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  • 10 October 2019
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    3.75 stars.This is volume number two of the Nick Spencer run on Spider Man Yay So, how was volume one, Jeff I wouldn t know, random Goodreader I never read it.It seems that the Parker luck is in the sh tter, no of your friendly global corporate super genius Spider Man shenanigans What the heck happened, Jeff I have no idea, but I d bet it was pretty bad.The only bright spot is Peter is back with Mary Jane He hit the tiger ish jackpot again, etc etc etc But at this point it seems like winning a 1 with a scratch off than hitting the Mega Million Jackpot.And he also has Fred Myers, aka Boomerang, as a roommate as well Isn t he Australian, Jeff No, that s Captain Boomerang From DC comics.Hey, random Goodreader Yes, Jeff I think Anne just posted a review Ooooooh, I m clicking my way outta here See ya, loser le sigh This is a tale of two stories the first, the Boomerang one is a keeper the second, a coven of thieves stealing super hero devices, like Spidey s web shooters and Captain America s shield, not so much.The Boomerang story harkens back to Spencer s work on The Superior Foes of Spider Man, bringing with it the wit and storytelling that made that such a great read The only issue is the art Humberto Ramos Yechh and nuff said Boomerang, is of course, the worst roommate ever Parker will probably get stuck with a sizable cable porn bill Zoink So Boomerang takes Parker to the Bar with No Name for a Spider Man trivia contest but stuff goes sideways, and The Liar Heh , aka Peter Parker has to fight his way out of the bar.The second story is about a coven of thieves who ve been secretly around forever and suddenly reappear and start stealing superhero doodads.Zounds Did she say Tigra s bikini Holy Anyway, it s a team up with the Black Cat and continuity stuff and ill will gets resolved.Sort of Basically heh Black Cat goes from Mob Boss back to thieving anti hero Sure, why the hell not One of the worst character arcs resolved in head scratching fashion.The Friends and those Who Shack Up with Superheroes Support group sub plot was a decent concept that really didn t go to the expected places Aw, shucks ville instead of a say, co dependent women who slept with Hank Pym group.Though I could go for a cup of coffee and a chocolate cruller right about now and thanks for sharing Bottom Line Boomerang was a bonanza of bountiful belly laughs Black Cat was mostly hacky, hyperbolic, hedonistic humdrum Hooray for the hyphen

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    Not quite as goofy as Spencer s Superior Foes of Spider Man, but still a bit sad sack than I like for Peter Parker Spencer decides to play the book middle of the road Maybe fearing a backlash by changing too much like he did with Captain America and the Secret Empire nonsense This focuses on Pete s relationships with MJ, new roommate Boomerang, and Black Cat I m still not sold on Pete and MJ rekindling their romance for the gazillionth time Boomerang as a roommate really grated on me at first but after Fred took Pete to the Bar with No Name for Spider Man Trivia Night, I m willing to give him another chance because it was a lot of fun Bringing the Thieves Guild to New York reminded me of something that would have happened during J Michael Straczynski s run Spencer sets up this all encompassing, complicated mythology for something that probably belongs in an X Men book Plus, all the heroes weapons just disappearing out of thin air seemed like magic than thievery The end of the Black Cat story was a nice moment between Pete and Felicity Humberto Ramos seems to have toned down the chaos in his art I really liked it It had a lot shading and detail to it than I ve seen out of him All in all, not a bad Spidey book, but it also hasn t hooked me like Dan Slott s epic run did.

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    3.5 stars I ve been in some jams I ve been hunted as a fugitive I ve been buried alive I ve been cloned This has to be the most infuriating mess I ve ever found myself in Peter Parker a.k.a the amazing Spider ManCompared to the initial volume Back to Basics, the follow up Friends and Foes is an improvement with its greater amount of both heart and humor The above quote relates being caught in the middle of a bar fight, after Peter Parker and not in the guise of his costumed alter ego soundly trounces the competition in a Spider Man trivia contest Did I mention the many patrons of said establishment just happen to be B list super villains It was crazy and fun Elsewhere, girlfriend Mary Jane joins a clandestine support group for friends and loved ones of superheroes leading to some well written and quasi realistic moments about the constant concern for someone in a dangerous avocation and Black Cat then pounces in for an spirited appearance concluding with a great rooftop conversation scene in the final third of the volume The series needs to keep swinging in this direction.

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    Whoa, color me impressed, Nick Spencer does a lot of fun plotlines in this volume Spidy first has to deal with going to a club with his roommate, boomarang Sounds like fun times right Except this club is filled with villains The whole reason his best buddy brought him though is because they are doing Trivia night and it s all about Spider man Next up his Spider man and Black Cat classic team up without the sexual moments It s fun and exciting and we get to see new sides to MJ that we haven t seen in a LONG time Also, the new villain makes an appearance again and he s not too happy It s obvious at this point Nick Spencer is in this for the long run He has a huge Spider man story to tell and he s leaving threads everywhere he goes Most stories range from 2 issues to 3, but it works in his favor to tell a complete story while leaving clues on what could be next I love the interactions with Spidy and most villains Spider man is also back to be funny again, which is great The Peter and MJ stuff is really good as well The villain behind this all seems really interesting Sure, it s not brand new, and alot of it feels a bit safe, but it s good fun Spidy stories A 4 out of 5.

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    When Nick Spencer took over writing duties of The Amazing Spider Man after a decade plus run written by Dan Slott, what Spencer achieved in his first volume is essentially begin with a fresh start, which is appropriate, considering the title is part of Marvel s Fresh Start relaunch, despite a few relaunches the publisher had done in recent years Following the repercussions that Peter Parker went through in his history, most notably his former nemesis Doc Ock taken control of Peter s body, the wall crawler may have found a good starting point, such as a returning romance with Mary Jane Watson and sharing an apartment with Randy Robertson.However, Peter s life is never that simple as there are always ups and downs, including sharing an apartment with the supervillain Boomerang Fred Myers actions as Boomerang are known to the public and although he claims that his days as a villain are behind him, Peter is not buying at all, especially when Fred suddenly invites his roommate to the Bar with No Name where some of Spidey s worst enemies lay down their arms and drink together.Having made readers laugh with Superior Foes of Spider Man and eventually made those same people angry with Secret Empire, Nick Spencer gives us a Spidey story that isn t going to piss anyone off Evoking those titles, this two issue sets up a funny dynamic between Peter and Fred, which is already built on conflict and during their time in this villain based establishment, both characters find aspects about themselves and each other that are funny and touching.Really feeling out of his comfort zone, Peter who narrates throughout the volume finds himself enjoying the company of his enemies as he wins Spider Man Trivia Night As for Boomerang, he still finds ways to show his villainy in unsuspecting ways, such as provoking Mayor Wilson Fisk, which leads to a huge brawl within the Bar Spencer shows off his funny bone in the buddy comedy between Peter and Fred as towards the climax, truths are opened up about the latter s need for friendship and how he s trying to rectify past mistakes, something that Peter can relate to Their relationship is still a bit rocky, but it ll be interesting how Spencer progresses it.In the next storyline, the Thieves Guild of New York led by Odessa Drake steals the limelight, in that they steal the most prized possessions from the likes of the Avengers, including Spidey s web shooters As evil as it is, Spencer finds a sense of humour in the numerous panels featuring some of Earth s Mightiest Heroes from Thor losing his hammer to Ghost Rider, who could ve sworn he parked his car on that road As Spidey is assigned by Tony Stark to uncover the stolen goods, he is reunited with the Black Cat herself, Felicia Hardy.Although this arc involves the Avengers and an obscure villainous guild that goes back to early 90s Marvel, it works best when it s about the intimacy as Spencer showcases the relationships Peter Spidey has with both MJ and Black Cat Through these two women, both with their own history with the web slinger, which again has its ups and downs as MJ attends a support group meeting where she talks about her complicated relationship with Peter, whilst Black Cat has taken really dark turns that have made her towards Spider Man Amidst the convoluted history that has happened in Spidey s life that is also affected his friends and loved ones, Spencer has able to work around it and finds a pleasant direction that shines a bright future for these relationships.Following the first five issues of Spencer s run that were illustrated by Ryan Ottley, Amazing Spider Man regular artist Humberto Ramos returns to draw the wall crawler s adventures Although I do miss Ottley s fresh visuals in the book, Ramos art is not entirely a bad thing as his cartoonish character designs with slightly weird body anatomy might not be to everyone s liking, but he has improved over the years and never gets in the way of the emotional points that Spencer is trying to convey As for the two guest artists, Steve Lieber and Michele Bandini are a nice addition in illustrating some of the dramatic subplots involving Boomerang and Mary Jane.Spencer might still be teasing us from things he has set up from the beginning, most notably the presence of a brand new villain who may or may not have a personal connection with our hero, but what achieves in this volume is progressing the relationships in Peter s double life, whilst having a laugh amidst the superhero spectacle.

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    Pretty quickly Spencer is getting there with his human led Spidey stories This volume sees some great bonding with Fred Myers and a timely and much needed rationalisation of the Black Cat mob boss arcs recently as Black Cat and Spidey face the New York Thieves Guild Spencer also does some good work with MJ and Jarvis To top it off Ramos art is becoming cleaner and less manga ish All the points 8 out of 12.

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    As per my usual, whenever a new writer comes along for Spider Man, my shoulders rise and I fill my buckets full of hate Not only was Spencer simply a new writer for Spidey, but he carried lots of bad publicity after the whole Captain America Secret Empire thing The first volume was trepidatious, with me emptying my buckets to the side shoulders were still tight though With the second volume, Spencer brought in his The Superior Foes of Spider Man Omnibus a book I genuinely liked although the joke went on a little too long For whatever reason, I enjoy seeing the loser villains in their boring lives, struggling to get by I also like how Spencer is approaching the Peter MJ relationship While I don t necessarily need them married, I feel they should be together and a couple issues in here directly address that in a way that makes sense and is realistic Something I didn t like his portrayal of Kingpin Just felt like a simple off their rocker, megalomaniac This was overshadowed by the big villains that Spencer is building up to though.There s also a vague sense of Slott s writing multiple plots that don t have a lot of depth, simply to create that feeling of something constantly happening I have no problems with many story threads, but when they all feel throwaway the book feels shallow.At least interested now to see what comes next.

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    I m really enjoying the direction, the writing and the art on ASM these days Really good story.

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    Still not getting into this run This volume is full of Spider Man barely suiting up and doing Spider Man things, humor that falls flat, and boring plots It also overwhelming feels like a safe, cartoony YA book rather than a normal comic The art is fine for the most part, but there is a picture of peter taking off his mask near the end of issue 10 that has got to be the ugliest drawing of a face and head that I have seen in a comic for a long time It looks like a rough draft that someone just colored in and sent to print Finally, comics are notorious for retelling the same stories over and over and over with slight variations Dark Phoenix, Days of Future Past, the bajillion Crisis books over at DC, etc but Spider Man has always been notoriously bad about this, and this run is no different All of the same classic Spider Man plots are being rehashed once including some that were retconned because they didn t work the first time around , and it s all getting pretty stale.

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    Minor criticisms aside, Friends and Foes erased any doubts I had following the first volume of Amazing Spider Man Nick Spencer toned down the humour slightly or at least reserved the bulk of the quips for Spidey, as I feel he should and instead delivered an engaging narrative and some healthy doses of character development.I like the idea of a support group for associates and loved ones of superheroes, Peter Parker s hi jinks with Boomerang warmed me to the latter a little and the Thieves Guild somehow managed to be simultaneously silly andkind of cool There was the odd moment that fell flat for me and I find Humberto Ramos to be an inconsistent artist, especially when it comes to facial expressions Still, I give this volume an easy thumbs up and i m looking forward to the next one, not least to see of the intriguing villain that Spencer has been building up.

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