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Southern Fried An Avery Andrews Mystery [Download] ➺ Southern Fried An Avery Andrews Mystery By Cathy Pickens – Attorney Avery Andrews left her BMW behind in Columbia South Carolina along with her job at a high powered law firm She's come back home to Dacus where the vehicle of choice is a pickup truck with a d Attorney Avery Andrews left An Avery PDF ´ her BMW behind in Columbia South Carolina along with her job at a high powered law firm She's come back home to Dacus where the vehicle of choice is a pickup truck with a Southern Fried PDF/EPUB or dog chained in the back Avery wants time to rethink her career and her life What she gets is a bossy great aunt drumming up clients and dragging her to social teas That's how Avery ends up hired by Fried An Avery PDF/EPUB é a local factory to help with a messy environmental problem But she's at Luna Lake when divers find a car containing a corpse because an old high school classmate is trying to get her attention with a half baked stunt Now the discovery of the dead body sweeps Avery into a red hot caseand into the sizzling secrets of small town life where some people get away with murder.

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  1. Vickie Vickie says:

    I think sort of a cozy but a cozy with bite It has a cozy cover it has a cozy setting cozy character lineup of main character going home to escape a mishap in the big city and offbeat folks who live in said setting This one is a bit edgier than most and I liked it a lot I didn't see anywhere on the cover or inside if it was the beginning of a series but I certainly hope it is I like the main character Avery She's a lawyer in disgrace and home to lick her wounds She gets caught up in a murder mystery and cover ups She is torn with wanting to stay home or heading back out in the big world to see if she can try again Home is pulling at her I hope to see of this series and this author I can definitely recommend

  2. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I just finished reading an award winning mystery called Southern Fried by Cathy Pickens I see I am not the first reader enthralled with this excellent novel and its way to combine the heartfelt with the humorous Avery Andrews her perspective the small community of Dacus and the brilliant style used with all its inhabitants kept me delighted from start to finish M CostaDisclosure A review copy of this book was sent to me by the author All of the above opinions are my own

  3. Laurie • The Baking Bookworm Laurie • The Baking Bookworm says:

    Note This review as well as many can also be found on my blog The Baking Bookworm wwwthebakingbookwormblogspotcaMy Review My regular readers know that I don't give up on a book lightly For me there's a fine line between giving a book and author their due and feeling like I'm wasting my precious reading time on a book that's just not clicking with meUnfortunately this book and I weren't on the same proverbial page I'm all for the light easy reading mystery There's nothing better than curling up with a good book on a snowy day and a cuppa java in my other hand It's my bliss But 'light and easy' doesn't mean silly and ridiculous and that's how this book felt from the get go for meMy opinion is vastly different than the majority of people who have read this book but there are some things that just got in the way with me fully enjoying it First of all when writing for the locals of this small southern town the author opted to write in their accent For example Tragic itn't it? It uz his true love for you that drove him to it I realize the characters are from a very small town in the South and an occasional word thrown in with the accent in tow is fine But I don't like to be spoon fed every little thing and if I have to decipher the majority of what these characters are saying it takes away from the momentum of the book and can get distracting And in this case it didThe mystery also seemed like it was never going to get started The pace was extremely slow with no burst of energy in sight The humour came off as trite and hokey and with the weak plot I guess this just wasn't a book for meIn the author's defense I think she was going for a charming funny southern mystery but unfortunately the very slow pace of the plot the silly banter between the locals and the lack of interest I had in the main character got in the way with me actually finishing the bookMy Rating 05 stars gave up on it

  4. Erika Erika says:

    I'm really glad to have been lead to this series even if I did start with the newest book instead of the first I've enjoyed reading them so much that I've had to force myself to stop reading them to go to bed or work and I now regret not taking at least the next one out from the library so I could get started reading it right nowIn this introduction to the series the characters and town felt just as natural as the last installment instead of forced as many first books in a series canWhich makes it even impressive that this is in fact her first bookWith one exception the people of this town feel real and fleshed out and she captures the feel of a small town and what it might be like to come home wonderfully The only exception is when she tries to demonstrate one of the deputies Southern accent in typed form it just feels force and makes him of a caricature At some point she stops that though since he wasn't like that in the newest bookThe actual mysteries and surrounding story lines were handled uite well though I did find some of them a bit convenient in the end But the endings all made such good sense and felt right that I don't even consider that a sticking pointAnd again as in the first one I read I appreciated that the mysteries didn't get solved solely by our intrepid investigator but progressed naturally and made sense

  5. Katie Winkler Katie Winkler says:

    I always like reading books of people I've met I first met Cathy Pickens at a writer's conference in Athens GA Harriette Austin Writers' Conference I bought this her first book in the series back then but never got around to reading it Then a couple of weeks ago I heard Cathy speak at the High Country Bookfest in Boone and was so impressed and intrigued by her again that I picked up another one of her books which I will read as soon as I finish Generosity I'm determined to finish it before my brother from Germany gets here I love Cathy's humor both in person and in her writing She's got a uick wit and an authentic Southern voice At the session I went to she also had some good advice for struggling writers like me My favorite part of this book however are the letters she finds and reads as well as the reaction of her main character to the letters Hope Cathy will write a straight up literary novel some day

  6. Kristie Kristie says:

    I read this because it was pick of the month for one of my online reading group and because the protagonist is a lawyer It was okay for a cozy mystery but just okay I kept getting distracted by the author writing out how the people in the small South Carolina talked rather than letting me imagine it; if I have to decipher the language it makes the page turning a bit slower More importantly I was never convinced about what mystery the main character was trying to solve or even if she was trying to do anything at all I might continue with the series if someone told me the writing improves but probably not otherwise

  7. Lisa Shafer Lisa Shafer says:

    This is not uite your standard cozy It does have the protagonist moving back to a small town and having some kind of personal relationship with a cop but in this case the sheriff is female and an old classmate who doesn't like the protagonist And there's no romance Zero This is rather refreshing actuallyThe truly odd thing though is that it was published in 2004 but it appears to have been written at least a decade earlier Not only are there no smart phones but there are no computers anywhere not even word processors People type things on Selectrics Plus there are multiple references to things that occurred 25 years ago and in the 70s and those two time periods seem to match upThere's nothing wrong with reading a book set in the 1990s but its being published in 2004 when internet searches and laptop computers were common confused me

  8. Susan Susan says:

    Avery andrews returned home to her western South Carolina home to chaos There are dead bodies insane admirers a few steel magnolias bikers and intrigue than any city could offer she settles into her grandfather's cabin and drives his vintage Mustang as she ends up in the middle of untangling the insanity She sets up shop or less and begins to practice law though she isn't sure she knows what she's doing and knows she doesn't seem to be making much money Her clients are that crazy admirer who fakes a murder to get her attention a husband who is assumed to have killed his wife 15 years prior a factory owner who is knee deep in trouble and seems completely oblivious Throw in a large nasty sheriff and several crazy redneck types and you get a lot of action humor and intrigue for Avery

  9. Becky Becky says:

    There were a few bits of rough language in this cozy but the words suited the characters I enjoyed the mix of environmental concerns transitions murder mystery kooky people normal people humor and the rural South Carolina setting I hope book 2 lets us find out what happens with Mrs Geneva Gadsen and the war memorial

  10. Michael Michael says:

    if it wasn't for the challenge and not wanting to find a new ualifier I probably would have ditched this It wasn't unreadable but it certainly wasn't one I'd ever recommend It passed the time at best and even that was a little slow I have maybe 20 pages to go and just kept putting it off until this morning

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