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  1. Kelly Green Kelly Green says:

    What a sweet story Meg and Lucas were just perfect together And the way her mom tried to be so overbearing was absolutely perfect for the kind of person Meg is She's been working on developing that back bone and now she's being tested on if she's going to show it Very cute and short story

  2. Jennie Fortna Jennie Fortna says:

    ARC for honest review with no compensation The Moonlight Wedding is book 4 in the Married in Malibu series by Lucy Kevin and while a standalone if you haven’t read the other books in the series you willMeg Ashworth has always lived by the book per her high society familythat is until she decided that she needs to lead her own life and not be under her mother’s thumb any longerso she joins the Married in Malibu as a wedding designer which she loves and is asked to help design a rock video for one of the biggest rock starsLucas Crosby and his new songPerfect MomentsLucas Crosby handsome sexy down to earth rockstar has asked Married in Malibu to help him make the video for his new song During the meeting with al those involved he meets Meg and his gut tells him that she is the one to make the video “perfect”Sparks fly between them but it needs to stay professional pretend for the video but looks real or will it grow into something real both in the video and real life??

  3. Isha Coleman Isha Coleman says:

    Love is about taking chances when it comes to matters of the heart Well Kevin most definitely puts her heart into this rollercoaster romance The Moonlight Wedding may be a whirlwind but it's not always smooth sailing The musician and the wedding planner are about to discover just like in life when the odds seem insurmountable love finds a way Lucas and Meg are about to rewrite the stars with this sentimental romance Lucy Kevin did good with this marvelous read

  4. Hsu Lee Hsu Lee says:

    I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honestLoved the bookMeg is a wedding designerLucas is the biggest rock starAnd they are perfect for each otherThey complimented each otherThey were so cute together The characters storytelling were very captivatingIt has all the ingredients that you need for an awesome bookI can't wait for the next book in the series

  5. Urvashi Urvashi says:

    Meg is a society girl working as a wedding designer at Married in Malibu and Lucas is a rock star from the wrong side of the tracks Together they don't make sense but chemistry and love have different ideas I enjoyed watching them fall in love while scouting locations and preparing to shoot a music video It is a uick sweet and feel good read

  6. Debbie Hanson Debbie Hanson says:

    The Moonlight WeddingMarried in Malibu # 4Lucy Kevin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️So beautifully sweet Although I normally like my stories to have a lot steam there is something about these Married in Malibu stories that suck you right in and keep you reading to the very end The Moonlight Wedding is no different I really enjoyed itDo you believe in life be at first sight? Is it really something that happens in today’s crazy world? High society daughter Margaret Meg Ashworth and designer at Married In Malibu is about to find out Her perfect world of galas and snobby family acuaintances is not her future she loves what she does despite her mother’s dislike and now instead of celebrity weddings she’s about to meet Rockstar Lucas CrosbyLucas is used to women falling at his feet autographs and photos with fans but meeting Meg to help with his upcoming music video has his heart fluttering While his life is music it is planning and creating a video with Meg that he sees another side to life Having her help is one thing falling for her is something else Together they will make a video that is pure sweetness sexiness and hard rock loveOne love rock song one couple and one perfect video will make a beautiful new couple who despite their different lives ci e together in the most beautiful of ways

  7. Liza Liza says:

    I adore the Married in Malibu series of books from Lucy Kevin Each book comes out just when I'm ready for a sweet and emotional romance The Moonlight Wedding was a wonderful addition to the seriesI love both Meg and Lucas so much and couldn't see these two with anyone else but each other Yes they are pretty much polar opposites but there was a perfect connection from the moment they met for the first time and I fell in love with this couple from the beginning The fact that Lucas and Meg's vision of the music video meshed so easily showed me they were right for each other from the very beginning I loved how Lucas seemed to understand Meg on a level no one else ever had before in her life I also love that Meg became even stronger than she already was once Lucas showed up in her lifeMeg's high society mother drove me absolutely bonkers with how high handed she was when it came to Meg I have to say Meg put up with her mother's demands and belittling for way too long in my opinion Meg is such an amazing character and I love that thanks to Lucas's love and support she has no issues standing up for herself and Lucas when it was needed the mostI know with each new installment of the Married in Malibu series I'm guaranteed a happily ever after and really fast and sweet read Lucy Kevin is the perfect author for readers who love sweet emotional and fast paced stories The Moonlight Wedding is my new favorite in this series of storiesRating 4 Stars BReview copy provided by publisher

  8. Lynn Lim Lynn Lim says:

    Oh my gosh Oh My Gosh OH MY GOSH I now know without a shadow of a doubt that I will never ever find a book by Lucy Kevin aka Bella Andre that I will not just like but absolutely freaking LOVEI started Ms Kevin’s latest release The Moonlight Wedding the 4th book in her Married in Malibu Series just before midnight I finished said book at 347 a m and let me tell you this I could not put it down I just kept saying one chapter one chapter THEN da darn it the book was over I WANTED MOREI really liked Meg Yes she could be as timid as a mouse around her mother but back her into a corner The lion definitely came out GO MEG As for Lucas YUM ladies I really liked the story between Meg and Lucas Ms Kevin really developed the story well She certainly made me wish for a love this great And then that wedding siiiiigh The ONLY thing missing in this book in my opinion was in my opinion the enactment of that second option for the OOPS Sorry ladies I give absolutely no spoilers away You will need to get your copy of this absolutely phenomenal book and read about what I am writing about This book was certainly made up of the Perfect Moments of romance 😊

  9. Carma Carma says:

    Meg loves working at Married in Malibu she is a far world away from being Margaret; the perfect obedient daughter her mother loves to take advantage of Meg finds so much happiness in taking care of everything any new bride needs from start to finish When Married in Malibu gets the chance to be front and center in a new music video Meg gets picked to run point on the production She is filled with ideas to share nothing can stop her when she is determined to succeedLucas is excited to get started on his newest music video no one has done a video using a wedding venue before Working with the owners it sounds like they have the pulse on what he is looking for The venue off site locations schedule and personnel all look perfect when he meets Meg all the final pieces fall into placeMeg and Lucas plot and plan for the video spending tons of time together scouting out locations for the shoot Each moment spent together finds them falling fast for each other Meg’s mother is not thrilled that her once doting daughter can’t even return her phone calls During one of the final shoots for the video the wedding ceremony her mother decides to make her first and final visit to Married in MalibuCan Meg and Lucas rise above seemingly different lifestyles to develop their relationship? Will Meg’s mother finally see what makes her daughter happiest in life? You have to read The Moonlight Wedding to find out A great 4 star read sweet romantic and happily ever after I received an advance copy without expectation for review any and all opinions expressed are my own

  10. Trudy Dowling Trudy Dowling says:

    Lucy Kevin writes the classiest most beautiful romances The Moonlight Wedding is a clean romance that proves beyond any doubt that romance stories do not need pages and pages of sex that I for one can't possibly do or want to attempt I swooned page after page reading loving every possibility every interaction The series Married in Malibu screams of forever love The reading audience is involved with already found love as they plan their wedding but we get to discover love along with the characters This story centers around Meg the plannerMeg comes from a stuffy elite family where there were certain expectations Meg wants to break out but struggles until Lucas Crosby rockstar from the wrong side of the track needs her help He wants to make the perfect music video with the perfect girl Meg Within the pages you discover their strengths and weaknesses Our the stronger than their pasts? Does love conuer all? Can they fight through the complications and the emotional roller coaster and find the HEA they both deserve?

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The Moonlight Wedding (Married in Malibu, #4) ✤ [Download] ➼ The Moonlight Wedding (Married in Malibu, #4) By Lucy Kevin ➶ – Meg Ashworth has always lived her life by the book until she finally breaks away from her family’s strict rules to be a wedding designer at Married in Malibu But she never expected that part of her Meg Ashworth has always lived her life by the book until she finally breaks away from her The Moonlight PDF/EPUB ² family’s strict rules to be a wedding designer at Married in Malibu But she never expected that part of her job description would mean working day — and night — with one of the biggest rock stars on the planet Lucas Crosby desperately needs Meg’s help to create a music video for his new single She is so brilliant and beautiful that instead of hiring a model or actress to play the part of his true love in the videohe wants Meg When their deep spark of connection grows far beyond their pretend relationship onscreen can he convince her to take a chance on loving him in real life Lucy Kevin is the sweet pen name of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Bella Andre who writes the bestselling series about The Sullivans Lucy Kevin books are fun flirty and romantic―without the steamy scenes THE BAREFOOT WEDDING is the third book in the fun and romantic “Married in Malibu” series — a spinoff of Lucy Kevin’s New York Times bestselling “Four Weddings and a Fiasco” series “Married in Malibu” Series Book The Beach Wedding Liz Jason Book The Summer Wedding Jenn Daniel Book The Barefoot Wedding Travis Amy Book The Moonlight Wedding Meg Lucas More books are coming soon Four Weddings and a Fiasco Series Book The Wedding Gift Book The Wedding Dance Book The Wedding Song Book The Wedding Dress Book The Wedding Kiss Walker Island Romance Series Book Be My Love Book No Other Love Book When It's Love Book All For Love Book Forever In Love STAR REVIEWS FROM READERS The Barefoot Wedding is a super sweet charming and heartwarming second chance love story I love this series Marybeth stars on Goodreads The perfect feel good romance The Barefoot Wedding grabbed me by the heart strings Doni stars on Goodreads “There is something really magical about the Married in Malibu series Claire on Goodreads “I loved this book It reminded me of Nora Roberts' wedding series stars for The Wedding Gift Another winner from Lucy Kevin I have enjoyed all of the books in this Series If you are looking for a feel good kind of book check out the Four Weddings and a Fiasco series stars for The Wedding Dress Awesome book from start to finish I could not wait for the book to come out and it was great The anticipation of what direction the story line was going to take surprised me but at the same time kept me intrigued stars for The Wedding Dress ABOUT THE AUTHOR Bella Andre's New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels have been bestsellers around the world and she has sold than million books so far Known for sensual empowered stories enveloped in heady romance Publishers Weekly her books have been Cosmopolitan Magazine Red Hot Reads twice and have been translated into ten languages She also writes sweet contemporary romances as Lucy Kevin There are than star reviews for Bella Andre's books on Goodreads.

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