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    This is a fun read that has a lot going for it, and I think I would have rated it higher if the dragons had been introduced into the plot earlier and if the pacing had been just a tinge faster That said, there s an incredible world built here, and the inclusion of a main character with a stutter was done so well it doesn t make the narrative difficult to read and isn t included constantly, but it is present enough that it wasn t inserted as an afterthought, or just to add random diversity to the plot Highly recommended to the younger side of the YA spectrum who enjoy high fantasy, and well done on the beginning of what I m sure will be an exciting series Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley.

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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterThe BuzzDragons always get me buzzing and I ve read E.E Knight in the past and remember enjoying his creativity when it came to dragons I was excited this was for teen readers though because I was looking forward to a lighter writing style from him.Love the title Novice Dragoneer It brings to mind lances, war and dragons in flight I like the cover art too I love the dragon being the star and the lonely blue color The girl and the mountain make it seem like this is a modern setting, which it isn t and muddies the graphic It would have been better to stick with the dragon outline, something simple and graphical to draw us to the dragon.The PremiseA military order of dragon riders where girls are welcome too An orphan who has to bust a gut to stay at the academy and gets into all sorts of trouble and angst I just loved all the ideas here You don t really realize from the premise though this is seriously medieval Which isn t bad, dragons hale from medieval times and come on we re talking dragoneers a rather old fashioned term and fortresses But since the word academy was used as part of the series title I expected a setting that was fantasy than historical.It didn t really feel like an academy at all It felt like a monks order very popular during medieval times Of course, there were other students of different levels but no regular classes and everyone was assigned a duty There was tons and tons world building though These were just a few things out of step with what I expected I enjoyed the partnership with the dragons and how they were accepted as a creature that was reasoning i.e on level with humans rather than animals.Ileth was a grand character She didn t feel 14 years old to me but I liked her nevertheless She gets into diverse situations and stirs up trouble and I really liked that about her She was someone who knew what she wanted and would do what she thought was right I can certainly see her as someone any teen reader could and should emulate And the Lodger is someone I loved and cried over and he totally stole my heart like he did Ileth s.Despite some things I didn t enjoy Novice Dragoneer is set in a strong dragon world with a character I rooted for every step of the way There are several secondary characters that populated the world and made every interaction with Ileth a joy.My ExperienceSoooo reading Novice Dragoneer wasn t perfect I did quite enjoy how creative it is, as I said E.E Knight has always impressed me with his ideas However the writing left a lot to be desired.Right away the pacing of the beginning was quite slow The first chapter was soooooo long Once it got going though the pacing didn t really improve There was too much description and too many pages before something happened And this pattern continues like this It equals a lot of world building You know what things look like, even rooms and little details that can be fun to visualize if you really want to know everything However it slows the story down quite a bit.I eventually started to skim the extreme description setup in each scene It s long and tedious I wouldn t suggest this to middle grade readers because of it though it s not unreadable just too adult of writing There is a lot of telling too but not middle grade and teen telling It s a lot of excruciating detail of day to day happenings Things that I didn t need to know in a teen dragon story Like you could tell an old man wrote this as she goes off about digestive issues in a letter A 14 year old isn t likely to do that I did enjoy everything that happened to Ileth in Novice Dragoneer Every one of her big events was intriguing and unexpected I loved the twists and turns her time at the Serpentine took and all the different experiences we got to enjoy through her I just wish this were truly written for a middle grade to teen reader.Novice Dragoneer is crammed full of dragon world building It s a touch exciting and a bit of a drag all at the same time Ileth is a girl you ll be glad to meet and happy to follow anywhere, on any adventure, even if the odd bit is a little dull She always makes up for it with adrenaline filled moments 4 for adult readers, 3 for teen readers.Adult Audience Authenticity Writing Style Plot Pacing World BuildingTeen Audience Authenticity Writing Style Plot Pacing World BuildingB Cover Title grade Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinions.______________________You can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer Read my special perspective under the typewriter on my reviews Please like this review if you enjoyed it bow bow It helps me out a ton

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    ARC provided by the publisher Ace Books in exchange for an honest review.Back in the summer, I had a mighty need for something light and above all, nostalgia inspiring Something that would give off the same general vibe as the books that first got me into fantasy Then I saw this It seemed absolutely perfect dragons, magic schools, plucky underdog orphan girls, fuck yes, give me all of it And it delivered on that If I read this book when I was a kid aroung the time I read Eragon, I d be singing it nostalgic praises to this day.There is only one problem that keeps me from enthusiastically recommending it to everyone in sight A rather large one It s simply not that well written.In some ways, this is an age old fantasy story Ileth, an orphan with a severe stutter, becomes inspired to join dragon riders after one of them was kind to her as a child Initially turned away from the academy for being an hour too late, she wins entrance through sheer determination and so her training can begin.The first impression admittedly wasn t good The writing was awkward, clunky, and graceless the sentences overlong and oddly phrased Take examples like it was a device that she knew was a crossbow or the opener taken from the kindle preview The slight girl swinging an empty bucket hiked down the seaside ruts in the early morning, only her shadow, the sun, and the breeze keeping her company I was here for dragons and fun, I wouldn t have minded plain prose Not every book needs to be a poetic masterpiece I was willing to forgive many sins as long as I got what I came here for hell, I reread the first three books of Eragon in the summer, one of the most criticised fantasy series, and I was fine with it But the point of windowpane prose is its unobtrusiveness, and the broken flow made this very obtrusive indeed Still, after much complaining, I decided to persist Eventually, I did get the hang of how to read it so that I could at least focus on the story.That is, I started skimming hardcore.As I went on, my relationship with the book kept swinging between love and hate As I got used to the prose, a clumsily executed maybe maybe not sexual assault scene at about a third in in which the 14 y o protagonist is kissed groped by an older guy, consent is ambigous, and she is then slut shamed by everyone and punished by the head teacher for it because a woman risks much with this sort of debasement nearly made me DNF The plot was in general the saving grace, since it delivered what I came here for, but there were still plot twists and turns that made me go well okay then and opportunities to do something interesting wasted For example, when some students complained that it s basically a labour camp and not a school I thought oh this could go somewhere interesting, but then it never came up again The rather mundane and slice of life approach to a magic school was wonderful, and the episodic plot arc made me think of The Name of the Wind, but there were so many flaws and plain bafflingly bad writing it was, at points, quite hard to go on.It was doubly frustrating because I could clearly see the makings of a nostalgic masterpiece underneath and aspects of it were genuinely great Ileth s stutter was handled incredibly well, and I liked how at the same time it was a deconstruction of magic schools shovelling dragon shit than glamour and glory and in general very downplayed yet still had the old school nostalgic charm I love how she initially fails quite a lot in very realistic ways a small 14 y o girl did, for once, not beat a man far larger and stronger than she just by the virtue of being the protagonist She makes through everything eventually, but she s not a chosen one, or the top of her class, or in any way Special That is, neither the best nor the worst Just determined It was awfully refreshing to see.It made me think do the virtues of a book make up for its flaws Or is it the other way around and flaws ruin what would otherwise be a great book Or can both simply coexist side by side, near independently Because honestly, in a strange way, I would perhaps like to read on and continue with the sequel If I don t find another book that scratches the same itch before.Enjoyment depending on the point in the book, anything, and probably averages out to 2.5 5 or 3 5Execution 2 5Recommended to those who want nostalgia distilled or are hungry for old school books, and can get past the awkward writingNot recommended to prose fans, those who prefer a traditional plot structure with a clear buildup and antagonist, content warning loads upon loads of slut shaming, probable sexual assaultMore reviews on my blog, To Other Worlds.

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    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSantum Dragoneer feels like a book I ve read before, in one incarnation or another And if you ve read a lot of coming of age fantasy, books feature magic or warrior schools, or stories about dragon riders, then there s a good chance this is going to feel very familiar to you too But that s certainly not a criticism I for one love a good adventure that has a bit of everything, and even with its derivative elements, I found this novel delightfully entertaining.Our story follows Ileth, a fourteen year old orphan who has always dreamed of soaring the skies as a dragon rider Unfortunately, due to the small stature and stutter, nobody ever thought she would amount to much, and our protagonist often found herself relegated to the kitchens for serving or cleaning work.But then one day, Ileth is given the chance of a lifetime After gaining acceptance into the prestigious Dragoneer Academy, she spends the next few years training at the fortress and moving up the ranks But due to her lowly status in a school mostly attended by cadets from rich and powerful families, it is an uphill battle for Ileth to prove she deserves to be a dragon rider as much as any of them Trouble, however, keeps finding her, and soon in a political move she is sent to a neighboring kingdom as a dragon dancer where she makes the acquaintance of an old but venerated dragon with a mysterious past.All told then, there s nothing earth shattering or highly original in Novice Dragoneer, but boy, was it a lot of fun I was especially enchanted by its early chapters in which we follow Ileth through her dragon rider training As you know, I love a good fantasy school trope, and this book checks off all the right boxes We have the scrappy underdog protagonist who is fighting for a coveted position against students who are privileged, and I also love that the training scenes that involve the requisite unpleasant tasks that all lowly initiates must do as a rite of passage All the typical roles you would expect were present, including the hard ass instructors and nasty bullies Like I said, this is the type of novel where you pretty much know what you re getting into from the get go, but nevertheless it offers up a fair amount of enjoyment.Strangely enough, it was when the story started exploring new territory that it started losing me Personally, I would have been perfectly happy with time spent at the academy, but understandably the plot must move on, and so we entered into the later parts of the book that did not appeal to me as much Pacing was something of an issue, as we experience a slight slump in the middle sections, but bottom line, where the plot saw Ileth dispatched to a foreign land simply was not as interesting to me as the drama in the school setting That said, one major advantage this part of the story was that it had dragons Speaking of which, hands down the dragons in this book were some of the best highlights They talk, they fly their riders into battle, and they love to watch human females dance The ones we get to meet are absolutely charming, and the book definitely picked up in the last third as the story shifts gears once to follow Ileth as she embarks on a quest to help a dragon.Indeed, the transitions in Novice Dragoneer are quite distinct They follow our protagonist as she grows with each section of the novel, so while the early parts feel very Young Adult, by the end of the story we reach a point where adults might find crossover appeal, since it explores some darker and mature themes I was happy with Ileth s development, the way she grows not only physical but also mentally and in confidence As she forges new friendships, her interactions with other characters also became compelling.All in all, I had a good time with Novice Dragoneer It s pretty standard as far as coming of age fantasy goes, featuring themes and tropes that won t be anything new for the experienced genre reader, but it was a solidly enjoyable read in spite of that Fans of magic school stories will especially take great pleasure in it, and while parts of the story ran overly long, E.E Knight reined things back in and regained control before the meandering can get too out of hand Most importantly, the plot and characters have my attention now, and I ll be looking forward to the sequel.

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    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway Very interesting and enjoyable read I liked the main character a lot

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    Thank you to Penguin Random House for the ARC This book has been an extremely great read It follows a fourteen year old orphaned girl with a stutter who dreams of becoming a dragoneer I know some people would read that she has a stutter in the synopsis of the book and I m begging ya ll don t let that get in the way of you reading this book She doesn t have a constant stutter and its not even a big thing I think it s cute, to be honest I feel like even if she did have a constant stutter it wouldn t ruin this book for me I mean its fantastic It goes into depth with the storyline and I feel like this book is unique All the characters are entirely different in terms of personalities and looks Which I find is a nice change from a lot of books that always have similar characters E E Knight did what he does best with this book and I m beyond ecstatic to read the next one I truly enjoyed Ileth s character as a main female lead and I enjoyed how she wasn t distracted by men and she kept her head focused on her goal rather than the book starting with a headstrong female lead that is going for her dreams and instead gets sidetracked by a guy and falls in love This book kept me interested all the way through and to me never got boring I like the world of the Vale Republic and the Galantine Lands I got so immersed in the world it was like I was there E E Knight did a great job of describing everything without dragging it on and being overly descriptive I can t wait to get my hands on the next book in this series and find out what happens next If your looking for a book with dragons, action, diverse characters, a little bit of war politics, mixed with a small girl overcoming the disadvantages of her life to reach her dreams then this is the book for you It is going to be released on November 5th if you want to grab a copy or pre order yours today

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    Thank you so much Ace Penguin Publishing Group for providing me a free copy through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review.Where are the dragons CHARACTERS The main character, Ileth, starts as a rather naive young girl and although she matures quite a lot, she still retain some of that na vet which was both cute, because she saw the best in the people she met, and maddening, because when aforementioned niceness bit in the ass she didn t learn the lesson, at the same time.It was difficult to getting invested in them because their personalities were a bit too flat for my tastes and even if the main cast was colorful and well differentiated I couldn t connect enough to care about their adventures and their troubles.WORLD BUILDING AND PLOT The plot was very slow, with multiple subplots that add some spice to the story.The world building was a bit thin to my tastes we are given just enough infos to not be stumbling in the dark and yet it feels like there was so much that could ve been said without risking to trigger the info dump.Especially lacking was the dragon side of the story for a book about dragon riders you would think there was going to be a lengthy explanation about how those creatures fit into that world especially since they are the talking kind and if there are different kinds and what their abilities are.I like the tradition of dragon dancing in which females perform complicated dances for the dragons , it was a nice touch and I was glad that such emotional art was given that kind of deep meaning.WRITING The writing mostly smooth with well developed dialogues and straight to the point inner monologues It did miss to deliver some gravitas in certain points which did hurt the overall narration quite a lot,The pacing was a bit messy too many lulls and parts that lacked to deliver the sense of urgency that the story required FINAL NOTE Extremely slow paced, multithreaded plot, quiet characters.I wish the dragons did have a center stage role.

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    I flat out loved Novice Dragoneer Novice Dragoneer is an extraordinarily vivid fantasy with amazing characters, outstanding world building and the enthralling ability to sweep the reader straight into Knights fantastical tale.The story follows a young orphan girl who dreams of becoming a Dragoneer Penniless, Ileth, embarks on a journey that will change the lives of all around her, including the dragons.When this novel ended, the book hangover immediately issued leaving me bereft that the words ended and the reintroduction to reality must begin This might be my first read by E E Knight, but it won t be my last And my solace, for now, E E Knight has 2 fantasy series I can devour In the meantime, I will be anxiously awaiting book 2 in the Dragoneer Academy series.I received this ARC copy of Novice Dragoneer from Berkley Publishing Group Ace This is my honest and voluntary review Novice Dragoneer is set for publication Nov 5, 2019.My Rating 5 starsWritten by E E KnightSeries A Dragoneer Academy Novel Book 1 Paperback 512 pagesPublisher Ace November 5, 2019 ISBN 10 1984804065ISBN 13 978 1984804068Genre Epic Fantasy Noble

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    True Grit One thing I can say about Ileth is that she has determination, almost to the point of foolishness Ileth is a Cinderella figure in her village with the emphasis on Cinders She knows little but had work and nothing about kindness As an orphan without a known paternal name and a person with a stutter, she s not only the butte of jokes, she s labeled as the daughter of a whore due to her affliction.Having idolized dragons by the actual meeting with a dragon as a seven year old child, at fourteen Ileth leaves her village and journeys to the Serpentine gate at the Accademy, to put herself forward for training as a potential Dragoneer She needed to arrive by Midsummer s Day Her late arrival has her having to seek other means of being noticed I did feel for her.After this quite solid beginning, I was disappointed at the slower pace of the novel.All Ileth wanted to do was become part of the Accademy Unfortunately trouble kept finding her, but yet those challenges also took her into places she might never have gone Ileth it seems is one of those people who s a lightning wand for disturbances, things just keeping happening to her From her entering the dragon hold to becoming a dragon dancer and , Ileth was never still.Apart from Ileth s first encounter, dragons seemed to take forever to appear When one did take up Ileth s time it was in a completely unsuspected way I loved Lodger, the wise older dragon The way he and Ileth bonded was natural and became something precious Some thought dragons were like pets, but a couple of small references made me discount that Ileth is an exceptional hero, made the enjoyable for her straight thinking and hard headed northern ways There were moments when I felt teary The ending is perfect.I look forward to seeing her future unfold.A Berkley ARC via NetGalley

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    There are stories, and then there are Stories Tales full of action, adventure, heroes, and villains Add in Dragons and you have yourself perfection in print This is one of those fine and rare examples that will keep you up late into the night reading and dreaming of great dragon filled adventures.

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Novice Dragoneer (Dragoneer Academy, #1) In The First Book In An Exciting And Charming New Coming Of Age Fantasy Series From The Author Of TheAge Of Fire Series,an Impoverished Girl Enters Into A Military Order Of Dragonriders, But Her Path Won T Be As Easy Or As Straightforward As She ExpectedFourteen Year Old Ileth Grew Up In An Orphanage, And Thanks To Her Stutter Was Never Thought To Be Destined For Much Beyond Kitchen Work And Cleaning But She S Dreamed Of Serving With The Dragons Ever Since A Childhood Meeting With A Glittering Silver Dragon And Its Female Dragoneer For Years She Waits, And As Soon As She Is Old Enough To Join, Ileth Runs Away To Become A Novice Dragoneer At The Ancient Human Dragon Fortress Of The SerpentineWhile Most Of Her Fellow Apprentices Are From Rich And Influential Families, Ileth Must Fight For Her Place In The World, Even If It Includes A Duel With Her Boss At The Fish Gutting Table She S Then Sent Off To The Dragon Dancers After A Foolish Kiss With A Famously Named Boy And Given Charge Of A Sickly Old Dragon With A Mysterious Past But She Finds Those Trials Were Nothing When She Has To Take The Place Of A Dead Dragoneer And Care For His Imprisoned Dragon In Enemy Lands