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Mostly the Honest Truth ❮PDF❯ ✫ Mostly the Honest Truth ✓ Author Jody J. Little – After Pop is sent back to rehab Jane Pengilly arrives at her newest foster home determined to stick to the straight and narrow and get back to her beloved dad as soon as she can It’s not the first t After Pop is sent back to rehab Jane Pengilly arrives at her newest foster home determined to stick to the straight and Mostly the Epub / narrow and get back to her beloved dad as soon as she can It’s not the first time they’ve been apart but Jane’s determined it will be the lastTwelve days out in the boonies of Three Boulders makes Jane miss Pop than ever But as the days go by she realizes that family is than who you’re related to—and that a home can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Mostly the Honest Truth
  • Jody J. Little
  • English
  • 23 December 2015
  • 9780062852496

10 thoughts on “Mostly the Honest Truth

  1. Jordan Jordan says:

    kidlitexchange #partner #kidlitexchange Thank you for the opportunity to preview this free review copy that comes out in March All opinions are my own I absolutely devoured this book Coming from a family very similar to this I can attest to the authenticity of Jane’s thoughts and feelings The weight of Jane’s situation is something that no kid should have to go through but has to all the time just the same Too many kids have unhealthy relationships with alcoholic parents and they never get the chance to see the light But Jane’s story offers hope Hope that there are others out there like you Hope that things can change Hope that you don’t have to be alone in your struggles and that sometimes it’s best to tell the honest truth instead of the half truths that never give the full story I’m so happy that Jane’s story ended on the hopeful note that it did I have to admit I was a little worried with what Jane’s honest truth was going to be and I was very relieved that I was wrong I wholeheartedly recommend this book being bought for all middle school libraries Little knocks it out of the park with this one

  2. Laura (bbliophile) Laura (bbliophile) says:

    More like a 35 stars I liked the story and the family aspects of it but there were a few things I had problems with

  3. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusAfter Jane injures her hand when her father is passed out drunk she is sent to temporary foster care for the fourth time this time with Officer D whom she befriended previously Officer D lives in a collaborative community called Three Boulders that is far from town and has a kibbutz like system for jobs and caring for the young After making friends with G and the other children in the community Jane is still counting the days 12 total until she can be with her Pop again uestions arise about how the injury really occurred however and after being visited by a social worker Jane manages to get to town and visit her father There are problems with Three Boulders as well since the elderly founder wants to sell the land to pay for his end of life care Jane is desperate to get back together with Pop although she starts to realize that it might not be in her best interest to do so With the help and support of Officer D and the other members of Three Boulders Jane starts to put together a new expectation for normalStrengths I was really intrigued by the idea of temporary foster care and the idea of a commune type community in the modern day Officer D is a supportive and caring foster parent and hearing about former placements Jane had was interesting as well It was good to see Jane make a friend right away and realistic that she wanted to get back to her father as soon as possible Weaknesses The Three Boulders community was interesting but a bit odd and I kept expecting something else to happen with it like the residents were all really space aliens They weren't but something about the whole set up put me on edge Jane's injuries had a hidden horrific cause that might be traumatic for students younger than fifth grade to read aboutWhat I really think I prefer Galante's excellent Strays Like Us is and I also have a number of other books with character in foster care including One for the Murphys Gill's Scarlet Ibis Carter's Forever or a Long Long Time Davis' Peas and Carrots Every Shiny Thing and Little Bits of Sky This had an odd vibe to it so I may pass I have a decent number of students who are themselves in foster care but I usually never know this until they leave so I try to be careful about the books I have depicting variations of this experience

  4. Momo Momo says:

    35I really enjoyed this novel and getting to know Jane and seeing her grow closer to everyone in Three Boulders Though it's a lighthearted novel there are some dark events that happen and the relationship between Jane and her Pop is so sad and unhealthy My heart hurt a bit reading the honest truth of how her hand got hurt It wasn't perfect but I think this was pretty great for a debutOne thing that had me side eye just a little was how Three Boulders just seemed a little likea cult? I don't know that's the sort of vibe I got from it but I guess there are communities like Three Boulders but I agree with Jane that it's definitely a strange place Boonieville as she says

  5. Melanie Dulaney Melanie Dulaney says:

    This debut novel for grades 4 6 is a must have for libraries with high circulation numbers for authors like Joan Bauer Cynthia Lord Lisa Graff and Barbara O’Connor 11 year old Jane is not like most kids her age and often finds herself in foster care for 12 day stints as her dad goes in and out of rehab But she and Pop are like a matched pair of socks and must stay together However this 12 day separation is different Foster mom Officer D genuinely cares for her her home in Three Boulders is unlike any place Jane has ever lived in or ever heard of And this time she has a badly injured hand and a secret Readers will cry with and root for Jane her new friend Gertie and even Pop Highly recommended with absolutely no reservations due to content

  6. Naomi Milliner Naomi Milliner says:

    I enjoyed this book so much The MC Jane is sweet brave charming and mostly truthful And if she's not enough on her own which she most definitely is the supporting cast of characters is one of the best I've seen The town she finds herself temporarily stuck in is called Three Boulders and it is small in size but huge in charm I kind of want to live there myself This book will make you smile laugh and cry It's really a wonderful read and that's the truth

  7. Baobablady Baobablady says:

    A friend gave me an ARC of this book and I must say that I absolutely loved it From the moment I started reading I was hooked I finished the book in two days I would have finished it in one sitting if I had not had to go to workThis book stars Jane Pengilly who is in foster care and just wants to be reunited with her dad This book features real life issues and struggles ie alcoholism and everything is presented from a sensitive and understanding perspective The book was a great read and was funny compassionate and full of mysteryOne of the things I loved most about the book was the writing style of the author the expressions she used and her descriptions For exampleman pawsdigging in her brain for the right wordsthere sitting in a rickety rocking chair next to the door was the oldest dude I'd ever seen And he was sound asleep Or maybe dead Mrs Biggs opened the door and in stepped the ancient dude from the porch I guess he wasn't deadI loved the story Also I did not guess the ending When the mystery came out I was just as surprised as the audience I am a teacher and am looking forward to sharing this book with students other middle grade readers in my life and even adult friends Amazing author amazing story I can't wait to read other books by Jody J Little

  8. Cassie Thomas Cassie Thomas says:

    Mostly the Honest Truth is such a feel good story about realizing that family doesn’t have to be blood Jane is a spunky girl who finds herself at a community called Three Boulders while her Pop is back in rehab on another 12 day sprint to get dry again Jane goes to Three Boulder with the idea that she will just be present get through her 12 days and go back to Pop for some not so good Pop and Jane days again but the universe has a different idea I love the friendships that transpire in the story and the relationships between family This is a story I know my 5th graders will enjoy

  9. Gillian Gillian says:

    The honest truth is that I loved this warm heartfelt book Jane is a wonderful main character extremely protective of her alcoholic father After an accident and investigation Jane is placed in communal foster care I loved the descriptions of Three Boulders and would love to go there and meet all the characters I grew to love Beautiful themes of family and learning to open up to others

  10. Christina Christina says:

    Jane is fiercely devoted to her Pop She can get through twelve day stints in foster care so he can get better—she knows they are the perfect pair When she arrives at the peculiar Three Boulders community she expects this time to be like all the others but it’s definitely not the case when she arrives with a serious wrist injury She’d rather not talk about it and just get through the time without a fuss; however the people she meets are kind school is interesting activities are fun and the food is delicious—she just might let her guard down I loved this charmingly tender debut novel by Jody J Little as it tackled hard subjects in a thoughtful and meaningful way emphasizing that you don’t have to go at it alone and to never lose hope

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