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  1. Karen Karen says:

    5 STARS As a wooer Roland Vawdrey may have been indifferent But as a husband he is without peer I love him and I will have no other Another fantastic book Loved Roland and Eden eually The supporting cast was just as endearing both human and canine I am looking forward to many from Ms Coldbreath And I won't be satisfied until Cuthbert gets his own story His staff was monstrous huge and unwieldy I did want to point out that there were uite a few editing errors Auto correct does not count as an editor and if hiring an editor is too expensive I will gladly offer up my services ; This does not detract in any way from my review but it does signify and should be addressed Looking forward to from this author “I want everything to be perfect“ he frowned “And it is” she told him sagely  “But right now I want you to untidy me and make it clear that I’m a very desired wife” Roland’s gaze turned dark  “That my fearless lady will be entirely my pleasure”

  2. Mei Mei says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Roland's story He was such a great character who with total naivete accepted since the very beginning the situation and just couldn't understand why eden didn't It was hilariousEden on the other hand got on my nerves She had such a huge view spoilerstick in her ass hide spoiler

  3. Bookadmirer Bookadmirer says:

    This book was a total disappointment Although I wasn't interested in this book I just finished it because I was boredI thought the female protagonist would be strong but she just turned out another meek naive woman The male protagonist didn't have much depth to his character There isn't much of a plot either Overall nothing extraordinary neither very enjoyable

  4. Sometime Sometime says:

    I've been putting off reading this book because the H is such a manwhore in the previous books But I've run out of Alice Coldbreath books and so I went ahead and hoped for the best And it turns out that I really enjoyed this one which shouldn't be a surprise since I love this author's writing styleRoland and Eden are discovered in bed together naked both having no idea how they got there They are forced to wed immediately and they leave for Roland's home Eden is a prissy prude who was raised as the unwanted poor relation and is put off by Roland even though she is also extremely attracted to him Roland kissed Eden 6 months previously and she is all he's been able to think about since so he is uite happy to find himself married since he was in that frame of mind anyway This is a marriage of convenience story and these two have a bumpy road to happinessRoland's past is not written in an angsty way so his past was not an issue in the story In fact he's been celibate ever since that kiss 6 months ago so most would consider this safe But I had to take off 1 star because I couldn't warm up to Roland In the past books he would sleep with any woman who came his way and I'm just not a big fan of the manwhore H so I had a hard time not thinking about all the probable illegitimate children strewn across England And maybe it was made clear in the previous books but his sudden change of morals and mind didn't feel natural to me and I couldn't uite wrap my head around why now? Why Eden? Despite my uibbles this is a great story and if you don't have my particular problem with manwhores you will love this book

  5. Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves says:

    First about the fair Lenora the h's incredibly beautiful cousinow I disliked her intensely in book #2 because she comes across as selfish and vacuous if not an out and out vamp When I started this book immediately after the second book I couldn't stomach her legitimizationelevation so I dropped off in disgust Now picking up the book after a year I can see Lenora her self doubts and her relationship with Eden the h from a unbiased and fresh perspective In fact I am excited to read Lenora's book next Eden and RolandRoland too has not been a very inspiring figure in the past books rather an unreliable jousting manhoe who has been shirking responsibility and respectability for the longest But I did see a mild growth even in the previous book where he wenched less and less and spent time with his family The h's dog Bors preferring his company over others was a big plus in his favorAnd in the present book this character growth continues Not only does his better ualities get showcased but he is shown as a completely besotted and celibate guy after 'The Kiss' I wish we'd gotten details of this fabled kissHe's engaged to Lenora but a inner dissatisfaction one he can't pinpoint keeps growing On his betrothal night things take a curious turn as he and Eden are found in bed together and are forced to marry They have no recollection of how they got there but the reader has some clues and two possible suspects Anyways while the prim and uptight h takes time to adjust to her new husband whose 'callous shallow and insensitive' self had earned her scorn than once in the past and the married state the H is adorably happy and satisfied at the turn of events I wish the h had been less cold and stiff lipped than she is shown and her sex issues also made for awkward reading But to be fair they do go with her personality I enjoyed their immediate post wedding days especially when he takes her to a jousting tournament but the middling chapters after the reach Vawdrey Keep and their daily routine was a tad boring The half a dozen or so dogs at the Keep with their distinct personalities are a good touch and deserve mention Sir Renlowe is another intersting character who with his kind of foolish bravery brings things into focus for the h The Vawdrey men have typically had the Royals trying to meddle and annul their marriages and something similar happens here That was good fun but very predictable I feel the book could have been better but I enjoyed it as this author knows what the reader wants and keeps giving it in a drip drip fashion The only comparison can be with other AC books and so is bit lacking there otherwise way better than what the newer HRs dish out365

  6. Celestine Celestine says:

    Dastardly Roland gets punkedThose of you who have read the previous two Vawdrey Brothers books will wonder how in the world will selfish and self centered youngest brother Roland get turned into a hero Well it happens reluctantly slowly and yet somehow overnight Circumstances place the immature superstar athlete of the medieval setting with the ueen's right hand woman who is utterly self possessed cultured and far too busy to worry about men But Roland rolls with it And I loved every second of his complete acceptance no clutching of the situation Once again vows are said and Coldbreath turns her not so nice hero into the stuff of fairy tale dreams In this instance and knowing Roland from books one and two I wasn't sure how Coldbreath would manage it I shouldn't have worriedEden is a joy Kind and practical yet not a superwoman She is a creature of her station but grows beyond it The lovers have to fight for their love but there is a tension throughout that makes you wonder if they will either realize the desperation of their situation in time or find circumstances manipulated beyond their control Luckily they have a spymaster and a not so dim beauty on their sideFun fun fun all the way Bring on book four

  7. Ira Ira says:

    I didn’t plan to read Roland’s storyThe youngest son good for nothing of Vawdrey BrothersFrom book #1 his character is similar with a dumb jock of NA books 😂And that’s very obvious when one of your brother is a General and the other is King’s Spy ChiefBut I shouldn’t have any doubt with Ms Coldbreath ability to write a fantastic storyThen she pair him with a nerd girl who always wears blackAlice I’m officially one of your big fan now❤️Mathilde’s book next she appeared in previous book and friend of heroine book#2 A painfully shy young woman who lived under her mum thumbs for yearsShe disguised as a boy and ran away

  8. Aou Aou says:

    Not as good as the first one but loved it anyway

  9. Cheesecake Cheesecake says:

    35 stars rounded upI uite enjoyed this one but it wasn't as engaging as the first two books The audio reader was fabulousRoland is as clueless about love as his two brothers were He makes the mistake of deciding to marry the most beautiful woman he can Lenora when he really just wants Eden Lenora's poor cousinNow this kinda thing would bug me like crazy but for Roland's drunken confession at the betrothal dinner that the bride to be was 'the wrong one''shoulda bin Eden' he slurredNext thing you know he wakes up with Eden in his arms nakedBut he's than fine with that Eden doesn't know what to think Now his oldest brother Oswald needs to smooth any ruffled feathers at court But for all his planning even Oswald can't foresee all the repercussionsIt's a pretty straight forward tale that kinda mirrors the first book in structure But even the characters themselves joke about the similarities which somehow makes it OKI suppose it could be a stand a lone but I don't think it would read nearly as well without reading the other two books firstSafety is all good view spoilerRoland hasn't been with anyone since he kissed Eden months before Eden is of course a virgin There's no OWOM stuff but that's not to say he doesn't get a little jealous and possessive here and there ; hide spoiler

  10. Carvanz Carvanz says:

    There is no denying this author writes the exact type of heroes I love I’m talking possessive jealous protective and inst lovelust without ever being over the top heroes And while Roland and Eden’s story may not have been my very favorite these are the type of books that even the least favorite still outshines the best of some authors I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Roland He didn’t exactly fare well in the first book of the series when he was part of that couple’s problem – not to mention he had jilted his betrothed due to rumors regarding her looks In book two he did seem much agreeable but still intent on finding a wife with great beauty as well as centering his life on amassing trophies and great gain However I found him to be an exceptional hero mostly because once he kissed the heroine he never wanted another womanat least not in his heart His head doesn’t uite catch up to his heart until he is caught in a scandal and in that moment he realizes what he had been trying to deny He wants Eden for his everythingThis series tends to have heroines that are a bit of the underdog There is usually some reason that they are found to be undesirable as wives and yet once the hero meets them and even if that hero has a few unflattering thoughts about her they begin to blossomin the hero’s eyes This is a perfect trope for me as it helps to mark my checkboxes while it gives both hero and heroine the chance to become the type of characters I adore And Eden does so just as Roland did She may have started out as a prudish miss a bit cowardly and not one to be sought after but she learns to stand up for herself and speak her mind along the way and most especially at the endWhile I haven’t given any real info about this story in particular let me say that if medieval romance although it is set in a make believe kingdom is your butter and alpha heroes are your jam this one as well as the rest in the series is definitely worth checking out And I greatly encourage you to do so The fact that this author will be releasing like this makes me absolutely giddy I am now off to stalk her so I won’t miss a new releaseDual POVSafe view spoilerH goes through with a betrothal agreement to the h’s cousin but during the celebration he confesses to his brothers that it is Eden he wants and that he will not marry the cousin he hasn’t spoken than 6 words to her in the entirety of his life – I implore you not to let this small part deter you from reading as it is so very obvious where his affections lie and the very next morning after the feast he marries the h; H kissed h during a winter feast and six months later he hasn’t kissed or wanted another woman since hide spoiler

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An Ill Made Match Vawdrey Brothers #3 ➵ [Reading] ➷ An Ill Made Match Vawdrey Brothers #3 By Alice Coldbreath ➪ – Roland Vawdrey is used to the best As the King’s champion he sets all the maiden’s hearts a flutter When it comes to picking out a wife he knows exactly what he reuires perfection of face and form Roland Vawdrey is Made Match MOBI ó used to the best As the King’s champion he sets all the maiden’s hearts a flutter When it comes to picking out a wife he knows exactly what he reuires An Ill PDF or perfection of face and form Naturally his choice falls on the fair Lenora His dreams may be haunted by a stolen kiss with uptight Eden but he’s not about to throw himself away on Ill Made Match ePUB ¹ some prim paragon of virtue Eden Montmayne prefers poets to knights and would rather read a book than watch the jousting When a betrothal feast goes awry there is a truly scandalous outcome for Ill Made Match Vawdrey Brothers PDF \ Eden and Roland that throws the royal court into chaos Even shockingly people soon start to wonder could the resulting marriage be the making of them both Despite the fact it was such an ill made match This is a stand alone Ill Made Match Vawdrey Brothers PDF \ full length novel of over words set in a medieval style landscape in the fictional kingdom of Karadok Please do not purchase if you are offended by strong language and or sex scenes.

  • Kindle Edition
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  • An Ill Made Match Vawdrey Brothers #3
  • Alice Coldbreath
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