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  • Kindle Edition
  • 219 pages
  • Vicious King (Dark Dynasty #2)
  • Stella Hart
  • 09 April 2019

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    4 1 2 starsThis book picks up right where the author left off in Heartless Prince note that this is not a standalone you absolutely must have read the first book to understand what is happening in this one , and part 2 did not disappoint The story of this secret society committing atrocities in plain sight continues with Elias initially still believing that Tatum is a willing slave, but he starts to see holes in the tales he has been told by his father and other level three members of the club Both start to feel for each other than master slave, but can they possibly ever trust one another after all that has happened between them What I liked the chemistry between the two is super hot when consensual as the story unfolds, the layers to this secret society start to peel back and reveal things...

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    Secret society elite privilege playground, fraternities We ve all heard of them some by refined names while others in creepy headline news But have you ever wondered what the wealthy, entitled upper crust emerging society members do at the do not ask and do not tell events Lets just say I could feel the erotic rhythmic beating drums, hear the dark sinister chants My heart hammered wildly in my chest as I was as much a captive as Tatum Marris The suspense and mind fuckery exploded with every printed word.Stella Hart went above and beyond capturing their allure, encompassing their enigma and mysticism In all truth I have been on a reading marathon This series was too good to read one book and then hunt down pictures for the collage and teasers and then write up a hasty review just so I could move on to the next Ooooooh hell no Like a true gluttonous.I started with Wild Elite A Dark Captive Romance Dark Dynasty Prequel and eviscerated the pages one page at a time Blowing through the series like a starved bookworm seeing a banquet for the first time All three books were a straight up five star reads This was my introduction to Stella Hart and I damn sure wish I could give her stars because she s earned them..but noooooo I can t Any than I can get my greedy little hands on Twisted Empire until February 13th 2019..man that just sucks Yeah, listen closely I m throwing a big humongous fit You know rolling around on the floor pounding my fists...

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    It was a beautiful cage but it was still a cage.Once again Stella Hart has given us another wild ride through the dark dynasty of Crown and Dagger In this book we have Tatum at her lowest points, but she also has some strong moments She s building herself up mentally and slowly finding ways to get herself out of this captivity We read Elias still being blinded by the lies he s been fed, but also asking questions He s working his way up the levels in the Crown Dagger society, much to his fathers delight, but his motives aren t exactly what dear old dad probably wants Tatum and Elias have had an undeniable connection from the start even though it probably shouldn t have been that way considering the circumstances Now these two have deepened this connection with each other that shouldn t be possible, but it s also what brings and t...

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    Oh so good Such a twisted thriller I loved it and can t wait for book 3 to come out next month The storyline about this morally corrupt secret society is so awesome First level members get benefits like money, power, homes, good jobs and such Second level members are get benefits and are involved in the hedonistic pleasures the society can offer The society won t even consider a member for the third level unless their morals, or lack thereof are in sync with the rest of the third levels At that level the member learns all the society secrets and if they betray any secrets or try to leave, they are killed or at the very least followed and wiretapped for life Elias suspects some bad things are happening but the only way he can find out for certain and protect Tatum is to make it to level 3 and find out all the secrets How much danger will...

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    More Crown and Dagger Dark Adult Abduction Romance with Cult and strong BDSM ElementsThis is the second book in the series and continues the hate love relationship between Elias , the son of the wealthy cult leader, Tobias, and his abducted slave girl Tatum In The first book Tatum gets a scholarship to an exclusive college, only to find out a BDSM and Murder cult uses it to abduct young women for slavery and trafficking.If you are into BDSM tactics and humiliation, you may like this book Elias is definitely his father s cruel son, but he finds out his mother is not who he thought she was Dad won t tell, so Elias will have to find out on his own Will it make a difference After months of BDSM torture by Elias , Tatum begins to believe she really is a bad girl that deserves all the punishments ...

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    Wtf I don t even know where to begin this series has me hooked I was deceived into thinking the third book was going to be released along with the second book Someone s very cruel joke Hahaha I m not laughing though I have to wait another month for the third book So very cruel Yes it s a damn good series A must read Hopefully you wait until after the third book ...

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    1.5 starsI don t understand how I ever gave this series a good rating because this is actually horrible No offense to anyone that likes this to each their own but this was just not for me at all, and I d...

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    Holy smokes I need book three like YESTERDAY While book one made me crazy and teeter totter between pure enjoyment and rage, this book made my heart break I can t wait for book three to come out so I can see how it all ends.

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    And what a Vicious King he is First, please make sure to read the prequel, Wild Elite and book one, Heartless Prince, before reading this book This is not a standalone and you will be lost if you don t read them first This book is absolutely captivating and exciting I just finished reading it and there are so many different emotions running through me right now, I truly feel breathless Elias King is still working on getting the truth from Tatum regarding her situation To him something is just not feeling kosher and there are so many lies, secrets and dark truths it s hard to wade through it all Tatum has come to realize that she must play the game in order to win the war and that is just what she sets her mind to do Tobias wants to get Elias into the third level of the Crown and Dagger society so he can prove to everyone the Elias is just like Tobias, a monster That would make Tobias a very proud father Things are getting ...

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Vicious King (Dark Dynasty #2) Vicious King Dark Dynasty 2 Free Download Author Stella Hart Lalaweek.us The Dark Dynasty Trilogy Continues Step Into The Dark, Scandalous World Of America S Elite And Discover Their Sinful Secrets, Twisted Lies, And Dirty Desires I M His Captive His Toy Sold Into His Possession To Pay For My Wicked Deeds I Tell Myself I Hate Him, But Every Time He Steps Into My Cage, My Body Betrays Me I Fear Him And Want Him At The Same Time I Don T Even Recognize Myself Any, And I Can T Tell What S Real Can T Tell Where The Lies End And The Truth Begins All I Know For Sure Is That I M Trapped With Him I Don T Want To Show Weakness I Don T Want To Surrender To The Darkness I Want To Make It Out Of His Clutches And Expose Him To The World But Something Is Becoming Clearer To Me With Every Day That Passes He Ll Never Be Done With Me Note This Novel Contains Disturbing Content That May Be Offensive To Some Readers Vicious King Is The Second Book In The Dark Dynasty Trilogy The Story Concludes In Twisted Empire.

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