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The Institute ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Institute By Stephen King ✍ – In the middle of the night in a house on a uiet street in suburban Minneapolis intruders silently murder Luke Ellis’s parents and load him into a black SUV The operation takes less than two minutes In the middle of the night in a house on a uiet street in suburban Minneapolis intruders silently murder Luke Ellis’s parents and load him into a black SUV The operation takes less than two minutes Luke will wake up at The Institute in a room that looks just like his own except there’s no window And outside his door are other doors behind which are other kids with special talents—telekinesis and telepathy—who got to this place the same way Luke did Kalisha Nick George Iris and ten year old Avery Dixon They are all in Front Half Others Luke learns graduated to Back Half “like the roach motel” Kalisha says “You check in but you don’t check out”In this most sinister of institutions the director Mrs Sigsby and her staff are ruthlessly dedicated to extracting from these children the force of their extranormal gifts There are no scruples here If you go along you get tokens for the vending machines If you don’t punishment is brutal As each new victim disappears to Back Half Luke becomes and desperate to get out and get help But no one has ever escaped from The Institute.

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    “Great events turn on small hinges” I think very few people will claim that The Institute is one of King's best works but I for one think it's up there with some of his most entertainingThe Institute takes a very familiar plot the plot of a few thousand YA novels it has to be said and adds in King's trademark detailed characterization long winded but still enjoyable storytelling and no small amount of fodder for conspiracy theorists everywhere There's kids with special powers subjected to cruel experiments secret government organizations and faith in the idea that no enemy is too great if we all face it together ExcitingReading this book it is easy to see why a people rush out to devour every new King book and b the book snobs don't take him seriously Any other author would have this manuscript shipped straight to the YA section That's not an insult This book was extremely entertaining book snobbery be damned And by entertaining I mean freuently so horrible and unfair that I simply had to keep reading to find out what would happenI really liked how King organized this story beginning with small town cop Tim Jamieson and then darting a thousand miles away to tell the tale of Luke Ellis a tale that seems about as unrelated as you can get Except of course it's not unrelated and their paths are going to cross in the strangest of ways But back to Luke He is a child prodigy destined for greatness when one night he is kidnapped and taken to The Institute a place where children with special abilities are held captive and subjected to bizarre experiments In this dark evil place all they have is each other as they try to avoid cruel punishments The ugly unfairness of it makes the story immediately compelling and as bigger secrets come to light I couldn't imagine how they were ever going to get out of itIf King's continued digs at Trump didn't clue us readers in already the overarching theme of this book suggests a whole new level of frustration and distrust of the government But it also sends out a hopeful positive message that kids don't have to stand for it which seems apt than ever A good readBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

  2. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    The Institute was absolutely everything I wanted and needed it to be I'm in loveThat is my full review That's it DoneI have made peace with this It's okay I accept my right to just fangirl and move onOne thing I will mention is the phenomenal dynamic between this group of childrenIn my opinion King writes kids so well Their honesty innocence and way of viewing the world; he always hits that spot on A group of children banding together to fight the forces of evil? It doesn't get any better than thatOriginal Reads synopsis whilst at work RIP MeAn all new 500 page book from the KING My favorite author Released just in time for my birthday Comparisons made to FirestarterI am overwhelmed with enthusiasm for thisRelease Day UpdateWHERE IS MY COPY?? WHERE IS MY MAIL PERSON??Final UpdateIT'S HERE

  3. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Goodreads Choice Awards Horror WinnerAfter sitting on this review for a few days now I've wrestled with how much to say and I feel like less is will be key in this scenario The synopsis gives a distinct feel of kids facing an evil entity in this case an institution which is correct but the focus is on the journey that the kids experience with a small bit of intense action closing out the story After being enthralled for almost 600 pages my only real critiue is the fact that the ending felt like a bit of a let down; after such a promising setup I think I just expected and I even feel like the final portion after the big showdown was unnecessary and should have been left off Looking at the big picture this was a highly satisfying experience and the author's note after the conclusion had me tearing up big time Highly recommended for Stephen King newbies or longtime fans alike

  4. chai ♡ chai ♡ says:

    After having read this book I am once again very relieved that Stephen King is an author of horror and not y'know a serial killer

  5. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    His best recent book that truly felt like one of his classics

  6. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    KING of the writers just released a book and I started my Single ladiesStaying alive combination happy dance grabbed it into my hands and started my ritual I do when I start a new King book My ritual is simple I pray for several things starting with better eyesight Dear King always like to write encyclopedic sized books which I also used in my training sessions I lift “The Stand” and “Dark Tower series” 50 times till my arms turned into jellies but now I got an amazing look Some people confused me with woman wrestlers Damn it and my healthy soul probably I sold to the devil because I’m biggest fan of his fantastic villains Randal Flagg Jack Torrence George Stark Blaine the Mono were my dream uadruple I visualized them start villain poker tournaments and healthy throat and ears I was 10 when I started to read my first king Book and I was at my school chorus practice hiding my book in my music notes but instead of singing that day I was reading and then I started screaming I terrorized my friends and teachers that day So I found my life mission already thanks to Mr King As a summary it is the toughest thing to start a new King book because he’s definitely my favorite writer In 30 years I left the country I was born I cut drinking Coke because I moved to NYC and its Coke tastes the worst I stopped eating cakes instead of I addicted to Chardonnay and cupcakes I got married and I resigned from my bank manager job to be screenplay writer Yes Everybody knows something is wrong with me after moving to LA learned fake smiling and not to scream when I see at a walking talking over tanned and botoxed Barbie doll So many things changed life molded me tormented me punched me but also gave so many gifts to me But ONLY ONE THING in 30 years didn’t change I resumed reading KING books and loved them wholeheartedly So becoming objective and not putting your fingers on your keyboard to give gazillion FIVE SHINY STARS is one of the hardest test I have to pass Let's go back to talk about this book in first few pages I thought I started the wrong book because it seemed like Tim Jaimeson’s story was ex officer at Sarasota and left his job left his seat to a FBI agent hitchhiking and found himself DuPray applying “Night Knocker” job His story is hooked me up from the beginning I thought I read another plot but that’s okay I loved this story so much reminded me of old school King books But then next chapter everything changed and we’re introduced to highly intelligent gifted Luke’s story and his kidnapping One night he found himself at the copied version his own room but the copiers might have forgotten to add windows And the wonder kids of INSTITUTE story began I felt like somebody dragged Mr King away from his keyboard while he’s writing this book and Duffer Brothers sat on his seat to create crueler version of Stranger Things with meaner adults and gifted but a little unlikable kids version I only resonated with Avery but he’s not Dustin There are too many references to King’s older works on this book Even the twins reminded you of Shining’s creepy twins Lisa and Louise Burns There are too kind of extraordinary kinds here The kids who are telepaths or telekinetic To differentiate them they have to find the ones seeing the dots We don’t have Carrie White but Avery’s character was a little reminded us Danny Torrence who has its shining I missed his characters’ connections and growing friendship I’ve read on other books his story “Body” It even at Dark Tower series was about different people’s connection I found this one a little flat dull artificial And the vulgarity harshness the kids endured and the illegal ruthless test methods the institute crew applied on them DISTURBED me so much I can handle the violence I’m die hard Tarantino fan but when it comes to innocent kids this kind of torturing methods churned my stomach I wish I could puke on all the villains of the book This time their methods put me on edge and I made a waterboarding list instead of slapping because other villains of the books seemed like Disney characters comparing with these nasty scumbags Of course honor member of my hating list is starting with Mrs Sigsby what kind of last name is this? and Tony I think I should put all the crew members of institute including Maureen because snitches are always the worst As a summary because of its longevity it’s not a fast reading but it’s still intriguing you never got bored It’s uite a page turner riveting nerve bending surprising book Even though there are too many references of his older books writing was a little different from King’s usual style and the things the little kids fought against made me sad and frustrated So I decided to stick with shiny four stars It’s still a remarkable smart written good book but not one of the best works of KING OF WRITERSOkay now I started to FLOAT I think Mr King might feel I cut the last star I wish I drank my last sip of Chardonnay before being punished Well all work no play make Nily dull personbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  7. Matthew Matthew says:

    45 StarsIn the past 10 years I feel like only Sleeping Beauties and Doctor Sleep have felt as much like classic King as The Institute Many of the elements in this book are tropes straight from his early days youth relationships The Body IT The Long Walk children with extraordinary powers Carrie The Shining Firestarter mysterious evil The Stand The Long Walk The Tommyknockers Christine really despicable bad guys Misery IT and a minor male protagonist reminiscent of Stu Redman Andy McGee Louis Creed John Smith Ben Richards etc etcMuch of the plot reminded me of view spoilerthe Breakers seuence in The Dark Tower series hide spoiler

  8. Susanne Strong Susanne Strong says:

    5 Bright and Fabulous Stars What can I tell you about “The Institute?” Besides the fact that it’s a phenomenal read and the narrator is fantastic?I simply adored the character development It’s something that I think Stephen King excels in His writing draws you in like a toasted bagel with butter that you can’t wait to sink your teeth into Here King features a large cast of characters some of whom have been stolen away from home and now reside in “The Institute” Luke Ellis was taken from his home in the middle of the night When he wakes up he’s in a room at “The Institute” It looks almost exactly like his own room back home except for the fact that there are no windows none Not a one There he meets Sha Nick Avery and uite a few others They draw strength from each other Some are teens like himself and a few are just kids They go through some crazy experiments A few of them have extraordinary powers TK and TP No matter what happens to them they all end up going to the back half Some sooner than later Don’t ask me to explain You have to rip roar through the pages of this crazy read to find out what I’m saying What happens here is sheer insanity You almost can’t believe it however it actually seems real and it works and works well here because of how the story is told and that my friends is because of the genius of Stephen King’s storytelling Time and again he reinvents himself and while there might be smidges of this story that seem familiar it is wholly new and fresh and I loved every second of it Stephen King You have basically rocked my world since I was Thirteen Years Old when I read IT and became terrified of clowns It was then that I became a fan and read every book of yours that I could get my hands on The Stand Cujo Pet Sematary The Shining the list goes on Some are on my favorites list The Top 3 112263 IT and The Stand with a few others coming close including The Outsider and this year’s The Institute some not so much Regardless I remain astounded by your efforts your ideas and your brilliant mind and I thank you for making me a reader To the Luke Ellis and Avery Dixon’s of the world I wish I had your superpowers A huge thank you to audible and to Santino Fontana for the incredible narration of this novel BravoPublished on Goodreads and on 92419

  9. Tucker (TuckerTheReader) Tucker (TuckerTheReader) says:

    Many thanks to Scribner for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review121019 Congratulations Stephen King on winning the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award for Horror ”Great events turn on small hinges” I knew it I was right Institutes are always evil That said I didn’t expect them to be this evil So what’s this book about? Stephen King’s Institute follows Luke a twelve year old genius who has been captured by The Institute Luke is now being held against his will in the strange place where the staff are doing experiments and tests on him against his will The computers are restrictive the staff is abusive and the whole place his creepy It’s not all bad though Luke uickly makes friends with his fellow captives Together they start to plot their escape from the awful Institute I always forget how well Stephen King can write I also didn’t realize how much I missed his writing I haven’t read any Stephen King since I think last winter? It’s been a while I will forever be in awe of his talent And the fact that he’s publishing about two six hundred page books per year And they’re well written? That sht's bananas The Institute took a nice dive into paranormalsupernatural in contrast to the mostly mysterythriller The Outsider that King wrote last year Throughout the book the kids display psychic powers telekinesis and telepathy This was super interesting partly because superpowers are interesting duh but also because my analytical brain was whirring and I kept wondering if the kids had the Shining aka the psychic power that Danny from The Shining had It is also theorized that the Losers Club from It had the psychic abilities and used them to defeat Pennywise but that’s another theory for another day On the note of It I really loved the break from adult thrillers This book isn’t marked as Young Adult on Goodreads It really should be Yes there are some adult main characters but the story mostly focuses on Luke and his friends who are young adult or accurately middle grade In fact The Institute reminded me a lot of It because it was the same basic outline Kids face evil Kids are badasses Kids defeat evil Kids develop PTSD Ya know? Fortunately I didn’t feel like a copy paste book that some authors will publish It was still uniue and a blast to read Unlike It The Institute had a lot of redeemable adult characters Except for Ms Sigsby FK YOU MS SIGSBY did i spell her name right? Ah well she doesn’t deserve to have her name spelled properly My favorite character was Annie She was so funny and a bit insane but in a good way She just said so many weird messed up or crazy things in such a serious almost deadpan manner Definitely one of the funniest characters in King’s books in my opinion I also loved Tim He gave me Hopper from Stranger Things vibes so much that I literally imagined him like that for the entire book If there’s a movie and David Harbour doesn’t play Tim I will be pissed That said The Institute had the classic nail biting suspense and potent fear that we all know and love Stephen King fear There was one scene that was so terrifyingly graphic that I was literally covering my face and cringing shudders All in all this greatly exceeded my expectations I will never grow tired of reading King’s books and will always wonder how he writes so many Bottom Line45 StarsAge Rating R Content Screening Spoilers Educational Value 05 Computers how to hack them Positive Messages 35 Teamwork Violence 55 Character cuts off his ear shooting patients of The Institute are shocked drowned shot and other awful things Murder Suicide Sex 25 Characters kiss sexual references and inuendos Language 55 Freuent use of Fk sht btch and mild use of dck dmn DrinkingDrugs 55 Underage alcohol consumption smoking medicinal and sedative drugs Trigger and Content Warnings Child abuse Physical abuse Emotional abuse Sezuires Suicide Murder Suicidal Ideations Removal of body parts Bodily harm Loss of loved ones Racial slurs Disability slurs PTSD Anxiety DepressionReps Women of Color Anxiety Disability Children is that a rep?Cover 45 Characters 45 Plot 55 Audio 45 Publication Date September 10th 2019Publisher Scribner BooksGenre Young AdultHorror i fking knew it AHHH Thank you Scribner If I've learned anything in my fourteen fifteen years of life it's that institutes are ALWAYS evil Always| Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram

  10. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    I’m taking one star off for stuff that went over my head And no don’t ask I’ll do a reread from the library as I’ve unhauled my hardback copy That was good AND sad 😫Okay because I’m twelve and not the old beat up chic that I am I love these kids and this uote Stick your nose up my ass and fight for air Luke said and began to laugh They just keep coming It’s one of those have to be there moments They are trying to find some happiness in the horrific situation they are in Helen whacked the table sending cards flying Oh God I’m peeing myself gross don’t look And she went running almost knocking George over as he cane outside noshing a peanut butter cup What’s her deal? George asked Peed herself Avery said matter of factly I peed my bed last night so I can relateThank you for sharing that Luke said smiling Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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