe Chronicles of the Black Company the tale of their many years of wars and struggles of victories and defeats is an amazingly beautiful one It's filled with amazing descriptions of places and people of journeys to the end of the world and of battles against the darknessGlen Cook really manages to shape the legend of the Black Company into a great work that any fantasy fan should find the time to read Through the experiences and musings of Croaker the reader experiences a haunting story of war and death love and loss and even regrets and nostalgia as the annalist recounts memories from earlier happier days “With the Black Company series Glen Cook single handedly changed the face of fantasy—something a lot of people didn’t notice and maybe still don’t He brought the story down to a human level dispensing with the cliché archetypes of princes kings and evil sorcerers Reading his stuff was like reading Vietnam War fiction on peyote” Steven EriksonThe Chronicles of the Black Company is a trilogy of fantasy novels But mostly it's a collection of war stories Of completely normal men fighting a war to earn their pay This was unlike any other work of fantasy I've ever read not in a positive or negative way; just differentIn the end though this was in my eyes a great trilogy and a wonderful reading experience While this is not normally the kind of fantasy I normally read I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent reading it and I would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone And not only fantasy fans but everyone who loves fiction in general It is now a series spanning four omnibus editions and is still being written with a recently published preuel and a final book still to comeUpdated 131115Updated 270420This is one of two reviews I have done for this series This is an introductory one The other can be found here and is a look back on the series after having finished

  4. mark monday mark monday says:

    Oh 'twould be marvelous if the world and its moral uestions were like some game board with plain black players and white and fixed rules and nary a shade of greywar is hell hell is other people other people are other people other people have their problems i have my own problems my people are my people their goals are my goals we do what we can we fight in a war war is a business war is our businessThe Black Company is a mercenary outfit they are from the South; they currently work in the North they fight for the Lady they fight against the Rebel they fight against the Lady they fight for the White Rose they fight for the Lady again they fight for evil they fight for good they fight for who pays them they fight against those who are against them they do terrible things they do some good things tooGlen Cook was in the military he understands what could be called the military mindset i suppose his characters feel completely real they feel like real soldiers they are cynical; they follow orders; their first loyalty is to each other Cook writes in choppy abrupt stripped down prose like a journalist writing on the spot field reports his prose is not rich or lyrical it does not glow it does not leap off of the page his characters have names like Croaker and Darling and Shed and One Eye his cities have names like Rust and Oar and Opal and Roses there is a crude poetry to his prose it is perfectly suited to what this series is trying to accomplishi read some reviews of this series before writing this review a regular complaint is the lack of beauty in Cook's naming of people and places; a certain lack of fantastickal whimsy or majesty in the writing itself SWOOSH you are missing the point The Black Company series is indeed pure fantasy it contains magic and monsters and wizards and epic battles involving magic monsters and wizards and yet its goal appears to be to reduce all the lavish world building and all of the lustrous magic within those fantasy elements in service of making something that actually feels real something that feels dark and dirty and yet because of that dark dirtiness something that also feels alive and warm Cook does not write with a flair for microscopic detail; he does not envision his characters as having larger than life personalities or operatically tragic narrative trajectories he is not George RR Martin nor does Cook write with snarky sizzling wit or an eye for the cinematic action seuence or a need to surprise the reader with various malevolent sucker punches he is not Joe Abercrombie he writes from a ground eye view from a working man's perspective through the eyes of people who are neither all good nor all bad but who are just trying to do what they can with what they have been given they want to get paid they do not hunger for danger they want to make their lives a little better so when the realization dawns that these disreputable shady completely fallible characters are trying to accomplish some good with what little they have available well it is a beautiful thing if shades of grey can be considered a beautiful thingand he doesn't just do this for his soldiers the third book portrays a powerful god tree as a being who is just trying to do a job that needs to be done he's grumpy about it he is not particularly sympathetic to other people's problems he's a good guy apparently but a disinterested one after all he has to focus on his own work the series also features a rather loathsome innkeeper and various malevolent sorcerers and tyrants they get the same treatment after all who is a villain in their own mind? the eventual realization that a loathsome innkeeper and a terrible sorceress tyrant are also trying to do what little good they can accomplish comes slowly and is mapped out carefully hints dropped nonchalantly an accumulation of evidence Cook does not push this revelation on the reader it just is what it is and so characters like Shed the Innkeeper and the tyrant known as the Lady much like soldiers with names like Elmo and Croaker and the Captain and the Lieutenant become real in a way that i have seldom seen accomplished in other works of fantasygreat job Cook no wonder your series is such a cult classicalthough i think the first novel in the series is clearly the strongest the entire trilogy is certainly a worthy experience if you are in the right mindset if military fantasy doesn't bother your progressive sentiments if you actually don't need things like sentiment in your fantasyreview for the first book here

  5. Em Lost In Books Em Lost In Books says:

    giving up at 31% after reading book 1

  6. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    This is a copypaste of my BookLikes review are no good guys just a band of mercenaries always trying to make a choice between a bad side and a very bad side they work with a lesser evil to prevent the comeback of a greater one The people they work with only consider them a useful tool to be discarded when they outlive their usefulness so expect a lot of backstabbing and double crossings always present in Glen Cook's writings The mercenaries are definitely not nice guys who do a lot of dirty work but they grow on you and I found I cared about them by the end of the first book If you want to know where Steven Erikson found his inspiration to write about soldiers' interactions for his Malazan series look no further than this These interactions in here are brilliant soldiers' brotherhood rivalry of minor wizards and fighting between the said wizards while drunk reluctant heroics and people bound by their duty The writing style is something which takes some time to get used to it is annals of the Company written by its annalist In this book it is a guy who also happened to be the Company's surgeon aptly named Croaker; he does not spend his time writing about nature landscapes cloths food etc Some people abandon the first book because of this minimalistic style but if you can live with it the reading becomes smooth sailing This is a beginning of the series where I was having great trouble to put a book away this one and all others in the series

  7. Athena Shardbearer Athena Shardbearer says:

    OHThe Black Company how you have won my heart Reasons you should read this series1 Bad ass Mercenaries2 Band of Misfits3 Magic and Creepy Ass WizardsGoblin Still love him4 Croaker as a narrator hilarious and sometimes a weenie5 The Lady shivers 6 The Dominator Ok I will admit every time I read this my mind went into the gutter7 RAVEN view spoilerStill mad at himdamn him hide spoiler

  8. Sade Sade says:

    Book 1 Review 2starsIt just hit me that i should have picked the single edition and not omnibus one now i'm reading three books for one ugh pot of beans life That aside I DID NOT ENJOY THIS BOOK yeah there were some parts which were sort of enjoyable where i had a glimmer of what was going on but for the most part you're just going in blind Imagine someone opens up a door and slams it shut before you get your bearings that's how you get to view this book You get a rough understanding of what is going on but mainly you're just stumbling through wondering why the hell you picked up the book in the first place which was how i felt for the most part of this bookAlso i absolutely detested the first person narrative in the book We had the pleasure of reading this book from Croaker's narrative who happens to be the Annalist of the Black Company's POV While i no longer blacklist books yes i was that finicky simply for being in first person narrative i absolutely do not understand why every single thing has to be from Croaker and there's a shit load of characters in the book why on earth am i subjected to one person's narrative for over 300 pages??? Don't get me wrong Croaker isn't a bad character but it would have been great to get some other character's perspective on things All in all not a good start to this seriesBook 2 Review 3 StarsOk im going to be honest i still don't see what the epicness of this book is Anyways i definitely enjoyed this way than i did book 1 mainly because i wasn't just getting Croaker's views on everybodyI don't know about you guys but it's kind of hard to fall in love with characters that you don't know Kinda excited to know how book 3 ends though so i'm definitely going to pick that up soonBook 3 Review 4 StarsYeah i actually really enjoyed the 3rd book of this series I know a lot of people just can't seem to get into this book and it's really not their fault So here's basically my negatives on this bookCroaker's POV Reason with me people Why on earth would you name a book Chronicles of the Black Company if we don't get to meet the Black Company Is Croaker the whole black company?? How is it that only about a handful of the Black Company get names? Are you telling me just One Eye Goblin Silent Otto i only remembered this name cos it was mentioned in book 3 again Elmo?? Eldo?? The Captain and the lieutenant were the only people worth mentioning? and it's not like you actually get to meet them No seriously how do you have characters of such scope and get the PoV of ONE PERSON ONE PERSON for the whole gaddamn black company That's not even the most annoying part whatever doesn't interest Croaker he doesn't take time describe Dude is a terrible narrator He leaves the good stuff out and his descriptions are basically lacking flair Case in point his description of the battle in Rusts Weapons Clanged Arrows flew Horses Shrieked The end that was the battle I'm not sure why Glen Cook made a central character who for all intents and purposes didn't care enough to give us the facts on the matter Reading Croaker's perspective it's easy to think the author's writing is shit which it is for the most part but in Book 2 and 3 the writer introduces not sure if it's 2nd or 3rd Person Pov for other characters not in the Black Company and it's brilliant There's also the additional negative of not knowing what happens if Croaker doesn't witness an event Case in point in book 1 at the battle of Charms I wakened less frightened but hardly confidentOne Eye appeared almost immediately 'You allright?' 'Yeah i'm fine''You missed a hell of a show'I raised an eyebrow'The circle and the Taken went at it after your lights went out Only stopped a while ago'UGHTime Line Frankly the time line was a messCroaker mentions in passing in certain parts how much time has gone in parts but lord almighty You'd be reading the book thinking everone was on the same timeline and croaker's part would pop up and he'd go oh it's been months or years and you're just likewhat?? how?? when??How did Darling have time to organise a well formed rebel group So basically you're told almost through out the start of book 3 that the black company has been on the run hiding and shit They make it to the plain of fear where Croaker says they've been for years and are basically outside communication is bordering on sparse to non existent but somehow no explanation nothing Darling somehow manages to assemble a well organised network of rebels Yeeeeeeeeeeah i get Glen CookSeriuosly Underwhelming Descriptions Underwhelming shock value Let's start with the Dominator This supposedly bad ass will crush the world and darkness will forever reign baddy We've been regaled with tales of his supposed evilness from book 1 Then finally we get to meet this evil personified and this is what we get The other boasted a sleeping man A big man and handsome but with the mark of the beast upon him even in repose A face full of hot hatred of the anger of defeatLike seriously that's it? Let's circle back to this mark of the beast thing which i'm not even sure what it's supposed to be Was Cook talking about the mark of the beast in the bible? is there some sort of universal mark of the beast we're all supposed to know about? Another underwhelming part was the Lady killing off some of the Taken The Lady called upon that power she held over them and they ceased to be TakenCook is unable to present shock value like he'd just drop a bomb in the book that would ordinarily make you go HOLY SHIT in other books but for him the presentation would be bland Leading to disappointment and it's so frustrating because you as the reader actually recognise these parts as important momentsSo probably wondering why book 3 is 4Stars Well despite Cook's best attempts and believe me he went hard to sabotage himself brilliant story telling does manage to shine through especially when Croaker wasn't narrating everythingThat being said Croaker wasn't all shit guys Somehow he managed to present another view of The Lady that absolutely made me fall in love with her Seriously that woman was bad ass and a geniusNot sure why the 3rd book is named The White Rose because uite frankly this book was all about the ladyAll in all i actually think this book isn't unreadable and i'll definitely continue with the seriesOverall stars for all 3 books 3 Stars

  9. Eric Eric says:

    I read about the first 75 pages of the first book The Black Company and I just can't get over the feeling that something is fundamentally missing from the story I can't get a handle on who exactly the Black Company is how many of them their are their history or any specifics on the individuals who make it up past vague generalizations More time is spent detailing the one new addition to the group Raven than on the narrator Croaker the few important magicians or the seldom mentioned chain of command Without being invested in this group of mercenaries it is hard to care about whatever it is exactly that they are invested in

  10. Mark Mark says:

    The Black Company 4 stars Shadows Linger 5 stars The White Rose 5 stars

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