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The End of Print [PDF / Epub] ✍ The End of Print ☁ Lewis Blackwell – He was the enfant terrible of graphic design in the nineties His tortured typography prompted a vocal camp of critics to accuse him of being flippant and of destroying the communicative basis of desig He was the enfant terrible of graphic design in the nineties His tortured typography prompted a vocal camp of critics to accuse him of being flippant and of destroying the communicative basis of design But now the techniues of David Carson and those of his countless imitators dominate advertising design the Web and even motion pictures With copies of the original sold this revised edition of The The End Kindle - End of Print includes a striking new cover and first chapter that puts Carson's work in context The rest is vintage Carson—cutting edge and explosive The End of Print tracks his career from skateboard and surf magazines to the landmark Beach Culture magazine and his groundbreaking grid breaking work for Ray Gun and finally to handling major corporate identity accounts The End of Print marks a turning point in design that ushered in the look of today.

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  1. Hannah Jo Parker Hannah Jo Parker says:

    I was inspired to read this book after seeing David Carson in the documentary film Helvetica I loved his assertion that you can't assume something communicates just because it's legible This book was my lunch buddy for a couple of weeks as I studied its contents I was uplifted every day by the notion that you can throw out all the rules and succeed beautifullyThe End of Print provides plenty of examples of Carson's exciting approach to graphic design including one of my favorites mentioned in Helvetica He was once asked to lay out a magazine article about Bryan Ferry Carson read the interview and felt it covered no new ground He tried setting the text in every single typeface he had installed on his computer at the time working his way through the alphabetical listing until he got to the last one So he set the entire story in Zapf Dingbats and the magazine printed it that way My heroEarly in his graphic design career Carson worked at a skateboard magazine that allowed him to experiment During this time Carson learned to uestion any formal preconception Now thanks to this book I'm doing of that myself

  2. Kim M-M Kim M-M says:

    Anything that David Carson touches turns to golden chaos He is the edge of the cutting and 'Born to be Wild' is probably his anthem The bane of art teachers everywhere there is a freedom in his style flies in the face of reason I can't remember what this book is about though all i remember is the graphics

  3. Mads Mads says:

    In my past life I was a graphic and layout artist for magazines All because I was puttering around a bookstore and my eye caught a weird magazine cover The cover was by David Carson and the magazine was RAYGUN It was the start of an obsession I believe that Carson revolutionized how magazines are designed although his critics disagree

  4. Inggita Inggita says:

    the book from the bad boy of typography himself the out of the design box guru the king of non communication this book actually belongs to Abang Edwin i'm just listing it here because it's one from a groundbreaking designer

  5. Tom Tom says:

    I loved this designer in the 90's Looking upon his stuff now it seems so dated Probably because he was so imitated that it obliterated his work This is what I'll probably say of Rex Ray's work in another decade

  6. bitchrepublic bitchrepublic says:

    classic for designersdesign students

  7. Chandra Wirawan Chandra Wirawan says:

    how broken type accepted graphic design in wider view

  8. Amber Amber says:

    I'm a graphic designer In school I had to do a report on a designer and David Carson was the one I picked out of the hat I never heard of him before the project

  9. Nikki Nikki says:

    David Carson is 'the' graphic designer of the decade Whenever I'm stuck in a rut and need to get out of my grids I pick up this book for inspiration

  10. Tony Tony says:

    David Carson killed print so we can re make it better

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