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Secrets in a Bottle Whodunit Antiues #1 ❮Download❯ ➽ Secrets in a Bottle Whodunit Antiues #1 ➸ Author Shelly West – Abigail Lane is a petite spitfire and proud owner of a Great Dane twice her size She's been struggling to make it in Boston when a call beckons her down to the cozy seaside town of Wallace Point Now's Abigail Lane is a a Bottle eBook ´ petite spitfire and proud owner of a Great Dane twice her size She's been struggling to Secrets in Kindle - make it in Boston when a call beckons her down to the cozy seaside town of Wallace Point Now's her chance in a Bottle MOBI î to meet a grandmother she never knew if Grandma survives that isGrandma is in a coma after an apparent break in in a Bottle Whodunit Antiues PDF \ at her antiue store leaving Abigail to run Whodunit Antiues in her absence The locals are very protective of Grandma their de facto town matriarch making Abigail wonder just who is this womanWhen Grandma wakes up a mystery unfolds starting with a dead body a broken ship in a bottle and a historical maritime rivalry Will Abigail uncover the centuries old secret that put Grandma in the hospital And will Abigail learn why her mother kept her away from Grandma for all these yearsThe Whodunit Antiues series is fun uirky and most importantly cozy So settle into your favorite chair preferably with in a Bottle Whodunit Antiues PDF \ a cup of hot cocoa in hand and get ready to escape into a town whose residents are always up to mischief and where pirates run amok.

10 thoughts on “Secrets in a Bottle Whodunit Antiues #1

  1. Tari Tari says:

    Something about this cover ok the cute dogs really spoke to me when I bought this book and I liked the Whodunit part of the title I was definitely not disappointed It was fun funny and had a sweet heartwarming outcomeAbigail Lane took a leave from her job when her mother she's complicated lol asked her to go check on her Grandma in Wallace Point Delaware's hospital Grandma was far from dying as everyone in town had thought She had simply tripped over a dead body and hit her head When a body was found in the ocean Grandma and Abigail both wondered if it could be the same one Grandma and Abigail made such a cute sleuthing duo They were never really in any danger and since the sheriff was sweet on Grandma he sometimes released little nuggets of information to them Abigail was uickly finding out that this town was a lot interesting than her dull insurance job back in Boston especially when the murder may have had something to do with a treasure map I really loved this little town and its assortment of characters Sally's dad was a hoot Sally would be a great best friend to have and Abigail even met a sweet guy who after all was said and done decided to follow his dream I'm really anxious now for in this series Thor was such an adorable sounding Great Dane His howls and sounds he made were like conversation even though Grandma's little Shih Tzu Missy was not impressed by him Can't wait for the next book

  2. Nancy Bradford Nancy Bradford says:

    Great start for th series ready to read the next

  3. Beverly Owens Beverly Owens says:

    Grandma and Whodunit AntiuesA fun little mystery in a small town Abigail and her Grandma make a great sleuthing team Loved This and Missy too

  4. Katy Katy says:

    The characters are both loveable and believable much so than in many other books in this genre

  5. Shirley K Shirley K says:

    BottleThis book's spacing is off Paragraphs are separated by at least two line spaces Paragraphs are choppy sometimes consisting of one sentence This format drive me batty This author needs a good editor to help her make these books reader friendly

  6. Angela Griffin Angela Griffin says:

    Two and a half stars for ambivalence Abigail is unlikable and self centered She knows nothing about her family until her eually obnoxious mother informs her that her grandmother is in the hospital Abigail's responses upon arrival are to resent a kind person for having a relationship with her grandmother; want the hospital room cleared including the doctor so that she can be alone with Grandma; and ban someone from Grandma's business because he rubbed her the wrong way She also seems to judge people based on their ancestry Abigail later shows genuine caring for Grandma but the complete lack of respect for her mother is not addressed The supporting characters are colorless and what's with all the unnecessary stammering? The basis of the mystery is imaginative but it's handled in a silly manner and law enforcement is represented by incompetents Abigail's family history offers potential for intrigue and dimension in future installments in the series; however the author hasn't shown that capability This reader is willing to give Book Two a chance

  7. Krystyna Krystyna says:

    Fun uirky pirate adventure A smashing read Reads a bit like Nancy Drew meets the Pirates of the Caribbean Fun light and uirky with a nice twist at the end The characters carry on the theme and make it one that you want to readWhen she gets a voicemail message from her mother that her grandma is in hospital She uickly packs up and races to meet her Her mother hadn't told her anything about her family so this was an opportunity she couldn't miss Travelling with a Great Danes could be tricky especially in a small car When she gets there she not only finds a new friend but her Grandmother is believed to have been attacked and is now in a coma Throw in a small dog an antiue store her Grandma's insatiable curiosity a dead body a treasure map and a long running feud Can she find the real culprit? Will she go back? Who is her father? Why did the family split?

  8. Mererid Evanna Mererid Evanna says:

    Families are weird Abigail didn't even know she had a grandmother but finding out is about to change her life I told myself I wouldn't start a new series this year no too much on my plate already But who could resist that title that cover? Not me And it didn't let me down I love the idea of an antiue shop that investigates the background of its stock so much scope for mysteries The two mismatched dogs are adorable As for the families of this small coastal town besides the sweet but feisty grandmother we have a flighty mother off stage a flamboyant father a pair of unlovely cousins and the mild mannered descendants of the town's famous feuding families the pirates and the whalers This is the background for a murder case that revolves around a historical mystery

  9. Lori Lori says:

    Pretty cheesyI'm all for uick reads with minimal character development but this was a little too much so for me I hope the author does better in future books but I don't think I'll read them

  10. Christine Goodnough Christine Goodnough says:

    Abigail doesn't understand why her mother's been disconnected from her parents for years; her mother has refused to talk about them or give any details She doesn't know if either of them are alive until one day her mother phones her and says Your grandmother's been hurt You should go see her Abigail has a flexible job as an insurance investigator so takes a week off work and goes to meet this person she didn't know existed And hopefully get some answersAbigail rushes down to the small eastern seaboard harbor town where Grandma lives and meets a couple of her neighbors while Grandma's still unconscious and she learns that Grandma owns a small antiue store When Grandma regains consciousness a few days later one of the first things Grandma explains to her and to the sheriff is that she fell when she tripped over a dead bodyThus begins an interesting whodunit with the body washing ashore several days later Abigail is rather fixated on Lee being the guilty party because he has a key to Grandma's shop but her Grandma considers this absurd Together the two of them piece together clues about who's guilty; Abigail also leans some history behind why her mother has estranged herself from her parentsFairly light reading low on suspense well told and believable A good story for a uiet evening at home

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