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    I have loved everything by Faith Hunter and this book is no exception It is a bit different from previous books in that it is a little centered on Jane and what is going on internally than outside forces We do get to see some of the other main characters but not too much about them I don t want to spoil too much but by the end Jane seems to be going in a new and different direction.I feel like this book needed to happen so that all the gang can continue to grow and not become stale I can t wait to see were these new developments take us.I received this arc from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 starsI used to read a lot of urban fantasy but sort of drifted away for some reason This is one series I continue to read because of the great characters who stalk, stake chomp their way through a New Orleans full of vamps, grindylows skinwalkers And if the human residents seem a tad nervous.well, perhaps that s down to being viewed as potential snack food.At the heart of it all is Jane Yellowrock, a shape shifting skinwalker who made her name as a vamp killer She s usually a force to be reckoned with but after events in the last book, Jane is now a shadow of her former kickass self A hard won battle weird magic left her fatally ill To buy herself time, Jane packed up her crew moved to a large estate in the Appalachian Mountains Unfortunately it might not be far enough as there are those who ld prefer she died sooner rather than later.You know what it s like when you re sick you just wish people would leave you alone Whereas we might deal with demanding kids or an impatient boss, Jane is being pestered by an ancient vamp affectionately known as the Son of Darkness SOD When the former Master of the City died, Jane inherited control of New Orleans all who live there She sent in a polite Thanks, but no thanks but it seems SOD didn t get the memo Now he s on his way with a horde of undead to seize power chow down on anyone who gets in his way.This can only be described as epic The battle scenes political machinations will have fans nervously chewing their nails to the quick The story is given depth by the inclusion of European history, First Nations folklore ancient religions It goes without saying not everyone will survive frequent injections of humour give you a moment to catch your breath It s a world that jumps off the page in full colour the author provides some answers to long running subplots Characters are diverse fully developed whether they be furry, fanged or human It s an entertaining spin on the classic tale of good vs evil that s hard to put down Just a heads up if you haven t read this series before, don t begin here This is book 13 there is a complex story arc jam packed with story lines that lead to events in this instalment Whatever Jane faces next, it won t be boring Here s hoping she gets a well earned nap first.

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    Thanks to Berkley and Netgalley for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.Faith, you ve done it again A culmination of so many storylines, this book might have become my favorite in the series It s got depth and darkness and light and hope and grief and connection It s got a big bad that s actually pretty damn terrifying It s got lots of twists and turns It s got lots of emotion and heart Most of all, it s got Jane truly recognizing, on a deep soulful level, what s most important the bonds she has forged with the people and creatures that have become her Clan, and similarly, accepting who she is , every single aspect.While the title of this book is Shattered Bonds, don t let that fool you into thinking that Legs will be alone Change, reforging, making something stronger is the name of the game.There were quite a few emotional moments, but one that really stood out to me was a moment between Jane and Beast It hit me really hard, and was absolutely mesmerizing and beautiful Might have been my favorite moment of the series.I really adore this series and its spinoff, Soulwood but if you ve not read it, please start at the beginning with Skinwalker Trying to jump in on this one will just spoil things and devalue the emotional payoff that comes with the events of a long term series HIGHLY recommended ALL THE STARS.

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    Fan freakin tastic I can t wait to see where Hunter takes us next but firstThis amazing addition to the Jane Yellowrock series brings Jane face to face with everything she was destined to be while she struggles to survive the havoc time walking has caused on her body.Her friends come to rally around her but an ancient evil, the original most evil that started vampirism has left Europe to take on Jane and her friends.What can I say, this was a single sitting read From the moment I picked up a copy of Shattered Bonds I WAS HOOKED Intense, fun, unexpectedly surprised and riveted are just a few words that come to mind to describe Shattered Bonds And, Oh MY, I can t wait to see where Faith Hunter takes us next.I received this ARC paperback copy of Shattered Bonds from Berkley Publishing This is my honest and voluntary review Shattered Bonds is set for publication October 29, 2019.My Rating 5 stars FAVORITEWritten by Faith HunterSeries Jane Yellowrock Book 13 Mass Market Paperback 400 pagesPublisher Ace Reissue edition October 29, 2019 ISBN 10 0399587985ISBN 13 978 0399587986Genre Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Noble Want check us out on Tome Tender Book Blog or on Facebook

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    Source Publisher Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 4.0 Thoughts Shattered Bonds, by author Faith Hunter, is the Thirteenth installment in the authors Jane Yellowrock series Jane is in a state of stasis as the story opens She s abdicated all of her responsibilities of being the Dark Queen and Emperor of the Eurovamps She s made no moves to take any territory or created her own army She s told Edmund and Gregoire to take care of anything that might come up After all, Jane s human body is withering away and dying of a magically induced cancer which seems to have no cure The best she can do is remain in her beast form, or her half form which she easily can do Full Review Gizmos Reviews

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    I think this is it for me Hunter s stilted writing style has always been a difficult read for me but the storyline has invariably kept my interest After the disappointment of Dark Queen and the failure of this one to draw me in, though, I ve simply lost interest The magical aspect has gone over the top and the series has moved in a new directionand I believe I m going to have to let this series go.At least there is still Soulwood

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    Shattered Bonds is a gut wrenching, blood curdling, high speed adventure that will leave you gasping Jane is fighting bad guys, time and her own body She doesn t have time for everything she needs to do This is an emotional roller coaster ride from the first page to the last, I LOVED IT

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Review copy was received from NetGalley This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Holy crap The depth and richness of Shattered Bonds is amazing I ve long been a fan of the Jane Yellowrock series I loved this and was totally engrossed even when exhausted I highly recommend this book and the series, which does need to be read in order like most urban fantasy I had some feelings about not liking how out of control things felt and was as unhappy as Eli with Jane striking out on her own to handle some things BUT with some thought, I know how realistic it is the way it all happened.I may want everything to be planned and smart but that s not life, not magic Plus that story would be a little too routine and boring Nothing here is boring terrifying, horrifying and moving faster than a mind can grasp, but not boring So the characters have to be their imperfect, beloved selves, doing things which are not smart but must be done to save lives Jane spends some time hibernating, taking a sort of time out from the world She takes herself out of the world to grieve and heal after the previous events.But the world hasn t stopped, and a new threat comes to hurt everyone and take everything dear to Jane She is forced to pull herself together and fight for her people Jane Beast must take control, and worry about their future afterward I was a little sad at how some of those who should be her allies didn t trust her enough or help her Jane, as always, risks everything to save those she loves, and even those who didn t help her Excerpt Beast tightened crouch, pulling all body onto paws, shoulders high Leaped Shoved off with back legs Stretched out front legs Claws extending Falling Thick tail rotated for balance Scent of buck rushed up Heavy Pungent Deer flinched Hooves left ground Buck leaped high Away from other deer Beast snarled Not expecting jump Whipped tail, swiveling body Reaching Buck splashed into deep water Beast missed Buck leaped again Splashed hard Hooves driving up far bank White tail held high Beast fell Landed half in water Front paws missed rock just under surface Paws, legs, shoulders, head slapped into water And under it Nose flaps closed, but not before water went up nose Front feet hit bottom, back feet hit bank Wrenched body back Rear paws and claws dug deep into half frozen muddy bank Body twisted Out of water Blew water out of nose in loud snort Spat and shook Loose coat slid around muscular body Flinging water droplets into snow Blowing Beast whirled, searching for two smaller deer They had vanished Beast snarled at world Screamed Big deer must have heard or smelled Beast I hunger Screamed again, sound echoing in hills Chuffed in anger Pounced up and down, paws sinking into half frozen mud Deer did not come back Prey was smart.

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    Review originally published at Vampire Book Club and based on a copy provided by the publisher.When we last saw Jane Yellowrock I was kind of pissed at her After defeating the European vampires and suffering significant losses, Jane abandons her found family and the vampires she s supposed to protect so she can die alone in the mountains from magical cancer But now Clan Yellowrock has regrouped, setting up shop in an Appalachian winery while they search for a cure for Jane.But that search gets put on hold when Edmund, who s watching over Jane s new territory in Europe, goes missing along with some other members of her clan Then Jane learns that the younger Son of Darkness, the brothers who created the vampire race the older of whom Jane killed in Dark Queen is coming for her No matter how much Jane tries to get out of supernatural politics, the vampires keep pulling her back in.Much of the action in Shattered Bonds is magical, taking place inside Jane s head This is the kind of thing that normally drives me crazy, but I ve gotten used to Jane spending time in her Soul Home over the course of the series I ve also grown to love Beast and was struck by how much sophisticated her voice has gotten Jane and Beast are truly a team at this point and it s fun to see them working together But because Jane s so introspective, I didn t get to see as much of the supporting characters as I would have liked Jane s guys are really my favorite things about the series.Shattered Bonds shows Jane in transition, though even at the end I m not sure what she s going to become She s building a new life in a new location and learning new things about her history and her role as the Dark Queen She even has a new character to help her work through things and I m curious about how that relationship will develop Most of all though, I was happy to see the return of a certain old character who answered some lingering questions about Jane and Beast.One thing Faith Hunter does well in this series is play the long game, bringing back elements from several books earlier to bite Jane in the ass But at the end of Shattered Bonds, I don t feel like there are many loose ends left In fact, I can only think of one I m looking forward to seeing what s next for this much changed Jane.

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    4.75 stars Shattered Bonds by Faith Hunter is part of the Jane Yellowrock paranormal urban fantasy series Jane is still dealing with life threatening complications, but her multiple roles require direct intervention, especially when her enemies strike close to home She and Beast will have to discern whether some of her allies are friends or foes, and any mistakes may be deadly.I enjoy books that feature kick butt heroines, and this series definitely showcases its unique heroine who is not only a take charge and opinionated female, but whose dual nature adds an entertaining perspective I think it would be difficult for those who are not familiar with the series to appreciate all of the nuances, particularly given the number of different types of entities who have cameos or pivotal roles, but even if one doesn t understand the alliances and maneuverings or the events that have led up to the situations Jane is dealing with, I suspect that newbies to the series will be impressed by the depth and vividness of the world building and the intense connections between Jane and those around her.There are wonderfully dramatic scenes, fascinating characters, gory fights, and beautiful demonstrations of the loving connections Jane has developed despite herself Just when emotions seem in danger of overwhelming the reader, Beast provides a pithy comment or observation and lightens things a bit I am in awe that many of the characters continue to evolve and deepen the reader s connection to them and I admit to rereading the beautiful ending several times, sorry to see the story end.The books in this series are enthralling and I always find myself racing through, desperate to discover how things turn out, and then I go back and revisit sections to better appreciate the nuances This story was no exception, and I ve read through multiple scenes over and over, especially those that contrast the savage side of this feisty heroine and her loving attachment to the youngsters she s determined to keep safe, no matter what the cost Above all, this book highlights faithfulness and faith, and I finished with a delighted, aww, even though I immediately wanted to have of Jane s adventures Fans of the series will have fun with this addition those new to the delights in store will undoubtedly want to start at the beginning Skinwalker Enjoy A copy of this title was provided to me for review

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Shattered Bonds Jane Yellowrock Must Dig Deep And Find Strength Within Herself If She Is To Survive In The Latest Novel In This New York Times Bestselling SeriesJane Yellowrock Is A Shapeshifting Skinwalker, And Vampire Killer For Hire, But Her Last Battle With An Ancient Arcane Enemy Has Brought Her Low She Seeks Retreat In The Appalachian Mountains To Grieve The Loss Of Her Friends, And To Heal Or To Die From The Disease Brought On By Her Magic But Malevolent Elements In The Paranormal Community Still Seek To Destroy Jane, And The Younger Son Of Darkness Stalks Her, Even Into The Safety Of The Hills With Nowhere To Run And Her Body Failing, The Rogue Vampire Hunter And Her Inner Beast Must Discover A Way To Defeat This New Threat, And Find A Form That Gives Her A Chance To Fight Another Day