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Isy the Magic Dinosaur chapter book [PDF] ✅ Isy the Magic Dinosaur chapter book Author Gareth George – There are only two sleeps left before Christmas and the citizens of Dinotown have spent the whole day covering every building with sparkling decorations However when everyone wakes on Christmas Eve th There are only two sleeps Magic Dinosaur PDF Î left before Christmas and the citizens of Dinotown have spent the whole day covering every building Isy the PDF \ with sparkling decorations However when everyone wakes on Christmas Eve the decorations have mysteriously disappeared With the grown ups deciding that a the Magic Dinosaur Kindle Ï very long meeting is the best way to solve the mystery it is left to Isy the Magic Dinosaur her little brother Alex and their cousins Ben Josh Sophia to save Christmas To do so they must use teamwork and their magic powers to trek through the mountains avoid getting lost in a very confusing maze sneak past some unfamiliar flying dinosaurs and return home in time for Christmas dinner Targeted at children aged this is the second in a series of short stories about Isy the Magic Dinosaur which promotes teamwork and friendship in a magical fantasy setting Please note that this is a chapter book and not a picture book the illustrations are in the imagination of the reader About the author Gareth George was once asked by his daughter if he could read her a bedtime story about magic dinosaurs He didn't have any stories about magic dinosaurs So he wrote Isy the Magic Dinosaur The Great Chocolate Cake Race As that story made his daughter laugh The Christmas Mystery followed.

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  1. Donna Cowan Donna Cowan says:

    In this episode of Isy the Magic Dinosaur Isy and friends are excited to decorate the entire Dinotown and homes for Christmas It's only 3 days until Christmas and the whole town works all day to decorate every suare inch of Dinotown But the next morning all of the decorations are gone And only Isy knows where they went While the elders meet to make a plan Isy and friends head into the mountains to get their Christmas decorations back It's a dangerous journey with problems and new friends along the way Can Isy save Christmas?Read this joyous story filled with love and friendship surrounding the season of giving I recommend this book for every child as an annual read Christmas is about sharing

  2. Cynthia Gutzwiller Cynthia Gutzwiller says:

    Two days before Christmas they have a tradition in the dinosaur town they decorate the town tree and buildings Ben Josh Sophia Alex And Isy all came together for Decorating day I looked up the word Lorry I did not know what it was It is a large truck The next morning Isy woke up to Somebody Stole Christmas The adults went to the meeting hall to make a plan Our little band of friends decided to follow the trail of tinsel They must go to the mountains They meet a new kind of dinosaur I'm leaving that for you to discover What do they find? Do they find Christmas? Do they go back and get the adults? Listenread will give you an adventure that is exciting and fast paced That means you will want to keep turning the pages because you want to know what's next and then what's next after that I highly recommend the Isy series it is well written and made for the 4 7 age group perfectly I borrowed this book on a Kindle Unlimited website and so can you

  3. Emma Price Emma Price says:

    If you enjoy reading stories about dinosaurs you’ll love this courage story of how five brave young friends came up with a plan to take back the town’s Christmas decorations This mystery has great examples of sharing and friendship I enjoyed reading this book to my great grandson

  4. Nancy Nancy says:

    A fun Christmas storyDinosaurs Christmas decorations a mystery and a happy ending What could you want in a kids Christmas book My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and will look out for dinosaur adventures

  5. Stenetta Anthony Stenetta Anthony says:

    This book was fun and exciting Children who are interested in dinosaur would enjoy hearing about some of their favorite creatures Hearing how a dinosaur saved Christmas is an interesting concept A good read for a child

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