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Flamebringer (Heartstone #3) Monsters, Manners, And Magic Combine In This Exciting Final Volume In The Heartstone Trilogy An Exhilarating Blend Of Epic Fantasy And Jane Austen S Pride And Prejudice In Which A Fearless Healer And Her Dragon Riding Husband Must Stop A Reawakened Evil From Destroying Their WorldIt Starts With The Inconceivable Wydrick, Sworn Enemy Of The Daireds, Is Back From The Dead, Possessed By A Ghast That Grants Him Immortality And Inhuman Strength From The Isolated Northern Mountains, Aliza, Alastair, And Akarra Chase Him Into The Dangerous Old Wilds, Realizing Too Late That He S Led Them Into A Blizzard Before He Vanishes, Wydrick Utters A Warning A Terrible, Ancient Evil Has Awoken, Hungry For Blood, And Is Headed Their WayThe Danger Is Closer Than They Know The Tekari Sworn Enemies Of Humans Are Openly Roaming The Kingdom And Are Headed Towards The Capital, Edonarle Then Unexpected News Arrives Riding Like A Dark Dragon On The Winds From The South, An Ambassador From The Silent King Of Els, Has Left The Shores Of The Distant Desert Kingdom For The First Time In CenturiesUnknown Enemy Or Unexpected Ally Plunged Into A Dangerous World Of Royal Intrigue And Ancient Grudges, Aliza And Alastair Soon Realize It Will Take Than Steel And Dragonfire To Save Their Kingdom For The Silence Of Els Hides A Secret That Could Shake House Daired To Its Foundations, And The Time Has Come To Settle AccountsSilence, It Seems, Is About To Be Broken

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  • 368 pages
  • Flamebringer (Heartstone #3)
  • Elle Katharine White
  • English
  • 09 March 2017
  • 9780062747990

About the Author: Elle Katharine White

A textbook introvert who likes to throw out the textbook every once in a while just to see what happens, Elle grew up in Buffalo, NY, where she learned valuable life skills like how to clear a snowy driveway in under twenty minutes and how to cheer for the perennial underdog When she s not writing, she spends her time drinking tea, loitering in libraries and secondhand bookshops, and dreaming of

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum s amazing to look back and see how far this series has come What began as a fantasy retelling of Pride Prejudice has flourished and matured into a trilogy that is a phenomenon in its own right Ever since Elle Katharine White started injecting original ideas into the world of Heartstone, expanding the lore and enriching the characters and story with her own personal touch, things have started to really take off.Flamebringer, the third and final volume, begins with Aliza and Alastair heading off into the wilderness in pursuit of Wydrick, the sworn enemy of the Daireds Reanimated by a ghast, Wydrick is now immortal and powerful than ever, and he has a dire warning for our characters.In this world of magic and monsters, there are creatures terrible than you can ever imagine In the heart of the Old Wilds, Aliza and Alistair stumble upon an ancient sanctum holding secrets older than time itself Everything they know and love is now being threatened by a terrible evil, newly awakened and ready to wreak havoc Under its direction, bloodthirsty hordes of Tekari and Ghasts are gathering outside the capital of Edonarle and preparing to attack.Racing against time to warn the city, our couple traveling on the dragon Akarra must brave the elements and other dangers of the wilds But even if by some miracle they manage to survive the coming onslaught, there s still the messy matter of politics to contend with The word is that an ambassador from the south has been dispatched at the behest of the elusive Silent King, and it is anyone s guess what his next move will be.There s a bit of everything in this book, including action, adventure, mystery, and a strong dose of political intrigue There s another noticeable shift here in terms of focus, as this time, the author has decided to go all in on the story Of the three books, Flamebringer feels the most tightly plotted, whisking readers off on this epic journey packed to the gills with edge of your seat battle scenes and shocking watershed moments all of it building up to a finale you won t soon forget.At the same time, White is careful not to neglect the character development amidst all this furious action The relationship between Aliza and Alistair is central to this series, and thankfully this aspect continues to grow and evolve as we watch their marriage go through its ups and downs Despite the novel s aggressive pace, we do get the occasional opportunity to catch our breath and explore Aliza s inner thoughts during these brief moments of respite She is still dealing with a lot of grief and guilt over past losses, and even though Aliza has nothing but love for her family, some of her feelings are causing unwanted tensions between her and her sister.Quite honestly, I was surprised to find such a heavy emotional component in such a fast paced book But at the same time, having been with these characters since the beginning, I feel a closeness to them, especially to Aliza who wears her heart on her sleeve despite the rules of etiquette and social manners being so ingrained in her life I really felt for her, and throughout the novel there were a few intensely raw moments that stood out for me, where I truly believe the author wrote straight from the heart.While a part of me is tempted to say Flamebringer could have used dragons, at the same time, I think we all know the series has moved far beyond that All in all, I couldn t be happier with the way this book ended It s hard to believe such a sensational epic journey grew out of a book like Heartstone, but such surprises are often the best kind Needless to say, I m mighty glad we broke out of the standard retelling mold, and I look forward to seeing all the other ways Elle Katharine White will stretch her creativity muscles in the future Overall, I highly recommend this trio of books for anyone who enjoys a good balance of fantasy, romance, and intrigue

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    Source Publisher Genre Fantasy, Dragons Rating 4.0 Thoughts Flamebringer is the third and final installment in author Elle Katharine White s Heartstone trilogy This series started out as a homage to Pride and Prejudice but has become of an epic fantasy novel The story picks up almost immediately after the events in Dragonshadow Having been warned by former Ranger Tristan Wydrick that a terrible, ancient evil has awoken, hungry for blood, and is headed their way, Aliza Alistair Daired, along with Akarra the Dragon, attempt to fly thru a deadly blizzard only to end up stranded in the Rushless Wood Full Review Gizmos Reviews

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    Thank you so much Harper Voyager for providing me a free copy through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review.A great conclusion to this fantasy homage to Pride and Prejudice.CHARACTERS Aliza really shines in this final installment she learns the world she lives in and her husband s family, her personality and upbringing help her finding solutions to multiple problems.Alistair is kinda relegated to the background he has to deal with a huge truth about his family whom at this point he considered irreproachable to the point of blind devotion and it s a huge shock to his systemthat said, he continues to sustain Aliza and they both continue to grow together and cementing their relationship Overall I was pretty satisfied with the character development in this book as well.WORLD BUILDING AND PLOT The plot can be divided in three chunks the first two are the crescendo in which Aliza mainly and Alistair hunt for the clues of what exactly they re facing, which will then erupt in the big final battle all of the third section.The world building was yet again improved by adding a huge layer of lore and history and some new kind of creatures.WRITING The writing style remains on par with the previous two it flows smoothly and maintains an easy vocabulary while still obeying to the archetypes of period literature, mainly in the dialogues.

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    3.75 StarsElle Katharine White brings her Heartstone trilogy to a dramatic conclusion in Flamebringer. Her protagonist Aliza finds that she has married into a Fireborn family with a mysterious history and that the younger generation of the family is being held to account for events that took place centuries before Wydrick is truly back though not alone in his being back and there are others, like Rookwood, from Aliza and Alastair s past who have returned to plague them Aliza s sight a kind of foresight has been her greatest strength, other than her powers as a healer In this instance, it is her resolute nature and loyalty to the family that she married into that will save the day We also see her reunited with her beloved sister Anjey, and her much loved sister in law, Julienna The Silent King of the Els is a part of this dark story and when he starts speaking everyone will have to try their hardest to survive his wrath.A fitting conclusion to this YA series, it will be interesting to see where White goes next Is epic fantasy in her future plans Content Warning protagonist ends up with disfigurement permanent damage I received an Advance Review Copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    I am crying, y all This book left me in tears White sure knows how to pull on all the heartstrings This is a great conclusion to the series, and the last fourth of the book was breakneck, heartstopping action.That being said, the middle dragged a bit for me I also wasn t sure why the author chose to include some elements other than to surprise the reader because they didn t seem to tie back to the conclusion I wish everything had been plotted a little tightly Overall I enjoyed Dragonshadow than this one, but as a whole I love the series and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves epic fantasy with a perfect romance at the forefront I hope to see from this author soon

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    Originally posted at Vampire Book ClubWhile away investigating the deaths of Idar near the Castle of Selwyn at the northern border of Arle, Aliza and Alastair Daired came face to face with House Daired s sworn enemy Tristan Wydrick, previously thought dead, but still very much alive That is, alive and ghast ridden playing host to violent shadow creatures Wydrick imparts the same warning as others in the area a great evil has been biding its time but is getting ready to strike.As Arle prepares for a convocation between neighboring nations, and Tekari attacks are happening with frequency, Aliza and Alastair must gather together all those able and willing to fight for Arle, because the evil is already at their shores.Flamebringer picks up right where Dragonshadow left us, with Aliza and Alastair in pursuit of Wydrick It s not long before they realize it s a fruitless endeavor as he s already escaped for now In other words, the book starts off running and while it seemingly has moments of pause and reflection, looking back as I write this review, I feel like Flamebringer when compared to Dragonshadow s languorous build sped through the story too fast It s almost like books two and three are just parts two parts of a whole They go hand in hand so than the first book which stands on its own solidly despite having certain elements that were tied into the last two books.Mostly, I felt like there were still a lot of issues that Aliza and Alastair needed to deal with that get pushed aside without any meaningful resolution because of the overarching conflict that has arisen I loved how Elle Katharine White portrayed their marriage You can feel the love they have for each other even when life happens and puts them on paths that are askew from one another It s one of the most honest and true relationships I ve read recently Yes, we love the Happily Ever Afters at least I do , but what really solidifies a relationship is working through the difficult times and the times you re at odds with your significant other.I was super happy that there was a brief return to Hart s Run and reuniting with Aliza and Alastair s families and characters from the first book I felt like Dragonshadow really set the Daireds apart, and slightly adrift, from those they care about an almost desolate feeling but Flamebringer brings them back into the fold, so to speak, and you can feel that strength of heart and spirit that being around your loved ones provides Elle Katharine White certainly doesn t pull any punches throughout this series and with it being the final battle, you know Flamebringer is going to have some pretty big emotional moments.Flamebringer is an engaging read For all that I thought it went by too quickly, mostly that s because I am really interested in the world Elle Katharine White has created, and don t want to leave it so soon I feel like there are still corners of Arle, and beyond, that beg for exploration, and there is certainly a plethora of characters who can take up the mantle in Alize and Alastair s stead Fingers crossed we get to explore some Overall, though, I m really impressed with a series that started as a classic retelling but developed its own history and mythology that stand apart on their own merits.

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    What started as a fantasy homage to Pride and Prejudice morphed into a nice stand alone series by this third volume Admittedly, I prefer the fantasy to the literature retelling since this story holds its own much better when not constrained by the plot of another novel There is plenty of action in this book, which looks to be the last in the trilogy A lot of backstory is explained and we learn quite a bit about the world, its mythos, and character history As well, the author isn t afraid to kill off characters, giving a bit gravitas to the denouement.Story Aliza and Alastair set off into wild country, hot on the heels of Wydrick Instead, they find themselves in a special sanctuary, with inhabitants who tell of a history older even than the dragons That history will lead Aliza to learn a terrible truth about Alastair s family At the same time, an old evil is stirring, calling for the Tekari and Ghasts to attack strategic locations Will Aliza and Alistair find allies in enough time before the evil is released and war comes to their lands The book flows smoothly and a good portion of it is the Daired couple traveling on Akarra and facing difficulties and danger along the way There are three parts to the story the first two are set ups for Aliza learning about her world and her husband s family s secrets The last portion is an epic battle to end the trilogy.There is further character development in the book and several characters do stray far from their Pride and Prejudice roots Alastair spends most of the book brooding which gives Aliza time to shine She stays very strong throughout and often finds solutions that the Daired brute strength would have failed We also get to learn a lot about the dragons and see dragon characters.It s an enjoyable read and easy to follow The ending is well done and makes for a great ending to the series I especially appreciated that the author brought the story full circle from the first novel and expanded the world building enough to make the expansion from one book into three appear organic and planned Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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    Flamebringer is the richly imagined, lushly magical conclusion to the Heartstone trilogy, in which we join Aliza and Alistair almost immediately after the events in Dragonshadow All of the world and character building take place in the first two novels, so potential readers will definitely want to begin with Heartstone.Having been warned of a coming war greater than any the world has ever seen, our intrepid heroes are flying through a blizzard in the hopes of catching the villain Wydrick and keeping him from doing even greater damage to the nation of Arle They know he is now a ghastradi and in league with the powerful, deadly and human hating Tekari They need whatever information he has if they are to prevent their kingdom from being destroyed.Their dragon mount Akarra is blown off course by the powerful winds of the storm and rather than catching their foe, Aliza and Alistair find themselves forced to land in the Rushless Wood The trees here are alive and hostile, allowing no one to pass who is not of the Mauntells After a bit of a scuffle with those esteemed folk the pair are offered guest right and welcomed to stay for the night in a village deep in the woods Their visit is cut short, however, when Joanna arrives to warn the Mauntells that the Daireds have powerful enemies and sheltering them for even one night is dangerous.Forced to flee, Aliza, Akarra and Alistair head to the Dragonsmoor Mountains to plead for the Vehrashi to ally with Arle in the coming battle While there they learn terrible truths about Alistair s past, an added burden they don t need given all they have suffered in their recent struggles Weary and battleworn, they head to the capital and discover that the guilds have persuaded the king to call a convocation Ambassadors from the Garhad Islands and the Southern Principalities are eager to be joined by the Elsian delegation and hope for a trade agreement Alistair, Aliza and Akarra fear the Silent King of Els might be in league with the Tekari and ghastradi and that this is no peaceful discussion of commerce but a trap meant to put an end to Arle See the rest of my review at

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    In Flamebringer, Elle Katharine White s Heartstone trilogy which started as a Darcy with Dragons Pride and Prejudice retelling and somewhere along the way morphed into a fantasy epic wings its way to its inevitable conclusion.Having solved the mystery at Castle Selwyn only to discover a very dead but somehow not dead Wydrick at the heart of things, Aliza and Alistair Daired realize that the Battle of North Fields was but the opening salvo of a greater war fought against a much older and stronger enemy Desperate to rally the kingdom s forces, they visit the dragons of the mountains by way of a creepy forest full of trees with heartbeats then travel to the capital city Edonlare by way of Hart s Run, where they pause for a bit of battle badassery trying to enlist allies for a fight only they can see coming Flamebringer rebounds a bit from the disappointment that was Dragonshadow, but still suffers from some of the second volume s flaws, if to a lesser extent namely, the Let s Fly All Across the Bloody Kingdom for No Good Goddamn Reason Other Than That s What People on a Quest Do The book literally opens with Aliza admitting they ve made a terrible mistake flying half cocked into a snow storm in a poorly thought out pursuit of Wydrick much of the first quarter of the book feels like an unequally pointless tour of Arle Sure, they wind up learning a couple of important pieces of information that come in handy later, but do we really believe there wasn t a efficient way to insert those clues into the narrative Once the couple arrive in Edonlare and the novel pivots to political intrigue, though, things pick up significantly.While nowhere near the stunner Heartstone was, Flamebringer at least offers a solid finish to Aliza s story Perhaps now she and Alistair can finally get that idyllic honeymoon at Pendragon they so richly deserve.

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    Disclaimer I received a free review copy of this title from the publisher.After setting Dragonshadow in the north of Arle, and separating Aliza and Alistair from their family and friends, Flamebringer returns south, catching up with the Bentaine sisters, as well as Julienna Daired and Cedric Brysney Bearing dire news about the war to come, Aliza hesitates to share all of her misadventures in the north with her sister, even though she is delighted to be reunited with Anjey Their reunion sparks doubt in Aliza, as she realizes that Anjey has embraced the identity of Rider as her own, training and fighting alongside her husband Still healer than warrior, and attuned to the fact that Rider culture will never fully accept her, Aliza has a harder time leaving her old life behind as she tries to settle into the new one Together the two form an interesting contrast in adapting to a new culture, and new life circumstances The complex relationships depicted between the sisters remain one of my favourite aspects of the series

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