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StormWolfe de Wolfe Pack Book 13 ➝ [Epub] ❦ StormWolfe de Wolfe Pack Book 13 By Kathryn Le Veque ➧ – The 'little' de Wolfe Brother Thomas is no longer little The de Wolfe cub has become a big powerful Wolfe all his own1291 AD Thomas de Wolfe commander of Wark Castle an outpost for Castle uesting his The 'little' de Wolfe Brother Wolfe Pack Epub Ú Thomas is no longer little The de Wolfe cub has become a big powerful Wolfe all his own AD Thomas de Wolfe commander of Wark Castle an outpost for Castle uesting his father's powerful fortress has come StormWolfe de PDF or out from the shadow of his mighty father and brothers Now he is known as StormWolfe for his fearlessness and cunning Where Thomas de Wolfe goes storms are sure to gatherThomas is rightly feared along the borders just as his father was because de Wolfe Pack PDF ↠ there is no Sassenach knight courageous or deadly than a de Wolfe But along with the ualities that make him fearsome he is also know for being highly intelligent and than a match for the reivers that run raids along the borders In the fight against the reivers Thomas leads the charge But he has a weaknessLady Maitland Mae de Ryes Bowlin is the sister of Thomas' good friend A widow she has committed herself to a life of servitude with the church and has been assigned the guardianship of a foundling home Unfortunately the foundling home has been devastated by mismanagement and the children are starving It's Mae to the rescue and Thomas is fascinated by this strong industrious woman In fact he's uite taken with her but there's one problem He's betrothed to a madwomanThomas is betrothed to the heiress to the Earldom of Northumbria Marrying her will make him one of the largest landowners in the north But Adelaide is hiding a dark and terrible secret one that threatens the very security of the House of de Wolfe She wants Thomas and she wants him badly enough to kill When Thomas realizes Adelaide's true motives it may be too late to save himself and MaeIt's another action packed de Wolfe Pack novel that is sure to leave you breathless The de Wolfe Pack Series is Le Veue's flagship Medieval series with novels They are stand alones and can be read in any order but the chronological order by year in which the story is set is WarwolfeThe Wolfe originally Book NighthawkShadowWolfeDarkWolfeA Joyous de Wolfe ChristmasSerpentA Wolfe Among DragonsScorpionDark DestroyerThe Lion of the NorthWalls of BabylonStormWolfe pre orderBlackWolfe pre order.

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  1. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    The youngest de Wolfe cub has grown up Oh yes Thomas de Wolfe has all the famous de Wolfe warrior traits fearless cunning powerful and deadly on the battlefield Living in the shadow of his father William de Wolfe the greatest warrior England has ever seen and his eually famous older brothers he is also directionless and still in search of his purpose For years Tommy has grieved over a lost young love Now he finds himself facing a marriage not of his choosing with an apparent mad woman but willing albeit somewhat begrudgingly to do his duty he finds himself facing years of unhappiness and despair And then he meets Lady Maitland de Ryes a destitute widow Mae has never known love or happiness and is not only beautiful but educated and wise However she has found her purpose in helping orphans in not only running and organizing charity homes but in nurturing and teaching those lost waifs Once these two lonely souls meet the sparks immediately fly However with no hope of fanning those flames into something they both realize could become so much they are forced to keep their feelings at bay and continue on their designated paths What follows is a beautiful evolving seemingly impossible love between two honorable noble people with everything to give and everything to lose There were many sigh worthy moments in this lovely heartbreaking love story You can't help but keep rooting for these two people to find a way to get together With so many obstacles in the path of their heart's desire it is at times sad and yet joyful when they do find moments of simple peace together Oh yes there is that added tension and frustrations with the machinations and schemes of the Tommy's crazed betrothed there is no doubt about that But they are tempered with those times that Mae Tommy and the orphans find such joy in simple accomplishments and times spent together It is also a story of a rudderless man who has spent years loving a memory of a perceived lost young love StormWolfe is a beautiful love story between two souls who finally realize true loveWhile the main story line is indeed that love story there are also two other prominent story lines happening here One is the story of a loving supportive loyal family For the de Wolfe's family is everything Nighthawk Shadow Wolfe Dark Wolfe The Dragon Wolfe and Storm Wolfe as the brothers are known are united in brotherhood and solidarity and Tommy's fight becomes their fight and that fight will define Tommy forever It was awesome to see all the brothers come together and unite as only the de Wolfe family canThe other and my favorite part of the whole book was the passing on of the baton from the original core of the de Wolfe legendary family Anyone familiar with Ms Le Veue's books recognize that the most popular and beloved character is Sir William de Wolfe The Wolfe is a 909 page epic masterpiece in which she first introduces the characters of Sir William de Wolfe Sir Paris de Norville and Sir Kiernan Hage All of these amazing characters appear in many subseuent books and have produced many generations of legendary warriors However all of the above named legacy knights have never really been matched in their skills their devotion to one another nor in their fabled stories Each and every time their characters have appeared in books it was always a joy to visit with them and see how their loves and lives produced so many future stories and legends This book has them minus Kiernan who has already sadly passed as very old men still vital still guiding their families with their wisdom and experience but unable to continue to ride into battle at the sides of their progeny and fight on Oh yes I am going back to the beginning and visit with those men in their youth in their glory days in The Wolfe And yes it is a fact of life we all face as we grow older But it is still sad to watch as they come to grips that their glory days are over Ah but they still live to watch their cubs and pups thrive As Paris de Norville and William de Wolfe chat about their glory days their children their grandchildren and all those who come after the greatest knights England has ever known Paris sums it all up rather nicely That is simply not immortality William it is legend

  2. Anne Anne says:

    KLV has such a gift of getting characters to just leap off the pages and stay in your memory I just love the true friendships that can never be broken and the formidable storytelling This book is so full of wonderful characters including the villain Love it too that we were given flash back with Paris and William etc very touching moments I always look forward to her next book

  3. Maggie Whitworth Maggie Whitworth says:

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💋💋There’s a storm coming and his name is Thomas De WolfeThis is such an epic book it throws you through a whole plethora of emotions from one page to another Thomas is in charge of Wark Castle part of his fathers massive estate and he loves what he does That is until his future wife moves onto the scene and boy is she a conundrum he never knows where he stands with her one moment to the next she drives him to distractionWhen his friends sister Mae visits he finally finds what is missing from his life the possibility of love but with his betrothal sharp in his mind he’s bound and tied by his honour and wordMae is a widow and after giving her life to the church is on route to an orphanage when she visits at Wark Castle and meets ThomasThe two have such a touching chemistry that is so heartbreaking considering the circumstances their conversations are consistently touched with a building passion and the two are so drawn together it’s beautiful to read you can feel the tension in every pageThe emotionally charged exchanges constantly brought me to tears Get tissues ready for this oneThere’s also some really nostalgic moments and flashbacks with William and Paris both of them take you back to their knightly beginnings when together with Kieran they were a force to be reckoned withWith the addition of all the sons in this book it’s a really enjoyableand one moment in particular makes me glad I’m not coming up against the DeWolfe cubsIt’s must be an awesome siteA brilliant book that has some of the best moments so get readingI received an advance copy of this book and chose to submit a review

  4. Lori D Lori D says:

    1291 AD A heart pounding adventure that will take you on a journey and back while leaving your emotions spinning Thomas de Wolfe Stormwolfe as he is known due to his courageous fierce ualities that is a force to be feared He has the responsibility of Wark Castle one on his father William de Wolfe's vast estate His father had contracted a marriage for Thomas to a heiress but the lady is a banshee Truly an almost crazy woman who is driving him to distractionBut when Lady Mae the sister of one of his men stops on her jouney to visit her brother Thomas feels he has found the woman for him Unfortunately his life has been decided and Mae is focused on the plight of the children at an orphange she is to manage The emotions are so strong between these two as they are drawn to each other You can feel it coming off the pages and it was almost heartbreaking There is trouble coming though from where least expected and the road to happiness is not an easy one to travelKathryn Le Veue shows again her skill at descriptive prose that takes us into a world filled with strong men and women who have to often fight for their lives and loves I cannot recommend this book enough as well as everyting that is written by this amazing author

  5. Maree Repa Maree Repa says:

    Five Amazing Stars Match MakingI was absolutely thrilled to now read book Thirteen Sons of de Wolfe Written by the amazing Kathryn Le Veue I completely adored this wonderful most adventurous and powerful We meet Thomas de Wolfe the youngest member of the de Wolfe family He is now all grown up too He is the youngest member of the strongest and greatest warrior clan ever The de Wolfe’s Such an exciting most ancient tale set in the thirteenth century NorthumbriaFinding now Thomas who has been living and in charge of Wark Castle This is a part of his father’s gigantic property Where we meet Thomas’s future wife chosen by his own father too The big problem is that she is complete nightmare I completely and throughly enjoyed this bookSuch a marvellous and most magnificent novel Such wonderful and delightful characters throughout I completely adored this brilliant tale I simply love and desired this romantic tale and have so loved and enjoyed this magnificent series as well This book is certainly one of the best writtenCongratulations Kathryn Le Veue I recommend this book to everyone

  6. Maria Maria says:

    This story has humor angst battle brotherly love passion despair and hopebut also sincere and in depth change and maturity Thomas de Wolfe is the baby of the de Wolfe sons Thomas has always been the wild one of the boys This is until he suffers an emotional loss and decides to go to The Leviant and there he earns the name of StormWolfe He is deadly and brings about a storm of destruction when in battle He is now a commander along the borders for his father the infamous William de Wolfe who us known in all of England Scotland and beyond Now Thomas's life is about to drastically changeMaitland is a young widow who has now dedicated her future to the church and helping children who are foundlings As Maitland stops along her way to her new destination to visit her brother who happens to be a knight at the Garrison along the border she meets his intriguing liege who is the man that starts to catch her heart's attention There is danger and foreboding tension throughout this story that keeps you intrigued and wondering what will happen next A storm is bound to be unleashedGreat story

  7. Space Cowgirl Space Cowgirl says:

    Crazy😵 Is As Crazy Does😵The book got off to a 🐌slow start but by the second chapter it began to improve Knight and huge handsome warrior Thomas De Wolfe🐺🍆⛲🔪 is pushed into a bethrothel he doesn't want by his father and the woman's father for political reasons The big problem is The woman is certified crazy and it doesn't take Thomas long to figure it out When the parents come to visit he asks his father to break the bethrothal Mae💋💔 the young widowed sister of his best friend Desmond is coming to the area too She is coming to take over operation of a nearby orphanage for Scot children Thomas🐺🍆⛲🔪 takes an immediate liking to Mae💃💋 but she seems resigned to her role as widow💔 and caretaker of orphans forever When Scots attack a nearby village Thomas🐺🍆⛲🔪 and his men go to route them leaving his father to protect Wark castle🏰his little adopted sister Caria and Lady Mae💃💋 Thomas🐺🍆⛲🔪 feels himself becoming interested in Mae💃💋 she is beautiful caring smart and capable She's everything his soon to be betrothed is notLots of great world🌍building in this Alpha Male Adult Romance and Adventure book about 13th century Northumbria

  8. Avis Strauser Avis Strauser says:

    Winner Winner WinnerAnother triumph for Kathryn Le Veue The ends and outs twists in the plot lines are pure Le Veue It was pure pleasure to open the door back in the world of De Wolfe

  9. Kathy Brickert Kathy Brickert says:

    ExcitingWonderful story about a love that spans the years First there is the main characters Thomas and Maitland then the love of the older Dr Wolfes and the love between old friends So many great examples of love And I love this author Great read

  10. InD& InD& says:

    4550Ms Le Veue has written another page turnerRead full review in the 2019 June issue of InD'tale Magazine

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