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Daddy's Home / Defying Him / Dark Deception [Reading] ➼ Daddy's Home / Defying Him / Dark Deception By Zoe Blake – Dominant Demanding Dangerous You don't want to cross these Daddies Fight Me Daddy Book One No one screwed with himever Logan had a fierce reputation He was cruel calculating and very dangerous Above a Dominant Demanding Dangerous You don't want to cross / Defying PDF ↠ these Daddies Fight Me Daddy Book One No one screwed with himever Logan had a fierce reputation He was cruel calculating and very dangerous Above all he got the job done by any means necessary When he is hired to retrieve information Daddy's Home ePUB í from a young woman who has fled to an isolated cabin he decides to amuse himself with the powerless female He'll make her submit to his every depraved desire Subjecting her to pain and punishment he won't relent not even when she submits and calls him Daddy She can beg and Home / Defying PDF/EPUB ½ plead her innocence all she wants but he won't stop And if his little plaything decides to fight him Even better Own Me Daddy Book Two Michael was a Marine hard wired to conuer and claim When Phoebe walked into his office lying thru her pretty red lips his first impulse Home / Defying Him / PDF \ was to throw her over his desk and take possession The she tried to deceive him the determined he became to bend her to his will and maker her call him Daddy She was about to find out how dangerous it was to deny him He owned her whether she liked it or not Bite Me Daddy Book Three Paine was not just his name it was his profession So when an upstart thief tries to kill him he can think of nothing pleasurable than teaching her a very painful lesson She was about to learn how Paine earned his dangerous reputation He would have her on her knees begging him not to hurt her submitting to his demand to call him Daddy And if his little kitten showed her claws and sharp teeth Daddy Home / Defying Him / PDF \ will bite back.

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  1. Kathy Heare Watts Kathy Heare Watts says:

    DOMINANT—DEMANDING—DANGEROUSNow all three Dangerous Daddy books are in one Since I had already read all three books I will just share my review of each book Fight Me Daddy Book OneA TARNISHED INNOCENT—HIS BEDEVILED ANGELOh my goodness Ms Zoe Blake has done it again with this on the edge of your seat spine tingling action packed mystery suspense story that keeps the pages turning and at times has you wanting to cover your eyes afraid to see what will happen next With an absolutely delicious devious and delightful cast of characters and heart stopping momentsChloe has left New Orleans along with a bad news thug boyfriend who is now in prison and has escaped to a cabin in Michigan left to her by her late Uncle The cabin and property are in a remote area but has fond memories and the peacefulness of nature gives her a calming peace She is able to work and create her uniue jewelry pieces that she sells to jewelry stores But that is all about to changeThe plot will have her ex boyfriend escaping jail and coming after her Now it is a matter of life and death and she knows only one will make it out alive she will have to do the unthinkable to survive Along with her ex Chad comes trouble and this time she will be at a disadvantage Not only his past but hers will be dissected and there will be no hope for rescue“Let’s just say I get paid very well by some very powerful people to learn secrets to find the hidden to clean up messes—and you babygirl are all three”How far will Logan go to get the answers and property he has been hired to retrieve There is no way Chloe is innocent and he has his ways of making his babygirl sing He knows she is cunning was able to manipulate others but that was before she met her Daddy“Face it baby You are a dark and twisted soul” “I’m both your demon and your demon slayer and I’m not leaving because I’m not finished with you yet”The story takes on a sinister level of “evil wicked mean and nasty” that will have Logan handling Chloe differently than he has any other job He has studied her knows her past and knows she needs a Daddy in her life One who won’t allow her to ignore herself her health and one who will accept his punishments when needed Daddy will give what Daddy wants for his babygirl“Yet despite the delight she took in childish pursuits there was still a restless darkness which lurked behind her eyes A darkness that called to him He wanted to see that darkness; to taste it on her tongue; to feel her tremble with it as he pushed inside her He wanted it all—every bit of her The innocence and the darkness He wanted to be the one to possess; to dominate her—to break her To bring out her demons so she would have no choice but to turn to him for protection from the very monsters he created inside her soul”The story is edgy dark dirty—oh and yes oh so delicious The scenes include control uneual power exchange forced submission dubious consent life and death murder bondage punishments as well as consensual and non consensual scenes The sex scenes are explicit There is freedom in submissionOwn Me Daddy Book TwoOH BABY I’M A MARINE—WE DON’T DO NICEOnce again the talented wordsmith Ms Zoe Blake has spun a tale that takes us her readers on a spine tingling murder mystery with a three hundred and fifty year old legend that has come to life in present day The story has mystery suspense murder superstitions legends terror angst secrets and yes a romance that is down and dirty hot and heavy with raw edgy panty ripping passion He may be an officer but don’t mistake him for a gentlemanTwo young women have been murdered near the Puller Military Academy in Buzzard Bay Massachusetts a building that had once been an old monastery and for the last nearly one hundred years has served as a training school for the Navy and Marine officer program Phoebe Wilson will be assigned by her newspaper The Ledger to enter the campus as a literary professor and try and investigate if the Navy is responsible for covering up the deathsThe plot will have Phoebe arriving in Buzzard Bay under the name of Eustace Pringle to gain admittance claiming it is an old family name but reuest to go by Phoebe What she did not know until she arrives is how closely she resembles the two murder victims one a teacher the other a midshipman’s girlfriendThe story has many twists and turns and will keep the reader on the edge of their seat as harrowing events unfold The legend of two monks to who became lost in the woods while searching for the Algonuin Indians and when finally found one was dead and the other was mad and had resorted to cannibalism Legend has it that then the Mad Monk was burned alive and his ashes scattered Now on October 25th each year they have a bond fire and burn an effigy of the Mad MonkPhoebe is in danger so many strange things have happened that she hasn’t shared with Commander Lawson Is her story worth her life Who is chanting that horrible nursery rhyme “Hush now Phoebe do not fear Never mind Phoebe the Mad Monk is near”There is an underlying chemistry between Lieutenant Colonel Michael Lawson and Phoebe; even if she wants to deny it he won’t let her When he catches her where she doesn’t belong he will use that to his advantage“A gentleman would retreat from the room or at least turn around until a lady could cover herself “ “I’m no gentleman I’m a Marine We only know how to advance” “No games princess I’ve won the battle and I want my prize”“The minute you walked through my office door you became mine which means you’re mine to protect I don’t care if I have to toss you over my shoulder and drag you back to my place kicking and screaming but rest assured baby you are spending the night with me—in my bed—under my protection You got that” “There will be no turning back Once I take what’s mine I keep it”“In the span of a heartbeat she was uite possibly falling in love with an arrogant overbearing poetry reciting passionate amazing man”Has Phoebe’s presence at the academy placed her life in jeopardy to uncover a story Is it someone on staff a midshipman or was it a drifter that committed the two heinous murders Will the Commander be able to keep her safe and will they catch the murdererI have never been disappointed in any story by Ms Blake There are bits and pieces of this tale that really do revolve around legend and parts that are fictitious One thing that is true the story is full of steamy erotic scenes a few spankings a dominant Marine and a feisty woman that when they get together there is plenty of raw passion within the explicit sex scenesBite Me Daddy Book ThreeMAKE YOUR CHOICES—LIFE WILL CHOOSE YOUR CONSEUENCESWow I don’t know how she does it but Ms Zoe Blake just keeps on upping her game and bringing us her readers amazing stories I loved Dark Deception and its high octane scenes passionate characters and all the angst with erotic intensity Keep your friends close and your enemies closer The story will take the reader on a roller coaster ride into the world of thieves Meet the players Mirage and Paine two people who both works for an organization known only as The SyndicatePaine “A man of his skills was hard to find A trained fighter thief and hacker A criminal renaissance man” Sometimes in his line of work for The Syndicate it includes taking out certain operatives ones who may have crossed a line as Dev has done Now someone has trashed his name and reputation sending out the word to the underground that he has switched sides and has gone rogue “The Syndicate was beginning to doubt that Paine had betrayed them”Mirage “He respected her for her skills and he wanted her for her beauty Like the thief he was Paine appreciated something precious and rare; Mirage was both She was simply stunning Her petite frame matched her gamine almost other worldly features Skin so pale it was almost translucent Dark obsidian eyes which matched her silky black hair Her lips dominated her delicate face almost appearing too large and always painted a crimson red”“The Syndicate was rich beyond measure organization of criminals politicians and businessmen A cross between the Knights Templar the Skull and Bones society and some evil Bond villain”Now that you know the players understand the angst Mirage is determined to take out Paine and she has devised her plan of revenge “It had all been perfect The perfect setup The perfect deception The perfect revenge” But even perfect sometimes has its downfall and that is Paine when he thwarts her plan Paine is a man who lives up to his name and now he will exact his revenge “He would find his bad little kitten and make her pay for all her misdeeds”The story is a cat and mouse game between Paine and Mirage and while he punishes her for her actions he also learns about her She fascinates him and he is determined to own her as his The sex between them is controlling and forceful There isn’t a part of her he doesn’t master and claim“Sex with Paine had all the elements of a great heist Anticipation danger tension euphoria She secretly loved how he bent her to his will made her beg for the pleasure and pain The only way she would or could be completely submissive was to a strong dominating man like Paine who took that submission from her by force She needed to focus on all the reasons why she hated him—on how much he angered her—not the reasons why she was falling in love with him”The story is life and risk love and hate talent and execution pain and pleasure give and take raw edgy dark and dirty with two people who learn that there can be honor among thieves you just have to find the right one The story has explicit sex scenes with forced submission uneual power exchange and extremely sizzling hot sex between this pair She thrives off of his dominance and control and he knows exactly how to control her For them it will become a win win dynamic

  2. Ähmsry Ähmsry says:

    In advance — IMPORTANT NOTEAll books have also been published outside the box with other titles which is not apparent from the blurb 😡#1 Fight Me Daddy | Daddy's Home🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟#2 Own Me Daddy | Defying Him🌟🌟🌟🌟#3 Bite Me Daddy | Dark Deception🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 And what’s I liked all 3 books in the box they have suspense humor a captivating frame story and interesting characters Each story is balanced and cleverly combined with steamy hot scenes and kinky moments The kink Daddy only comes to wear on the side and that's also a slight exaggeration The overall composition is harmonious entertaining and very well doneThe box gets a 45 star rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  3. K G Wakeley K G Wakeley says:

    BrilliantI soo enjoyed this series The stories were so different and absolutely captivating I loved the strong women and the men dominant and dangerous Fabulous reading

  4. E. Leta Davis E. Leta Davis says:

    Ms Blake delivers againI enjoyed these stories the first time I read them as standalones they are just as enjoyable the second time around

  5. Buffer Buffer says:

    I love Zoe Blake's books I love the dominance and yet tender and sometimes romantic sides of all three male leads in this set The heroines are kick ass too This is an enjoyable read

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