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10 thoughts on “鬼滅の刃 7

  1. Jenny Jenny says:

    How does this story go from heartwarming and charming to hilarious to dark nightmare fuel to bad ass in the span of one volume? That's a lot of emotions to feel in one volume and it was GLORIOUSI had mentioned when reviewing the last volume that I was expecting to get characterization of the Hashira members and Gotouge did not disappoint with Rengoku I find it amusing that I didn't find him all that interesting in the last volume but now I love him I love my obnoxiously loud enthusiastic big brother type with bad ass flames Seriously he is such a cool character and I love his almost smothering enthusiasm as well as his interactions with Tanjiro I can't wait to see the path the story takes those twoI feel like Zenitsu was best boy last volume because of his multiple freak outs but Inosuke was definitely best boy in this volume From him losing his shit and not knowing what a steam train is to his bad assery during the fight with Enmu he totally stole the show for most of the volumeTanjiro's dream seuence was heartbreaking to watch but also incredibly poignant and speaks to Tanjiro's drive to keep moving forward despite wanting to return to better times Also the fact that he first realizes he's in a dream by being pulled into the water by is reflection was awesome great continuity regarding his water breathing techniues Nezuko was awesome as well and got some time to shine especially being the one who woke up Tanjiro and later everyone else I'm so glad she plays a major role in this series and doesn't get sidelined so the boys can show off Thank you Gotouge thank you so very muchEnmu was a creepy slimy villain who took over a WHOLE FUCKING TRAIN WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK THAT IS AWESOME And yo his bones being UNDERNEATH the front of the train and being large as FUCK was crazy and I loved it Not the deepest or most original villain but he certainly works for this seriesThe volume ended on a beautiful cliffhanger but that just makes me pumped for volume 8 Damn I love this series so much

  2. James DeSantis James DeSantis says:

    Demon Slayer remains one of the best Mangas currently out for me This is a train attack Actually it starts off really cute where our hero Tanjiro says goodbye to all the people who nursed him back to health It's cute and great character development Also the next arc we get to see a veteran demon slayer in action but even so what everyone in the group dreams about That's right welcome to a special episode of Demon Slayer Inception The character growth in this series remains amazing The art is great with easy enough fights to follow I enjoyed watching what each character dreams but also how they handle a demon invading their life I also enjoyed watching everyone work as a team was badass Overall Demon Slayer is just a pure pleasure to read I hope it continues to be this great A 45 out of 5

  3. B. P. Rinehart B. P. Rinehart says:

    Ok so after the anime ended I had to keep going So it is interesting to see what this title looked like before anyone thought it would be adapted into an anime It is interesting to see where this series is going given what has happened in the previous volumes to these guys Talk about the train ride from hell So now it looks like I have to add a third manga to my list titles I regularly follow One thing that really interested me about the series is that it takes place in the Taisho period rather than in the feudal era of Japanese history like Inuyasha There has to be some sort of commentary to that decision Oh and for folks who have not read this that's a guy on the front cover and despite his face is one of the most brolic characters in the series

  4. Moriah Venable Moriah Venable says:

    After leaving The Demon Slayer Corps the group tracks down someone who can help them on the Infinity Train but things take a turn when they are forced to sleep and dreamI really enjoyed this volume I had forgotten about Enmu their way to killing the demon slayer was pretty clever I wonder who they will defeat himThe artwork still creeps me out sometimes but it is really well drawn This isn't something I would usually read but it's an emotional and action packed journey

  5. Victoria ♡ Victoria ♡ says:

    Read earlier this year adding late oops

  6. Aaryn Flott Aaryn Flott says:

    Hashira Kengoku I love you 😍

  7. Julie Julie says:

    Inosuke is so cute I wish I liked his character

  8. Sara Bakhshi Sara Bakhshi says:

    Remember when I said about some other mangas that I gonna recommend them to all people I see? This is the one I not only suggest but also read for anyone I meetIt's a complete emotional rollercoasterI was laughing hard then another minute crying

  9. Allyson (AllyEmReads) Allyson (AllyEmReads) says:

    Finally caught up to where the anime ended the first season and on to new content yay

  10. tammy tammy says:

    i read this last month but completely forgot to add it on here i finished the anime which i loved i definitely wanted to continue so i picked up the manga from when the anime endedthe concept for this demon was also cool rengoku was awesome he’s so

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鬼滅の刃 7 [Download] ➽ 鬼滅の刃 7 Author Koyoharu Gotouge – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Giappone albori del Ventesimo Secolo Il giovane Tanjiro un gentile venditore di carbone vede la sua uotidianità stravolta dallo sterminio della famiglia a opera di un demone L’unica rimasta in vita Giappone albori del Ventesimo Secolo Il giovane Tanjiro un gentile venditore di carbone vede la sua uotidianità stravolta dallo sterminio della famiglia a opera di un demone L’unica rimasta in vita è la sorella minore Nezuko che tuttavia è stata trasformata in un demone a sua volta Per farla tornare come prima e vendicarsi del mostro che ha ucciso la madre e i fratellini Tanjiro si mette in viaggio con Nezuko dando inizio a un avvincente racconto di sangue spade e avventuraGuariti dalle ferite della battaglia grazie ai servigi di Shinobu una delle Colonne Tanjiro e gli altri acuisiscono la tecnica della Concentrazione Totale Permanente Accompagnano poi Rengoku Colonna delle Fiamme a bordo del treno Infinito con l’obiettivo di eliminare un demone che si nasconde nel convoglio Ma gli eventi della realtà si confondono con i sogni creati dal nemico intrappolando Tanjiro e tutti i suoi compagni.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 215 pages
  • 鬼滅の刃 7
  • Koyoharu Gotouge
  • Japanese
  • 13 March 2015