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The Last Days of New Paris ❰Reading❯ ➹ The Last Days of New Paris Author China Miéville – Beauty will be convulsiveIt's 1941 In the chaos of wartime Marseille American engineer and occult disciple Jack Parsons stumbles onto a clandestine anti Nazi group including surrealist theorist André Beauty will be convulsiveIt's Days of PDF ↠ In the chaos of wartime Marseille American engineer and occult disciple Jack Parsons stumbles onto a clandestine anti Nazi group including surrealist theorist André Breton In the strange games of the dissident diplomats exiled revolutionaries and avant garde artists Parsons finds and channels hope But what he unwittingly unleashes is the power of dreams and nightmares changing the war and the world foreverIt's A lone surrealist fighter Thibaut walks a new The Last MOBI :Ê hallucinogenic Paris where Nazis and the Resistance are trapped in unending conflict and the streets are stalked by living images and texts and by the forces of hell To escape the city he must join forces with Sam an American photographer intent on recording the ruins and make common cause with a powerful enigmatic figure of chance and rebellion the exuisite corpseBut Sam is being hunted And new secrets will emerge that will test all their loyalties to Last Days of eBook ´ each other to Paris old and new and to reality itself.

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  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    Literary DaliMagritte in manuscriptChina Mieville throws an S bomb surrealist blast into an alternate history Nazi occupied Paris and all hell breaks looseYou’re a weird one Mr Mieville – and that’s a big reason why we love youTaking pages from his Embassytown and The City the City play books Mieville hits a homerun and provides a clear demonstration of his talent in this sparklingly unorthodox 2016 publicationThe Nazis are still alive and kicking and occupying Paris in 1950 But this is a far different Paris than the City of Lights we know After an “S Blast” a surrealistic nightmare has mutated the city and sparked a cordoning off by the occupying Nazis The partisans and freedom fighters left within must also deal with the living breathing fighting and killing forms of surrealistic art that has taken over ParisWhat we the readers find is an incredibly entertaining steaming hot cup of whatthehellhasMievillecomeupwithnow??? It’s weird it’s surrealistic and fun as hellDescribing two related stories one set in the or less real France of 1941 with some occult creepy shenanigans and a completely out of this world 1950 New Paris Mieville blends elements of alternate history World War II French resistance prose with his own inimitable style of WEIRD A surrealistic bomb has created a reality where works of art have come alive I saw resonances of several of his works but this is a healthy crafting of New WeirdHaving read a few of his works readers have asked for a recommendation of which of his works would be a good one to start In the past I’ve said Perdido Street Station and that’s still a good embarkation point but I will add new Paris to that list as this is uintessential classic Mieville

  2. Cecily Cecily says:

    This is an epic idea but as a novel it's an epic mess It’s a shame because it would make an excellent film a good graphic novel and a challenging project for humanities undergrads to untangleI’ve loved some of Mieville’s works and had high hopes of this but I uickly felt “ the soft decay of actualized dreams”By far the best bit was the “afterword” which is an origin story of this bookMy enjoyment was 25 but I've rounded up for its educational value though I had to do all that myselfPlot and settingIt’s mostly set in an alternative 1950 when New Paris is still occupied by the Nazis but is sealed off because of rampant manifestations of Surrealist artworks“ What had been the world’s prettiest city was now populated by its own unpretty imaginings”The other thread is Marseilles in 1941 It features many Surrealist pieces with a dollop of Les Miserables and maybe Dan Brown creating an effect like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies all sueezed into 168 pages plus 30 pages of notes But Mieville tells and never shows the artworks Plotwise if that’s not overstating the word it’s of a wartime political action thriller than anything to do with art It’s crammed with spies Surrealists magical nightwear guerillas cryptic messages fighting Nazis playing cards Free French Main à plume devils double agents escapes occultists a rocket scientist a rogue bishop and plundering black marketeersIf Mieveille was trying to make the plot as bewildering as Surrealist art he succeeded though that may be me than him The last four pages are good“ A little blank faced nonentity bringing peace and prettiness”I finally glimpsed what might have been Not a pristine Paris unchanged by war or recovering from it but a novel of provocative but intelligible ideas Consider these two artworks that feature in the story Ignore the fact one is Surrealist and the other not and try not to compare the artists’ skill 1 Do they provoke different emotions and do you therefore assume different things about the artists? 2 Could your response to either work be changed by knowing about their creator?Details of the one on the left HEREAnd the one on the right HERE though the answer is a very slight plot spoiler if there was much plot to spoil 3 If you clicked do you feel differently about either of them now?Before reading this novelYou need to decide howwhenif to read around it I did a mix of the three below which was probably the worst approach; pick one and stick to it1 Come to it “blind” Just immerse yourself in its weirdness When you finish you can read the notes in the book look at Surrealist art read up on related subjects and maybe reread the book itself2 Read the notes as you go but you need a bit of prep Keep a marker in the notes section as there aren’t any endnote indicators in the text itself and there are five works mentioned on page 11 alone But the notes are just words so I suggest you have Nicky Martin’s Graphic Annotations beside you but if you can manage not to notice details of the very last one before reading that might be good 3 Read all around it before you open a page especially the Surrealist movement and Paris during Nazi occupation Also have Nicky Martin’s Graphic Annotations to hand Some images from the story Left to right “I am an Amateur of Velocipedes” by Leonora Carrington “Celebes” by Max Ernst “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” By Dorothea Tanning “Stone Woman” by Meret Oppenheim and “Loup Table” by Victor Brauner Sources all in Nicky Martin’s Graphic Annotations and GoogleRelevant background before during or after reading includes• The Nazi occupation of Paris during WW2• French Surrealism in general but especially André Breton• The Surrealist Manifesto written by André Breton and others • “Surrealist stay behinds soldiers of the unconscious Main à plume” It was a publication by Surrealists including André Breton during the Nazi occupation La Main à plume • Josef Mengele’s experiments on people • Collaborator BishopAbbé Alesch• A game of visual conseuences called Exuisite Corpse where each person draws part of a figure folds the paper over and passes to another person to draw the next bit as belowImage Exuisite Corpses on the left by André Breton Man Ray Max Morise Yves Tanguy and on the right by Andre Breton Yves Tangu Jacueline Lamba Source and SourceOnly after reading the book• In the story “Fall Rot” is a mysterious message and what it’s revealed to be is slightly different in the real WW2 version• The main character in the 1941 thread is American rocket engineer and occultist Jack Parsons Despite the copious notes about many artworks there are some detailed descriptions that I assume are based on real pieces but which are not identified “ Tables and chairs all heaving up and suspended as if about to fly away then spasming back to their positions The tables are dancing on their stiff legs They somersault endlessly at the point of an explosion”How do you become a Surrealist?Firstly do you know what’s the simplest act of Surrealism?“The simplest Surrealist act consists of dashing down the street pistol in hand and firing blindly as fast as you can pull the trigger into the crowd Anyone who at least once in his life has not dreamed of thus putting an end to the petty system of debasement and cretinization in effect has a well defined place in that crowd with his belly at barrel level” André Breton Manifestoes of SurrealismThibaut knew that one so the test continues“ They pointed at certain objects from the junk that filled their cellar asking him if they were surreal or just trash When one of the uestioners took off his shoe to rub his toe Thibaut took it picked up a candlestick he had previously dismissed as a mere object and placed it inside the old leather ‘Now it’s surreal’”uotesImage Object Phantom by Toyen Source“‘They live on looking You can catch them and make them fat by showing them bright colors Then we roast them’ The meat was greasy with everything they’d seen” a feathered sphere above• “Those who are asleep are workers and collaborators in what goes on in the world” from a Surrealist pamphlet• “The altered landscapes smoothed alpine topographies like sagging drapes houses of frozen rooms full of clocks places where the geography echoed itself”• “The wind explores the buildings”• “Play is insurrection in the rubble of objective chance”• “Broken glass that twitches and snaps back into the panes then out again repeatedly an oscillating instant of combustion”• “The man in the long coat was pouring off light a tracework of glow his veins lit under his skin His hands glimmered He crooned and icicles formed on the ends of his fingers Scum tapping power He drips shadows from his eyes”• “The soft decay of actualized dreams fouls his fingers”

  3. Darwin8u Darwin8u says:

    Can living artwork die? Can it live before it dies? China Miéville The Last Days of New ParisAs a reader who is drawn to art as much as to books Miéville novella came as a messy strange treat The concept is relatively simple Imagine a New Paris transformed in 1941 by virtue of an occultish weapon to fight the Nazis into a ghetto where Nazi's and French Resistance continue their battles into the 50s along side Surreal artist and Surreal art that has been made living Oh and the forces of Hell are also involved in this battle for Paris a figure with the head of a singing bird its body a clock with the pendulum swinging its legs a mass of fish tails dearly done in pen and ink A sketched out bear face on a coffin walking on clown feet A mustached man rendered as if by a child his body a buxom leopard's rooted like a plant Exuisite corpses tasting new wineIt wouldn't be a Miéville novel if he didn't twist and shove even this funky idea into grotesue and uirky corners It wasn't a great Miéville but it was still fascinating Here is a man built by God or Demon to create new weird worlds Miéville is someone who can read Anne Vernay and Richard Walter's La Main à plume Anthologie du surréalisme sous l'Occupation and perhaps a couple books on Surrealist art during the War years and mix it with a bit of Nazi occultism and BOOM here is your book Del Rey I think CM is one of the exciting voices in SF in the 21st century He is constantly pushing for new ideas bring in radical politics philosophy art and turn them into stories that are fresh He is one SF writer who I find myself buying each new book he publishes new There are only a handful of living writers who I do that for That alone is probably all the review you need

  4. Ivan Ivan says:

    I'm not sure wtf I just read and on what shelf I should put this but I liked it a lot Any book that has sentient piece of surreal art fighting nazi made demon can't be bad Of course this is China Mieville so this is very weird well written with some very cleaver moments and ideasActual review might come if I ever figure out what to say and how to say it but I do have strong opinion about this For now if you are fan of his works that this is must read and if you are unfamiliar with him than this isn't book to start

  5. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I can only imagine that China Miéville would be the most amazing person to invite to dinner His imagination knows no bounds and he couples this with a huge amount of knowledge about his topicFor The Last Days of New Paris the main topic was surrealist art Imagine Paris in 1950 in an alternate history where Germany has not lost the war The use of an S Bomb in Paris has caused figures from surrealist art to come alive All of the figures Mieville uses are from real art works and not just from famous ones His research and knowledge must border on being obsessionalI enjoyed this book very much and was happy that I kept up despite not knowing much at all about Surrealism It all worked for me

  6. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    If you ever wanted to read a book about a guy smelling his own farts for 160 pages this one’s for you “Ohh fart I’m fart China fart Mieville and oooh fart I know sooooo fart much fart about fart Surrealism FAAAAARRRRTTT”Surrealistic art comes to life and starts attacking Nazis in WW2 in China Mieville’s The Last Days of New Paris That’s both the premise and the “plot” of this steaming pile of book This is partly my fault for not reading the blurb and just launching myself straight into it because the utterly stupid premise might have deterred me if I’d looked into it Surrealist art coming to life and attacking Nazis Ok Why would they attack Nazis? And why only surrealist art why no other kinds? We’re never told But it should be sorta fun right? It’s not Art attacks Nazis the French Resistance attack Nazis and occasionally fend off the art there’s really no story at all here In fact there’s really no anything here Even if you’re not a huge sci fi fan like me the bland characters crap dialogue dreary descriptions and zero sense of meaning or purpose to anything are guaranteed to turn you off It was such a passive reading experience for me it completely failed to draw me in at all I’ve only read one other China Mieville book which was his comic for DC’s New 52 line Dial H and that was badly written too are weird monsters fighting bad guys a theme in all of Mieville’s books? I think he’s just a terrible writer who has no clue how to tell a story well yet who’s popular for some reason a description you could apply to unfortunately too many writers these days The Last Days of New Paris was the worst novel I’ve read in years I’m never reading anything by this author again and would strongly urge anyone contemplating this nonsensical swill to read something far stimulating like a curiously stained lunch napkin instead I’m not sure if it was meant to be informative but I learned nothing about the surrealist movement and rather than cultivate any interest in it Mieville has ensured I will continue to know next to nothing about it for a long time to come

  7. Roger Brunyate Roger Brunyate says:

    Surrealism Made ManifestThe photo on the cover shows a view of the Eiffel Tower with the lower part obscured by mist A picturesue scene—but no in China Miéville's alternate reality novella the lower part of the tower really is not there; the pinnacle floats on its own in mid air Jags of ruin a fallen outline Framed against the flat bright sky to the north east the Eiffel Tower looms The tower's steepling top half dangles where it has always been where the Pont d'Iéna meets the uai Branly above ordered gardens but halfway to earth the metal ends There's nothing tethering it to the ground It hangs truncated A flock of the brave remaining birds of Paris swoop below the stumps of its struts forty storeys up The half tower points with a long shadow Other Surrealist images are not so benign The year is 1950 The Nazis have won the war at least in Paris and have locked the city down But their control is not absolute Various resistance groups operate in the arrondissements and strange beings haunt the streets such as a centaur figure that is half woman half bicycle or a huge furry eyeball or an exuisite corpse several storeys tall comprised of disparate parts sculptural mechanical or human These are known as manifs a term that Miéville does not explain at first But the reader eventually realizes that they are manifestations of imaginary figures created by Surrealist artists in the thirties and let loose upon the world when a device known as the S blast exploded one afternoon in the Café Deux Magots Interpolated chapters set on the Côte d'Azur in 1941 tell how the device became charged with such awesome powerFantasy is not normally my thing but two things kept me reading One as always is Miéville's mastery of the English language such as his description of the Eiffel Tower above The other is the fact the Miéville knows his stuff The names of the artists and writers he mentions are all real though many of them were new to me despite my training as an art historian He includes a 24 page appendix on the origin of each manif He brings in fairly obscure references that will nonetheless be known to readers of the literature of the Occupation Indeed the density of his references the detail of his knowledge of Paris and his ability to see the sinister even in the most ordinary streets remind me very much of early Patrick Modiano the Occupation laureate par excellence—and that from me is praiseDid I enjoy it? Not especially but only because I am unmoored by the genre But was I fascinated? Yes indeed—and fans of the fantastic will be even so

  8. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    Read for book club although again I didn't make the meeting and also because I'm a fan Unfortunately this summoned up less enthusiasm in me than anything I've read from Miéville recently I'd been really really hoping that this would be set in the same world as 'This Census Taker' but alas it is unrelatedThe concept is clever perhaps a bit too 'cute' but I didn't feel that the story and characters lived up to it It seemed that the idea came first not a burning need to illustrate this particular story or a desire to bring these characters to life The idea is that in WWII Paris a devastating S Blast occurred which changed everything apocalyptically The S in S Blast stands for Surrealism and what the event did was the bring all manner of creatures and concepts previously seen only in the artwork of creators from that school to life So Paris is teeming and crawling with bizarre and grotesue manifestations manifsThe narrative cuts between past and present In the past 1941 we gradually discover what events led up to the S Blast as we follow an engineer and anti Nazi activist with an interest in the occult as he tries to angle an introduction to what he has heard is a remarkable and subversive group of artistsIn the present 1950 a resistance fighter in occupied Paris meets a bold photographer who claims that she is documenting the manifs in this war zone for a book of photojournalism But is that goal all or even part of her true agenda?If you're a big fan of the surrealist art movement it will likely tickle you to see familiar artworks brought to 'life' through the pages of this novella But the plot didn't uite live up to my admittedly high expectations My favorite part was actually the afterwordframing device at the end which for some reason I just loved

  9. R.K. Syrus R.K. Syrus says:

    The author belongs to a loose group of writers sometimes called New Weird Nuff saidHe had me at 'surrealist bomb'Seriously in an excellent Joan Gordon interview the author saidI don’t start with the graph paper and the calculators like a particular kind of DD dungeonmaster I start with an image as unreal and affecting as possible just like the Surrealists But then I systematize it and move into a different kind of traditionThat’s the sf concern for internal cognitive rigor and to my mind that makes the polemical point not less strong Mainstream writers don’t trust their readers to make connections Sf understands that the human mind is an intrinsically metaphorizing machine and that therefore you do not have to labor the connections to make your point

  10. David Katzman David Katzman says:

    I think the big appeal of Miéville is his boundless imagination He’s come up with many highly original premises for books Where he tends to fall down is crafting characters that feel real and that the reader can invest in Unfortunately The Last Days of New Paris falls into this trap In addition being a novella rather than a full length novel it becomes of an imaginative premise than a full and fulfilling storyMy opinions on Miéville have run the gamut Five stars for Kraken three stars for Embassytown and one star for Perdido Street Station And now two stars for The Last Days of New Paris It was really just “okay”The premise is certainly interesting It’s World War II in Paris Paris has become a walled city enclosed by the Nazis A magic event of some kind went off like a magic bomb and it caused the images and ideas of Surrealist artists and poets to come to physical life and stalk the streets of Paris These Surrealist forms are generally combatting the Nazis but are also dangerous to locals They are preventing the Nazis from rolling through Paris and taking control but they aren’t exactly on the French side either Their behavior is dangerous and relatively random The Nazis are attempting to combat these Surrealist manifestations called “manifs” by creating their own and in addition are summon demons from hell to do their bidding I won’t consider this a spoiler because the book description mentions the forces of HellThis latter aspect Nazis aligning themselves with Hell and summoning demons seemed far too obvious The core idea was rich enough I could have seen an entire book around modern weapons fighting abstract creatures come to life from paintings But Miéville felt the need to bring in Hell figures So Nazis are evil? Is this news? Did we really need it to be shown literally in that way? And further it seems to completely ruin the intriguing metaphor of the artistic imagination coming to life and combatting the forces of Hitler Art versus fascism is a great story Unfortunately it’s not uite what we get here How do Catholic priests summoning demons connect to this premise? It muddies the metaphorAnd further Miéville’s most common flaw is on display here The main character a Surrealist wandering the city and sort of fighting Nazis has very little concrete personality that I could hold on to Never cared about him His sidekick a female who is photographing the manif is similarly opaueOverall this book was a clever idea that just never came together

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