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Taken by the Alien (Sassy Captives of Corolla #2) PDF Epub Taken By The Alien Sassy Captives Of Corolla 2 By Adrienne Blake Pocket Bikes.us When Waitress Kate Bennett Was First Taken Captive By Aliens, She Was Less Than Excited At The Thought Of Being Bared, Spanked, And Thoroughly Dominated By The Enormous, Muscle Bound Warrior Kandana But The Sexy Brute S Mastery Of Her Body Soon Proved Quite A Bit Pleasurable Than She ExpectedThen Just When She Was Starting To Hope He Might Stick Around, Kandana Decided His Planet Needed Him And Left Kate Behind On Earth To Pine For Him While Pretending To Be Over Him.Now He S Back, And She S Pissed He Thinks He Can Just Barge Into Her Life Again, Spank Her, And Expect Her To Beg Him To Claim Her Right Then And There Worst Of All, He Seems To Be Right, Because Soon She Is Writhing With Intense, Shameful Ecstasy As He Takes Her Harder Than Ever But When He Offers To Bring Her Along To His World, Will She Tell Him Exactly Where He Can Go Publisher S Note Taken By The Alien Is The Second Entry In The Sassy Captives Of Corolla Series It Includes Spankings And Sexual Scenes If Such Material Offends You, Please Don T Buy This Book.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 136 pages
  • Taken by the Alien (Sassy Captives of Corolla #2)
  • Adrienne Blake
  • English
  • 22 February 2019

About the Author: Adrienne Blake

Adrienne lives in the Poconos, hates the cold but loves the mountains Unabashed cat lover and writer of naughty fantasy Feed her coffee and chocolate and she ll write forever.

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    TO WOO AND WIN HERThe story is a continuation from Tamed by the Alien and has Kandana coming back to Earth for Kate It has been several months since their encounter where brothers, Kandana and Chezflyn had abducted her best friend, Megan and her Chez was banished from Corallan, and he and Megan are together but have been banished from Corolla Kandana can t get his mind off of Kate, but then again she can t forget him either, even with her involvement with a guy named Mick, he can t compare to Ken, as she called Kandana.What a shock for Kate when Ken shows back up on Earth She never thought she would see him again and yet he has never left her mind Involved with Mick leaves her empty and even when she is with Mick, she dreams of Ken Now, she will have both of them in her apartment, ready to fight for her Ken wants to take her back to his planet, Corolla, and Mick doesn t want to let her go Now she will have these two fighting for her affections, leaving her confused than ever As I ve told you before, Kate I am master here and can do as I please Cry out all you want, little human But I ll see your cheeks raw if I have to You will learn to obey me So what is this You have branded yourself with my name What is your plan of escape Don t you realize you are quite the prisoner here You are mine, now, and I can and will do whatever I want with you and you will learn to enjoy it Have no doubts about that Ken thought how bizarre ...

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    Erotica sale bargain DarkRomance Aliens 99ct regular 4.95 US UK CA not on saleSubscribe to our newsletter join our group for free

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    I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.Talk about a dominant alien society Kate is a waitress that is trying to live her life after she was returned to Earth after being help by an alien for a short while The problem is that she enjoyed her captivity a little too much and now she is unsatisfied She made an impression on him too so he ends up coming back for her just to see how things work out Unfortunately her current play thing gets taken as well which leads to an interesting situation as she is forced to make a choice about her future There is some great world building, dominant alpha male personalities, and plenty of steamy scenes to keep you hooked If you are looking for a good dominant alien romance boo...

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    Kate and Ken as she calls him are very attracted to each other but live very different lives with different expectations When they are separated, she tries to find her way and is shocked when he returns and wants her to come to his planet.This story goes in a direction you don t see as often in sci fi romances They have a complicated relationship There are other people they have been involved with which add to the complications The story is told fro...

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    Erotica sale bargain DarkRomance Aliens 99ct regular 4.95 US UK CA not on saleSubscribe to our newsletter join our group for free

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    3 1 2 Stars Alien Abduction romance with D s overtones 2nd book in seriesFor adults only 18 years or older Contains situations that may be triggers for some, including adult language throughout, steamy detailed intimate scenes some with D s overtones spanking, control, etc and violence kidnapping abduction, fighting, etc If situations such as these are triggers for you, then this may not be the book or series for you.Do not read below if you have not read the first book in the series, as it will contain spoilers from book 1.This book is written with a very funny sense of humor I found myself laughing multiple times at the antics that Kate gets up to It is a very sexual story, featuring the desire to control as that is the custom on Ken s planet , lots of spanking for punishment and pleasure, and a potential love triangle as Kate struggles to choose between her alien and human lovers Kate and Megan her best friend was abducted by Kandana aka Ken and his brother in the first book The plan for to capture them, use them as desired, and then sell them to another, as females from earth are considered highly desirable by other species, especially the Luminares The two of them were returned to earth after the brother fell in love with Megan Megan returned to help her lover, but Kate remained on earth.Some time has passed since the end of the first book and Kate has returned to her waitress job and started dating Mick teacher that is into lite BDSM Ken finished his mission and...

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    Kate is missing her alien lover, ever since Kandana Ken returned to his home planet, Corolla, she tries to move on, but finding it very difficult Kate is now dating a math teacher, Mick, just like her, he likes a little kink in the bedroom, but it s always Ken she thinks of and not Mick Ken is missing Kate too, being a royal on his planet he has a harem of beautiful women, but all he can think of is Kate, so he decides to go to earth and bring her to Corolla He arrives at her apartment when he sees an unhappy Mick leaving, with a communicator bracelet on and one in his hand of Kate, Ken enters her apartment, but Kate is not happy to see him, telling him to leave They have an argument and that is when Mick returns and starts to fight with Ken, Ken knocks Mick out, grabs Kate and transport him and Kat...

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    It s been months since Kate was returned back to earth after being kidnapped by Corollans to be sold to the highest bidder She missed Ken She lost her heart to him just to be given up by him because he took duty and honor over what he wanted In a moment of madness and being drunk, she had his name tattoed onto her tush She d found a new man although he really doesn t do much for her and it shows in their interaction Meanwhile, back on Corolla Ken can t understand why being with his purdah or harem is not making him feel anything His thoughts constantly turn to Kate and he slowly realizes what he gave up He returns to earth and seeks out Kate only to find that she is with another He stalks her and sees another male with her He decides to confront her and kidnap her again when he s interrupted by Mick, her current beau K...

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    Kate was taken by the aliens once but was returned to earth She has never forgotten Kandana, she even had the name she uses to refer to him, Ken tattooed on her butt That was in the past, she is now dating Mick, a math teacher whose lovemaking leaves her wanting One night, Ken reappears and wants to take her to his home on Corolla but suddenly on the ship, Mick appears Mick found a transporter that was left at Kate s place and figured out how to transport to Ken s ship Now Kate has to choose between the two men, Mick the math teacher and Ken the alien Kate s biggest problem with nKen, is their planet s females are submissive and are subject to corrective spanks Now that Mick sees Kate has an alternative to his courtship, he is very interested in getting her to marry him The two men decide they will date Kate on Corolla every other day, and then Kate needs to decide between the men and stay on Corolla or go back to a ...

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    This is a delightful, entertaining alien Sci fi romance and I found it a pleasure to read It is the second book in the series but can be read as a standalone.This book is about a dominant alien alpha male Kanadra aka Ken who abducted a human female Kate and promptly returns her to earth when he decided his planet needed him than her After participating with his harem, Ken decides that his harem can no longer satisfy him and decides to go back and claim Kate Naturally she takes great offense to this and Ken will have his hands full but will there be a HEA for them What you will find in this book is a hot alpha alien male Ken , a feisty human female Kate , a human male Mick , twists turns, intrigue, some drama, adventure, some deceit, defiance, obstinacy, verbal conflict, anger, physical conflict, abduction, discipline, anger, a unexpecte...

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