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A Marriage Deal with the Viscount Allied at the Altar Book 1 [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Marriage Deal with the Viscount Allied at the Altar Book 1 Author Bronwyn Scott – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk “I can protect you”But she must accept his ringAn Allied at the Altar story after an abusive marriage Sofia is struggling to find acceptance in Society So when dashing Viscount Taunton needs her i Deal with ePUB ´ “I can protect you”But she must accept his ringAn Allied at the Altar story after an abusive marriage Sofia is struggling to find acceptance in Society So when dashing Viscount A Marriage Epub / Taunton needs her investment for his business she’s surprised by his strong supportive nature In Conall’s arms Marriage Deal with the Viscount Epub / she discovers true pleasure Yet to fully leave her past behind Sofia must consider Marriage Deal with PDF Ì Conall’s offer of his full protection—in the form of wedding vowsAllied at the Altar miniseries Book — A Marriage Deal with the Viscount Book — One Night with the Marriage Deal with the Viscount Epub / Major coming soon“The author had me reading late into the night because I couldn’t put it down” Goodreads on Seduced by the Prince’s Kiss by Bronwyn Scott“A very compelling story of a young woman falling in love” Goodreads on Seduced by the Prince’s Kiss by Bronwyn Scott.

About the Author: Bronwyn Scott

Deal with ePUB ´ Bronwyn Scott writes historical romances for Harleuin Mills and Boon She has titles currently in print with themBronwyn's release Dancing with the Duke's Heir was RITA finalistBronwyn's A Marriage Epub / novel The Viscount Claims His Bride was a RomCon finalist for best short historical as was her Marriage Deal with the Viscount Epub / release A Thoroughly Compromised Lady.

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  1. Caz Caz says:

    I've given this a B at AAR so that's 45 starsBronwyn Scott kicks off her new Allied at the Altar series with A Marriage Deal with the Viscount which features a pair of engaging refreshingly different principals who enter into a business arrangement only to discover an unlooked for connection that could threaten everything they’ve worked forConall Everard inherited the title and estates of Viscount Taunton a year earlier on the death of his father  He was stunned to discover that the man he’d loved and looked up to had left the family finances in a truly shocking state but has to curb his feelings of betrayal and disappointment in order to find a way to start making the money needed to restore Everard Hall support his mother supply his sister with a dowry and pay for his brother’s schooling  He has approached the Prometheus Club a syndicate formed principally of wealthy noblemen investors with a view to obtaining funding for his scheme to import alpacas and buy a textile mill to process the wool and manufacture cloth  Sadly however all but one of the Club’s members voted against backing Conall’s scheme which leaves him in an incredibly difficult situation  He has sunk every bit of spare money he had into purchasing and importing the alpacas knowing if he’d not done it uickly he’d have lost a year’s production time – and without the financial backing he needs he’ll be ruined Luckily however he is introduced to the Club’s one dissenting voice – the Marchesa di Cremona – who conducts business through an intermediary using a male pseudonymConall has nothing to lose and is takes the opportunity to talk about his plans with the lovely Marchesa who asks intelligent uestions and shows a clear understanding of business practices while carefully deflecting any enuires that may have touched on things of a personal natureSofia Northcott is an old school friend of the daughter in law of the Duke of Crowden but even that can’t do anything to repair her standing in society  Married off to the Marchese di Cremona when she was barely out of the schoolroom Sofia endured ten years of cruelty and humiliation at her husband’s hands before being granted a divorce under Piedmont law three years earlier and promptly returning home to England  But her former husband is now demanding she return to him and Sofia knows he will stop at nothing to get his own way  The change of regime in Piedmont means that divorce is no longer possible or tolerated and the new king has promised the Marchese a small fortune if he will bring back his errant wife and resume their marriage  Sofia has no wish to return to the Marchese or to Italy but when on returning home from a ball one evening she discovers her home has been ransacked she is forced to acknowledge that her husband must have discovered her whereabouts and that she must leave London as uickly as possible  Fortunately she had already accepted Conall’s invitation to travel to his family seat in order to view his extensive plans for the alpaca project and they make a hasty departure the next daySofia is unsettled by Conall who is far from the portly short middle aged eccentric she had expected when told she was to meet with someone interested in alpaca farming  But it’s not his good looks that are the biggest danger it’s his charm his obvious kindness and intelligence – and even though Sofia’s experience with the lies and deceit practiced by so many men tells her she cannot afford to be attracted to a man she barely knows she is nonetheless drawn to him  Yet she is fully aware that no man with aspirations to respectability can afford to associate with a woman of her scandalous reputation His viscountess must be well bred well trained and above reproach  and as Sofia becomes and fond of Conall she becomes and determined that she must put some distance between them before her reputation can tarnish his name and the standing of his mother and sister  When  it becomes clear that her husband is in England looking for her Conall decides that the only way he can protect Sofia is to marry her himself – but can she allow the man she has come to love to make such a sacrifice for her?A Marriage Deal with the Viscount is an engaging story about a couple of unusual but supremely likeable protagonists  I was pleased to see that Conall far from being criticised for his desire to go into business is seen as someone creative  forward thinking and progressive and I was particularly impressed with the author’s decision to create a divorcée heroine something not often come across in historical romance for obvious reasons  Ms Scott makes some very pertinent observations about what happened to women who did not conform to society’s norms regardless of their situation and it’s a sad fact that even today women are often our own worst enemies far censorious of other women than many men  In the novel this attitude is very well illustrated by the way Sofia is regarded with dislike and suspicion by the society ladies who should really feel sorrow for her predicament  Instead because she is beautiful and wealthy she is seen as a threat likely to ‘steal’ a gentleman from one of the current crop of deserving debutantes her supposed loose morals meaning that she can use sex to entice men where the proper young ladies cannotThe romance between Sofia and Conall is well developed starting as an acknowledgement that the other is physically attractive but with no desire to look beyond that or to pursue anything further  But as they spend time together while at Conall’s home they begin to look deeper and to feel than a simple outward attraction  Both of them have been betrayed by people who should have looked out for them and don’t trust easily as a result; I very much enjoyed watching them opening up to one another and learning to that they could after all rely on another personThere’s a little hiccup along the way when Sofia learns Conall has been keeping something from her but by far the biggest threat is Il Marchese di Cremona the perfect gothic villain if ever I saw one He’s rather over the top but had he not been uite so obvious then perhaps the threat to Sofia wouldn’t have seemed so dire so I suppose I can put that down to dramatic license 😉A Marriage Deal with the Viscount boasts a well constructed plot that makes the most of the changing world of the mid nineteenth century in which it is set  Conall and Sofia’s hard won HEA is well deserved and the book earns a strong recommendation overall

  2. AnnMarie AnnMarie says:

    A Marriage Deal With The Viscount Mills Boon Historical is the first book in the Allied at the Altar series by Bronwyn ScottSofia had an arranged marriage with what turned out to be a sadist of a husband She managed to escape the marriage and for 3 years she has been divorced from him and vows never to marry again She is mostly shunned by polite society purely because she is divorced but she does have some friends who stick up for her and let her stay with themSofia's husband finds out that it his in his best interest to find her and force her to come back to him Terrified of him finding her she takes the opportunity to get out of London plus look into a way of investing money in a way that can help othersConnall Viscount Taunton is struggling to keep his family estate afloat He has invested in alpacas and needs funding in order to buy a mill and set up a business of shearing the animals and selling their fleece He is given Sophia's name and approaches her for her help His business is in the country and a place where she can feel safer for a while She insists on visiting the mill he wants to buy She will kill two birds with one stone she will get out of London plus perhaps find a good way to invest her money It doesn't hurt that Connell is a very charming manThe time she and Connal spend together the they find they are very much attracted to each other There are many reasons they shouldn't give in to their attraction because there is no way they can have a future together or is there? One person is determined to make sure they don't have one Sophia's ex husband He is determined to get her back even if he has to murder to achieve that goalThis book was fabulous with so much going on in it There was subterfuge danger passion and love There were sad moments such as when Sophia admitted what her marriage to her ex husband was like but there were also wonderful happy moments which gave the book a good balance of light and shade Sophia had been through so much I wanted so desperately for her to have her happy ending Did she have one well you will have to read the book to find out?

  3. Gwessie Tee Gwessie Tee says:

    As always a magnificently written book and most definitely captivating read our hero and heroine both very deserving in their Happy Ever After and most definitely worked hard on earning itWe meet them both having been betrayed by those who should have been championing them not betraying yet both of them work on getting past that and moving on though not in a conventional way it makes this book even addicting in that you have to know what's next though finishing reading it you miss them alreadyThank you for writing it x

  4. BJ BJ says:

    A good story with a number of themes woven well into the H's need to fund his business There is and evil OM and MOC and a sweet self sacrificing H He's a good man but makes a mistake with the h that felt wrong for his character She was great a little too good on the run from her evil ex The writing flowed well and I enjoyed it even with some rather too convenient plot points Nice read from a new to me author I'll buy her again

  5. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Sofia and Conall were such a likeable couple Sofia had suffered an abusive marriage and now she was scandalised by Society for having a divorce Conall was looking for a partner in his alpaca business They both had secrets Sofia was afraid of her ex husband and wanted her freedom Conall was afraid of falling in love but he was determined to help Sofia Their growing relationship made an enthralling read There is plenty of tension and underlying threats as well as real menace to provide a tense ending I received a copy and have voluntarily reviewed it All thoughts and opinions are my own

  6. Frankie (Chicks, Rogues and Scandals) Frankie (Chicks, Rogues and Scandals) says:

    This is a fabulous start to a whole new series; Allied At The Alter which going by this first book is going to be another brilliant series by a favourite author of mine This is essentially a ‘Marriage of Convenience’ story but as ever with Ms Scott’s work there is always a great secondary plot or a twist to the tale I love that Bronwyn Scott has set this series in the Victorian era which is such a change from her hugely popular and brilliant regencies I can say without a doubt that she has pulled a beauty out of the bag with this oneConall; Viscount Taunton after gaining the title he now has to deal with the problems that go along with it which in Taunton’s case means they are in dire need of money Conall comes up with the most brilliant plan to gain the funds that his family and importantly the title needs and that is to do what many aristocrats deem as rather vulgar He plans to go into business I know shock and horror he wants to start trading with the mills with his Alpacca wool but to do that he needs capital but when he goes to the one man who could set this venture off refuses him point blank he must find another avenue to go downI love that about him he is an enterprising creative and imaginative young man who has a proper head on his shoulders in fact he rather makes me think of John Thornton from North and South – I think everyone knows how much I love a man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and this is the man Conall is a very proud man it does grate that he has to beg but where his family is concerned he will do what is needed I really really love him he just wants to do what’s right he is motivated enigmatic and at times very serious but that just adds to his appeal Once he gets turned down by a family friend no less he has no other choice than to fall on to the charity of the mysterious but incredibly wealthy; La Marchessa di CremonaSofia has her own reasons to be as mysterious and hidden in the shadows as she is if found she would face a fate far far worse then death which is why she is eually as desperate for this deal with Conall to go well She is a complex woman and I love how Ms Scott doesn’t divulge all of Sofia’s secrets in one go she teases with dropping little clues and subtle hints through out the story Yes it is pretty easy to figure out her back story and why she is fleeing but it’s incredibly satisfying finding out about this woman Sofia may appear to be an alluring beautiful majestic creature from another planet and yes she is but that is a mask to protect herself she is pretty damaged she is vulnerable afraid and has trust issuesI adore both Conall and Sofia as individuals they are tough cookies who are fighting to not just keep their heads above water but to save their family and themselves But for me they really shine when they are together they are both immensely intelligent resourceful charismatic and proud You would think that they would be like chalk and cheese but that’s as far from the truth as you can get they are each others rockThis isn’t your stereotypical boy meets girl romance there is intricate layers that entwine some very serious subjects within the story; such as abuse divorce and a county which is forging a head into a new innovative world I love Victorian novels it was a time of change of new ideas and all of that is features in this book The character’s are engaging and likeable the two leads off course are perfect but I love the secondary characters too which are fascinating and fun to get to know even the baddie is mesmerisingOverall this is a brilliantly written original thrilling engaging captivating and page turning romance that will keep you teetering at the edge of your seat reading with baited breath as the story unfolds A great start to a whole new series one that I cannot wait to dive into again with book twoA great book and highly recommendedThis was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review thank you Bronwyn

  7. Emma Emma says:

    “Secrets only have power because they’re secrets; things that have to be hidden”Sofia Northcott Marchesa Di Cremona escaped her abusive husband and has settled into a uiet life in London Conall Everard the newly inherited Viscount Taunton is hiding his financial worries and needs investment in his alpaca farm Persuading Sofia to invest is one thing but protecting her from a vengeful Giancarlo Il Marchese Di Cremona is a task that puts everything Conall holds dear at riskWhat I really enjoy about Bronwyn Scott’s books is that she is not afraid to create characters who are unusual; in this case Sofia who is divorced and trying to re build her life As an English woman with an Italian title Sofia is different from the average Regency heroine right from the start of this book and the fact that Conall is not exactly the typical Viscount in need of a wife sets them on an unusual course towards marriageBoth Sofia and Conall are well created characters who have faced difficult times in the past Once we meet Giancarlo the reader can immediately see how Sofia would have suffered as his wife and the courage it has taken her to break away from the marriage Interestingly although there is an attraction between Conall and Sofia from the outset there is no hint of a marriage convenient or otherwise until Giancarlo poses a genuine threat and it is this plot device that leads nicely into a story full of romance heartache and tension all building towards the inevitable showdown between Sofia and GiancarloGiancarlo himself is an excellent villain who you cannot help but dislike once Sofia beings to explain the horrors of her life with him and Conall is faced with uite a battle to break down Sofia’s mistrust of men and marriage as a result As a reader you really do root for Conall to change Sofia’s mind about the future and hope for a happy ending which largely seems impossible due to the threats posed by GiancarloAn enjoyable read with good characters and an interesting plot line the alpaca farm is definitely a new business venture for a historical novel there is plenty of tension as the book progresses and a satisfying conclusion to the taleAs this is the first of the author’s new ‘Allied at the Altar’ series it could be that we are likely to meet Conall and Sofia again in future books and I look forward to reading the next instalment of this seriesThanks to MB for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  8. Janet Janet says:

    Sofia Northcott Marchesa Di Cremona is struggling to find acceptance in Society So when dashing Conall Everard Viscount Taunton needs her investment for his alpaca business she’s surprised by his strong supportive nature totally different from her former husbandThis is a new series opener if the rest of the series is as good as this then the author is onto another winner It is set in the 1850’s so a different era for the author A different slant on a marriage of convenience as Sofia is a divorcee it’s not often there’s trope so it was a very refreshing read The pace is good I was engrossed from start to finish The characters are well fleshed I really liked both Conall Sofia he is an honourable caring man who is struggling to cope with the mess his beloved father left the viscountacy Sofia has survived an abusive cruel marriage but still fears Giancarlo will find her drag her back to Piedmont Both of them have secrets that could derail their budding romance but they both need to learn to trust I look forward to reading in the seriesMy honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

  9. Elaine Elaine says:

    I found this a little boring and that's why I skipped a few pages Usually this author is one of my favourite writers but I just couldn't get into this one Sad that I didn't find it enjoyable 25☆

  10. Joan Gray Joan Gray says:

    A Marriage Deal With The Viscount is written by Bronwyn Scott and is the first in her Mills Boon Historical mini series Allied at the Altar Set in the 1850s Sofia Northcott Marchesa Di Cremona is only recently divorced which is seen as scandalous in itself and is living in London Little does anyone know that she divorced her husband II Marchese Giancarlo Di Cremona in order to escape a busy marriage and now she is on the run as he wants her back as the King of Piedmont where he lives does not approve of divorce and wants Giancarlo to reclaim his wife and thus regain the favour of the Royal court Sofia knows that if Giancarlo finds her he will drag her back to Italy by force and then inflict acts of extreme cruelty upon her He has already branded his initial on her a punishment for trying to run away Conall Everard has just been as invested as the Ciscount of Taunton He is looking for financial backers for his alpaca farm Sofia is desperate to escape London before she can be found and is intrigued about the alpaca venture which Conall has already established must not use child labour or exploit their workers Sofia feels that escaping down to Somerset will be a great hiding place for a few weeks and the farm is a great investment opportunity for her She is determined not to marry ever again but is enjoying a relationship with Conall when she realises Gianfranco is actively looking for her Conall and Sofia enter into a marriage of convenience he needs financial backing for his farm whilst if she is remarried Giancarlo cannot reclaim her and force her back to Piedmont Unfortunately Giancarlo finds them holds both Sofia Conall and his family at gun point and drags her back to Bristol where they will catch a boat back to Italy Will Conall find her in tome?I enjoyed this book immensely There seemed to be something almost humorous and incongruous the heroine is escaping an abusive marriage whist the hero is establishing an alpaca farm The author touches on issues that would have been seen as scandalous during the Victorian period divorce meant you were shunned in bhigh society whilst abuse within marriage would never be mentioned I read this book in one sitting and look forward to reading the rest in the series I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for a honest review I am a #MillsAndBoonInsider #netgalley

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