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Have You Seen Luis Velez? ❰Download❯ ➽ Have You Seen Luis Velez? Author Catherine Ryan Hyde – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk From New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde comes a moving novel about two strangers who find that kindness is a powerful antidote to fear Raymond Jaffe feels like he doesn t belong No From New York Times Seen Luis MOBI ó bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde comes a moving novel about two strangers who find that kindness is a powerful antidote to fear Raymond Jaffe feels like he doesn t belong Not with his mother s new family Not as a weekend guest with his father and his father s wife Not at school, where he s an outcast After his best friend moves away, Raymond has only two real connections to the feral cat he s tamed and to a blind ninety two year old woman in his building Have You MOBI :Ê who s introduced herself with a curious question Have you seen Luis Velez Mildred Gutermann, a German Jew who narrowly escaped the Holocaust, has been alone since her caretaker disappeared She turns to Raymond for help, and as he tries to track Luis down, a deep and unexpected friendship blossoms between the twoDespondent at the loss of Luis, Mildred isolates herself further from a neighborhood devolving into bigotry and fear Determined not to let her give up, Raymond helps her see that for every terrible act the world delivers, there is a mirror image You Seen Luis eBook ↠ of deep kindness, and Mildred helps Raymond see that there s hope if you have someone to hold on to.

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  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    It s feel good and uplifting, a story about finding kindness and the goodness of people when and where it s least expected It was just what I needed I ve read so many tough stories these last months and watched way too much news reflecting the nastiness of our current political discourse I needed a break However, this is not what I would consider a light read There are some serious and thought provoking themes, but the goodness of people that is reflected here gives one a little hope and confidence that our better angels can prevail I loved the characters Raymond Jaffe, a lonely, misfit, sixteen year old boy has no friends since his only friend moved away He doesn t fit in with his mother s and stepfather s new family He s black and they are white and no one seems to care enough about him to listen when he talks to them His father s wife barely tolerates him Raymond discovers that Mildred Gutterman, his ninety two year old blind neighbor is in need of help when she asks him if seen Luis Velez Luis Velez is the man who used to look in on her and help her with errands to the bank and for groceries But he s disappeared We don t get to meet the Luis Velez of the title, but we get to know what kind of man he was His kindness can be found in Raymond who takes over Luis Velez s care of Mrs G His kindness can be found in a couple of other men named Luis Velez that Raymond meets while on his quest to find out what happened to the Luis Velez of the title It isn t just about what Raymond does for Mrs G, it s also about the friendship and understanding that she lends to him at a time when he needs it It s about racism and preconceived ideas that people have, and about intolerance, but ultimately how people have the capacity to lift each other up Reading this couldn t have come at a better time I received an advanced copy of this book from Lake Union Publishing through NetGalley.

  2. Christine Christine says:

    5 starsCatherine Ryan Hyde is an author I have been eyeing for years, and I have about a half dozen of her novels downloaded on my kindle Finally, after seeing some superb reviews for Have You Seen Luis Velez I decided to finally dive in and read one of her books This is a shining little gem It is simply written, but laden with wisdom and life affirming inspiration It s a tale about Raymond, a 16 year old boy with an unhappy home life I just don t fit in , and his 92 year old neighbor Mildred Gutermann Mrs G , whose helper of four years, Luis Velez, has disappeared Raymond and Mrs G meet serendipitously at just the right time for them both This is their story, and I will leave it to you, dear reader, to discover it on your own Just know that even though it will impact teenagers, it is not too late for anyone to learn from these two special people.This book teaches us that though we all have burdens to bear, this is not a reason to give up Life is messy It is difficult, it is heartbreaking, it can be seemingly unbearable But it is also beautiful, glorious, and absolutely a gift to hang on to for as long as we can Take this journey with Raymond and Mrs G and see how together they find their way.I just have to mention this Books get extra credit from me if they teach me something This book taught me several things, but the most remarkable is how a major societal ill can be explained by quantum physics No kidding And Ms Ryan tells us very clearly how this works.If you are looking for a quick read with all the feelings and lessons to share, this is the book for you.Thank you Net Galley, Lake Union Publishing, and Ms Catherine Ryan Hyde for an advanced review copy of this book Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way Thanks also to Erin, Erin C, Sherri and Aga for your awesome reviews that led me to choose this book.

  3. marilyn marilyn says:

    Have You Seen Luis Velez will encourage you to look outside of yourself and see what is really around you, who is really around you To try to put yourself into the shoes of those not like yourself, so you can understand how others might think and feel This book is full of heart and feeling and left me knowing there is always something I can do to make this world a better place Raymond is a 16 year old black young man who feels like he belongs nowhere His lives with his white mom, white step father and 3 step sisters the only one he feels like he connects with is the four year old and knows he doesn t fit into this family His father is married to a woman just eight years older than Raymond, who resents Raymond s presence and makes it hard for Raymond to spend time with his dad One day Raymond meets 92 year old Mildred, a blind woman living alone, in Raymond s apartment building Luis Velez had been watching over Mildred for the last four years, taking her to the bank and the grocery store three times a week but he suddenly stopped coming three weeks earlier and Mildred is worried about him and has no way to find out what happened to him Not only that, she is down to her last half can of soup Raymond wants to and does help Mildred, not only stepping into the shoes of Luis, to make sure Mildred is cared for but also Raymond wants to find Luis for Mildred, despite the fact that Raymond is extremely shy and uncomfortable with people Despite his discomfort, Raymond is willing to call strangers and even travel to dangerous areas of town, to talk to strangers, all for Mildred, a woman who he respects not only for her age but for her knowledge, wisdom, and kindness This is a story full of love, kindness, and compassion, despite the very sad things that happen in the lives of the characters in the story We see everything through Raymond s eyes, as he learns to see things through Mildred s blind eyes and the eyes of others We need Raymonds in the world and Mildreds in the world, people who are willing to reach out to others and share in ways that matter Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC.

  4. Erin Erin says:

    Such a beautiful story Grab this one my friends and make sure the tea is hot, the cats are purring and that you have a great stock of tissue paper Kleenex on hand When Raymond, an African American teenager befriends the elderly blind woman in his apartment building to help her find a friend, Luis Velez, a tale of friendship, family, and forgiveness begins I absolutely adored this book and I cannot wait to hear from other readers about their own reactions to it But I am also feeling fiercely protective , because I won t be able to hear a harsh word about it This is a similar reaction to my reading of Dancing on Broken Glass which I still believe is one of the best women s fiction books There is just much love in this one too that my heart just soars Raymond and Mrs G reminded me of the 1971 film Harold and Maude , in each case you have a younger man forming this relationship with an older woman and those around them cannot understand it Although I should probably reassure everyone now that Raymond and Mrs G are strictly a grandson grandmother type of story The journey they take to try and find Luis was completely compelling and I felt really sad to close the door as the two characters faded into the literary sunset I may just have to crown this book a favorite of 2019 Thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review.Goodreads review published 19 05 19 Expected publication 21 05 19

  5. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    This is a wonderful, heart warming book which I feel sure many different readers will enjoy When 16 year Raymond meets Millie, a 92 year old blind woman who lives in his apartment block, she is outside her apartment looking for Luis Velez, a young man who has been coming weekly for the last four years to take her to the bank and the shops It s been than two weeks since he last visited and Millie is worried something bad has happened to him and she s down to her last can of soup Raymond not only takes over Luis role in helping Millie with her shopping but starts to look for Luis Raymond is the mixed race son of divorced parents, his mother white and his father African American He lives with his mother and her new white husband and three step sisters but feels he doesn t fit in there Although he gets on well with his father, his new wife resents him and he doesn t feel welcome when he visits He s also a bit of a loner at school and his only friend has just moved interstate In Millie he finds a new friend, someone who is non judgemental and sees him for who he is Through his search for Luis Velez, Raymond meets other people who become his friends and see him for the kind and thoughtful boy that he is and he becomes a catalyst for others to do good deeds His friendship with Millie is beautiful as she becomes the kind and wise older person that has been missing from his life and Raymond realises that family does not have to be restricted to those you are related to Although there are some sad events in the book view spoiler as an Aussie I found the result of the court case inexplicable hide spoiler

  6. Nadia Nadia says:

    Have You Seen Luis Velez is a story of a boy who doesn t fit in and forms an unlikely friendship with his 92 year old neighbour Raymond is 17 years old and his only friend just moved away, leaving him with no friends One morning on his way to school, he meets one of his neighbours on the second floor landing, looking for Luis 92 year old Millie is blind and Luis used to do her shopping for her until he mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago Millie is now running out of food Raymond with his kind heart offers to do shopping for Millie and help her find Luis From that moment, a unique friendship is born.I fell hard for Raymond who felt like he didn t belong and had no one looking out for him Being the only black family member whilst living with his white mum, stepfather and 3 half sisters, Raymond struggles to fit in and searches for his identity The good heartedness and will to help others in this novel was uplifting and I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Raymond and Millie growing stronger and profound as time went by The book is about kindness, compassion and empathy, but it also examines prejudice and white privilege in a sensitive and inconspicuous way This is an emotional story that will both warm and break your heart The world is a tough place, my friend And yet, we re called upon to be grateful that we re in it Many thanks to Lake Union Publishing for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

  7. Tara Rock Tara Rock says:

    I rarely read young adult novels and into the first few chapters thought I had made a mistake on this one As I proceeded I was in awe of how deftly the author had inner woven very interesting characters with Lessons There are Lessons on courage, predjudice, compassion, humility, integrity, loyalty, empathy, openmindedness, and The message delivered deserves 10 stars as it is powerful and by example But, I am now very anxious to move on to murders, bloodlettting and things that go bump in the night.

  8. Erin Clemence Erin Clemence says:

    Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a free, electronic ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review Have You Seen Luis Velez is the question that starts it all Raymond Jaffe is a teenager, who doesn t fit in with his family and is trying to deal with his best friend moving away, when an elderly blind woman asks him about Luis Velez Soon, Raymond is not only helping the elderly woman with her weekly errands, but he also takes on the mystery himself and is soon searching throughout the city for the stranger named Luis As he searches, Raymond is confronted with the best and the worst parts of society, all the while making friends in strange places, and finally finding a place to belong A beautiful story by Catherine Ryan Hyde, Luis Velez has the powerful, thoughtful messaging familiar to fans of Backman Fredrick or Mitch Albom Young Raymond is an unassuming protagonist, and in every unexpected way he abashedly becomes a hero Discarded by his father and ignored by his mother, this coming of age story finds Raymond understanding himself in new ways, with the help of some new also slightly unexpected friends There are powerful messages for life in this novel, many poignant tenets of love, relationships, and understanding ourselves and our fellow man Through Mrs G the elderly woman who seeks the mysterious Luis , a reader is humbled, awed and inspired Luis Velez is an easy read, with a creative storyline and charming characters Each chapter is specifically singled out to tell a certain part of the story, and the storyline is told in order which is always a plus for me , while we get to learn a little bit about each character Although the major plot questions of this novel were resolved, I was not entirely satisfied with the ending Bittersweet and beautiful yes, but I found disappointment in that I wanted to know about where the relationship between Mrs G and Raymond went after the last page I can presume, obviously, and perhaps that is the intention, but I desperately wanted about their fate in a concrete way Perhaps this speaks to how well the novel was written A delightfully charming novel that will stick with you, I was surprised and charmed by Have You Seen Luis Velez Catherine Ryan Hyde s novel will definitely leave you thinking outside the box, and examining the relationship you have with yourself, and with others around you Powerful, sweet and endearing, this was quite the surprising little treat

  9. Sherri Thacker Sherri Thacker says:

    5 stars What do you get when the main characters are a 92 year old woman and a 17 year old boy A fabulous book about 2 people Mildred and Raymond Just a wonderful feel good book I loved the characters, I loved the storyline, loved the whole thing Of course, I love everything that Catherine Ryan Hyde writes Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me this book for my honest review This book is due to be published in May 2019.

  10. Karren Sandercock Karren Sandercock says:

    Thanks to NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing and Catherine Ryan Hyde for my advanced copy of Have You Seen Luis Velez.What a brilliant book and I loved it.Raymond Jaffe is a mixed race 16 year old young man he lives with his mum, step father and three younger sisters His father has married again, he stays with them every second weekend and his fathers new wife can t be bothered with him He feels unwanted, unloved and a burden to everyone Raymond struggles to fit in at school, he has one friend who s moving away and he s resigned to the fact that he will be alone.One day on his way to school his elderly neighbor Mildred Gutermann is standing out the front of her apartment trying to get someone to help her, she s 92, house bound, blind and desperate.Her friend Luis has assisted her for 4 years but for some reason Luis Velez hasn t been to visit her and he hasn t called her to tell her why Luis provided support for her go to the bank, pay her bills, go food shopping and he was her only link to the world outside of her apartment.After a couple of weeks she is getting very desperate and is down to her last half a can of soup.Raymond decides to help his neighbor with her errands and also solve the mystery of what happened to Luis Velez Along the way he saves an abandoned kitten, meets some very interesting people, makes new friends and eventually he finds out what happened to Luis.Have You Seen Luis Velez is a beautiful book it s about relationships, compassion, kindness, justice and it s about a young man finding his way in life and his unique relationship with his 92 year old neighbor.I loved the book, it takes you back to being an insecure teenager and I gave it 5 stars.I have shared my review on Australian as I have kindle unlimited and on Twitter.

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