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The Woman in the White Kimono ➮ [Read] ➪ The Woman in the White Kimono By Ana Johns ➺ – Oceans and decades apart two women are inextricably bound by the secrets between themJapan 1957 Seventeen year old Naoko Nakamura’s prearranged marriage to the son of her father’s business associa Oceans and decades apart two women are in the PDF/EPUB ã inextricably bound by the secrets between themJapan Seventeen year old Naoko Nakamura’s prearranged marriage to the son of her father’s business associate would secure her family’s status in their traditional Japanese community but Naoko has fallen for another man—an American sailor a gaijin—and to marry him would The Woman ePUB í bring great shame upon her entire family When it’s learned Naoko carries the sailor’s child she’s cast out in disgrace and forced to make unimaginable choices with conseuences that will ripple across generationsAmerica present day Tori Kovac caring for her dying father finds a letter containing a shocking revelation—one that calls into uestion everything she understood Woman in the PDF/EPUB ¼ about him her family and herself Setting out to learn the truth behind the letter Tori’s journey leads her halfway around the world to a remote seaside village in Japan where she must confront the demons of the past to pave a way for redemptionIn breathtaking prose and inspired by true stories from a devastating and little known era in Japanese and American history The Woman in the White Kimono illuminates a searing portrait of one woman torn between her culture and her heart and another woman on a journey to discover the true meaning of home.

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  1. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    A beautifully told work of historical fiction ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ The Woman in the White Kimono is told in two timelines The first is Japan in the 1950s Naoko Nakamura’s arranged marriage to the son of a friend of her father’s is important to reinforce the status of her family in the community; however Naoko loves another She’s in love with a gaijin an American sailor To marry an American would be shameful for her and her family Naoko becomes pregnant and she is cut out of her family and left on her own to make decisions with grave outcomes impacting her for a lifetime The second timeline is the US in the present day Tori Kovac’s father is terminally ill and she is his caretaker She finds a letter with a shocking secret Tori travels all the way to Japan to find the truth Ana Johns was inspired by true stories to write this novel Her writing is glorious and poetic with a beautiful setting I knew very little about this time in US and Japanese history The choices Naoko faced were devastating Her love for Hajime was so stunningly drawn The Woman in the White Kimono is not suspenseful and I don’t think it’s meant to be It’s simply a powerful and emotional portrayal of a woman trapped between her true love and her family culture and security Overall complex characters with a profound and poignant story I highly recommend The Woman in the White Kimono for historical fiction fans I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

  2. Sue Sue says:

    What have I just read Oh boy I am in shockI loved this so muchWhen asked by the publishers if I’d like to consider reading this I read the blurbI’ve been reading a lot of thrillers and after reading the blurb on this book my thoughts were oh set in Japan about an arranged marriage seems pretty simple obviously she didn’t want to marry her suitorWas I wrongWellI was right but not in the full sense of thisIt’s not what I thought it’s not “just” a love story it’s so very much than thisThere’s a side by side story running parallel too which comes together in one huge emotional BANG I wouldn’t have guessed it if I tried in a month of Sunday’s It’s sad it’s emotional it’s uplifting and my wordwhen I got to the end I laid my kindle down and couldn’t help appreciating the superb writing The insight to The culture and beliefsThe love between a Mother and daughterFriendship and learning to trustHardship and adversityBeing strong and I don’t mean just being braveLossLoveAcceptanceThis story will stay with me foreverIt’s been Women in translation month This is near right? It’s at least based in another countryOhI have to tell you thisWhen I got to the end and reading the authors thoughts and where she had taken her information from I was shocked This is based on fact It’s fiction but it happenedIf you read it you will understand what I meanI was gobsmacked at the facts I was born in 1958These events are based in the 50’s An absolutely amazing and informative read

  3. Berit☀️✨ Berit☀️✨ says:

    𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐄𝐯𝐨𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐢𝐧𝐠 Ana Johns swept me away with her words and her stunning storytelling Two women two countries thousands of miles and decades of years apart but there is something that binds them Japan 1957 Naoko finds herself caught between love culture and family obligations Naoko is 17 and her parents have arranged a marriage for her a marriage that will help her family’s business out immensely The problem is Naoko is in love with another man an American soldier Not only does this not go over well with her family but it does not go over well with most of Japan who still sees America as the enemy in this post WWII era But Naoko is determined to follow her heart but how much will she lose in the process? The US present day Tori is taking care of her ailing father when she discovers a letter full of secrets After her dad passes away she sells his beloved Cadillac and takes a journey to Japan to find out the truth Beautifully told I was completely mesmerized by Miss Johns’ writing I know I’ve mentioned this before in a review but I find the eastern culture fascinating and I am always excited to read about this part of the world I truly had no idea there was so much hatred towards America in Japan after WWII but why wouldn’t there be? I could only imagine how challenging this relationship was for Naoko although I think she was a little naïve as to what all was implied I found her to be a bit of a contradiction she was strong and feisty but had the innocence of a child What she went through was horrific and it is incredible that I have read so many books that take place in so many different parts of the world where women are subjected to similar situations The sad thing is I’d venture to guess things like this are still going on today in certain parts of the world While I found Naoko’s story compelling than Tori’s tori’s story might have been the important one I like how the storylines were brought together but it sure did not end how I was hoping it would Although there is probably truth in tragedy

  4. Aga Durka Aga Durka says:

    “worry gives a small thing big shadows”“The Woman in the White Kimono” is a mesmerizing and emotional read This is why I love historical fiction genre so much books like this one truly captivate me give me all the feelings but also every single time allow me to learn new things This story is poetic hypnotic and elegant while it also digs deep into the history of Japanese women during WW2 who found love in less than traditional places Women ostracized for whom they loved disowned by their families cut off from everyone they known and loved and forced to make choices that were truly heart breaking “The ground beneath my feet shifts causing outward tremors in all directions We stand on a cultural fault line the fracture running miles deep and the potential aftermath catastrophic My intent may displace sides but this baby connects us all like a bridge”Ana Jones not only writes in a beautiful and graceful style but she also shows passion for her work by the way she presents the research she had to do while writing this novel While this book is not a mystery or suspense read I could not stop reading it there was such a strong pull for this story that I read it in just few hours I highly recommend this book to all the historical fiction fans Thank you Edelweiss Park Row Publishing and the author Ana Johns for giving me an opportunity to read an early copy of this beautiful book in exchange for my honest opinion

  5. DJ Sakata DJ Sakata says:

    Favorite uotesEach step I took brought me closer to my future and farther away from my family It was a contrast of extremes in every sense but I had somehow found my place between them That was what Buddha called the middle way The correct balance of life I called it happy A life with love is happy A life for love is foolish A life of if only is unbearable In my seventy eight years I have had all three“Chase two hares and you will catch neither” says Grandmother This is but a single parable in her arsenal of many She releases them like arrows but instead of one which breaks with ease she slings ten to a bundleI should hurry but I’m already late and as Grandmother says “If you are going to eat poison you may as well clean your plate” I kick the gravel causing angry puffs of loose dirt to rise in protestWhen I first met Hajime in Yokosuka his eyes charmed me They captured light and sparkled like water absorbing the sunTo pick the correct one is fate To pick the wrong one is also fate So you must choose your love and be prepared to love your choiceTime is a stubborn creature that delights in goading you When happy it sprouts wings and flies When waiting it drags through thick mud with heavy feetMy ReviewAna Johns is a bewitching storyteller Her expertly crafted tale mesmerized and gutted me while essentially holding me transfixed to my Kindle from start to finish How is this astounding work her first novel?? I rarely cry but this poignantly written book moved me to tears several times and okay I will even confess to ugly cry sobbing Any author who can perform such a rare fete deserves a ten star rating The storylines were a well researched blend of fact and fiction while cunningly related within brilliant and highly emotive narratives I instantly fell right into Ms John’s cleverly woven story as if sucked into a vortex that zipped me back and forth from post war 1950s Japan and present day USA and thankfully did so with without jetlag confusion or motion sickness The characters were compellingly drawn admirable and strong yet struggling with limited choices and truly miserable options I was intrigued horrified staggered completely invested heartbroken enthralled and totally engaged by this powerful and transportive story It is safe to say that Ana Johns has a newly minted fangirl

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    I received an ARC of this book for free from TLC Book Tours as part of a review tour This was such a heartbreaking read It was sad yet beautifully written This book has dual storylines but I loved that the author really let the historical story shine Naoko’s story was the interesting of the two so I was glad that the author devoted time to it and was able to really flesh it out The subject matter of the book touches upon a very unknown part of history It deals with the relationship between American servicemen and local Japanese woman and the children they had I never knew about this so I was really fascinated by this story Also being mixed race myself I’m Filipino and white I was particularly struck by the attitudes towards mixed race people I could tell that the author did a lot of research and I liked the author’s note at the end where she talks about the real life inspiration behind the book The strongest part of the book is the writing Ana Johns writes in such a tragically beautiful way that perfectly captures the mood of the storyThe book is a little slow in the beginning especially with the contemporary storyline But by the time you get near the end you’ll be flipping pages like crazy to find out what happens next Overall I recommend this book for historical fiction lovers especially those with an interest in Japan

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    Set in present day and 1950s Japan we follow two women’s paths in life Not really knowing much about post war Japan the writer successfully portrays a rigid culture that was immediately immersive and completely compellingI loved this book from the opening pages and felt that I could have easily read this in one sitting Drawn in by the beautiful cover the narrative itself is eually beautiful The writer often makes references to Japanese folklore and proverbs and this enriched the story even Indeed it felt as though I was reading a true story and I believed in the characters both past and presentIt is evident that the author has researched this period of time and I was intrigued by a culture that I know very little about The stigma attached to having relationships with the American soldiers meant that unfortunate womenyoung girls would find themselves ostracised from their family and ensnared in a very sobering maternity hospital This is the situation that 1950s Naoko finds herself in In contrast present day Tori discovers that there is to her father’s past than she realised Taking her on a journey to Japan Tori and Naoko’s histories become irrevocably entwinedThe writer carefully switches between the two timelines and I appreciated how she gradually establishes connections between Tori and Naoko I could not have seen how the story would conclude and I enjoyed the eventual revelations I fell in love with the whole cast and the love between Naoko and Hajime was boundless It was easy to picture these characters and believe in the struggles that they facedThis well written piece of historical fiction was a breath of fresh air with its uniue topic I have come across few novels that approach this time period and the writer creatively builds a narrative that is not too dense nor overwhelming A powerful and emotional portrayal of two women’s difficult journeys this will certainly appeal to all fans of historical fictionI received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review With thanks to everyone at Legend Press and Ana Johns for allowing me to participate in this blog tour

  8. J.C. J.C. says:

    I've seen Woman in the White Kimono compared to Memoirs of a GeishaI've read bothAs someone who has lived in Japan married to a Japanese and watches plenty of Japanese TV my personal opinion is that Woman in the White Kimono is so much better The meticulous research that went into the time period is coupled with an amazingly authentic voice where a glorious narrative evokes emotional highs and lows It's a poignant story of love loss and redemption

  9. Zoe Zoe says:

    Poignant beautiful and incredibly heartwrenchingThe Woman in the White Kimono is predominantly set in Japan during the late 1950s as well as present day and is told from two different perspectives; Tori a young journalist who journeys to Japan after her father's death to unravel the secrets of his past and to find the family he may have left behind and Naoko a young Japanese girl whose forbidden love for an American soldier will change her life foreverThe prose is vivid and expressive The characters are multi layered vulnerable and resilient And the plot is a profoundly moving tale about life love familial relationships heartbreak loss guilt grief desperation courage hope and regretOverall The Woman in the White Kimono is the perfect blend of historical facts evocative fiction and palpable emotion It's a bittersweet tender affecting tale that will not only make you smile make you cry but resonate with you long after the final page has been readThank you to HarperCollins Canada for providing me with a copy as a prize during the #savvyreadthon

  10. Erin Erin says:

    The author's debut novel The Woman in the White Kimono is about two women oceans and decades apart and the one secret that binds them together When Tori Kovac's dying father hands her a letter she has no idea that it will change her life forever As the chapters alternate between the present and 1950s Japan Tori tries to discover the whereabouts of the Japanese woman that her father loved and the family that she still might have This was simply one of the most beautiful stories that I have read in awhile I was literally glued to my seat as this heartbreaking story unfolded I haven't read that many books about postwar Japan and the author clearly illustrates the tensions between the Japanese and the American military The characters and the writing were fantastic and I wait in anticipation to see what Ana Johns will write nextGoodreads review published 160320

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