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  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • A Cosmology of Monsters
  • Shaun Hamill
  • English
  • 12 January 2016
  • 9781524747671

10 thoughts on “A Cosmology of Monsters

  1. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    Full disclosure I had a bunch of nifty gorgeous uotes to use on this review but I seem to have lost them and already mailed my copy of the book to a friend While you're reading this review please pretend you are reading the author's words as I give you a FRIENDS esue summary Insert uote ofthe one where Margaret and Harry begin their intensely dark love affair Also HP LovecraftOk so if you've read the summary of this book you probably had a visceral reaction to its implication and either gave a resounding Definitely not for me or an enthusiastic Hell yeah It's a polarizing story one that worked REALLY well for me but I can also see it being difficult to swallow for some or many to be honest A Cosmology of Monsters is dark disturbing weird and a bit taboo but it's also a poetic debut and an exceptionally well written tale There is a mangled beauty to these flawed suffering characters and the tragic nature of this story still manages to present the reader with moments of hope and an air of lightness to break up the heavy nature And oh friends is this a heavy story Obviously you can tell that from the synopsis the cover and the genre tags but as someone who reads a great number of dark novels I had to put this one down at times and switch it up with other things but on that below Insert the one about Noah welcoming in the monsterThe format of this novel is uite intriguing and I love how it is linear but also isn't at the same time No spoilers here but we have straightforward narrative broken up with script pieces that will make sense to the reader towards the end of the story We follow the Turner family from its inception meaning the uirky meeting and courtship of the parents throughout the childhood of our narrator Noah and up until the middle aged adulthood of Margaret and Harry's children A Cosmology of Monsters really is a character driven tale and while it does have a handful of violent traditionally scary moments it relies less on b rated gory horror and on psychological trauma and inner demons That's not to say there isn't a fantastical element to the story because there is but there is so much to be gained by studying the mental health issues that have plagued every member of this family I like to think of the book as having a dual allegorical element which gives the entire narrative a deep harrowing vibe Insert the one where it features THAT scene You'll know the one I'm mentioning when you get thereNow for the real reason you're coming to this review Content warnings seem to be a divisive subject in the reviewing community and I tend to fall in the middle regarding them I don't always include them unless it is not apparent in the synopsis that a disturbing theme is mentioned in detail There are LOADS of content warning worthy mentions for this book and I'll include them in a spoiler tag for those who like to go in blind If you're sensitive to any of the following you may want to skip this book view spoilerdepression anxiety suicide this is a huge theme that features suicide notes in detail and is a major portion of the story statutory rape child abuse physical abuse death of a loved one suicide cancer kidnapping neglect bigotry and verbal abuse toward an LGBT character not condoned but used as part of a plot progression murder taboo sexual content adultery gore violence etc hide spoiler

  2. karen karen says:

    oooh goodreads choice awards semifinalist for BEST HORROR 2019 what will happen?FRIEND HELP?this is an extraordinary debut novel that comes so damn close to my kind of perfect and yet another book with a lovecrafty angle that overcomes my antipathy for lovecraft by not adopting his to me crappy storytelling shenanigans or his to any reasonable human crappy personal views on racegenderetc this one’s a complex and delicious blend of literary horror and family tragedy written with the flow and confidence of a much seasoned author i don’t want to go into too much detail because so much of this book’s appeal lies in its sustained ambiguity but i will say it’s a beautiful and sympathetic story of a family fractured by the ordinary horrors of mental illness disease death disappearances emotional shortcomings secret romantic entanglements and also monsters perhapsi’m not gonna commit to much because for a big chunk of the book the monster part while present is riding along in the story’s backseat and it’s unclear whether it is ‘real’ or if it’s of a symbolic or figurative presence—a sort of fantasy conjured up as an escapist coping mechanism for a young boy’s feelings of loneliness or confusion in a family in which every member is going through some pretty major life changing events unable to share them with the rest of the family because they are all plagued by an inability to connect or communicate in traditional ways which is established in the very first paragraph of the novelI started collecting my older sister Eunice’s suicide notes when I was seven years old I still keep them all in my bottom desk drawer held together with a black binder clip They were among the only things I was allowed to bring with me and I’ve read through them often the last few months searching for comfort wisdom or even just a hint that I’ve made the right choices for all of usEunice eventually discovered that I was saving her missives and began addressing them to me In on of my favorites she writes “Noah there is no such thing as a happy ending There are only good stopping places”as a family drama it is straight up perfection all of the characters have nuance and are heartbreakingly real with such delicate detail work in their construction and there are a hundred moments that are pure stunning in their emotional rawness it’s dark without being grit lit dark; it’s all very empathy fanning and relatable even though the specific idiosyncrasies are—one—hopes not the readers’ own the time loopy structure the chapters scattered throughout called The Turner Seuences that describe the various characters’ dreamlike experiences in a place called The City the enigmatic way the fantastical elements were handled—all of this was shaping up to be one of those books that slay me in that very specific way i find so hard to describe but which involve a destabilization of the reader where something is revealed or where all of the discrete parts coalesce into something unexpected that changes the whole context of the book where everything pulls back and any expectations or comfort or certainty about what we thought we were reading explodes in a jarring and sense rocking way this one didn’t end up doing that and the third act bits were not as glorious as i’d anticipated but it is still a tremendous achievement i want to make clear that i do not have a ‘better way’ for this to be written or how he would have resolved the story into that particular book feel i was craving but like a person i wanna make out with—i know it when i see it it just seemed like it was gonna be that kind of book it was on the verge of going there and then it went into some weird sex stuff instead which sounds dismissive i know and maybe it is i dunno—i was perfectly happy with the ending and the getting to the ending but the weird sex stuff seemed like a stumble in an otherwise very graceful book in any case it’s a remarkable debut and it would be very good friendsexcellent companion reads with My Favorite Thing Is Monsters Vol 1 and The Saturday Night Ghost Club it also pairs well with the netflix version of The Haunting of Hill House in its outstanding interplay between the deeply sad family story and the horror elements; the fine balance between reality and supernatural Paul Tremblay and i will come to blows over this but i love that show deep in my corespace and it totally does that thing i was trying to describe before SLAINi am so there for this author’s next book i am about 23 through and i just need to pause for a minute because this book is TOO GOOD this is SUCH a karen y book and unless he throws it all away in the last hundred or so pages it will be in my top five books of the year maybe top three but i'm going to be optimistic that my next two months' worth of reading will all be of this caliber okay back to reading SPOOKTOBER SPOOKTACULAR PERSISTS come to my blog

  3. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    Listen to Your Mother Life is a horror story straight out of HP Lovecraft Only hopeful delusions prevent us from recognising the terrible reality of those things we have been taught to respect admire and desire spouse children work moderate suburban comfort Only by inducing ourselves to believe that these things are inherently valuable and that they justify our lives can we bear to tolerate the triviality dissatisfaction and absence of any real affection Yet reality continues to impose itself Unable to cope with one’s own defects not to mention the continuous rivalry with one’s siblings and parents the unconscious mind objectifies them as monsters and demons which mean to destroy us which of course is precisely what reality intends to do The universe is indeed evil The prevalence of defective genes physical illness and neuroses makes the point obvious even as we temporise and rationalise about them Parents only begin to understand this after years of marriage and child rearing Whatever the original reasons for pursuing family life they are inadeuate for sustaining it People change Experience generates suffering Dreams of the future are never fulfilled Life becomes tedious and full of resentment and pretence when it was supposed to be an adventure And the reality of death becomes realYet none of this of course can be communicated to the children who are doomed to repeat the experience Children think that the violence and pain and disappointment they experience are aberrations which can be avoided They’re not They are inevitable All children believe in justice and have no concept of economics This is what makes them vulnerable They lack the skills to survive in an unjust commercial world And they know parents lie in any caseParticularly apt for pre marital counselling

  4. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    “I started collecting my sister Eunice’s suicide notes when I was seven years old”Noah Turner sees monsters His father saw them and built a shrine to them with The Wandering Dark an immersive horror experience that the whole family operates The rest of the Turner family has experiences with the monsters too but Noah chooses to let them inAre you a fan of Stranger Things? How about weird fiction? Or Lovecraftian stories? Or literary horror? If you answered yes to at least one of these uestions then you need to pencil the release date for A Cosmology of Monsters into your diaries it’s September 17th FYII don’t always need to care about my characters in order for a horror novel to work sometimes I just really enjoy a slasher with indiscriminate characters but when you really care about the outcome the stakes are raised The Taylor family were well developed and incredibly interesting and I still miss them after having turned the final page Eunice in particular was a standout I found her story heartbreakingI’d put this book in the tame category in terms of horror it’s not created to terrify you but there are monsters and murders galore as well as a menacing dread that builds as you progress through the novel It also ticks a few Lovecraftian and Stranger Things boxes as we have this inter dimensional city that wants your soulSpeaking of Lovecraft all the little nods and references to his work had me fangirling like crazy Each part has the title of a Lovecraft story However you do not need to have read any Lovecraft in order to appreciate this oneHamill is one hell of a writer so beautifully descriptive at times and I look forward to devouring of his booksIn summary GET THIS BOOK 45 stars

  5. Shaun Hutchinson Shaun Hutchinson says:

    You know what would be really great? If non ueer authors could stop writing ueer characters who inevitably kill themselves because they're ueer That would be swell This book is pretentious trash

  6. ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪SomeBunny Reads (Phoenix)•*¨*•♫♪ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪SomeBunny Reads (Phoenix)•*¨*•♫♪ says:

    I had a feeling when I started reading this book that it would become a favourite and in the end I was not disappointed I actually had to go back a couple of times during some of the most interesting parts because I was distracted thinking how beautiful the story was Everything in this book was perfect to me the plot the characters the way the story is told the romance the creatures the final reveals everything came together just perfectly and I couldn't be happy on how it turned out in the end The character of The Friend is just amazing Noah's family is made of people whose stories are so tragic and yet so real and believable it almost brought me to tears sometimes I would like to add details in this review but I really want to keep it spoiler free because I want people who still haven't read the book to know just how great it is I can't believe this is a debut novel I absolutely can't wait to read from the author Bravo

  7. Lori Lori says:

    I was skeptical in the beginning At first the thing scratching at the windows of members of the Turner family seemed Muppet than monster But that evolves uickly and once it does the book takes off and never lets up It's not scary it's horrifying Lovecraft hovers in the increasing atmosphere of dread Hamill evokes Lovecraft is also woven into the story early because he's part of how father Harry woos future wife Margaret by lending her his copy of The Tomb And then taking her to Spooky World which alters the direction of their livesThe creature is part of a race that will get you one way or another once it picks up your scent What they do to you I won't say Nate the youngest child who isn't even born yet when the scratching begins hears it and interacts with the creature from a young age It's an inversion of the classic invisible friend; this creature is real and it's his closely guarded secret As he grows up the two grow closer It takes female form and they make love Parents who worry about their kids being exposed to sex than violence you've been warned The violence in Cosmology of Monsters is mostly implied but there's sex which the kids probably know way about already than what's in the book Meanwhile in the other world the one we think of as the real world children and teens are disappearing and the Turners lives turn weirder The writing is indeed literary a word that is overused but truly applies here Hamill's plotting and writing are exceptional so much it's hard to believe this is his first novel More please The family is one the reader cares about from the beginning and deeply as the book goes on The monsters though shadowy are believably real Though there are no jump scares there's an atmosphere of increasing menace that's palpable At some point I realized I was smiling while I was reading it which is exactly what I want from horror or weird fiction or whatever enjoyment And the end which is so often a letdown in horror books is excellent Overall Cosmology of Monsters is an original well written and entertaining book

  8. Amy Imogene Reads Amy Imogene Reads says:

    35This is going to hurt writing this Trying to decide how to word my very intense visceral reactions to this story This is the kind of review where I loved half and hated half so it's a 3 star purely to keep it fair Writing ★★★★Surreal vs Gritty Realism ★★★★Enjoyment ★ 12 for the whole A Cosmology of Monsters is the type of horror novel that doesn't feel like a horror novel until you're halfway through and realizing that what you thought was the scary partactually wasn't I almost feel like I'm doing this novel a disservice by attempting to review it because I wasn't the right audience Bear with me and for a glowing review I highly recommend Chelsea Humphrey's take Her review made me want to like this so much than I did but it just wasn't for meNoah is a boy who sees a monster outside of his window But that's not actually what this story is about It's also about the life saga of the Turner family in the 1970s 2000s and their collective experiences with this monster Some ignore it Some get intimate yes in that way with it Some turn to suicide Some are diagnosed with mental disorders Some disappear Some get weirdly cult ish about it Given those phrases it feels redundant to bring up the triggers for this story but they are numerousAll of them find their lives enriched and ruined by its presence Told from Noah's precarious point of view as both a semi omniscient narrator for his pre birth years and a main character for his life A Cosmology of Monsters analyzes the everyday horror and not so everyday horror I found the individual scenes extremely gripping and well written but the overall arc of Noah's Friend the monster didn't call to me and at times it seriously irked me This might be the case of a novel that was just on the wrong side of the knife's edge for my taste—instead of the perfect blend of the everyday literary with the horror it felt like the wrong blend of both I definitely recommend checking this out if you're a hardcore Lovecraft fan—the nods to his work are both in the writing and meta in the text—or if you're willing to dance with a different kind of horror that doesn't rely on blood or ghosts to make it scary Thank you to Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review

  9. Char Char says:

    Noah and his family are special but I'm not so sure that's a good thing A COSMOLOGY OF MONSTERS is a uniue story With a great opening line like I started collecting my older sister Eunice’s suicide notes when I was seven years old” how can one NOT get sucked in? This tale about a family the haunted houseattractions they've managed and their uniue relationships with I'll just call it the other for the purposes of this review made for fascinating reading As a longtime fan of horror I loved the shout outs and homages to those who have come before most especially Lovecraft and King Check out the blurb from King on the coverI also enjoyed the character development here even if I didn't like most of the characters Almost none of the characters are perfectly good or bad they are a mix of both just like in real life I did mostly root for them anyway especially Megan because I thought she got a raw deal That said the story fast forwarded a bit after extensive time was spent on Noah's early years At first it was a bit jarring and then I became accustomed to it Other than that one other thing bothered me but I can't get into it without spoiling a few plot points I'll just say that I wanted to know about the other More being everything really I just wanted For a debut novel this one kept me turning the pages and I think it will be interesting to see how others react to it For that reason I'm going to keep my eyes open for other reviews on this uniue and intriguing story In the meantime I recommend it Get your copy here Thank you to NetGalley for the e ARC in exchange for my honest review and thanks to THE LINEUP for their giveaway in which I received a beautiful hard copy with no strings attached This review is my honest opinion

  10. Frank Phillips Frank Phillips says:

    What an incredibly bizarre original haunting tale This story had so many layers to it it would be hard to classify this as just horror in my opinion That reason in itself was why it appealed to me so much I fell in love with this incredibly flawed real family and found myself cringing when bad happened and routing them on when good things came I went through a wide range of emotions while reading this as this novel had happy parts and incredibly sad as well as terrifying parts I raced through this in just about 24 hours If anyone is looking for a little bit of a different read with mystery horror family drama elements to it then this will be the read for you This is most likely the most original book I've read this year Needless to say i'm a BIG fan of Hamill's now

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